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A load of rain is headed our way. We have been in a drought so the rain is much needed, however it causes us problems if it rains too much. If your paper gets wet we have plenty available at 300 locations in our trade area. A “Record” is always easy to find. *****I’m way behind and need to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


One of the most important things voters should be concerned about is the roll tariffs will play in our lives.

The president’s trade war is reckless and will likely send the nation’s economy into a tailspin.

Since July 2018, Trump imposed tariffs have already cost the tech industry $10 billion and 300,000 jobs.

Now Trump is planning to increase tariffs on another $250 billion worth of goods on Dec. 15.

The list includes laptops, smart phones, tablets, video game consoles and big screen TVs. Come holiday time these are just a few items American consumers will have passed along, causing shoppers to pay much higher prices.

Trump is losing his trade war with China at the expense of our tech industry’s future.

It marks the first tariffs on Apple products made in China, including Apple watches, AirPods and HomePods.

His approach has only led to a higher U.S. trade deficit which is now greater than $2 trillion.

The long range hurt on consumers is what will bring the country down.

What triggered the great depression in the early 1930’s was President Herbert Hoover’s backing of the Smoot-HawleyTariff Act against the advice of his economists.

The parallels between Hoover and Trump are staggering.

We’re headed down a dangerous path and like Hoover; Trump won’t listen to his economists or take advice from the experts on how hard families will be hurt by the rising cost of living.

Trump needs to tell the truth, China is not paying for the tariffs, the American people will.

Who knows how deep it will cut and for how long and its just getting started.


10 Years Ago-2009

The economy is making the transition from recession to recovery.

The job market is improving but still weak across the nation.

Since the start of the year, the economic reports in the beige book have steadily brightened from very dismal to less bad to tepid as the stock market rebounded and the recession began to loosen it’s grip.

The labor market is still weak in most regions.

However, this week “Business Week” reports that Lake Charles, La.

is the number one spot in the country.

The real estate market and building permits are seeing new life, making it America’s strongest building market.

Some of you will be surprised to learn that the Beaumont, Port Arthur, Triangle area is number two in the nation.

The area has had a 125 percent increase in single family building permits.

Everything is in place for recovery around the nation but it won’t be soon.

With patience we will see the country come from the brink of depression to a strong and healthy economy again.

History has proven time an again that the American people have often made the choice that turned the country around.

President Obama might well be the right person at just the right time. In eight months he’s stopped the bleeding, now the long haul to recovery begins.

Don’t sell him short.*****We were saddened to learn of the death of Claude Hamerly, age 74, who passed away Sept. 17.

He had been married to Jean, his beloved wife of 56 years and raised a great family, daughter Mary, sons David and Bradley.

Claude was a good, caring and giving man.

Services were held Sunday, Sept. 20.

***** Two of our staff members, Penny and Roy, attended Percy and “Teno” Bordelon’s 65th wedding anniversary breakfast Saturday.

The breakfast was held at Danny’s, in West Orange.

I suspect Norman Berry had a lot to do with getting the celebration together.

“Teno” insisted on buying everyone’s breakfast.

I know Percy didn’t do it.

He and Joe Burke were partners in many ventures so Percy learned not to volunteer to pay.

The Bordelons are really great folks.

Most of the guys, with the exception of Dunn, are members of the KKK, “Kroger Koffee Klub.” One of the most beautiful blue-eyed gals in attendance was Pearle Burgess Standfield, Billy Burgess and J.D.’s widow.

She’s a remarkable lady who will soon celebrate her 89th birthday.

Of course the clown of the bunch is Harold Forse who is heading to his 89th come February.

Coach Marlin Broussard still has his college weight and doesn’t seem to age.

Many other folks stopped by to extend congrats.


David Peck renewed old friendships, Janie Bergeron and a couple of pretty lady friends showed up.

Janie, the widow of Lawrence Bergeron, is still a beautiful lady.

Larry died at least thirty years ago.

***** The college quarterback that impressed me the most was Taylor Potts of Texas Tech.

Even though they lost to Texas, Pott had over 400 yards passing, three touchdowns and only one interception.

*****Amber Dunn, who graduated from both universities, says she was pulling for U. of Texas all the way.

Like so many tea sippers, she bleeds burnt orange.

