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The other day a man stopped me at the market, thanked me for the paper and said, “The first thing I read is Kazmar’s column.” My response was “really.” The guy said he had followed Kaz for many years.

That got me to thinking.

Joe arrived in Orange in Sept. of 1966.

That year, 54 years ago, youngsters entering first grade would be 60 years old today.

Joe followed them in sports, then he reported on their children’s sports activities, then he got to their grandchildren, three generations.

Today Kaz does a great job of covering national sports in his weekly column.

Along the way, he’s picked up some loyal readers.

Before he came to Orange Joe was a member of the World Little League Championship out of New York.

Later he was a pitcher for McNeese.

I suspect that Kaz is the Dean of all sports writers from Houston to New Orleans and Brownsville to the Red River.

I know of no one at it any longer.

Kaz works hard to bring a fresh, accurate, entertaining column to his readers every week.

He’s enjoyed by a lot of loyal fans.*****The grandsons and I took in a lot of football over the weekend including the 51-31 slaughter of the Houston Texans by the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite Texan coach Bill O’Brien being 2-4 in the post season, with three embarrassing blowout loses, O’Brien is not being forced to move on.

Monday night the boys and I watched the LSU-Clemson national championship game.

All of us with a slice of Cajun genes were obviously for the Bayou Bengals. The battle of the Tigers saw LSU come away with a 42-25 win that could have been worse on the way to the championship.

Quarterback Joe Barrow again was the big star with five TD passes and rushing for another.

Over a month ago, D.A. John Kimbrough had predicted LSU would take the national title.

We only have three more NFL games to watch including the Super Bowl.

My prediction is the 49ers winning it all.

The boys say not so fast after the Titans 28-12 defeat of Earl Thomas and his number one seed Ravens, the Titans became a Super Bowl contender.

Next for us is baseball.

We have watched the Astros together twice in the World Series.

They are young enough to regularly attend Astro games together.

Bad news out of Houston is that the Astros fired manager A.J. Hinch and G.M. Jeff Luhnow following a major league published report that the Astros cheated in the 2017-2018 seasons by using a centerfield camera to steal catcher’s signs and passed them on to the Astro batters.

The Astros will lose first and second draft picks in 2020 and 2021.

The boys tell me that is not good and the Astros will suffer because of it.

*****I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


After watching many years of court proceedings I’ve learned, just like you know, that all trials have juries, all have judges and all have witnesses.

Mitch McConnell, Sen.

Lindsey Graham, as well as Trump, want an impeachment trial without witnesses.

Mitch and Lindsey plan to start impeachment proceedings without witnesses.

They figure this will give them more leverage to quash or limit them later.

Normally, the President would welcome members of his cabinet to testify in order to clear him of false charges.

All they would have to say is, “The charges against the President are not true.” Those are his people.

They were there.

They know what was said and what wasn’t.

Why won’t they let these government employees testify? The Senate can’t make an informed decision on the two articles of impeachment without a full record of what really went on.

The House uncovered a lot of material but a number of witnesses were prevented from testifying by the Administration. The Senate needs to hear from Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

He was there, heard every word.

Former national security advisor John Bolton has agreed to testify if subpoenaed.

Bolton was so disturbed by the Ukraine episode being run by Rudy that he called it a “Drug Deal.” He now says he’s willing to testify.

His attorney has written thatBolton was involved in “many relevant meetings and conversations that would shed light on the truth.

Isn’t that what Americans want to know about their president.

The absence of Bolton and others only confirms that McConnell and the Senate are engaged in a cover-up.

Their obligation is to do impartial justice, not to rig the system to protect a president of their own party.

If Trumps phone calls are as “Perfect” as he insists, then he and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should have no objection to letting the witnesses speak.

After all, those are his witnesses, Republican loyal employees.

Why the stone walling? Those people were in a few feet of their boss, on speaker phone and heard both sides of his conversation with the Ukraine’s new president.

Michael Duffy, top White House budget official wrote in an email that the hold on military aid came at the “clear direction form the President of the United States.” The senate’s goal is to hold a mock trial, without conviction, then Trump will boast that he was exonerated.

That is another lie.

The senate can’t exonerate Trump, they can only find that there is not enough in the impeachment evidence to convict and remove him.

He will still be impeached but without allowing his witnesses to tell the truth, he will be found guilty in the eyes of the American people for as long as he lives. Citizens will see the Senate as the sham we are getting ready to witness starting next week.

In the words of Chief Justice John Roberts, “No one is above the law,” not even the president.

