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Well, as I sit here wondering what I will write about, I think about the Jeffery Epstein death.

Some folks are claiming he robbed them of closure.

How much more closure can there be than a man killing himself over his misdeeds.

Oh well, that’s a whole other story.

I’m sure some ladies are entitled to compensation but Attorney Lisa Bloom and her mom, Gloria Alred are worried about missing a big payday.

Other lawyers will find clients coming out of the walls.

It won’t soon be settled but in the meantime it will be like buzzards swarming.

It will also be interesting to watch the game Trump’s mouthpiece AG William Barr plays.

Who they let slide and who they go after.

*****I’ve got to move on.

Come along I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Longtime New York friend of Donald J. Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, has had to come to the parting of the way.

Scaramucci said on Monday, “Trumpisgiving people a license to hate.” He called on Republicans to consider replacing him on the top of the ticket next year.

How are we all tolerating this, the rhetoric is so charged and so divisive that Republicans have to just take a step back now and say, “What are we doing, actually.” Last week Scaramucci said Trump’s visit to Dayton and El Paso was a total catastrophe.

He was more focused on promoting himself than helping victims of violence.

Trump was criticized for smiling and giving two thumbs up while his wife held a baby whose parents had both been killed.

Scaramucci said he and Trump had been friends but he has changed.

He will turn on me, he will turn on you and he will turn against the country.

He predicted there could be a groundswell of other Republicans speaking out publicly about Trump.

Reasonable minded people in the Party will say, “Wait a minute, we can’t do this.” Going back to the beginning, Trump began his White House bid by calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists.

He has spoken of illegal immigration in Texas as an infestation and invasion.

Trump has utterly failed in a president’s traditional role of uniting the country.

His tenure has been one long attack on Muslins, immigrants, women of color and Latinos.

He strokes racial fears and division.

In a manifesto posted online, the 22-year-old, who killed 22 in El Paso, quoted Trump and warned against “Hispanic invasion in Texas.”Attorney Raul A. Reyes says Trump’s presidency is stained by his xenophobia and racism.

Everyday the President acts more like a child.

A barrage of statements from around the country has condemned him for re-tweeting a conspiracy theory about Epstein’s death, linking former United StatesPresident Bill Clinton to his death.

That’s a rotten thing to say about anyone, but about a former president makes us appear as a third-world country.

FOX News and talk radio fan the flames of hatred.

Over 300 times FOX joined Trump’s talking points by calling migrants invaders.

I predicted Trump would wreck the Republican Party now others are agreeing.


10 Years Ago-2009

The Bridge City 12-year-olds brought a lot of positive publicity to their community.

What’s most unfortunate about missing the Little League World Series by only two runs is the national attention it would have brought to a town on the Gulf Coast that was practically wiped out by a roaring ocean surge caused by Ike.

We won’t soon forget team members Ryne Shugart, Kolten Bergeron, Tryce Howard, Corbin Voegel, Dillon Taylor, Blaine Slaughter, Jonah Watts, Chase Shugart, Bryce Carey, Coby Roddy, Mathew Kress, Chase Rutledge and Blake Pruett.

The team was coached by Ronnie Shugart, assistant managers were Mike Taylor and Mark Wyatts.

It was a great team effort that all of the above contributed so much to.***** We were saddened to learn about the death of J.B. Walker, 72, longtime Bridge City resident of Dugas Addition.

J.B. passed away Aug. 14.

A service took place Monday at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City.

He was a native of St. Joseph, La., and raised on the banks of the Mississippi.

He moved to Texas many years ago and helped to make the town on Cow Bayou he adopted a better place.

He and wife Joan raised a great family, To them, their spouses and offspring we send our deepest condolences.

*****Our sympathies also go to the family of Nathan Ray BendyCarrico, 47 who died Aug. 15 in Hemphill of an apparent heart attack.

We had known Nathan since he was a little guy.

As a teenager he was on the Bridge City Boxing Club, fighting under the name of Nathan Bendy and coached by his stepfather Roy Bendy.

He was a good fighter.

We have known his mom Pat Bendy and dad Bertis Ray since 1960.

Nathan was known as a hard worker and ran his own plumbing business.

