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The United States began withdrawing troops from Syria’s border Monday.

Opening the door for Turkey to invade and slaughter thousands of Kurds and Christians.

Turkish military is expected to target U.S. backed Kurdish forces, men and women who have been fighting along side of American troops against ISIS. This action threatens American security and weakens credibility among our allies, plus the withdrawal of U.S. forces would reignite ISIS. The move plays right into the hands of Russia and Syrian’s dictator Assad.

Up to three million refugees will be driven from their homes.

So far we haven’t heard a word of protest from either of our senators, Cruz and Cornyn.

They, along with most of Texas’ U.S. congressmen have gone underground.

They are not worth their salt or the honor of serving us if they don’t speak up on this potential slaughter in Syria. *****I have to move on.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


It’s time for elected Texas leaders to stop playing political games and make decisions in the best interest for Texan’s health.

In Texas, more than five million are uninsured.

The state has more than doubled the national uninsured rate.

Meanwhile, the states elected leaders ignore the polls that show most Texans care about the uninsured problem.

They also want Medicaid expanded to help solve it.

That could happen under the Affordable Care Act, which would fund 90% of the cost to add more Texans to Medicaid’s rolls.

Gov. Abbott and his Republican leaders believe it’s more important politically for them to reject any part of Obamacare.

Medicaid Expansion would be the biggest contributor to reducing the number of uninsured, plus most of the cost is paid by the Federal government.

That is taxes paid by Texans, sent to Washington and available to our state for the asking. Why shouldn’t we get some of it back? We can do that by joining 37 states that have already claimed billions of dollars in Federal funds.

It’s irresponsible to let politics get in the way of helping families to get by. It’s unconscionable when children’s health is at stake; more than 833,000 children in Texas are uninsured.

It’s clear that the misguided war against Obama care has endangered public health in Texas.

If Medicaid were expanded, 625,000 Texans, who don’t have coverage, would become eligible for it.

Others hold two jobs but still can’t afford to put food on the table and buy health insurance.

For the first time since the Affordable Care Act in 2019, the number of Americans without health insurance has gone up, and Texas leads the nation.

No doubt Trump’s misguided war against the ACA has endangered public health.

It’s time for our Texas leaders to stand up for Texas and the health of our citizens.

To follow that political lead is unfair and harmful. We deserve better.

Let your office holders know that the taxes you pay should come back to Texas instead of going to some other state because the leaders in Austin refuse to take it.

The benefits would be overwhelming and already paid by tax payers.


10 Years Ago-2009

Orange County Boss Cajun, Judge Carl Thiobdeaux, will be put on the grill Thursday evening at the Bridge City Chamber fundraiser.

Monies will be used to expand the Chamber’s museum.

It’s also Judge Carl’s birthday. *****President Obama awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

I agree with Sen.

John McCain, “Americans are always pleased when their president is recognized by something on that order.” Henry Kissinger, a 1973 Nobel winner, said, “The award honors Americans and the cause of peace.” I believe the inroads Obama has made toward restoring America’s creditability around the world and his ability to unite the many factions that have led to an unstable world led to the award.

The award reads, “For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”***** Probably the most important issue that faces Texas rural folks is redistricting after the 2010 census.

Tom DeLay, Rick Perry and computerized lines gerrymandered boundaries for state representatives and congressional districts in 2001.

What was an 18-15 democratic edge in Texas congressional delegation is now a 20-12 Republican majority.

Most of the republican congressmen are from the Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio areas cutting rural areas in Texas out of having their own area representatives.

A pen line was drawn from the Woodlands to Orange to attach us to Montgomery County, often doing 90 degree turns avoiding Democratic voting boxes.

Orange County was cut in two parts; half of Bridge City and West Orange and most of the city of Orange were attached to a downtown Beaumontdistrict.

This created a minority district comprised of Beaumont courthouse and Lamar, Port Arthur sub-courthouse and Lamar and Orange courthouse and Lamar. The remainder of Orange County was attached to the conservative Hardin County/Lumberton area.

Both of our representatives vote 90 percent of the time against each other killing their votes and not allowing us to have a uniform representation.*****Robert Dean Jr., 41, passed away Oct. 8 in Luling where he served as athletic director and head football coach of the 3-A school.

A native of Orange County, he had coached at both Little Cypress-Mauriceville and Orangefield.

Robert was liked by everyone who knew him.

He died from complications of pneumonia.

*****Our condolences to the family and friends of David Lee Rumsey Jr., 46, brother of Kelly Morphew. *****A former Orange County star, West Orange-Stark’s Earl Thomas was really a shining star for Texas in the defeat of Colorado Saturday.*****Meanwhile Tampa Bay hasn’t won a game since releasing Matt Bryant, another Orange County star.*****Joy and Robert Simonton are expecting their new baby in the next few days.

Best wishes for a healthy child.

I’m sure that’s one kid that will be spoiled but that’s OK. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathered at Novrozsky’s last week.

Judge Janice won the eating contest.

Babette Philpott ran a close second.*****The Julie Rogers Gift of Life will present “Putting on the Pink,” a celebration of survivorship and hope, a breast cancer program.