Contact your Senator, tell them all you want from them is a fair trial.*****I have a long way to go so I’d better get started.

Hop on board and come along, it won’t do you no harm.


10 Years Ago-2010

The disaster in Haiti caused by a magnitude seven earthquake leaves the estimated death toll to be 150,000 and up.

The task now is providing medical care for the survivors.

You have to feel for those poor people regardless what you think about their corrupt government and failed state.

(Editor’s note: They were again hit 10 years later, just few days ago, with a 6.8 earth quake.)***** Naming Steve Worster Citizen of the Year at Bridge City is long overdue.

The community was basically unheard of before Steve. He put the city and Bridge City High School on the map with reorganization around the country as an All-American at the University of Texas.

No person, not even Hurricane Ike, brought more national attention to the yet to be incorporated area than Worster’s exploits on the national championship team.

He continues to get honors statewide.

He is finally getting his dues at home.***** Bobby Charles Guidry who made his mark in the music industry died last week.

Bobby is best remembered for his first hit, “See You Later Alligator” that he wrote and recorded at age 14.

His writing of songs however is what made him a legend.

His songs were recorded by many music stars.

The Abbeville, LA., native grew up with Roy Dunn.

(Editor’s note: Roy has penned Bobby’s story in this week’s “Down Life’s Highway.”***** Thomas “Tick” Granger, 85 passed away Thursday.

The former Orange County Commissioner, was the son of another commissioner, “Tick” Granger.

Thomas was a lifelong resident of Orangefield where he dedicated his life to public service.

He served on the school board, the drainage district, Orange Memorial Hospital board and was active in the Knights of Columbus and St. Helen Catholic Church.

“Tick” had a special love for music.

He and his brother Wade and their band Country Cousins played music for many years.

His children inherited his fondness for music and have that special talent.

“Tick” leaves behind his wife of 61 years, Sarah, daughters Linda, Bonita and Lisa, sons Tommy, StephenandGlen and their spouses, 38 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

He was a good, decent, honest man and a good friend.

“Tick” was a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. )*****Coach Sam Moore has opened “The Zone” Baseball School in Mid-County, at the Airport on First Street right behind J.K. Chevrolet.

Attending classes last week were several pro-college, high school and little league players.

Attending were Kevin Angelle, with the Philly’s organization, a couple of other pro players whose names we didn’t catch.

Jaden Dillon, starting pitcher for McNeese, who vows by the help Coach Moore gave him and still is giving him.

Jaden is constantly throwing more than 90 mph.*****Baseball reps from the Kansas City Royals were in Beaumont last week to visit with Johnny Deshon.

Also other pro-teams are showing a great interest in Johnny because of his outstanding play in Fall Ball.

He reported to LSU Monday where baseball practice starts in a few days.*****Local baseball players who have joined Coach Terry Puhl at the University of Houston-Victoria Jaguars baseball team are Derrick Coleman, BC-2B, 3B and Daryl Stevens, BC SRHP, who are returnees.

Newcomers are B.J. Myers, BC C, Rory Scales, BC RHP and Jerrod Dugas.*****Time really gets away.

This week on Jan. 21, 2010, it will be a year since Shane Dronett passed away.

Last week his grandmother Peggy Anderson, 81, died Jan. 12.

Our condolences to Candace, Shane’s mom, and her family on the loss of her mom.*****We were also sorry to learn about the passing of Orange native Maurice Gillet. Services were Monday.*****Our buddy Lloyd Sittig, a longtime member of the KKK (Kroger Koffee Klub) fell Saturday and broke his hip.

He underwent surgery Monday.***** Good ol’ Jessie Domingue went through Abbeville last week and stopped at Robie’s to pick up some of their hard crust, homemade French bread for us.

Jessie,a great musician, is presently working way out in the Gulf on an oil rig.

On his way home he stops in the historical Cajun town.*****Orange native Wade Phillips will remain as Dallas Cowboy coach.***** Favre and the Vikings will have to play in New Orleans’ Superdome.

Brett, raised just 50 miles away, has been the golden boy in those parts but not come Sunday.

Saints fans are at a fever pitch to see ‘Dere Saints’ go to the Superbowl and meet Louisianian Payton Manning and the Colts. A Viking-Saints meet could be the best playoff game of the year.

I’m pulling for the Saints but I’m not betting.*****Mark Grace, the ex-Cubs and Diamondback baseball star, explains why he never considered taking steroids.

“I like my sex life, that stuff will tear you up as far as your manhood is concerned.” He prefers sex to steroids.

40 Years Ago-1980

Thomas R. (Tick) Granger, 55, announces for commissioner of Pct.


