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Republican Senators are expected to vote in lock-step to acquit Trump. Faced with creditable evidence that Trump wasabusing his power, the GOP Senators would not muster enough respect for the Constitution to investigate and allow witnesses.

John Bolton could confirm first hand knowledge that Trump extorted Ukraine by withholding millions of dollars in military aid on the announcement of an investigation into Joe Biden, his political rival.

“Hear no Evil,” The Senate will abandon its role as the ultimate guard against a dangerous president.

Given the seriousness of the charges against Trump, it’s hard to envision anything that this president could do that would require Republican Senators to vote to remove him.

This move will only embolden Trump to cheat in the 2020 election.

He is not the kind of person you can give that much rope to.

He has shown the country that to him nothing is out of bounds.

The New York Times editorial board wrote, “Make no mistake; the senate may acquit Mr. Trump but it will not, it cannot, exonerate him.

Mr. Trump is the most corrupt president in modern times.

A reality Americans will continue to be reminded of by continuing investigations by the House.

Subpoena to John Bolton, by a trio of cases in the Supreme Court that seek to reveal Trump’s shady finances, and of course, by the behavior of the man himself.” Could it be we are witnessing a senate in the act of institutional suicide.

Doing away with checks and balances.


Over my lifetime I’ve known of hundreds of cases where some one capitalized on the family name.

I have also seen cases where the family name was a determent.

A lot has been said about Hunter Biden landing a job in Ukraine and more than likely his family name, plus his father being U.S. Vice-president went a long way in giving Hunter’s law firm the job, especially if they were looking to add prestige to the board.

Happens all the time.

Joe didn’t have to help Hunter get the job, his name was enough.

There is no evidence Joe Biden helped his son get the job, on the contrary he has been cleared of all accusations except by Rudy Giuliani and Trump, who want to destroy Joe before they have to run against him.

Everyone who has served with Joe Biden over the last 40 years all say he’s one of the most honest political figures they have ever known.

All those years with no scandals, not until he announced he was running for president.

He certainly has earned the right to run after so many years of service.

Here is the rest of the story about a kid capitalizing on his dad’s name.

I bet you didn’t know that Rudy’s son, Andrew Giuliani, has been working as a special assistant to President Trump since 1917.

The United States taxpayers pay Andrew nearly six figures to serve as a sports liaison.

He helps coordinate visits from sports teams to the White House, around a half dozen times a year.

His starting pay was $77,000 a year and in two years he was given a raise that increases his pay by $18,000.

That’s nearly $100,000 a year for not doing much of anything, just playing golf regularly.

It’s worth noting that Andrew’s unescorted access to the West Wing was rescinded by White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, in June of 2018.

After Kelly’s departure however, Mick Mulvaney restored Andrew’s access.

The 31-year-old had no prior experience in government service.

He tried his hand at being a Golf pro but it didn’t work out.

How much do you think his family name helped him get this lucrative job with all the trimmings?


10 Years Ago-2010

The New Orleans Saints were underdogs going into the Super Bowl.

We hadn’t picked either team to win but knew that the Indianapolis Colts had the upper hand.

We thought the Saints might be holding an ace-in-the-hole called destiny.

When its cast in stone nothing can wash destiny off, if it’s going to happen it happens.

If the Colts and Saints played 10 times the odds are the Colts would probably win nine of them.*****The Saints won by 14 points, 31-17 and history was made.

The “Who Dat Nation” reacted in many ways.

Some screamed and partied all night, others shared tears of joy.

Many others thought about what the Saints had gone through for 43 years and what Hurricane Katrina had done to this historical Louisiana town.

The Saints won their first appearance in the Super Bowl. Monday’s jubilant fans lined the streets near Louis Armstrong International Airport hoping to get a glimpse of team members on their triumphant return.

The Mardi Gras season in the city and area is in full swing.

The partying has a dual purpose this year.

It may never happen again but the 2010 New Orleans Saints and their victory has been a long time coming.***** The largest television audience ever watched the miracle of the Saints, a gift from the football gods for a city, region and state.*****Mary Fontenot, 58, passed away Friday.

She was a longtime friend of ours.

Mary, a Bridge City Market Basket employee, had many friends, co-workers and customers alike.

Sometime ago Mary developed heart problems.