“An Evening with Debbie Reynolds” will be Oct. 20.

Orange County Ambassador is Gisela Houseman. Steering committee members from Orange are Chelle Harrison, Shirley Roccaforte, Rosalie Clark, Linda Claybar, Patty Cloeren, Kelly Coker, Carly Davis Thibodeaux, Dolores Garcia and Catherine Stewart. Reynolds will perform with her four-piece band at the Julie Rogers Theater.***** Former state Rep.

Wayne Peveto, who attended Sam Houston University on a rodeo scholarship, attended the 50th Cowboy reunion in Huntsville last weekend.

He had a blast with the guys from the past reminiscing about when they were just boys.

45 Years Ago-1974

Richard Corder is manager of KOGT and does the morning show.

Doing the afternoon drive time show is Bill Clark.*****Ducks Unlimited bash to be Oct. 23 at DERA. Drakes only.

(Editor’s note: That was before women were allowed and the parties got a little wild.)*****Barbara Runnels Waites, former radio personality, has been touring the country emceeing gospel shows and also manages her own gospel group.

***** “Hello Dolly” opens Oct. 15 to run five nights.

Actors are Connie Gunn, Larry Frederick, Scott Covington, Sandy Emerson, Dean James, Steve Smith, Ginger Newman, Richard Griffen and Dan Delaney.*****First Savings of Orange is paying 7.5 percent on a 48 month $5,000 certificate of deposit.*****Harmon Chevrolet, Third and Green, is selling a new 1974 Luv pickup for $2,995.*****

70 Years Ago-1949

The Orange Tigers defeat the Port Neches Indians 38-12. Up next are the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets, rated No. 1 in state class 2-A. No Tiger team has defeated Port Arthur in Orange since 1915. The Tigers won twice – in 1926 and 1945 in Port Arthur.*****Fans of the Wallace High Dragons began a collection to buy coach Willie Ray Smith a new car after the team beat the Conroe Bulldogs 57-0. Wallace is favored to capture the state class A title. The Dragons have scored 187 points without ever being scored on in four games. The passing combination is quarterback Joseph Abraham to Marvin Richard.


“TRUMP’S MONUMENT” Last week the United States government award three contracts worth more than $812 million for construction of about 65 miles of new wall on the 2,223 mile border.

The congress appropriated the money for military use.

Trump confiscated the money calling the wall a national emergency.

Many military base projects have been cut. If Trump doesn’t accomplish anything else he’ll see that a wall to put his name and picture on is built before he leaves office.

It’s his Mount Rushmore. *****Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea have written a book together, “The Book of Gutsy Women.” They kicked off a book-publicity tour last week with tennis legend Billie Jean King, one of the “Gutsy Women.” *****Record reporter Dave Rogers, in a feature story last week, wrote that the DPS office has done a land swap with Chevron Phillips Chemical, who wants the land on Hwy.

87, as part of a possible $8 billion ethylene plant.

DPS is not allowed to sell property, so Chevron will built them a brand new building, with much more capacity, in a new location on Hwy.

1442 near the Expo Center.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and at Southern Charm next week.

Last week, a small crowd gathered at Robert’s.

Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte attended but Ms.

Trahan’s little boy Johnny was tied up at another meeting.

Y’all come, everyone welcome. *****Aaron Moody, the old mechanic who bought Dean Perkins’ shop on Martin in Pinehurst, is a connoisseur of peas and beans.

He brought me a pound of his favorite Ingles Yellow Eye Peas.

The two pound bag is called “Yellow Eye Beans.” That’s strange but so is Moody. Sunday Ms.

Phyl cooked up a mess and they were delicious.

We had never heard of them before, they come out of North Carolina. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day this week.

Oct. 9, Carrie Reider celebrates today.

Our friend Judge Claude Wimberly died on this day in 2017.

Our thoughts are often about his widow Pauline.

It is also Jewish holidayYom Kippur. *****Oct. 10, everyone’s friend Missy Flowers celebrates her birthday today.*****Oct. 11, a great lady, former county commissioner Marcelle Adams, who is still very active and drives herself around town, turns 96 today.***Also celebrating is Paul “Bosco” Hebert, he pronounces it A-Bear. Even though his mom is from Oklahoma he considers himself Cajun.

By the way, Hebert is the number one family name in all of Louisiana.

I bet you thought it was Boudreaux, Thibodeaux or other names ending with an “X.” Nope, there are more “A- Bears.”*****Oct. 13 is Columbus Day.

Up North, they have big celebrations on this day.*****On Oct. 14, the former U.S. Marine, who joined at 16 years of age, Harry Stephens, the Appliance King, is a year older.

I’ve known him 50 years and he hasn’t changed, he just keeps on trucking.

***Also on this day our sports writer Gerry Dickert is a year older.

*****Oct. 15 is Thibodeaux’s birthday.

The old Democratic Judge reaches a milestone.

He’s had open heart surgery and a dozen stints.

Carl is one tough Cajun.*****I haven’t heard from my friend John Heard in awhile.