Granger is an operator at Dupont where he has been employed 32 years.

He is a WW II Navy veteran.

Granger has served on the drainage board.

He and wife Sarah have six children.

They are members of St. Helen Catholic Church.

(Editor’s note: “Tick” passed away after this was written.)*****Part of Harold Fisette’s crew of Dupont workers are Billy Henderson, W.O. Morgan, Walter Brockin, Bob Lawson, Bill Murphy and three others whose names are unknown to us.*****James A. Buckley Jr., 32, announces for commissioner Pct.


He is married to the former Linda Morris of Bridge City and is the father of two children, Jeffrey, 9 and Elaine, 7.

A 1966 Bridge City grad, Buckley attended Lamar and is a government major.

He is presently a trustee on the West Orange-Cove CISD board.

He is manager of Singer Post Building Supply.*****Preston M. Wood, age 57, Bridge City’s first mayor, files for commissioner of Pct.

3. The post is being vacated by Commissioner Asa Mansfield.

He was employed 26 years with Firestone and has also worked for Texaco.

*****County commissioner of Pct.

1, Arthur Simpson, is being challenged by Constable Forest Hudson.*****Constable of Pct.

3, John Ford, is being challenged by Hubert Marshall.*****Robyn Lusignan will celebrate her 12th birthday Jan. 21.*****Bo and Mary Bland celebrated their 27th anniversary Jan. 19.*****A great guy, Jerry Strickland, is scheduled to have open heart surgery in Houston this week.*****H.D. and Sue Pate hosted a coffee at their home for Jim Hightower, candidate for railroad commissioner.*****Johnny’s Hair Designs, formerly Rod’s, at 1622 Strickland features stylist Kay Peveto, Tammy Guidroi, Jerry Baker and Johnny Barton.*****Dr.

David Olson, 33, has been elected president of the Bridge City Rotary Club.

Other new officers are Bobby Cormier, first vice president, Robert Hanks, second vice-president, Bob Pruitt, secretary/treasurer, Bill Nickum sergeant-at-arms.

Board directors are C.R. Nash, past president, Dr.

Mark Messer, Don Ritchie and Larry Webb.*****Happy birthday Mary Ann Clark. On Jan. 24 she will be 9-years-old.*****A special happy birthday wish to Glenn Oliver, who celebrates this week.*****Francella Reynee Scofield will be three on Jan. 25.


I had a couple of enjoyable visitors the last few days.

A very interesting guy is Carroll Holt, 84, the boy from Boles Field, near Shelbyville, where he started school at four years old and graduated at 16.

He’s done a lot of living since then and is living a productive life.

He’s been at the forefront of some important projects.

His would make a great life story.*****Also visiting was Van Choate.

This guy will pick you up with his enthusiasm.

He’s always upbeat.

He gets me pumped up.

No one helps more people then Van and Josette do.*****A nice lady, longtime Bridge City Market Basket employee Doris Harris is retiring after 44 years of service.

She will be missed by all her courtesy booth customers.

Good luck in retirement Doris.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days.

Jan. 15, finds DonThompson, Joy Hughes and Tyler Reves celebrating birthdays.*****Jan. 16, Alice King Cole, no kin to Nat, turns 90 years old today.

A Mississippi gal, she is the widow of former county commissioner Don Cole. They came to Bridge City many years ago, made the community better and raised a great family.

Happy Birthday to a very special lady.***Also celebrating today is our friend Glenn Oliver. We always enjoy our visits with Glenn and always come away wiser.

Glenn hasn’t been up to par lately so we have missed the visits.

Best wishes for a happy birthday and improved health.

***Note: it’s been a year since everyone’s friend, David Cagle, passed away.***** On Jan. 17, longtime friend, attorney John Cash “Jack” Smith, is now as old as Sharon Bearden. Those two grew up together but no one knows how to enjoy life like Jack.

He lives well and has few poor days.

Best wishes for many more.*****Jan. 19, Happy Birthday today to Judge Hershel Stagner, Jr.

The Judge is doing a good job as Justice of the Peace in Pct.

1.***Krystle Janeaux also celebrates today.***On this day 17 years ago, in 2003, Ray Trahan left us.*****Jan. 20 finds Coach Steve Griffith celebrating a birthday.***Sharing his special day is longtime Deputy Sheriff Janois Grazzaffi.***** On Monday Abby Huntsman said goodbye on the View after two seasons.

She is departing to help her father Jon Huntsman, Jr.

with his campaign for governor of Utah.

