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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest


I had hoped to have the box by box results of last week’s primary elections but since I haven’t yet I will just make some observations.

Lane Mooney, elected sheriff became only the third candidate running out of Vidor to be elected in a county-wide race.

The others were Sheriff John Wade and Tax Assessor Karen Fisher, who is an Orange native.

State Representative Clyde Haynes was elected from Vidor when Orange County and Newton County made up the district.

He was defeated by conservative democratic Wayne Peveto.

Sheriff Lt.

Rob Strause ran a good race despite getting in late.

The Vidor 82 percent block vote and getting behind in early voting was a lot to overcome.

Mooney had a lot of supporters that helped him in the Mauriceville and Bridge City areas.

My guess this won’t be Rob Strause’s last race.

In my opinion Rex Peveto ran the best, overall campaign.

Michael Catt worked hard and picked up some real good supporters.

Local attorneys told me that both candidates are good lawyers, however they voted for Peveto.

I found with the lawyers, as well as other voters who know Rex, felt he had the temperament to be a good judge.

I often heard he was honest, fair, low key and would stay cool under any situation.

Rex worked hard and early to establish the name “Rex” away from Wayne and Eli.

Throughout the campaign Rex knew where he stood.

He used polling very effectively, allowing him to target certain areas.

A week before election day he was confident of where his campaign stood.

Peveto’s election has probably locked in all district judge positions for the next 15 to 20 years.

Judge Courtney Arkeen has three youngsters to educate, she’s not going anywhere.

Judge Steve Parkhurst has a longtime to go before he’s 72 years old and Rex can stay 19 years if he wants to.

I don’t believe any other races were ever in doubt.

Again, in this election, I was surprised at the strange bed fellows politics brings together.

I saw voters who played both sides of the fence and then I saw some that just outright lied and also the usual double cross.

Politics as usual.


Last August I wrote that come February the economy would start to soften and stock selloff would begin.

We had already seen evidence of what might be coming when the Trump Administration spiked the economy by giving $1.4 trillion to corporations and the wealthy in order to prop up the economy.

Trump then promoted the Fed to twice drop interest rates.

Again last week, in a surprise decision after the Dow went to freefall, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates another half of percentage point over fears the Coronavirus outbreak might stunt global economic activity.

Reducing rates can bolster the market by coaxing investors to move money from bonds to higher yielding stocks.

What I warned about in the earlier column was that the economy Trump bragged about was a lot like cotton candy, mostly air.

I warned it would take only one major crisis to wreck Wall Street.

If Coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that markets can be impacted by unexpected factors quickly.

That is why Trump and his administration, along with Rush Limbaugh and FOX News, are downplaying the seriousness.

An economic downturn is what they fear.

Low interest rates can’t address delayed deliveries from China that leave store shelves half filled and auto manufacturers short of imported parts.

If people are worried about getting a virus they stay home.

Cutting interest rates is not going to get them to go see a movie or go to a restaurant.

Cuts can’t rescue the economy and your 401 K from the Coronavirus.

That’s why Rush refers to it as just a bad cold.

Then here comes Biden.

U.S. stocks rebounded Wednesday after Biden capped a strong Super Tuesday vote carrying Texas and eight other states.

Former VP Joe Biden is seen as a sign of stability to investors.

The main reason investors prefer Biden is that he’s a more established candidate.

Investors know what they’re going to get since he was in the Obama Administration that brought the economy back from a great recession.

With Joe investors know what they are going to get.

Remember investors hate uncertainty.

They feel it will be Biden facing off against Trump and they can live with that.


10 Years Ago-2010

For decades health care reform has been needed.

If Congress has the courage to do the right thing we could see some important reforms.

We predicted, however, when reform was first brought up last year, that the insurance companies would never allow an insurance government program.

Big insurance spends $1 million a day on advertising and $1 million a day on 167 lobbyists.

One lobbyist for every three legislators.

Republicans, we predicted a year ago, would follow Rush Limbaugh’s talking points and be unanimous in their opposition to health care reform.

