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The Wednesday Lunch Bunch is in constant change.

The attendees change from week to week.

There are a few who tend to be regulars but many more are drop-ins when they can make the time to come.

That’s what makes it interesting.

Everyone always seems so glad to see each other.

This week, The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s and also the following week, Sept. 4.

A special gathering is planned so mark your calendars.

Last week, the group dined at “Southern Charm.” The name is misleading.

You would think about finger food and coffee served in a demitasse.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Southern Charm” is a full scale restaurant with a full menu of fine food.

The shrimp gumbo is as good as there is.

I also found the fried shrimp large and fried to perfection.

Everyone ate something different and complimented the food.

John Roy bragged on the “Chicken Charm” dish.


Hamilton’s famous rolls are served with every meal.

The service is good and the servers are pretty.

John Roy sang a beautiful love song to a green eyed beauty.

Also working there is one of Lucy and Rene Hanks’ pretty daughters who once was Judge Peck’s sister-in-law.

We strongly recommend this eating establishment.

If you haven’t tried “Southern Charm” you are missing a treat.

Prices are very reasonable.

Give them a try; tell them you read about them in “The Record.” They’ll treat you like family.

For lunch or dinner they’re a good bet.

*****Well, I’ve got to get on down the road.

Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


For most of my life I’ve shared friendships with many Justice of the Peace office holders and I’ve heard many of the stories that JP’s face at tragedies when they’re called to the scene to hold an inquest.

Longtime JP Claude Wimberly said he had attended so many tragedies that he could fill a book with stories.

Judge Derry Dunn said the worse was when multiple small children were killed when just a minute earlier they had been happy travelers.

Judge Flo, Judge Janice, Judge Joe, Judge Rodney and all the others had witnessed heart breaking tragedies that followed them through life.

I state the above to bring focus to the work that on any day a Justice of the Peace might face.

I’ve found that citizens don’t fully appreciate a JP’s work load.

Most associate the Justice of the Peace office as a place to pay traffic fines or to file to have someone evicted or other disputes.

No one thinks about the Judge being called out in the middle of the night for an accident or suicide.

Like all peace officers they never know what a day might bring.

Friday was a great day for Harley Morgan and wife Rhiannon, 19 and 20 year oldhigh school sweethearts, who had set their wedding date for the afternoon of August 22.

Judge Joy Dubose Simonton preformed the wedding ceremony in her JP court room with parents and friends of the bride and groom in attendance.

After the ceremony the Judge was thanked, there were plenty hugs and kisses as the merrymakers congratulated the young couple and wished them a long, happy life and kidded about not too many children.

A few minutes later, as the couple pulled on to Highway 87, and while the family watched, the newlyweds were struck and killed.

The laughter turned to tears at the horrible scene.

I have known Judge Simonton throughout her life.

She’s a mother with a son a little older than the couple and a daughter a few years younger.

She had witnessed tragedy in her own life.

She was bound to her professional duty.

I’m told she was strong and handled the inquest and pronounced the young couple she had just married, deceased, in a very professional manner.

She might have wept in private later but on this sad day, she did the job she was called to do.

It was just part of the oath she had taken as a Justice.

I visited with Joy’s father John Dubose Saturday, he was proud of the way she had handled herself professionally.

So am I. It’s not always an easy job.

This tragedy will live with Joy through the years.

Ironically, she and Robert had just celebrated their own anniversary on Wednesday.

I hope maybe I’ve helped you see the Justice of the Peace work load in a different light.

Our condolences to the family and friends of Harley and Rhiannon.

Their funeral service will be Friday in Vidor.

It’s not often in life that the one who declares you man and wife will also pronounce your death.


10 Years Ago-2009

“An American Story”

For 47 years, longer than any of his three brothers lived, Edward M. “Teddy” Kennedy worked ceaselessly for the poor, the disenfranchised and those forgotten and without a voice. Teddy and his brothers, Jack and Bobby, were born into a family that had great wealth and privilege. What I’ve always thought was uncommon and special about the Kennedy’s is that they could easily have given into selfishness and self indulgence. They could have spent their lives devoted only to increasing their wealth. Instead they devoted their lives to their country and to improving the lives of average, hardworking people.

Often wealthy members of the Senate and those in government use their positions to ensure that the wealthy and powerful get even more wealth and power.