After several trips to the hospital she seemed to be on the road to recovery until Friday when she was rushed to Renaissance Hospital where she died.

Wednesday (Feb. 10) would have been Huel and Mary’s 35th anniversary.*****We were sorry to learn about the death of Marguerite Moore Mahfouz, 83.

She died Saturday.

Funeral services were Tuesday.

She was a longtime Bridge City resident.

She was the mother of our friend Faye Knight and the grandmother of our columnist Capt.

Chuck Uzzle.*****The Bridge City Chamber Banquet, honoring Steve Worster as Citizen of the Year is Jan. 20.

Get your tickets early at the Chamber office.

The Bridge City Chamber has made great strides over the past year.

Congrats to Mark Dunn, the board and staff for their tremendous year.

Robert Simonton will be installed as new president.*****Tuesday Patsy Peck held the ribbon-cutting and grand opening of her TRAVERUS Tours business.

She puts together great tours.

They do it all, just bring your toothbrush and load up for a good trip.***** Our buddy Lloyd Sittig will leave the Meadows Thursday where he has been undergoing therapy after hip surgery.

He will continue the treatments at home.

It won’t be too many moons before he’s back with the KKK, Kroger Koffee Klub.

*****Speaking of old friends, Harold Forse will celebrate his 90th birthday Saturday at West Orange City Hall Community Room.

***** Thomas Granger and Peggy Edgerton are tying the knot.

They were junior high sweethearts who took different paths and will now get back together to live as man and wife.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a nice outing at Novrozsky’s last week.

Karen Jo Vance, Brandi Slaughter, pretty fleet manager and car sales for David Self Ford, Donna Scales Marlene Merritt, Christy Khoury, Barbette Philpott, Judge Janice and other ladies were in attendance.***** We learned that Ken Ballard had died from a massive heart attack.

Services will be at 2 p.m.

Thursday in North Orange Baptist Church with the Revs. Lynn Ashcraft and Scott McIntosh officiating.

Burial will follow in Wilkinson Cemetery in Orange.

45 Years Ago-1975

What was happening at a glance at West Orange High School known as the “Chiefs.” Serving as Superintendent Dr.

Paul Willis, principle Lonnie Taylor, head coach Shirel Womack, Lennie Dauphine, asst.

principal and mascot “Chief” Paul Cady.

A few of the football players who made headlines were #9 James Skeeler, #10 Randy Martell, #21 Earl Thomas, #23 Tony January, #24 Chris Judge, #30 Lorrance Wills, #40 Chris Ulery, #55 Randy Peveto, #66 George Franks, #82 Elgin Browning and #85 Don Sargent.

Coaches were Womack, Ronnie Anderson, Wilbert Florence, Rick Lamascus, Robert Tywater and drum majors, Carla Reeves and Joanie Nance.

Head cheerleader was Debbie Chapman.

Other cheerleaders were Marva Hebert, Susan Sullivan, Debbie Champine, Beverly Mitchell, Leisa Landry, Flo Ann Walker, Lynn Sharrh and Sandy Allen.

West Orange 1975 twirlers were Donna Peterson, Joni Fox, Rhonda Mosier, Rhonda Hodge, Liz Singletary, Pam Dowies, Dianna Higginbotham.

I wonder what became of all of those WOHS folks.

Students all would be over 60, with an average age of 63.

Some are still around, some have moved away, some were never heard from again and some have passed away.

Most are surprised how quickly 45 years have gone by.

A few are grandparents, even though our friend Donna Peterson is a new parent, with a young son and daughter and I believe that Earl Thomas, #21, is the father of NFLEarl Thomas, III.

40 Years Ago-1980

New DuPont president makes first speaking engagement at the Orange chamber banquet.

Plant manager Frank Riddick was responsible for Edward G. Jefferson coming to Orange.

Some in attendance were Jim Dunn, Holly and Bill Butleny, Joan Harddock, Shirley and Morris Rapoport, John and Moselle Levy, the Bill Fort’s, Bill Sichkos, Loretta and Jerry Hughes, the Jim Dunaway’s, Bob Shinn, Lois Broussard, Art Carruth, Marty Conway, Betty and Corky Harmon, Pete Sterling, Ann Craft, Barbara David, Jim Stelly and Art Spencer.

Harmon Beauchamp was installed as new president.