Everyone will be better off including hospitals, doctors and pharmaceuticals.

The only losers are the insurance companies but they will still be the country’s richest business.***** We were sorry to hear about the death of Jerry Meeks, 79, who died March 9 in a Slidell, La., hospital after a long illness.

Services were Saturday at Broussard’s with the Rev. Jeff Anderson officiating.

Burial with military honors followed at Oak Bluff Memorial Park in Port Neches.

For many years Jerry was a valued citizen of Bridge City where he raised his family.

A building contractor, he gave many hours to youth baseball and is remembered fondly by the boys he coached.

A pitcher himself, his two sons, Wayne and Pat, became winning pitchers at BC. He is survived by wife Lorrize, daughters Connie and Carol, sons Wayne and Pat and their families.

We were fortunate to have known him back in the early 1960s as he helped establish the Little League baseball program that has grown to over 800 youngsters.*****A 7-year-old was suspended last week for bringing a “miniscule” amount of marijuana to school. The first-grader was suspended for three days according to a Houston ISD spokesman.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the kid got it out of dad or mom’s baggie.

*****Our longtime friend Corky Harmon celebrates his birthday March 18.

He’s a lot older than he looks.

He says age is whatever you want it to be.

Betty keeps him young.

She just won’t let him be old.

*****Another of the great guys, Euel Norwood, celebrates the start of another year this week.

*****Harold Scales, who we go back to our youth with, celebrates a birthday this week.

Yes, once we were young and spry.

*****Best wishes this week to Roman Carpenter who marks another year.

***** Happy birthday to Sister Helen Clark also.

*****We ran into our pal Moe Litton.

He tells a story about Steve Worster, best known for his football achievements, but was also an All-State baseball player.

According to Moe, in one baseball game pitcher Joe Langston told Steve they had to get together on the signals.

Steve’s answer was, “You just throw ‘um, I’ll catch ‘um.”***** Our bud Louis Lemoine had a pacemaker installed three weeks ago.

It hasn’t changed his pace much; it’s still slow and slower.

Louis never has seen a bed he didn’t like.

He gets to it before sundown finds him still up.

*****We received a wonderful letter from our longtime friend and fellow columnist Joyce Poche’ Bernard.

At age 89, she still has beautiful penmanship.

Over the years she has written a couple of books on Acadian tales and recollections.

She also wrote about her Cajun childhood published in Country Home magazine.

In the past she wrote many essays for her friend Roy Dunn’s Opportunity Valley News. In August, 2009, she was presented the key to the city of St. Martinville, where she was referred to as an “Oral Cajun Historian.” This wonderful lady died a few years ago.

She was raised at Poche’ Bridge on Bayou Teche.*****We extend our congratulations to Dayle Gunn and Stump Weatherford who will tie the knot on April 10.

The couple has been friends for many years and inseparable for the last few years.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2010

Ruby Darlene Jones Bray, 69, of Orange, died Thursday, March 11. Services were Monday, March 15. Ruby had worked in the home health care industry and was a successful entrepreneur. She is survived by her children, Theresa Thomas Harrison, Karen R. Thomas, A.G. Thomas IV, Charles N. Bray, Wayne S. Bray, Johnny B. Bray, grandchildren, great grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.*****Dovie A. Frederick, 95, died Thursday, March 11. Services were Saturday, March 13. She was a retired grocery store clerk with Jacks Pak-it. Dovie is survived by her daughters Karen Sue Davis and Rhonda Kay Wegner; three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

40 years ago this week

The Bridge City Chamber named C.R. Nash, Bridge City city manager, Citizen of the Year.

Judy Wyatt, last year’s honoree, presented the award at the annual banquet*****Al McKay, president of Bridge City and Vidor Cablevision, Inc., started laying cable on Fernwood in BC last week.

“All stations will be ready by the first of April.” Advance subscriptions for cable is $18.95 a month.*****Lamar coach Billy Tubbs and his Cardinals defeated Weber State, 87-86 and Oregon State, 81-77.

The Cards meet Clemson next in Tucson, Ariz.