Ted Kennedy wrote more than 300 bills supporting fairness at work, higher wages, equal right for women and others and increased access to health care.

He came from an era of politics that is completely gone.

Today, politics and service is not about people, it’s mostly about power and how to manipulate the system with mean spirited name calling and controlling by fear. Very different than the relationship shared by Ted and his colleagues across the aisle.

The senators on the Republican side and Sen.

Kennedy had a lot to disagree about but their arguments were never mean spirited.

They had each other’s respect and worked forcefully to pass their agendas and remained friends.

Despite the Kennedy family’s imperfections, that many have not forgiven, I’ve lived to see their tragedies and sacrifices all for the good of those who they believed were vulnerable.

Ted had deep faith and often admitted that he was a flawed individual. In a dying letter to the Pope, he admitted his imperfections.


Edward Kennedy, age 77, died Aug. 25, 2009.

Services, on Aug. 29, 2009.

Were viewed by millions and attended by three former presidents and eulogized by President Barack Obama. Friends from both parties spoke of this man of the people.

He wore his liberal tag as a badge of honor.

An era has passed; the last of the most dynamic political family has passed.

From the tragic deaths throughout the family to Ted’s brain cancer death, the Kennedy’s wrote a history that will never be duplicated. They devoted their lives to all the right reasons.

For the first time in 50 years there won’t be a Kennedy in the Senate unless it’s Joe.

*****Happy 55th anniversary to a special couple Pauline and Judge Claude Wimberley were married Sept. 4, 1954.


Pauline has always been such a beautiful lady and Claude has done to ride the range with.

*****Tony and Karen Fusilier celebrated their 20th anniversary Tuesday, Sept. 1.

*****Happy birthday to Gerald Leleux, this guy’s bound to be headed for heaven.

He and Penny’s daughter Janet also celebrates next week.*****Coach Cody Knight, Randy Godsy, Ted Miller and pretty Laina Sparks all celebrate their special day this week.

Happy days to all.

*****Everybody’s friend Mayor T.W. Permenter will celebrate this week.

He’s just a little passed middle age.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

Elaine C. Townes, 78, of Bridge City, died Aug. 27. Funeral services were Sunday, at First Baptist Church in Bridge City. Elaine was former owner of Elaine’s Floral Shop in Bridge City. She was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Bill Townes;

She is survived by her sons, Ted Townes and David Townes; and four grandchildren, Tyler Townes, Chad Townes, Brad Townes and Tara Townes.*****George “G.C.” Wilson, 77, of Orange, died Monday, Aug. 24.

Funeral services were Saturday, at Community Church.

George was a Maintenance Supervisor for Gulf/Chevron.

He served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.

He was an avid woodworker and his last major project was co-founder of the Lutcher-Stark High School Memorial.

Survivors include his wife, Janelle Wilson; sons, Rocky Wilson and Kenney Wilson; daughter, Donna Wilson Pattillo; seven grandchildren eight great-grandchildren.*****Myrtle Helen Smith Broussard, 93, of Orange, passed away on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

Burial was in St. Mary’s Cemetery.

She was a registered nurse.

and worked at the Lutcher Hospital.

She is survived by her children, Pat Broussard, Sandy Broussard, Fay Nell Broussard and Jan Broussard Ross; four grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1979

Jenny Baxter was 2 on Aug. 26*****Janice Overman, Lyle’s better half, was a year older Aug. 29. (Editor’s note: Now it’s 40 years later).*****Also celebrating this week are Susie Boudoin, on Sept. 1*****Todd Edgerly will be 16 on Sept. 2.*****Two special people celebrating birthdays on Sept. 2 also are W.B. Oubre and his granddaughter Brenda Braquet Wilber.

(Editor’s note: Mr. Oubre is Phyllis Dunn’s late father, Brenda, her niece, is now married to Scott Wilberand is a CPA in Winnie.)*****Mary Wright celebrates Sept. 2.

***** On Aug. 30, Miss Vivian and Fain Holbrooks celebrated their anniversary.

*****Keble Free, 26, Orange boxer, has decided to come out of retirement and is making a bid to become an Olympic boxer in 1980.