*****The Bridge City Business and Professional Women will honor JessieHebert as Woman of the Year at the Feb. 17 banquet.

Committee members are Helene Litton, Bettye Lormand, Sue Pate, Becky Hannegan and Juliet Patton.

*****Gallon of fresh shucked oysters at Danny’s Food Mart only $23.

** ***Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bendy Sr. celebrate their 50th anniversary on Feb. 11.*****W.T. “Boss Cajun” Oliver celebrates a birthday on Feb. 15.

*****Jimmy Chelette turns 22 on Valentine’s Day.

*****In the past week two assistants under former county attorney Sharon Bearden have been appointed to judgeships.

Pat Clark to the 128th District Court and Mike Shuff, to the County Court-at-Law. *****A few Orange businesses and owners are Orange Stationer, N.E. Pete Parker, owner; Circle Gulf Service Station, Bill Kendig, owner; Star Traces Laundromat, Joe Hester owner; Exxon station, W.K Hoke owner; Paul’s Pharmacy, Paul Slaton and Tom Alleman owners; D and C Muffler and Custom Shop, DeVereaux Chapman owner; Border Street News and Gifts, C.J. and Florence Sonnier owners; Woozy’s Termite and Pest Control, Bob Lumpkin, president.

*****Perry Kelly turns 40 on Feb. 13.

(Editor’s note: Many of the above mentioned people are no longer with us but they contributed a lot while here.)


It looks like Pierre C. Shadeaux pulled a sneaky on us.

Despite the abundant sunshine, light fog was enough to prevent our furry friend from seeing his shadow, and Pierre is feeling a long Spring instead of an early Summer.*****Congratulations to the Kansas City, Missouri Chiefs on their first Super Bowl title in 50 years.

I recall when Lamar Hunt moved the Dallas Texans to Kansas City and renamed them the Chiefs.

Quarterback, 24 year old Patrick Mahomes, of Whitewater, TX, threw two touchdown passes on consecutive fourth quarter drives to lead his team to a 31-20 victory over the 49’ers.

Coach Andy Reid got his very first Super Bowl win as a head coach.

It was a memorable halftime show to say the least, celebrating Latin women, in 12 minutes of jiggling and pole dancing.

Mark Dunn watched the Super Bowl in a little Spanish bar in Guatemala.

I forgot to ask him if the Trump/Hannity commercial had Trump speaking Spanish.

That would be funny; he’s not so fond of Latinos.*****Just a few friends I know who are celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

Former BCISD teacher, Keith’s longtime bride, mother of three fine boys and now grandmother to several offspring, pride and joy daughter of Neighbor Cox, my friend Karen Duplechin celebrates Feb. 6.

Best wishes Karen.*****Feb. 9, is a special day for some great folks.

Doyce Sherman, the boy from Vermillion Parish, a country boy who came to town many years ago.

Doyce was raised so far out in the country he thought Abbeville was a big city.

Also celebrating on Feb. 9 is a great guy I’ve known since he was in short pants and over the years he’s entertained many people with his voice and musical talent.

Happy birthday to longtime friend Jivin’ Gene.

Our friend Karen Fuslier shares a birthday with Gene.

We haven’t seen her in a long time.

She is one of the world’s best Cajun cooks.

No one is better at preparing Quail birds.*****Happy birthday Feb. 10, to our friend Peggy Albair.

If anyone deserves a great day it is Ms.


Her and Richard have battled health problems but nearly as bad has been the Roundbunchbridge delay that has financially hurt them.***The twins Tyler and Trevor Gunn celebrate their 25th birthday.

I started wishing those boys a happy birthday when they were only 9-years-old.

I sure didn’t want to miss this one.

Many other friends are celebrating so please see complete birthday list.*****We were sorry to hear that our friends Pete Frederick is still in ICU. We pray for his speedy recovery.*****Our buddy, Neighbor Cox has also been spending a lot of time at Dr.

Morbia’s office, at Gulf Coast Cardiology.

Cox is in good hands.

Morbia prides himself with making people heart healthy.

So far so good for Cox on exams and blockage.*****The Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and back at Southern Charm next week.

We had a great crowd last week.


Nina Leifeste brought her daughter Sam and her finance.

They are both young lawyers.

