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2020 Resolutions


Last updated 12/30/2019 at Noon

Dave Rogers

For The Record

New Year’s Resolutions. We love to make them, then see how long (days, months, the whole year) we can keep them.

The Record Newspapers asked some of our neighbors to tell us their priorities going into 2020. Because we kept adding to our list and asking with different words – and we’re human – not all respondents received the same guidelines for their answers.

Hence, some replies run long and are dead serious, other are real brief and light-hearted. And here they are:

Robbie Hood, Pinehurst city administrator:

“I want to see growth, opportunity and prosperity for all of our Orange County citizens. We must continue to move forward in a positive direction that enhances quality of life for everyone.”

Kirk Roccaforte, Orange County Commissioner Precinct 3:

“My 2020 Resolution is to go to the gym on days that do not end in Y.

Of course, the No. 1 resolution, eat better and lose weight, not one easy to keep, though.

The resolution I promise to keep is to continue to serve, work and fight full-time for the citizens of Precinct 3 and all of Orange County, to continue growth, improve drainage, roads and bring economic development.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all.”

Judge Pat Clark, retired 128th District Court:

“The past is history, therefore do not be afraid to pray for the present and the future. We just celebrated a newborn King, who is always there to listen to our prayers. He brought forgiveness, so let us practice to forgive us our trespasses, as we should forgive those who trespass against us.”

Josh Smalley, athletic director, Orangefield ISD:

“To figure out why I can grow hair in my ears, nose, on my neck and back but not grow it on the top of my head!”

Dr. Thomas Johnson, Lamar State College Orange president:

“My focus is to just grow our college to meet the needs of our community.”

Terrie Salter, Orange city council member:

“My resolutions:

Build a closer relationship with God;

Read and complete my 1-year Holy Bible;

Pray more daily;

Get my house back in order;

Take more time for Self;

Bless families in need with items that I no longer need;

Strive to be a better person;

Create a sale sheet for my patent pending invention;

Sell my invention;

Return to the Texas-Arlington nurse practitioner program;

Start a business;

Save more and spend less;

Continue to be a great mother, daughter, girlfriend, family member, Council member and Christian;

To be more open minded to ideas to bring more growth to our city;

Last but not least: To fulfill the majority of my resolutions.”

George Crawford, longtime business manager for IBEW Local 2286:

“Bring civility back to our personal and political discussions. Insulting, bashing or belittling other people or the other political party defines your character and you as a person.”

Brad Childs, Orange city councilman and volunteer delivery driver and forklift operator for the Orange Grove:

“I will try to quit referring to the Orange Chamber of Commerce’s 1,108-pound concrete oranges as tomatoes, pumpkins or the newly coined “peach” while we are delivering them! I will reserve those peachy names until after they are safely off the truck and set in place. Karma.”

Allen DeShazo, Bridge City athletic director:

“My New Year’s Resolution is to continue growing as a person, husband, father, and coach. But I will probably continue to grow round and grey!”

Deborah Bednar, Keep Orange County Beautiful:

“I resolve to pick up more trash in 2020!”

Shaun McAlpin, assistant superintendent, Orangefield ISD:

“My 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to continue to develop strong relationships with family, friends, and members of my community. The more I grow as a person, the more I realize the value of quality relationships.”

Larry Spears, Jr., Orange mayor:

“Going into 2020, I can never say enough for how thankful I am for our city staff, our fire department and our police department. I definitely want to thank Kelvin Knauf for getting us through the period of finding a new city manager. Without him, we definitely wouldn’t be where we are and I greatly appreciate him.”

Theresa Adams Beauchamp, Precinct 2 Commissioner, Orange County:

“To continue my quest to help Orange County to be a great place to live and work. Being out in Precinct 2 to meet and serve the people. To get my office up and running and to pray for no more flooding! Happy New Year to you all!”

Johnny Trahan, Precinct 1 Commissioner:

“I will try to be more patient when Commissioner Beauchamp is signing documents. :)”

Deborah Mitchell, community volunteer:

“I will take better care of my health and stay in tune with my real and true friends! Love and communicate with family!”

David Covey, chairman of Orange County GOP Party:

“Resolved in 2020 to learn the difference from being bored and being hungry.”

Nellie Miller, school adviser for the LC-M fishing team:

“Set deadlines and hold others to them.

Spend more time in Nature.

Spend one hour every day on me.

Travel more to places I have not been and revisit places I love.

Continue to volunteer, and talk others into following along.

Eat out less and cut calories.

Go fishing more!

Share fishing with someone who has never experienced it.”

John Gothia, Orange County Judge:

“My resolution would be to add to my list of prayers that we do not have another weather event so that the citizens of Orange County could spend next holiday season in their home and not rebuilding it!!”

Mark Philpott, Precinct 3 Constable:

“Upon retirement, December 2020, my New Year’s resolution is to leave the Constable’s Office in the best possible hands, as the citizens have requested of me. I am endorsing Sam Carpenter, Jr., as Constable of Precinct 3 as I feel he will do an excellent job as your new constable.”

Becca Peveto, Bridge City volleyball coach:

“Inspire my players to help others by being a positive role model.

Make my players see their full potential.

Have a successful volleyball season.

Become more involved in activities involving special needs children.

Get more than 3 hours of sleep during the season!

Get ALL my girls to survive BC Vball 2-a-days!”

Bob Baptista, advocate for Orange flood relief:

“A top priority for me in 2020 is to support Orange County efforts on both short- and long-range projects to reduce the threat of flooding for residents and businesses.”

Michelle Prouse, Bridge City cheerleading coach:

“Eat out less and slow down so I can enjoy my loved ones more.”

Chris Gunstream, Orange Lions Club:

“Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, A heart that forgives the worst, A mind that forgets the bad, And a soul that never loses faith in God!”

Melissa Isaacs, executive director, Bridge City-Orangefield Ministerial Alliance:

“My New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier; I plan to stay away from processed foods. I also plan to slow down to read my Bible and have quiet time with God more often.”

Tad McKee, President, Stark Foundation

“I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I’m just ecstatic we’re over Harvey, and before that Ike flooded Shangri-La and Harvey did the same thing, and then Imelda came. I'm just ecstatic we’re getting back to our operations. We have charged our venues with engaging the community, letting people in community know that everyone of every background is welcome."

Debby Schamber, freelance journalist

"My top priorities are health-related. I lost my best friend to cancer. She always put herself at the bottom of the list and didn't get the healthcare she needed. She made me promise to go to doctors, something I've avoided for a long time. I plan to seek medical help for my family as well; they avoid doctors' appointments, too."

Carrie Wolliver, Friends of the Orange Depot

"Continue to off our magical depot for special events;

Install exhibits championing the history of Orange industries;

Install a large model train which will around the walls on a special track for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages; Invite the community on the first Saturday in May to a spectacular Depot Day!


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