“Now that Bubba Buseme has decided to make a pro comeback, I will dust off my training gear and work out with him,” said 147-pound Free.***** The No. 1 country song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” by Charlie Daniels Band;, No. 2, “Heartbreak Hotel,” by Willie Nelson and Leon Russell;

No. 3, is “Coca Cola Cowboy,” Mel Tillis;No. 4, “I May Never Get to Heaven,” Conway Twitty; No. 5, “Till I Can Make It On My Own,” Kenny Rogers and Dottie West.

45 Years Ago-1974

Congrats to Phyllis and Jim Berwick, who are the parents of Alicia Renee, a nine pound, four ounce baby girl.

Grandparents are Wilburn “Slim” and Margie Stokes and the David Landry’s.

(Editor’s note: I wonder what became of all those people.)*****Joe Grossman, everybody’s favorite Jew, is a longtime jewelry man.

Joe is back at Nacol’s on MacArthurCircle as store manager.

*****Two great Italians, Tony Dal Sasso and Tony Pavia were spotted eating Cajun food at LaPlace on South SixthStreet. They ate like they were from the motherland.

(Editor’s note: I miss those two great guys I’ve known).

*****McLaury’s Appliance is now owned by Joe Norman and Bill Robinson and managed by Larry Bergeron. *****Charles Patton of Gravely Tractor cut one of his fingers off.

After a couple of hours the doctor arrived and sent someone to retrieve the cut finger.

The pet cat was playing with it but wouldn’t eat it so it was re-attached to Charlie’s hand.

*****Congrats to Helene Linton, named president of the Bridge City B&PW.

She is Moe Litton’s wife of 61 years but her picture in the paper looks like Moe’s daughter.

He must have robbed her from the cradle.

*****Judge Marlin Shelton was hospitalized and ensconced on the maternity floor.

He will be in for a lot of ribbing when he gets to feeling better.*****Bob Sims is manager of Orange County Drainage District.

*****Johanna Leister, star of “Edge of Night” and former Orange resident was in town visiting her folks.

(Editor’s note: I wonder what became of her.

She was a big time star.

I remember her dad, who was a car salesman.)*****Former Orange County Chief Deputy and former Constable Slim Folson quit the sheriff’s department after being bumped down to lieutenant.

He is now working construction.

*****Ronnie Greenis the new West Orange Chief’s quarterback.

He gained valuable experience under quarterback Ray Pousson, who is now at the University of Colorado.*****No. 10, Richard Slaydon and No. 15, Mike VanBreeman, will both see action at quarterback for the Bridge City Cardinals.


Tuesday morning I had a visit from 3-year-old Sterling Welch, who was headed to his first day at Pre-K. A handsome youngster with well groomed blond hair and big blue eyes.

He was quite a sight in his new outfit.

His dad, Phillip agrees he looks like his beautiful mother.*****A few friends celebrating in the next few days.

This week, on Aug. 28, a special guy, J.S., turns 15 years old.

It seems not that long ago when his dad Jim Sharon celebrated his 15th..

J.S. is Jim Sharon Bearden III. His granddad, Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden is the original J.S.B. and he’s extremely proud of his namesake.

Happy birthday J.S.*** On Aug. 29, 2005, Katrina came ashore in New Orleans.***Our friend Glenda Dyer celebrates on Aug. 29. Also celebrating on this day is Janice Overman.***A great guy, Mike Cedars celebrates his birthday Aug. 30.***Happy 50th Anniversary to Rosalie and Judge Pat Clark on Aug. 31.

Pat says, “The most important day of my life is when she said I do.” On the same day, at the same time, Rosalie’s twin sister, the late Mary Ann and John Scofield were wed in a double ceremony.***On Sept. 2, in 2004, Roy lost both his mom and friend Parker “PT” Thompson. Fifteen years have gone by.*** Happy Birthday, Sept. 3, to former mayor T.W. Prementer.*****We got to have a good visit with Mike and Nancy Hatton at the H.D. Pate memorial last Saturday.

It’s hard to believe Mike has been in the banking business for Uncle Walter 26 years already.

A visit with Bobby Simon, former Bridge City police officer, who says the 12 years in Bridge City were good years.

Thanks to the effort of H. D.’s wife, Pat, the memorial was very moving and seemed to be what was needed for his friends and family to have closure.