To his wife Kerry, children Destiny, Sherry, David and siblings parents and the rest of his family our sincere condolences.***** Forty years ago this past weekend, Woodstock took place in Bethel, New York. Fees paid to bands saw Jimi Hendrix, highest paid, $32,000, Janis Joplin and band got $15,000, Canned Heat, $12,500.

Joan Baez, Credence Clearwater revival, Crosby, Stills and Nash and the Jefferson Airplanes all got $10,000.Grateful Dead, were paid $7,500, Richie Havens, $6,000 and Arlo Guthrie, $5,000.

The Incredible String Band, $4,500, Ravi Shankar, $4,500, Tim Hardin, $2,000, Santana got only $1,500. Thirty thousand loaves of bread were served; 20,000 gallons of milk and 450,000 pounds of ice were used.

Out of the half-million people attending only 109 were arrested the concert took place without violence.

*****Tim McGraw and the Black Eyed Peas are set to kick off the NFL football season.

Each will perform a free concert in Pittsburgh for the start of the season.***** Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn decided to call it quits after they realized they had begun to run out of ideas after 20 years of making country hits together.

*****Special folks celebrating their special day.

Happy birthday to all.

The “Tall Texan,” former Orange County deputy sheriff, under longtime sheriff Chester Holt, our buddy Tucker Clayton will be 88-years-old Aug. 21.*****Happy birthday to Milton Briggs Jr.

and Ron Cowling and to David Fusilier Jr., who has spent the last eight years in the Air Force.

*****Happy anniversary to Bobbie and Judge Don Burgess and to Theresa and Frank Beauchamp. ***** Donna Scales, as of this writing, was with her mother Vivian Dorman in Houston where Vivian again had brain surgery Monday.*****Dick Cheney’s book will detail rifts with President Bush. He expresses disappointment with the president.

In the late second term Bush moved away from him Cheney says.

The implication is that Bush went soft on him.

Bush’s friends say he didn’t soften but rather hardened against Cheney’s advice.

The country would be better off today if he would have never taken Cheney’s advice.*****Tampa Bay has signed free agent place kicker Mike Nugent who is several years younger than Matt Bryant.

Matt, a Bridge City boy, has done a yeoman’s job, gone above and beyond for the Buccaneers,

40 Years Ago-1979

State Sen.

Carl Parker and Sue Pate of Bridge City attended a White House conference with President Jimmy Carter to discuss foreign and domestic problems as they affect Texas.*****Will Frey, guest chef at the Boardinghouse Restaurant, drew a large and hungry crowd.

Among the many enjoying the food were Mavis and Joe Powell and daughter Holly of New York, June and Jesse Gunstream, Claire and Don Covington, Rex and Betty McCorquodale, Houston and June Baker, Elizabeth and Stonnie McBride, Eddie and Martha Blankenstein and her father, Tom Phelan, Sharon and Lynn Fuller, Janet and James Fontenot and Beth and Louis Dugas and her brother Ed and wife Gladys, from England.

*****Delores and William Jackson celebrated their 17th anniversary.*****Roy Wingate is in Florida on vacation.

It’s the first in years.*****County District Attorney Bill Wright is in Houston in connection with the Billy Wayne Dowden capital murder case.

The case will be heard in the 182nd.

District Count on a change of venue.

*****Due this week in the David and Debbie Fusilier home is their first born, David Jr., who was born on Aug. 19.*****Bill Clark celebrates his birthday.

Also celebrating are Dallas Guidry and Eric McHammons. *****Tina Gail Walley turned seven on Aug. 18.

*****Judge Don and Bobbie Burgess celebrate their anniversary and are still together.*****Karl Kleinknecht wins seat on Orange City Council over Hebert Meadows. *****New Bridge City Bank on Roundbunch and Ferry opens.

It’s Bridge City’s most modern building.

(Editor’s note: I believe it has been totally remodeled at least three times in 30 years.

Twice due to hurricanes.

*****Three Little Cypress-Mauriceville grads enlisted in the Air Force.

Recruits are Lloyd Blanchette, Ronald J. Atleman and Alan R. Powell.

*****The new Charlie’s Bar-B-Que opens at 409 Fourth St. Charlie Sprott, who will be 81 years-of-age come Sept. 16, is a descendent of slaves from San Jacinto County.