*****Jackie and Corky Harmon celebrated birthdays on March 13 and March 18.

Their aunt, Mrs. Frank Delane, celebrated March 10.

*****Pam (Hoosier) Kay and Keith Kay are the proud parents of their first born, Brian Keith Kay.

*****Meade Graves celebrates his 79th this week.

*****Jerry L McInnis, 38, wearing a thick black beard, files for Bridge City school board. He says his interest is in the youth as evidenced by his 15 years of experience in Little League baseball and softball.

A native of Leesville, La., he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from Northwestern State in Natchitoches, La.

After teaching one year he went to work for Gulf Oil Chemical in Orange.

(Editor’s note: Jerry didn’t win that election but came back 25 years later, got elected and serves on the BCISD board today.

Jerry has been active in Bridge City Little League 55 years.)*****Herb Taylor is president and manager of Golden Triangle Savings and Loan.Fletcher Garner Jr., is chairman, C.W. “Bubba” Hubbard, vice president, B.C. Joe Fields secretary/treasurer.

Board members are Andy Anderson, Dewey “Teddy Bear” Cox, Dr.

James Jones, Dr.

Douglas Thompson, Dr.

B.C. Adams, Dr.

Frank Williford, H.D. Pate, Dr.

Hugh Sheffield, Dr.

Richard Bourgeois and Dr.

Chester Saint Romain.

Assets were in excess of eight million dollars and deposits of eight million.

(Editor’s note: It looks like someone suckered in a bunch of doctors.

The Savings and Loan shut their doors a few years later after some bad loans in the Austin area.

H.D. and Doug Harrington got lucky and bailed out before the fall.)*****Edwin Guyote, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Guyote of Bridge City, joined the Air Force.

He departed March 4 for Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.


Happy birthday on March 13, to a special lady, 96-year-old Helen Savoy, who just last year retired from bookkeeping at tax filing time.*****Last week I told you that we hadn’t heard any talk about Hunter Biden since Joe was falling way behind Sanders in the polls.

I wrote after Biden’s big success on Super Tuesday that the Trumpers would again crank up the false claims against Hunter and his dad.

It didn’t take long.

Trump was on Hannity Wednesday night hawking the Biden/Ukraine theory.

Thursday on Fox and Friends, Jim Jorden was spinning the same talking points, cranking up the investigation.

If Joe’s popularity keeps growing you can bet they will start up investigations and try to destroy Joe Biden, the man they fear the most.

They know deep down they can’t beat him fair and square.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

Attorney Paul Fukuda celebrates on March 11.***Wade Gillet on March 13.***Council person Lucy Fields celebrates on March 14.***Sharing birthdays on March 16 are Buffy and Jordan Doiran, Blaine Slaughter and Amy Peveto.***On March 17, Janet Jacobs, Stephanie Hughes and John Tallant.

Happy Birthday to all.

Please see complete birthday list.*****A few weeks ago I told you we hadn’t heard the last of Con.

Jim Jordan, Sean Hannity’s regular guest.

Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach when 177 young men were molested by the Ohio State team doctor, who later committed suicide.

Jordan was aware the youngsters were being sexually abused and did nothing about it.

Jordan said, “If he tried that on me, I would twist his head off,” but never reported the abuse.*****The United States became aware of the Coronavirus in November and put nothing in motion to prepare for it until the first patient came to light in the U.S. in February.

It wasn’t only incompetent but now our government is lying to us by claiming if you want a test you can get one.

No you can’t.

Obama was blamed for us not having enough kits.

Trump has been in office over three years.

Things will probably get worse and he needs to quit lying about it.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Blue Bird Fish Camp on Simons Dr.

this week and at Robert’s next week to honor Cary who celebrates waiting on the Lunch Bunch 20 years.

She’s waited on the Bunch since March 5, 2000.

Everyone always welcome.*****President Trump has run Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney off and brought in Con.

Mark Meadows, who is resigned his congressional seat.

He has been brought in as Trump’s fourth Chief of Staff.

If Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan get beat they have a home with Trump.


Celebrating birthdays this week.

On March 11, Farmers Insurance agent Scot Shaffer, Pat Lund, Kate Benoit and Colton “CJ” Dugan.***March 12, Carol Ann Kimbrow, Jack Morgan and Bryleigh Moore.***March 13 finds Vickie Brown, Amy Peevey, Kyle Dubose, John Collin Kimbrow.***March 14, Shane Chapman, Jill Peveto, John Brister, Bud Briggs.***March 15, Ricky Glenn Roberts, Jr.

turns 18 today.

Also celebrating are Jennifer Kelly, Julie Myers, Amber Doiron.***March 16, Amy Peveto, Donald McLemore, Karli Anderson, Margie Baker and Cody Edwards.***On March 17, John Tallant, Janet Jacobs, Sally Wingard, Stephanie Hughes, Tiffany Moreau, Ty Moreland and Josh Sims.


Actors celebrating birthdays on March 11, Terrence Howard, 51, Alex Kingston, 57 and John Barrowman, 53.***Politician Mitt Romney turns 72 on March 12, actress Liza Minnelli, 74 and Folk singer James Taylor, 72.***On March 13, singer Charo turns 79, actor Emile Hirsch, 35 and Rapper Common, 48.***March 14, Basketball player Stephen Curry turns 32, Gymnast Simone Biles, 23, music producer Quincy Jones, 87 and actor Billy Crystal, 72.***On March 15, actress Eva Longoria, 45, model Fabio, 61 and rock singer Bret Michaels, 57.***Actors Erik Estrada, 71, Victor Garber, 71 and Lauren Graham, 53 celebrate on March 16.***On March 17, actors Rob Lowe, turns 56, Kurt Russell, 69 and Gary Sinise, 65.


After work Sostan Comeaux had his friend Jude Dartez drop him off for a few drinks. It was dark, pitch black, when he start walking home. He sees dis woman in da alley nex to da Walmart. “Twenty dollars” she whispered.

Sostan him never been wit a hooker before but he’s had enough drinks not to care. He say to himself, “Wat da hell, it’s only twenty bucks.” So dey hide behind some boxes.

All of a sudden dis bright light is flash on dem. Dam if it ain’t Leblanc, da night cop. “Wat’s going on here wit you two hanh?” ax Leblanc.

Dat Comeaux him tinks fas and he say, “Me, I’m make love to my wife.”

“Oh, Sostan, I’m sorry me,” says da cop Leblanc. “I didn’t know.”

“Well, nidder did I, Comeaux answer, until you shine dat light on her face.”



It’s a great spring-like morning with what seems like a touch of fall in the air.

The trees are all budding leaves, all but the big pecan tree. Until it starts to bud winter isn’t over and a frost could still be on the way.

The many shades of fresh green colors are only available to the eyes for just a few days each year.

I counted 16 different shades of green. The redbud tree that must be 50 years old is loaded with flowers.

Several blooms have appeared on the wild rose bush.

Soon it will be loaded with white flowers that climb 12 to 14 feet high, solid blankets of white blooms lasting only a couple of weeks but very impressive.

The azaleas are starting to bloom.

The cardinals had been scarce but they are returning.

A big blue jay eats from the feeder. Other birds sit in the trees, each singing their own song.

A squirrel jumps from tree to tree, making his way to where I put out a handful of peanuts.

The narcissus is in bloom and little wild yellow flowers pop their heads up.

Wild plants I call Easter flowers are everywhere.

They bloom a pink or purple variety of tiny flowers.

They will make a showing soon.

Many red leaves are starting to drop from the wild Camphor trees that have accumulated worse than tallow trees.

A bush with white cluster flowers sends out a sweet smell. The bright orange sun in the east has risen from the earth and hangs at eight o’clock and traveling fast.

It’s time for me to close this column and head to the city.**** Thanks for your time, mine time is

up. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, especially to my brother-in-law Louis, who is Scott Irish. He’s from Scott, La. and raised on Irish potatoes. Take care and God Bless.


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