She also says the Cleveland Browns suck but they have great tailgate parties at the “Dog Pound.”*****The Cow Bayou bridge, that converted Prairie View into the city and school district of Bridge City, was unanimously approved in Galveston Saturday to be on the National Registry of Historical Bridges.

Congratulations to Mark Dunn, Beverly Perry and the historical group.*****Our friend Marlene Merritt has been under the weather due to her back that keeps giving her problems.*****Our buddy Betty Lou Womack is starting to get her bearings after the loss of her great friend Cal Broussard.

(Editor’s note: Betty Lou died a year later.)***** Gold prices hit $1,000 an ounce.

That can only mean a weak dollar around the globe.

*****A few of our friends having birthdays this week are our ghost chaser, Penny Leleux, who celebrates Wednesday, Sept. 23.*****Also celebrating this week are Orange City Councilperson Teresa Beauchamp, Trey Rhodes, Dan Barclay, Mike Hughes and our former editor Darryl Brinson, who by the way, has made the transition from Deweyville to Houston along with wife Greta. Their two boys are now grown and gone.

*****Tom “The Hammer” DeLay always has had a big ego so it’s no surprise that he opted to do “Dancing with the Stars” The little rat has guts you have got to give him that.

He really looked silly on Monday night but I suspect he will do better when he does straight ballroom dancing.

***** I watched President Bill Clinton on Larry King last night. He makes so much sense.

Clinton is one of the top three best presidents in my lifetime.

In my opinion probably number two.

Clinton says Obama is very smart and will get a health plan.

Maybe, but what will it look like? It will probably be like State Rep.

Wayne Peveto’s tax reform bill.

It was barely recognizable when finally passed.

In that case, the far left, liberal democrats were the opposition.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

Mary Elaine Gibson, 67, of Orange, died Sunday, Sept. 13. Memorial services were held Friday morning, at Clay bar Funeral Home Chapel in Orange. She is survived by her husband, Allen Dale Gibson; daughters, Peggy Price and Katherine Alvarez; and three grandchildren. *****Allen Richard Perry, 57, of Mauriceville died Friday, Sept. 18. Funeral services were Sept. 21. Survivors include wife, Belinda “Precious” Perry; daughter Heather Roach; son Douglas Perry and two grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1979

Bridge City State Bank holds a ribbon cutting for the formal opening of their new bank building on Roundbunch Road.*****Mike Hatton is emcee for the Miss Bridge City Pageant. Crowned queen was 16-year-old Teresa Hearn, daughter of Ray and Elaine Hearn. She was sponsored by Neal Bond’s Western Auto store.

Teresa, an eleventh grader was first runner up in last year’s pageant.

Sharon Gregory relinquished her crown.

Teresa plans a career in journalism.

(Editor’s note: Sharon Gregory went on to win the Miss Teen America but gave up her crown because she thought the USA pageant was corrupt.

Sharon has spent her life as a television anchor in several markets.

Theresa did some local newspaper reporting before ending up in Nashville where she has been very involved in country music productions.

She has also written two books. Her parents still live in Bridge City.

*****The Dunn family launches a new newspaper Sept. 26 in Port Arthur.

It is a sister paper to the Orange County Opportunity Valley News called “The Community Post.” The slogan for the Post is “You Can Lean On Us.” The office is located at 3316 Gulfway Drive.

(Editor’s note: The publication went on to become very popular.

The family sold the weekly nine months later to Cox Enterprise, the owners of the Port Arthur News.

The Dunn’s also sold the Triangle Press, a commercial plant in Beaumont and the OVN in Orange.

Cox later bought the Orange Leader.

Roy and Phyllis retired for the next 15 years before establishing the Record Newspapers, the Bridge City Penny Record and the Orange County Record which they still operate.

The Community Post and OVN folded several years ago.)*****Stevie Breaux turned 13 on Sept. 23.

A special treat for “Stevo” was when he got to be server at St. Henry’s High Mass.*****Bobbie Jean Simpson and Elaine Cassens, seniors at Bridge City, were named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists.

They are shooting to make the finals.

45 Years Ago-1974

Ed Lovelace and Gloria got a divorce.

What bothers Ed the most is not that she took off with much of his wealth, it’s the fact that she took off with his baseball cards and Benny Barnes records.

*****Crip Trahan is a candidate for the Orange County Drainage District.

*****A beautiful face now being run in Gunn’s Studio ad is that of Terri Everett.

*****Larry King, the eldest son of Jack King, graduated from basic training in San Diego.

Another Bridge City boy graduated at the same ceremony also.