“I’m so thankful for this opportunity, but the number one priority is my family,” Abby stated.*****I understand the target date for the Orange County Democratic Convention is March 21.

Jack Smith, the new democratic chairman, says they will be taking dead aim at the November General Election in state and national contest.

More info later as I get it.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Guadalajara this week and at Robert’s next week.

That should be an interesting gathering.*****What’s up with George P. Bush. I asked Judge John Gothia, who recently met with the land commissioner, a very powerful state post.

The Judge said George P. didn’t give any hint of why he was giving up the state job to run for a congressional seat.

Congressmen, unless they’re in the leadership, don’t have any stroke except for their vote. Very few ever introduce a bill that becomes law.

What I hear out of Austin is that Bush is preparing to run against Ted Cruz in four years and he needs the experience in congress to run on.


Celebrating birthdays on Jan. 15 are Bill Pryor, LaDonna Bell and Carson Peet.*****Jan. 16: Kaitlyn Potter, Gary Dearing, Jerry Ashby and Joel Meyers.*****Jan. 17: Gail Meadows and Tanner Wilson.*****Jan. 18: Brenda Oliver, Laverne Walles, Bonny Sarver, Kim Patnaude, Arron Conner and DylanHuckebay.*****Jan. 19: Jimmy Whittle, Krystle Janeaux Michael Amsden and Lisa Costilla *****Jan. 20: Today is the celebration of Martin Luther King Day.

Having birthdays are Kimberly Dolley, Beth Fisher, Gloria Bertrand *****Jan. 21: Beverly Delahoussaye, Charles Arceneaux, Sarah Bonds and David Doucet.


Celebrities celebrating birthdays on Jan. 15 are Saint’s quarterback Drew Brees, who will be 51, actor Chad Lowe, 52.*****Jan. 16, model Kate Moss, 46, R&B singer Sade, 61 and baseball player Albert Pujois, 40.*****Jan. 17, former First Lady Michelle Obama, 56, actors Jim Carrey, 58 and Betty White, 98.*****Jan. 18, celebrating on this day are actors Kevin Costner, 65, Jesse L. Martin, 51 and Jason Segel, 40.*****Jan. 19, Country singer Dolly Parton, 74, chef Paula Deen, 73, actors Katey Sagal, 66 and Shawn Wayans, 49.*****Jan. 20, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 88, guitarist Paul Stanley, 68 and actor Rain Wilson, 54.*****Jan. 21, basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon, 57, actors Gena Davis, 64, R&B singer Billy Ocean, 70 and Jerry Trainor, 42.


It was Clovis Comeaux and his wife Agnes 60th anniversary. Dey was lying in bed and Clovis him was falling asleep. Agnes her, was in a romantic mood and wanted to talk.

Agnes said, “Honey you used to hold my hand when we were courting.” Wearily Clovis reached across, held her hand for a second and tried to get back to sleep.

Agnes wouldn’t leave him alone her, she said, “Den you used to kiss me.”

Clovis him, a little irritated, he reached across and gave her a peck on da cheek and settled down to sleep.

Turdy seconds later Anges said, “But honey, you used to bite my neck yea.”

Angrily Clovis him, kick off dem covers and got out of bed.

“Clovis, where you going hanh?” Agnes axe.

Clovis replied, “Me, I’m going to get my teeths.”


Was the weather colder in early years in Southeast Texas

If you don’t believe in global warming check just a few of these winter days.

In 1936, three days of 14-degree cold with 25,000 cattle frozen.

*** In 1899, Sabine Pass had 11-degree temperature, four-degrees in Orange and ice-skating on Sabine Lake, which was mostly fresh water back then.

***In 1895, 31 inches of snow. ***In 1864, 21 days in a row of below freezing.

There have been many snow days throughout the years, mostly in February. The locomotives in the Orange shipping yards could not plow through the snow that averaged 24-inches on top of the rails and snow drifts to the depth of six-feet, blocking every street and every mill along the river.*****Alva Griffen, a native of Johnson Bayou, La., once told this writer that when he was a boy they walked across to Texas on a frozen Lake Sabine.

When the old-timers tell us winters, almost daily, were colder in winter months years ago, you can believe the old codgers.

Most winters in recent years have been mild.

Some years not even a freeze.

We will, from time to time, get an arctic front but the very cold winter days of the early to mid-1900s have gone by way of global warming which brings 105 to 110 summer degree weather.

These temperatures were unheard of in the early years when 90 degrees was tops.

Today its called a China Hoax.*****My time is up, thanks for yours.

Take care and God bless.


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