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We are living today in most trying times. As of May 5, 70,000 Americans have died of Covid-19. April was the deadliest month in our history, with over 60,000 deaths in one month. Where do we go from here? With the reopening of some states, predictions are that 3,000 citizens a day will die in June. Testing to date has been a joke. About 1% of Texans have been tested. If you feel sick today, you will have to wait until next Tuesday, a week away, when only 100 people can be tested in Orange County. County Judge John Gothia did all he could do to at least get that little testing. Statewide medical examiners are not being allowed to release reports of people dying from Coronavirus if they weren’t tested before death. Many more have died in Texas than reported. The Houston and Dallas areas show 15% increase in deaths over the last two years. Maybe it’s an increase in natural deaths but maybe not. No one wants to see the economy open more than me, but I’m certain virus cases and deaths will escalate because people will drop their guard assuming the fear is over. The truth is we have a long way to go until a vaccine is developed and tested. Don’t buy being told it will happen, “By the first of the year.” That won’t happen. Texas Gov. Abbott had said he would open the state by May 15. What caused him to open earlier? An Austin connection tells me it was Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick making waves. He appeared on FOX News pushing opening, as well as making statewide speeches where he said older citizens should be willing to take a chance on dying to save the economy. Abbott knew Patrick’s message was gaining support so he moved the date up to May 1. There is no doubt that Patrick will run against Abbott next year. I’m told that’s a sure bet. Many more people will die in the next year from the virus. Many of those people we will know. I fear people will relax social distancing and not follow the rules. Washington is playing the China blame game. That’s to divert attention from our government’s short comings. They have failed us. Throwing money at the problem won’t make it go away. This is not a Republican or Democratic problem, it’s an American problem. Trump is playing the Red State-Blue State, pitting one against the other.*****I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Our condolences to the family of Ron R. Moreau, age 82, who passed away April 29. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have met some great characters, people who are unique and in a groove of their own. These folks seem to travel through life with little care for the normal. They take chances and do daring things that have other people considering them just a little crazy. Ron was smart as a fox and enjoyed his lifestyle. An entire book could be written about Ron’s many exploits and his many toys. He and Big Al Judice always seemed to be competing with their grown-up toys. Just a couple of years or so ago Ron bought a brand new Corvette with the thousands of dollars he had stashed somewhere. He loaded Jean up and toured the country in that shiny Vet, a dream he had had for a long time. Airplanes and bikes were a passion. Going through Houston once I came up on someone riding a big cycle barefooted; a closer look revealed it was Ron. He could dress up in a suit and still be barefooted or in sandals, the result of one of his planes falling out of the sky. He was not only broken up all over, but the damage to his feet was extensive causing wearing shoes to be painful. He crashed a number of motorcycles but always lived to tell the story. His body, however, bore the damage. Luck followed him every day of his life starting with the marriage of the most beautiful woman in three counties, his loving wife Jean, 50 years ago. Their farm always drew many folks who stopped to view all their unique animals. Ron lived a life that would have made the rebel James Dean proud. I’m proud to have known this guy who marched to his own drumbeat. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary.


To Neighbor Cox and his family, we send our deepest sympathies on the loss of his daughter-in-law, Diana Cox, who passed away May 2. Cox lost his Ginny a few months ago and this is a second blow.*****We were also saddened to learn of the death of Gerald Oubre, 90, who passed away on May 1. He was the father of Pastor Sinclair Oubre and former Orange city manager Shawn Oubre. Services were held Monday, May 4.


10 Years Ago-2010

The elections are over until the big general election in November. In the cities, school boards and port elections last weekend there were no surprises. Even the defeat of the incumbents in Vidor was expected. In Orange, Mayor Brown Claybar was sworn in for his fifth term. Brown has been an effective and unselfish leader, often at the expense of his business and health. This will be his final two years.***Theresa Beauchamp, married to local boy Frank and the daughter of Marcel Adams, was re-elected to the city council for a fourth term.***In Bridge City opponents didn’t mount much of a campaign against incumbents. Congrats to Mayor Kirk Roccaforte and Councilman Mike Reed, incumbents. The looks on the council have improved with the election of Lucy Fields. She’s bright and pretty too.***Congrats to Keith Wallace, re-elected to the Port Board. Keith has a keen interest in serving and he’s dedicated to seeing the Port continue to move forward. There’s a good bunch of folks on that board.***** Going unnoticed last week was the death of Hall of Famer Robin Roberts, 83. In the first half of the 1950s he was the most productive right-handed pitcher in the National League. That was a time when baseball was constantly on my mind and Robin was a hero of mine. He won 286 games and had six consecutive 20-win seasons. He had 45 career shutouts, 2,357 strikeouts and a lifetime ERA of 3.41. He pitched 305 complete games. Back then pitchers were expected to go the distance. He led the Phillies to the N.L pennant as part of the favored “Whiz Kids.” He pitched for Philadelphia 19 seasons, from 1948-61, for Baltimore from 1962 to 1965, Astros, 1965 to 1966, Cubs 1966-67. He won 28 games with a 2.59 ERA. He was chosen All Star seven times, “Pitcher of the Year,” 1952-55 and “Major League Pitcher of the Year” in 1952. I will always remember number 36 as one of the greatest pitchers of my time.***** Ann Bryant’s 56th year teaching profession is coming to an end. A retirement party is set for Monday, May 18. Some of her former students are great-grandparents today.*****I understand Judge Pat broke down and took Rosalie on a trip. She probably financed it. They went to Florida to visit daughter Mary Ann, Bruce Aven and the grandkids. Judge Clark seldom takes a day off. By the way, happy birthday Judge.***** Special folks celebrating birthdays this week. On May 12, Barbara Taylor, Bobby’s better half. Best wishes to that lovely lady.***Longtime friends Imogene McKinney and L.K. Jarell celebrated another one.***Longtime educators Nancy Chenella and Ann Bryant, along with Frank Finchum and Ron Hutchison celebrate next week. ***** Our friend Judy Hidalgo started radiation and chemo treatments Monday at M.D. Anderson. Her prognosis looks good and the cancer is isolated. .*****Congrats to Jane Dunn and Pattie Steele, named “Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year” at Little Cypress-Mauriceville. The awards were presented by Pauline Hargrave, superintendent. She’s Capt. Dickie Colburn’s pretty little sister.*****For the first time in United States history, the Supreme Court will have three women serving on it when President Obama’s appointee Elena Kagan is confirmed.*****Lena Horne, age 92, a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice died Sunday.*****Barbara Walters, 80, this week has surgery to replace a faulty valve. She will be off of “The View” this summer.*****Bill Clark of radio fame had a toe removed. We don’t know which one but the surgery was due to diabetes.***** Chicks now Court Yard Hounds. Sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire who founded the Dixie Chicks, are now also the Court Yard Hounds. The Hounds are essentially the product of the other Chick, Natalie Maines, whose decision to take more time off was more than Emily and Martie felt comfortable with. “Every time we’d call her, it was ‘Well, I’m planting my garden this week.’ ‘I’m learning how to do hooked rugs,’” Maguire said. “After about a year, we were twiddling our thumbs.” However, we understand the Chicks will reunite in June for a stadium concert with the Eagles, juggling dates with the Hounds. Maguire and Robison insist the Chicks will re-enter the studio eventually. Meanwhile the sisters move on with or without Maines. They say getting another singer is not an option.