I hope he and Linda are doing good.*****I also haven’t seen our friend Ray Cotton in over a year.

He use to stop in from time to time.

I hope he’s still driving.*****Donald Trump has thrown former Texas governor Rick Perry under the bus in the Ukraine debacle.

Rick’s best shot is to get out of dodge as soon as he can, that’s if he’s not already in the trap.


On Oct. 9, celebrating birthdays are Betty Stimac, Will Stout, Linda Myers, Megan Benoit and Steve Kidwell.

Celebrities celebrating are Ozzie’s better half, Sharon Osbourne, turns 67, Country singer and American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery, 26.*****Oct. 10, having birthdays are Taylor Jagoe, Bob Bullard, and Janell Matthews.

Also celebrating are former football player Brett Favre, 50, TV host Mario Lopez, 46 and race care driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr., 45.***** Oct. 11 is the day Jenny Betz, Alana Clark, Preston Pittman and Alan Johansson celebrate.

They are joined by actors Matt Bomer, 42, and Joan Cusack, 57, also Rock singer Daryl Hall, 73.*****Oct. 12, Milton Briggs III, Suzanne Barlow, Wade Higgs, Cheryl Squires, Candice Jenkins and Alma Smith celebrate.

Also celebrating are actors Hugh Jackman, 51 and Kirk Cameron, 49 and ventriloquist Marci Lynn Farmer, 15.*****Oct. 13, Anita Triggs, Ashley Theriot and Jason Sellers are a year older.

Joining them are Cowboy owner and entrepreneur Jerry Jones, 77 and singers Marie Osmond, 60 and Paul Simon, 78.*****Oct. 14, Stefanie Harvey, Stacy Rhodes, Dillion Crabtree and Jerry Evans celebrate.

Also having birthdays on this day are R&B singer Usher, 41 and fashion designer Ralph Lauren, b80.*****Oct. 15, Sylvia Kirby, Jennifer Peveto, C.J. Benoit, Sonny Childs, Kory Freeman and Derek Borel have birthdays.

Celebrating also are guitarist Tito Jackson, 66 and actor Paul Logan, 46.



When 87-year-old Eula Gillbeaux come home from playing bingo at da KC Hall, she found Clovis, her 92-year-old husband, in bed wit Agnes Comeaux. Eula, her, became violent. Agnes run out da house. Eula ended up pushing Clovis off da second story balcony and da fall killed him. Eula was charged wit murder and brought before da court.

Judge Alsid Thibodeaux axe if she had anything to say in her own defense.

“Mais yea, your honor,” Eula said coolly, “I figure me, judge, dat if Clovis at 92 could do wat I caught him doing, den I figure dat he could fly.”



Remembering way back then, when the Republican presidential primary was in full swing, I wrote if the GOP made a mistake and nominated Trump over other good candidates he would wreck the party as we know it.

That was an easy one to predict.

Trump is the Party’s biggest R.I.N.O. Republican, in name only.

There is no record anywhere that he even votedfor a Republican candidate, in fact, he supported democratic candidates, all but Obama, yet he didn’t vote for his opponents John McCain and Mitt Romney, he just didn’t vote.

His adult children have never voted until they voted for dad.

Trump was a strong supporter of a woman’s right to choose, until he announced as a Republican.

His wife and daughter still support women’s rights.

I then predicted that if Trump, God forbid, was elected, it would be four years of chaos.

Anyone could have predicted that.

With over 4,000 lawsuits, five bankruptcy suits, three wives and children with each, a record of stiffing contractors, employees and leaving lenders and investors holding the bag while he ran off with their money.

He claimed to be New York’s largest developer and builder.

One just needs to look at all the skyscrapers to see that that is a lie.

He even lied about his wealth.

I told you two things Trump would never do is release his tax returns and turn against Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

My belief is that if Trump is re-elected, Russian roots will be so deep in the United States that they will be impossible to uproot.

I don’t believe Trump makes any decisions without checking with Putin.

By the way, all the sanctions against Russia have disappeared while our attention was diverted.

Trump has insulated himself with a crooked attorney general and demands loyalty to him, not the country.

He demands loyalty also from all department heads including CIA, FBI, IRS and if he ever gains control of the Pentagon, (that’s the military), this country would become a dictatorship, not a democracy.

It’s as close to a dictatorship as this country has ever been.

Trump’s department heads violated the law by not honoring subpoenas by the congress.

It’s plain to see what’s happening to this great country.

The American people need to take off the blinders and quit being snookered before it’s too late.

By the way, there is no comparison in Joe Biden’s 50 years of service to this country and what Trump has taken from it.

Biden is a good and honest servant.

He’s a decent man. No time in his career has he ever been accused of wrong doing or was involved in a scandal.

That is until now, with a false scandal manufactured by shyster Rudy.

Talk about chaos, in a matter of a few weeks so many disclosures of malfeasance by Trump and his administration have emerged making it hard to keep track of.

His misuse of power is extensive and growing each day.

*****Please read us cover to cover and shop the good folks who advertise inside these pages.

Good luck and God bless.


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