Neil Kelly and Larry are both U.S. Marines. *****Pretty Janet Fontenot is the boss lady at the Shoe Castle.

*****Carol Runnels is a kindergarten teacher. *****Happy guys this week are Aggies Bill Godwin, Doug Harrington, Fred Gregory and Bill Butler.

“Next year” finally came for them; Texas A&M beat LSU.

***** John Lee is a mainstay in the Stark Tiger lineup at guard position.

John and the Tigers will take on the Silsbee Tigers in the first district game Friday.

60 Years Ago-1959

Coach Ted Jefferies and his young Stark Tigers lost 8 to 6 to Jacksonville.

It was a long ride home.

Some team members are fullback, Bobby Permenter and Mike Conn, halfbacks, Joe Cannon, Billy Cunningham and Tommy Flecher quartback is Gerald Edwards.*****Little Cypress loses to San Augustine, 6-0.Bear fullback Russell Hall was leading rusher with 52 yards on 13 totes.

*****Bridge City Cardinals win third game in a row. The Cards defeated Hardin 16-0.

Coach is Glen Buffaleo. *****West Orange beat Orangefield 6-0.

Robert Petry and Bobby Savoie were standouts for the Chiefs. (Editor’s note: The low scores indicates that the games were mostly 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

Mostly defensive battles.

Not like today’s wide-open formations where passing is a big part of the game.


The Lions Club is having a special fall event, Lions Club Carnival, to be held Sept. 25 thru 28 and Oct. 2 thru 5.

If the weather holds up it should be a great time with great fall weather.

Plans are to make this event the largest ever.

The club welcomes volunteers to help at the carnival.*****A big weekend celebrating Ms.

Phyl’s birthday happened at the Dunn place this past weekend.

All of her children, most of her grandchildren and four great-grandchildren joined in the celebration.

Garrett, son Leland and daughter Juliana came in from Houston and Amber, Clay, Luke and Liam were in from Kansas.

They filled up on shrimp, boiled crabs and seafood gumbo while they could before a planned move to take new positions at a Case hospital in Vero Beach, Florida.

With moving and getting settled in a new home they probably won’t be coming this way anytime soon.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day Sept. 20, John Clark, the boy from Dime Box, Mr. VFW celebrates his birthday.

I first met him as a young ad salesman for the Leader.

John is no longer that youngster but he remains active just keeping up with his pretty wife.

*****Bobby Cormier celebrates Sept. 21.

The years have creped up on him but he still works everyday.*****Marie Trimm celebrates too, she is married to one of our staff photographers, Larry.*****Also celebrating on this day is Luke Clay Greeson who turns three.

He’s one of Mark Dunn’s grandsons.

*****Sept. 23, Penny Leleux, who is active in movie making, celebrates a birthday but age hasn’t slowed her down.

If she runs out of stuff to do then she chases ghost.

***Also our buddy Tommy Simar celebrates today.

He’s slowed down since we first met him but between he and Sue they manage.

It takes them both.*** Happy birthday on this day also to Stevo Breaux, who turns 53 todayand County commissioner Teresa Beauchamp, the prettiest commissioner on the court, celebrates today. Happy Birthday to all. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and back at Sothern Charm Restaurant next week.

Last week at the “Charm” a nice group showed up.

The special of the day, Chicken and Dumplings, served with Ms.

Hamilton’s famous rolls was very good.

Others indulged in the seafood items.

It’s a fun time anytime when you get Dr.

Nina Leifiste, Judge Chad Jinkins, CommissionerJohnny Trahan and Kirk Roccaforte together. John Roy brought his actor son, John Fredrick, who is in a movie produced by Penny Leleux, always fills the room with laughter.

Judge Derry Dunn brought Roy the last of his tomato crop.

Pam Honeycutt always rounds up a bunch of great folks.

Ya’ll come, everyone is always welcome. *****What people don’t know about Sarah Ophelia Colley.

In real life Colley, who died in 1996, was a college educated aspiring actress who studied Shakespeare and was from a wealthy Tennessee family.

Millions of fans came to know her as Minnie Pearl, a popular character on the Grand Ole Opry and the television show “Hee Haw” as a simple country woman, down home dresses and a price tag hanging from her hat.

Now to test your memory, what was the name of the town her character came from? Don’t cheat.