Commissioner Roccaforte brought a guest and Judge Gothia was accompanied by his lovely wife Glynis. Of course the life of the party is always Judge Chad Jenkins and Commissioner Johnny Trahan.

Attorney Rex Peveto enjoyed his visit with the two new lawyers.*****Congratulations to the Bridge City Chamber honorees.

Mayor David Rutledge named “Citizen of the Year;” Earl Duhon and wife Shirley, of Dupuis Tire and Service, were named “Business of the Year” and our friend Stephanie Roberts, public relations person of Claybar Funeral Home was named “Ambassador of the Year.”*****I ran into Dist.

Judge Courtney Burch-Arkeen last week.

She is such a nice person and very attractive lady.

I was surprised to learn that their twins are 6 years old and in school.

That’s three in Little League at the same time.


I’ve believed for a longtime that the Iowa caucus is ridiculous for several reasons.

To start with its population is 90 percent White and doesn’t reflect the makeup of the United States.

By being the first state to vote the rest of the nation is held hostage. Candidates spend a year there.

The Chamber of Commerce loves it because a billion dollars is added to Iowa’s economy.

At a certain time the caucus doesn’t allow everyone to vote and should be done away with.

Every four years they have vote count problems.

Results of this caucus were delayed; partial vote was released 20 hours later, no final results.

Leaders so far, with 62 percent of the votes counted are Buttigieg, 27 percent; Sanders, 25 percent, Warren, 18 percent, Biden, 16 percent.

The numbers could change.

The Iowa demographics are not the best for Biden with few people of color.

This was all the results I had at deadline.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

On Feb. 6: Grant Jones, Cindy Lessard, Melissa Monteaux and celebrities Rick Astley, 55 and Al Rose, 59.*****Feb. 7: Michael Johnson, Darlene Brown, Jeanna Campbell all celebrate.

Also comedian Chris Rock, 55, singer Garth Brooks, 58 and actor Ashton Kutcher, 42.

***** Feb. 8: Lois Powell, Addison Geldard, Barbara Fix celebrate.

Joining them are singer Vince Neil, 59, composer John Williams, 88 and actor Seth Green, 46.*****Feb. 9: Celebrating today are Alex Hurst, Leonard Bock, Sandy Sanford and Cynthia Fisher.

Also celebrating are Country singer Travis Tritt, 57, songwriter Carole King, 78 and actor Joe Pesci, 77.*****Feb. 10: Deric Prevost, Bobby Arnold, Kevin Bourque celebrate.

A year older today are celebrities actors Emma Roberts, 20, Elizabeth Banks, 46 and Laura Dern, 53.*****Feb. 11: Derie Prevost, Eric Prevost, Jody Connor and Stephen Allen all celebrate.

Celebrities having birthdays on this day are actors Jennifer Aniston, 51, Taylor Lautner, 28 and politician Sarah Palin, 56.


Cajun Grace Before a Crawfish Meal

Bless us oh Lord and bless dese crawfish, wat we are about to enjoy.

Bless dose who caug’t dem, dose who prepared dem and give crawfish to dose who don’t got none.

We tank you oh God, for dis wonderful world and for all dat you put in it.

We give you special tanks oh God, for having put da Cajuns and da crawfish down in da same place.



Trump’s State of the Union a Victory Lap

President Donald Trump delivered the State of the Union address Tuesday evening.

He dubbed his speech, “The Great American Comeback.” He took an early victory lap.

He’s the only president to give the State of the Union after being impeached.

Trump touted his record on the economy.

He didn’t venture into his promise to balance the budget within his second year.

The country has never been as far in the red as it is today.

His large tax cuts to the super rich juiced the economic growth but it also has swollen the federal deficit.

Trade fights will cause uncertainty in the years ahead.

Trump claims 100 miles of border wall has been built.

The truth is that construction has replaced barriers that existed during the Obama Administration.

Mexico didn’t pay for any of it.

Trump also touted his decision to kill Iranian General Soleimani.

Trump had promised to repeal ObamaCare on day one and replace it with something better.

His administration still has no plan.

He bashed some Democratic health plans as “Socialist.” He made big promises to reduce drug prices.

He again played loosely with the truth.

He also pushed Ted Cruz’s private school voucher bill, not too popular in rural school districts.*****My time is up, thanks for yours.

Take care and God bless.


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