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When Donald Trump was elected, I made a few predictions, such as Trump will never release his tax returns or split with Russia’s Putin.

I also wrote that it would be four years of chaos.

He has lived his life as a New York shyster.

He has been sued over 4,000 times for beating people he dealt with out of their money.

I also made the prediction that Trump would get in trouble before his term of four years was over and could be impeached and removed from office.

It’s beyond me how over the years he’s managed to stay out of jail.

Others doing his bidding have taken the fall or got thrown under the bus.

I believe someday, if not now, Trump will pay a price.

Mitch, Graham and Republican Senators will short circuit the trial stonewalling and covering up.

It will be a Trump “Reality Show” and Trump is the executive producer.

Four of the defenders are straight from Fox News, lawyers who are regulars in Fox Prime Time.

All of them hired to suppress the truth.

Alan Dershowitz’s role is to set himself up as a constitutional expert, first to prevent witnesses and second to give senators something to hang their hats on with voters back home.

There is not one person reading this that in their heads does not believe Trump is guilty.

If he’s not, why won’t he let his own employees testify? They’re his witnesses.

Hunter Biden is not a witness, he’s a victim.

The bottom line is Trump would do anything to prevent running against Joe Biden and that’s why he is trying to kill Joe’s momentum off early.

Joe’s his biggest concern because Trump knows he’s the one person he can’t beat.

So here goes the mock trial of only the third impeachment trial of a United States president, Donald John Trump. Because of a rigged trial he may beat the rap but he won’t beat the ride.

Justice is waiting just down the road.

Let “The Reality Show” has begun. *****Gotta go.

Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Rolling Stone Highlights Lindsey Graham

I just finished reading a great article in Rolling Stone titled “How Lindsey Lost His Way.” Sen.

Graham once enjoyed respect on both sides of the aisle, why has he become a blind loyalist to Trump.

David Woodard, a professor at Clemson, who ran Graham’s first two campaigns for the House says, “You’re going to find Lindsey knows a lot of people but he’s not close to anyone.” During the 2015 primary and general election, he spoke out more forcefully against Trump than most.

He called him a “Kook,” “Xenophobic,” “Unfit for office,” “A complete idiot” and “Just generally a loser.” Graham wrote in Third Party candidate Evan McMullin for president instead of voting for Trump. At the same time he said, which is on video, “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, you need to do some self evaluation.” After that Trump said in a speech that Graham is an idiot, not even as smart as Rick Perry, then gave out Lindsey’s phone number to the public.

After Graham’s only close friend in the senate, John McCain, got sick and wasn’t going to be back, he made a deal with the devil.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus urged Graham to broach a rapport with Trump, telling him, “You’re a lot of fun, he needs fun people around him.

In his first Oval Office meeting in March, 2017, the Senator entered with a prepared speech.

Trump jumped up to hug him declaring, “We’ve got to be friends.”Graham agreed.

Then the silver tongued country lawyer appealed to Trump’s ego, telling him, “You’re a deal maker, those leaders in Congress don’t know how to buy a house or anything as simple, there are not five people on Capital Hill I’d let buy me a car but I’d let you buy me a car.” Trumpwas hooked. Then Graham really began courting Trump, golfing with him two or three times a week, saying flattering things on cable news that would possibly make Sen.

McCain throw up.

If Trump wins a second term, Graham could end up in the cabinet, maybe secretary of defense.

It’s a long story in Rolling Stone, very entertaining and enlightening.

I recommend it.

I only reported about five percent of it.

Watch Lindsey the next few days and see how he takes care of his new friend.


Ten Years Ago-2010

During these bad times nothing could have been more spirit lifting in the “Who Dat” Nation than the 33-28 overtime win by the Saints over Brett Favre and the Vikings.

The natives are ecstatic over the Saints’ first appearance ever in the Super Bowl.

*****The odds favor the Colts but the football Gods have been looking after the Saints and God knows the “Who Dat” Nation deserves this great achievement after 43 years of frustration and disappointment.

What a lift this would be. *****We really have very little problems when compared to the world’s largest disaster in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

You have to feel for those poor people.

Hundreds of thousands dead, more than one million homeless, more than 4,000 Americans remain dead or missing (more than 9-11). Getting back to normal will take years and cost billions.***** We were sorry to learn about the death of Pam Crew’s mother-in-law, Agnes Crew, 85, who died Jan. 21.

Pam’s husband and Mrs. Crew’s son, Walter, died a few weeks ago.