His father hailed from Germany and was mostly white.

Charlie is very white but considers himself black.


Maxie Sprott and Dr.

James Sprott of Beaumont are his brothers.

Charlie has a Ph.D. in barbecue.

He claims to have the world’s best sauce and the best pit-cooked meat.

(Editor’s note: I, along with a lot of other old timers can attest to that.)

45 Years Ago-1974

Clint Belk and Linda Trahan have announced they will wed Sept. 21.

(Editor’s note: They did and this great couple is still together 45 years later.)*****Wayne Rose, Bridge City policeman, opens a gun shop.

It’s called “The Rifleman.”*****Bonanza Sirloin Pit hosted a get together for all coaches and sports writers.

Seventy people attended.

Each Wednesday throughout football season Bonanza will host a luncheon and press conference.

*****Marilyn J. Freeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Freeman, came home from Roma, Italy with a bachelors degree in special education which she received from Lamar while she was in Roma.)*****Mary Ann Winfree Peveto will be honored with an open house at her Winfree Community home.

She will be 90 on Aug. 22.


John Greco, Republican candidate for Orange County judge, called for the establishment of a halfway house to combat the growing drug problem in Orange County.

(Editor’s note: Not even Dr.

Greco could have imagined how bad the drug problem would get over the next 45 years.


Greco, his wife and another couple were killed in an airplane crash some years ago.)*****Susan Perkins is bride-elect of Tommy R. Travis.


Katie Sanders has been named the new principal at St. Mary’s Catholic School.

Katie is an Orangefield grad and now resides in Bridge City.

Congratulations and best of luck.

I believe her mom is a teacher at St. Ann’s.*****The Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and will visit Southern Charm, 1627 Strickland, in Pinehurst, next week.

It will be a first for The Bunch so make plans to attend.*****We wish our friend Beth Rach smooth sailing as she undergoes treatments.

For years, she worked for State Rep.

Ron Lewis and Mike Hamilton at their local office.*****Our buddy Mayor Pete Runnels is out of ICU at St. Elizabeth and in a private room.

He passed out last Saturday while eating at Danny’s and was rushed to St. E. I don’t know what the diagnosis is but we wish him a speedy recovery.*****Last week at the Lunch Bunch gathering Attorney Rex Peveto gave a report on son Eli, who is on a full ride at Lamar.

A full scholarship is unusual for a track star.

Lamar is banking on Eli bringing them national attention.*****The U.S. budget deficit rose by $183 billion to $867 billion during this budget year as spending grew more than twice as fast as tax collections.

The deficit is up 27 percent more than the same period last year.

Spending rose to $3.73 trillion and the national debt keeps climbing.*****Stocks again fell sharply Monday on Wall Street.

The trade war between the U.S. and China has rattled markets this month.

An escalation in tensions between the world’s two largest economies has stoked worries that the long running trade conflict will undercut an already slowing global economy.

Traders continue to shift money into bonds.

The price of gold went up, a safe haven asset.

My guess is that sometimes next year, the 10-year bubble will burst.*****This week, on Aug. 13, 1995, 24 years ago, baseball hall of famer Mickey Mantle died at a Dallas hospital of rapidly spreading liver cancer.

He was only 63 years old.

Also this week, in 1860, legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley was born in Darke County, Ohio.

*****Looking back at a few events that occurred this week in years past.

Forty-five years ago, on Aug. 18, 1976, Judge Don Burgess, who had showed up in Orange County, hired on as an assistant district attorney for DA Sharon Bearden.

After he and Muffins parted ways, he married Bobbie Grossman and as they say, the rest is history.

The Burgess’ now make their home in the Austin area.

Bobbie a retired Dean at Lamar Orange, also served as a city councilperson and mayor of Bridge City.

Don still hears cases throughout the state despite being retired.

Their children live in the Austin area.*****On Aug. 15, 1765, 254 years ago, the Acadians were expelled from Nova Scotia. They sought asylum in America. Many that were put on rafts died, others were sold on slave blocks in Maryland. About 4,000 made their way to the marshes of South Louisiana where they found refuge in a land that no one else would have.