We saw a lot of friends but were disappointed that some who should have been there were not.*****Joe Welsh, former congressman and Tea Party member who helped Trump get elected, has joined Bill Weld in the GOP race against Trump.

They can both expect structural barriers that will make their challenge awfully difficult.

In some states they won’t be able to get on the ballot.

Walshis pretty sorry himself but he has the nerve of Bob Steele and will call Trump out for what he really is.

The problem is that every American, if they support him or not, knows Trump is unfit.*****Meanwhile here at home, County Judge John Gothia, who hasn’t had time yet to prove if he will be a good or bad judge is already being challenged.

He’s been judge just over a month and it was a smooth transition.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

On Aug. 28: Celebrating on this day are Debbie Stark, Bobbie Brown, Meagan Carlin, Darla Daigle and celebrities Jack Black, actor who turns 50, Country singers Shania Twain, 54 and LeAnn Rimes, 37.*****Aug. 29: Hurricane Katrina visited in 2015.

Celebrating birthdays on this date are Laci McIntyre, Kira Amy, Rick Beaulieu, Wendy Fontenot and our friend Janice Overman.

Joining them are actors Nicole Anderson, 28 and William Levy, 38.*****Aug. 30: Folks turning another year older on this day are Pam Comer, Mike Cedars and Brooke Snowden, also actor Cameron Diaz, 47 and entrepreneur Warren Buffett, 89.*****Aug. 31: Dominic Nguyen, Mary Behnke, Jay Odom and Buddy Cox celebrate, also actors Chris Tucker, 48, Richard Gere, 70 and singer Deborah Gibson, 49.*****Sept. 1: Celebrating today are Sandy Shugart, Bill McCorkle, Susan Boudoinand celebs, TV host Dr.

Phil McGraw, 69, singer Barry Gibb, 73 and actress Lily Tomlin, 80.*****Sept. 2: Pamela Layman, Cody Knight, Ernest Procella, Tanya Sterling and Payton Choate all celebrate along with actors Keanu Reeves, 55, Salma Hayek, 53 and Mark Harmon, 68.*****Sept. 3: Celebrating birthdays on this date are Debbie Harrington, T.W. Permenter, Rusty Dubose, Tammy Stevens, Barbara Daigle, Kacey Harrell, Rachel Briggs Ryan Fisette and Cynthia Wedekind.

They are joined by Olympic snowboard champion Shaun White, 31, and actors Charlie Sheen, 53 and Garrett Hedlund, 35.


A 9-11 call from a cell phone arrived at da sheriff’s office in Breaux Bridge.

Da operator directed Alcid Fontonot, da paramedic, to take a boat to a home on an island in the Atchafalaya Basin for an emergency.

All da power was off, da house was very dark wen he got dere.

Fontonot axe little Camille, a tree-year-old girl, to hold his flashlight high over her mama so he could see while he helped deliver da baby.

Camille did as she was axe.Her mom, Eunice, push and push.

After a while, little Sostan was born.

Fontonot lifted him by his little feets and spanked him on his bottom and he started to cry.

Fontonot tanked Camille for her help and axe da wide eyed three-year-old wat she tink about wat she had jus witnessed.

Camille, her, quickly responded, “He shouldn’t have crawled in dere in da first place.” “Smack him again.”


River Ridge, Louisiana Wins World Little League Title

Over the weekend I watched Little League championship baseball.

Curacao beat Japan for the International World championship.

River Ridge, a suburb of New Orleans, on Saturday beat Hawaii to win the United States Little League championship.

Their bats were hot: they scored nine runs in the game.

Sunday, only one world champion would survive.

Louisiana would take on Curacao, the home team.

Louisiana fought its way back through the loser’s bracket after dropping its very first game to Hawaii.

Louisianawon six games in eight days becoming the first team to win the LLWS after losing its first game.

Louisiana claimed its first Little League World Series title by defeating Curacao 8-0.

A little 12-year-old, curly haired boy named Egan Prather pitched a two hit shutout, throwing 88 pitches over six innings.

Over the tournament he picked up two victories and struck out 19 batters in 14 1/3 innings.

The River Ridge boys had hot bats throughout the tournament.

They were well coached and didn’t swing at bad balls.

Some of those youngsters will be heard from in the future.

Our own Joe Kazmar is a former Little League World Champion. *****My time is up.

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Take care and God bless.


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