Two big losses for her in a month.***** Tom Hicks, a Port Arthur native, has agreed to sell the Texas Rangers to a group that includes Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan.

The price is more than $500 million.

The sale will include 153 acres around Ranger ballpark and Cowboy Stadium owned by Hicks Control Group.

Hicks is one of Port Arthur’s most famous natives.

*****We were sorry to hear about West Orange Mayor Roy McDonald’s mother passing away on Jan. 23.

Della McDonald was a resident of Pitkin, La.

*****Our buddy Lloyd Sittig is recuperating and taking therapy at the Meadows after sustaining a broken hip.

***** Happy birthday this week to some special folks.

Twins Rosalie Clark and Mary Ann Scofield, Frank Todora’s two beautiful daughters.

***Twins Lucas and Mason Adams, Amanda’s 5-year-old boys.

***Bill Dixon who celebrates this week as does Aggie Don Kachtik.

*** Leland Clay Gros, Garrett and Britteny’s boy turns 1 Jan. 27.


is Karen Gros’ first grandchild and Roy and Ms.

Phyl’s third great-grandchild.

***Skipper’s boy Scott Free, who she says hasn’t been scot-free, marks another birthday this week.

*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Van Choate’s last week.

Included in the large group were all four justices of the peace, Judge Joe Parkhurst, Pct.

1, who is planning to retire.

Derry Dunn, Pct.

2 judge, Pct.

3 Judge Janice Menard, Pct.

3, Judge Rodney Price, Pct.

4 and also former Judge Claude Wimberley, Pct.

1 and justice of the peace candidate for Pct.

1, David Peck and wife Patsy.Commissioner Owen Burton is always interesting to be around, and 92-year-old King Dunn.

Author Nova Dee Strickland and Democratic Chairman Marc Carter are always good sources of information.*****Thanks to Capt.

Chuck Uzzle we enjoyed the Saints-Viking game with Canadian goose gumbo prepared by chef Jerry McMurry, who cooks gumbo New Orleans style with okra, bay leaves, clam juice and other secret ingredients.

Also thanks to Chuck, we were able to have broiled duck breast, stuffed with cream cheese, jalapenos and wrapped in bacon.


Obituaries-10 Years Ago-2010

Agnes Pruitt Crew, 85, of Orange passed away Jan. 21.

Burial was in Autumn Oaks Cemetery with Cowboy Church of Orange County Pastor Dale Lee officiating.

Agnes was employed at American Bridge in the business office and after attending Chenier Business College she worked as an assistant city secretary of the city of West Orange.

She was a member of Orange County Home Demonstration Club and enjoyed doing alterations.

She is survived by her daughter-in-law, Pam Scales Crew; sister Lorene Baker; sisters-in-laws Wynona Peveto and Bonnie Dean; brother-in-law Bill Dunn.***** Kathleen West DuBose, 80, of Bridge City, died Wednesday, Jan. 20.

Funeral services were held Saturday, at Winfree Baptist Church.

She was a member of the Eastern Star and Winfree Baptist Church.

Kathleen is survived by her daughters Jeanette O’Kelley, Sue DuBose and Sheila Chester.

She is also survived by nine grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

***** Debrah Ann Credeur, 50, of Bridge City, passed away Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Services were held Saturday, Jan. 30.

She was employed as a cafeteria worker at Bridge City Middle School.

She was survived by her husband Frenchy; daughters, April Starr Phillips and Misty Knight Phillips; stepdaughters, Tamie Kennedy and Tina Moore; son, Adam Michael Phillips: grandsons, Logan Phillips and Gage Martinez, step grandsons, Corben Bumpass and Jacob Moore.

40 Years Ago-1980

Bob Hope arrived in Port Arthur for the dedication of Bob Hope High School.

Four Sertoma Clubs sponsored at a banquet held at the OCAW Hall, honored those contributing to the school’s construction.

Some guests included Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Royal, Tom Raferty and Gary Huskey of the Dallas Cowboys, Kathy Crosby, Fred Travelina, Jimmy Dean, Johnny Nash, Jimmy Demerritt and a host of others.*****County Commissioner Asa Mansfield will retire after 20 years.

His grandpa Guy Mansfield owned and operated the Mansfield Ferry. The ferry could haul up to eight cars across the Neches River to Beaumont.

*****Judge Graham Bruce retires this week.

His grandparents on both sides traveled to Texas in covered wagons.

The Grahams came from Alabama and the Bruce’s from Georgia. An A&M grad, Judge Bruce has served as 128th District judge for eight years.