Answer at bottom of C’est Tout. *****Sean Gros is not a happy camper.

He’s a diehard Saints fan who has watched them play on TV and in person since he was a little guy.

He’s crying in his beer with Drew Brees out at least six weeks with an injury which will probably end the Saints chances to make the playoffs.*****We were glad to hear from Coach Les Johnson.

It had been awhile.

He reports there won’t be pecans this year.

He usually brings 50 to 100 pounds when he and Wanda come to town.

*****We were also glad that our old friend Preston Fuller stopped by.

He went through a load of health problems but has bounced back.


Celebrating birthdays on Sept. 18 are Ben Ludwig, Debra Gauthier and Joey Tutt.

Also celebrating are cyclist Lance Armstrong, 48, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, 48 and doctor/politician Ben Carson, 68.*****Sept. 19: Michael Zenos, Mark Milligan, Sue Plagens, George Navarro and Leslie Sparks celebrate on this day.

Joining them are country singer Trisha Yearwood, 55 and TV show host Jimmy Gallon, 45.*****Sept. 20: Celebrating birthdays today are David Yeats, Susan Pennington, Caitlin Ziller, Gary McAllister, John Clark, Matt Carter and Jennifer Marion.

Celebrities having birthdays on this day are singer Phillip Phillips, 29, actors Jon Bernthal, 43 and Sophia Loren, 85.*****Sept. 21: Mary Rawls, Janice Kelly, Jonah Thurman all celebrate.

They are joined by novelist Stephen King, 70, country singer Faith Hill, 52 andactor Bill Murray, 69.****Sept. 22: Beverly Mixon, Donna Broomes, Matthew Broussard, Michael Broussard, Miranda Fisette are all a year older today.

Also rock singer Joan Jett, 61, opera singer Andrea Bocelli, 61 and actor Scott Baio, 59.*****Sept. 23: Charlene Wappler, Christy Bradley, Jayna Campbell, George Mullins, all celebrate today.

Celebrities having birthdays today are world music singer Julio Iglesias, 76, rock singer Bruce Springsteen, 70 and actor Jason Alexander, 60.*****Sept. 24: Celebrating birthdays today are Clint Degayter, Brian Beard, Jeannie Barnes, Mark Norwood, Teresa Beauchamp, Blake Seibert, Brittany Bean and Jimmy Thurman.

Joining them are former football player “Mean” Joe Green, 73 and chef Robert Irvine, 55.


Joe Badeaux’s boy, T-Not, wat is not so bright, drove from Abbeville to da big city of Lafayette to see da sights.

Wen he drove down Ambassador Caffery he noticed a traffic camera flashed.

He didn’t know why it took his picture, he knew for sure he wasn’t speeding.

Jus to be sure he turn around, went back and passed da same spot, driving even slower. Again da camera flashed.

T-Not found dis strange so he slowed down some mo.

Sure nuff, da camera flashed again.

Da fourt’ and fift’ time, same results. He laughed as he passed at a snail’s pace, tinking how crazy dat is, taking pictures of somebody dats not speeding.

Two weeks later T-Not got five traffic fine letters in da mail for driving witout his seat belt on.


Conservative leadership under Trump

The United States government’s budget deficit increased by $169 billion to $1.07 trillion in the first 11 months of this budget year.

Spending grew faster than tax collections. With one month left in the budget year it is up 18.8 percent over the same period a year ago.

Going forward, the congressional budget office sees the annual deficit topping $1 trillion in 2020, here is the kicker, never falling below $1 trillion a year for the next decade. Adding to the increased spending is the impact of $1.5 trillion tax cuts byPresident Trump to the wealthiest individuals and corporations.

For 2019 revenues are up 3.4% but spending is up by 7%, doubling the increase in revenues.

Individual tax revenues have risen by 2% this year compared to last year, however corporate tax revenues are down 2%. Tariffs are up $28 billion, a 73% increase for consumers over last year.

So far this year, the government has spent $379.1 billion on interest payments on the debt, $47 billion more than a year ago.

That reflects the growing size of the national debts as deficit and interest cost continues to grow so rapidly America’s future demise.

***** I’ve got to go.

Thanks for your time. We may not always agree but I call it as I see it.

Thanks you for your loyal readership.

Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Tell them we sent you.

Take care and God bless.

(Answer to quiz. Grinders Switch, TN. It also was her real hometown. Now you know.)


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