No Cajun today should resent anyone seeking asylum.*****On Aug. 16, 1948, the great Babe Ruth died at age 53.*****On this same day, in 1979, Elvis Presley, one of the world’s great entertainers died at age 42.*****Aug. 18, 1984, the longest serving sheriff in Orange County, Chester Holts, died.

He left office in 1968 with no unsolved major crimes.*****On Aug. 19, 1946, William Jefferson Clinton was born in Hope, AK. He became the 42nd president of the United States.

Today he is 73 years old.

History will show Bill Clinton to have been one of our best presidents.*****Beer is coming to Provost Umphrey Stadium.

Lamar will sell beer at all home football games starting with the Cardinals season opener.

What’s good enough for the Aggies should be good enough for the Cardinals.


Celebrating birthdays on Aug. 14 are Diane Justice, Bill Triggs, Britanie Long and Charlotte Conn.

Celebrities having birthdays are former basketball player Magic Johnson, 60, actors Hallie Berry, 52 and Steve Martin, 74.*****Aug. 15: Helen mcCardle, Gavyn Fisher, Kristie Gunn, Valerie Richter and Brandi Arnold celebrate birthdays today.

Joining them are actors Jennifer Lawrence, 29, Ben Affleck, 47 and Debra Messing, 51.*****Aug. 16: Brandi Clark, Gwen Boehme and Joe Sanders celebrate today.

Also Pop singer Madonna, 61, actors Steve Carell, 57 and Rumor Willis, 31.*****Aug. 17: Having birthdays on this day are Carrie Poole, Jon Oliphint, Brenda Gage, Johnny Stimac, Jordan New, Nancy Finchum, Shandi Conner and Henry Bland.

Joining them are actors Robert DeNiro, 76, Donnie Wahlberg, 50 and Sean Penn, 59.*****Aug. 18: Ian MacCommond and Carolyn Ward have birthdays on this date.

They are joined by actors Robert Redford, 83, Edward Norton, 50 and Christian Slater, 50.*****Aug. 19: Phyllis Neil, Maggie Joubert, Nancy Weidner, Braydon Denison, Brett Johansson and Tammy Davis all celebrate today.

Celebrities celebrating are actors John Stamos, 56 and Matthew Perry, 50 and former President of the United States Bill Clinton turns 73.*****Aug. 20: Turning a year older today are Glee Lobb, Felicia Shelton, Coleen James, Jamie Dugas, Melinda Ja’arah, and Marilyn Guerrerro.

They are joined by Rock singer Robert Plant, 71, Pop singer Demi Lovato, 27 and actress Amy Adams, 45.


Alex Boudreaux went to see his pastor Brother Gaspard and he tell da reverend, “Something terrible is happening and I have to talk to you me.”

“Wat’s wrong,” Brother Gaspard axe.

“My wife Clotile is poisoning me her,” said Boudreaux.

“How can dat be?” da preacher axe.

“I’m telling you Brother,” said Boudreaux, “I’m certain she’s poisoning me. Wat should I do hanh?””

Da preacher said, “Let me talk to her me, I’ll see wat I can find out and I’ll let you know.”

In a few days Rev. Gaspard called Boudreaux and said, “Well Alex, I spoke to Clotile me, I was on da phone wit her for tree hours. You want my advice?”

“Mais yea, dat’s wat I came to you for,” said Boudreaux.

Da preacher him replied, “Take da poison.”



A tough new Trump Administration rule has been the top priority of Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump’s immigration agenda.

Advocates say fear of losing legal status will stop the needy from seeking aid affecting the well-being of immigrant families, especially children.

The new rule will mostly affect those who are already in the country legally seeking green cards or paths to citizenship and immigrants who want temporary Visas for work or school.

Even immigrants not affected by the rule change, such as current green card holders, have stopped signing up for benefits because they believe it could put them in the government’s crosshairs for a future deportation.

It follows a series of policies by the Trump Administration to curtail immigration.

It also comes as officials have been given expanded powers to detain and deport immigrants.

Make no mistake, this rule by Miller, is a merit-based system, stoking such fear is by design, a chilling effect that is designed to discourage immigrants from any country.

Immigration groups are widely expected to challenge the rule in court for being too harsh.

*****I’ve come to the end, thanks for your time and making us the most read column in three counties.

Good-bye, good luck and God bless you.


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