After he attended Texas law school, he entered his father’s practice in Orange.

He and wife Mary married in 1939.

They had a long separation during WWII when he volunteered as a Private after Pearl Harbor. He served for four years and advanced from private to captain with the Army’s 2nd Armored Division, fighting in NorthernGermany, North France, Belgium and Holland. He did not see his daughter Virginia until she was over 1 year old.

They also have two sons, David and Steve.

Judge Bruce defeated his cousin Judge Frank “Dub” Hustmyer to capture the post.

*****The city of Orange is seeking a personnel assistant, salary $13,500 a year.

*****Judge Sid and Denise celebrated their 63rd anniversary on Jan. 21.

*****On Jan. 24 Christopher James Flowers celebrated his first birthday.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Flowers has 12 grandparents.

Four of them are grand, seven are great and one is great, great and all were at his birthday party.

*****Sunday, Feb. 3, Sparkle Paradise will feature Clifton Chenier and the Louisiana Red Hots.

Also featured are Tiny Richardson, Little Cliff and the Hungry Bunch. *****A groundbreaking ceremony is set for the new Bridge City/Orangefield Community Center.

Paul Cormier and C.R. Nash spaded up the first dirt for the construction.

*****Voted most beautiful and most handsome at Bridge City High are seniors Karen Childress and Blain Beard, juniors Angie Boudreaux and Wendell Martin, sophomores Gina Allen and Chris Tibbits, freshmen Patti Broussard and Danny Douchet. *****Marty Conway is chairperson for the chamber banquet.

Betty Morris is in charge for ticket sales.

Captains are Pete Sterling, Leland Morrow, W.T. Oliver and Earl Wright. *****Jack Thompson announces for constable of Pct.

1. He is a licensed pilot and has used his plane in search and rescue for the sheriff’s department.

He is 50 and employed by Gulf Oil Chemical Co.

for more than 24 years.

*****Paul Wise is elected president of the Orange Noon Lions Club. He is manager of the K-Mart store.

*****Brown Hearing Aid Center is located at 403 N. Ninth St. and owned by Lee Brown.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Janet Willetta Duncan, 93, of Bridge City, who passed away January 17, 2020.

She was a longtime Hatton Elementary School educator.

She will be fondly remembered by all of her students and her community.

Condolences to her family.

*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

Jan. 21, finds our longtime friend, a little Cajun beauty, raised in the Cove area of Orange, Judge Janice Menard celebrates today.

I learned many years ago that her first date was with Sharon Bearden, a date Papa Oneal approved of.

*****Jan. 23, is a special day for a special lady, Sandra Peveto.

Also marking birthdays today are Lyndell Hodgkinson and Madison Leger. *****Jan. 24, finds Lou’s beautiful daughter Pam Vincent, celebrating.

*****On Jan. 25, our old WWII buddy, Roy McDanial will turn 96.

He’s our neighbor on Henrietta but we haven’t seen him in several months.

Hope he’s okay.

*****Jan. 26, a great gal we miss seeing Nancy Vincent, celebrates today.

***This also would have been H.D. and Pat Pate’s 29th anniversary.

*****Jan. 27, today Leland Clay Gros turns 11-years-old.

He’s Karen Dunn Gros and George Gros’ oldest grandchild. ***** Jan. 28, our longtime friend, often in our thoughts, Mary Stanton celebrates today.

We haven’t seen her since Don passed away.

***Happy birthday to Rosalie Clark, Judge Pat’s bride.

***Also celebrating are Judge David Dunn and Judge Bill Dixon. ***Our longtime friend Sidney Longron turns 88 today.

Happy birthday to all.

Please see complete list.

*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week.

Next week the Bunch will dine at the newly remodeled Southern Charm.Miss Terry said they will be operating on a short week until they get staff completed in the following weeks.

***** We understand our buddy Pete Frederick won’t make the Lunch Bunch Wednesday.

According to his daughter Linda Craft, Pete will be in hospital Wednesday for hydration before aneurysm repair surgery on Thursday.

Our prayers are with Pete for a speedy recovery.

***** January 22, 2020 will mark the end of Trumps third year in office.

Fact Check organizations report to date that Trump has told 16,281lies with a year left to go.

It’s a record that no one else will ever surpass.

Till the end of time he’ll hold that record, a record some believe “Makes America Great Again.” *****Mayor Pete Runnels, for many years a longtime regular at the Lunch Bunch, has been missed since he moved away.

If you wish to contact Mayor Pete write to him at 117 Wesley Stevens Rd., Farmington, AR 72720.

We know Pete would love to hear from his friends in Orange County.

*****We were sorry to hear of the death of Sybil Jenkins, ChadJenkins’ mom, who recently passed away.

Sybil through the years was very active in the organization of the Mauriceville Crawfish and Crab Festival. *****A new book, “A Very Stable Genius” is due to be published this week.

The book goes inside Trump’s tirade against his Generals.

In the book, Trump told the Generals, in the Joint Chief of Staff’svault (the tank), who he classified as dopes, “I wouldn’t go to war with you people.” (A terrible insult by “Mr. Bone Spur.”)Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said about Trump, “He’s a friging moron.” I can’t wait to get the book.***** Super Bowl Sunday coming up February 2, 4:30 p.m.

between the San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs.

The game can be seen on FOX. The Chiefs are 1.5 point favorites over S.F. 49ers.

My bet is more people will take the points.

Tickets still available.

Thanks but I’ll watch from the lounge chair.


Celebrating on Jan. 22 are Lisa Holton, Chris Anderson, Meloney Delano and Don Collins.

Joining them are chef Guy Fieri, 52, Rock singer Steve Perry, 71 and actress Linda Blair, 61.*****Jan. 23, Karen Anthony, Jennifer Grizzaffi, Harold Collins and Caitlyn Lindner celebrate birthdays today.

Also celebrating are actors Mariska Hargitay, 56, and Richard Dean Anderson, 69 and pilot Chesney Sullenberger, 69.*****Jan. 24, Virgie Baker, Toni Robertson, Eric Shuford and Larry Gray have birthdays on this day.

They are joined by singer Neil Diamond, 79, gymnast Mary Lou Retton, 52 and actor Tatyana Ali, 41.*****Jan. 25, Celebrating today are Malissie Bailey, Jessica Hobbs, Tayler Thompson and Chelsea Anderson.

Also singer Alicia Keys, 39, actors Jenifer Lewis, 63 and Craig Roberts, 29.*****Jan. 26, Ron Huebel, Mike Faulk and Ginny Pelpier all celebrate today.

Joining them are talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, 62, guitarist Eddie Van Halen, 65 and hockey player Wayne Gretzky, 59.*****Jan. 27, Elyse Thibodeaux, Tommy Wolfford, Tori Lummus and Virginia Pelitier celebrate today.

Also actors John Witherspoon, 78, Patton Oswalt, 51 and Alan Cumming, 55.*****Jan. 28, William Carpenter, Justin Gearhart and Jim Snider and Sheryl Richard celebrate today.

They are joined by singer Nick Carter, 40, actors Alan Alda, 84 and Elijah Wood, 39.


Da family gave Sostan Thibodeaux, whose mind had been slipping lately, a cell phone him to use wen he was away.

Sostan him was driving down da freeway near Cowley wen his phone rang. “Hallo,” he answer.

His wife Edna urgently warned him, “Sostan, I jus heard on da news dat dere’s a car going da wrong way on Interstate 10, please be careful.”

“Hell Edna,” Sostan answered, “It’s not jus one car no, it’s hundreds of dem idiots.”


The Flu Hits Home

Influenza B Virus is seen for the first time in 27 years.

The flu season this year has hit citizens in Orange County.

Flu began a few weeks earlier than usual in the fall.

The effect has been particularly harsh to our neighbors in Louisiana, where a New Orleans pediatric care facility reported 1,268 confirmed B Virus infections as early as August.

Nationwide, the CDC said flu activity is high and will remain that way for weeks.

So far this season, as of last Thursday, the agency has tallied at least 9.7 million cases of the flu, 87,000 hospitalizations and over 4,800 deaths. By the time this issue is printed the numbers will be much higher from the fast spreading virus.

Many in Orange County have been affected.

Here at the Record Newspapers, two of our people have been down with the Flu.

Roy and Ms.

Phyl woke up Thursday morning with a sore throat and the rest was downhill, with a lot of sneezing, runny nose and a lot of chest congestion.

Both had flu shots.

Last year Roy ended up in the hospital for a week.

He had not had a shot. Getting a flu shot made the illness less severe.

A Friday morning visit to the doctor’s office, a shot and medications are helping but Roy was still unable to go to work Monday or Tuesday.

Both are blaming the other for bringing the B Virus home.

Strangely they both came down with the flu at the same time.

Usually one family member passes it to the others.

Its not too late, get a flu shot if you haven’t, it may not prevent it but will lessen the illness.*****Gotta go.

Till next time, take care and God bless.


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