45 Years Ago-1975

Last Friday Kirby Reed and Kathy Dunn were married. As they were leaving town on their honeymoon they were involved in an auto accident. Thankfully they were only slightly injured and Good Samaritan Charlie Wickersham picked them up, brought them to the dealership and let them pick out any car they wanted to continue on their honeymoon. (Editor’s note: I read about people married 45 years ago and wonder if they still are.)*****Old Uncle Gordon is 52 years old on Dec. 25. Bax has announced that his young bride Diane is pregnant. He said he did it all himself.*****Bubba Hubbard, Shirley Marks and Gordon Harvey were all elected to Bridge City City Council.*****Jack White celebrated a birthday.*****Ralph Ramos died last week. He was a television reporter and also worked for the Beaumont Enterprise.*****Pete Runnels, Democratic chairman, has announced that Grand Ole Opry stars Jack Green and Jeannie Seely will perform at Carl Godwin Auditorium on May 20. The show will benefit the Democratic Party.*****Dwight and Linda Barrow celebrate 12 years of marriage.*****CBs are everywhere. It’s the “in” thing. A few handles making the rounds are Foxy Lady, Diamond Jim, Lame Duck, Honey Bee, White Sticks, Little Gun, Dagwood, Blondie, Coastal Runner, Gypsy Witch, Red Rover, Grasshopper, Two Ball and Shot Gun. *****“Vic” Junior Vickery, a casino official with the Riviera in Las Vegas, was in Orange visiting friends and the old hometown. (Editor’s note: I remember before the Riviera when he was a pit boss at the Stardust.)


In the first year of the swinging ‘60s, on May 9, the Food and Drug Administration approved the pill. The political do-righters screamed that the country would go down the drain. However, the pill did not spark the sexual revolution, nor did it cause a sudden drop in the U.S. fertility rate that the far right had predicted. In fact, the birth rate didn’t bottom out until the early 1970s. The pill was ground breaking in many ways. Women today have a wide range of effective contraceptive choices. States prohibited giving the pill to unwed women. In 1972, the law was overturned. It was a double standard. Society viewed unmarried women, but not unmarried men, as promiscuous if they had sex. There is still a gender bias today. Belated Happy Anniversary to all you gals on contraceptives. Before that women had to rely on a guy not lying or on the Rhythm System.


I understand from Keith Wallace that Logan is back on the payroll. His mad money was getting low.*****Van Choate doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet. He was scheduled to have knee replacement surgery May 22 at a Beaumont hospital, but when he got a call saying, due to a cancellation, last Wednesday was available, he took the appointment. By Thursday he drove to Houston and by Friday he was mowing his lawn. When I talked to him Monday, he was returning from a trip to Lafayette. Van is retooling for the new economy. It won’t be business as usual but Van is a survivor.***** We heard from Beth Rach today and she says she went to Houston Monday and thankfully the tumors are responding to chemo. The newest ones are almost gone and the others are shrinking. She will remain on chemo for the next 3-4 months taking treatments once a week. Our prayers are with Beth.*****Celebrations and other happenings. A few folks we know celebrating birthdays on May 6 are longtime art teacher Debbie Gregg, county inspector James Scales, hair stylist Johnny Moreno and Neal and Mary’s youngest son Brandon Bond.*** This is also the date, one year ago, that attorney H.D. Pate, died at age 79.*****Having birthdays on May 7 are Earl Thomas, NFL star, who turns 31, longtime Bridge City educator Gina Mannino, Josh Sanders and Connie Angelle all celebrate. A special birthday wish goes to Joe Chenella. Also on this day 16 years ago, Judge Grover Halliburton passed away.*****Celebrating birthdays on May 8 are Wilma Horner, Patty Cook and Ginger Hogden.*****On May 9, our buddy Ray Cotton reaches age 90 today. Best wishes for at least ten more. Sharing a birthday with Ray is businessman Doug Havens.*****On May 10 longtime educator Sharon Wooley and Katie Hubbard celebrates today.*****May 11, movie star/actress, West Orange grad, Francis Fisher celebrates. Sharing her birthdays is Sherry Walles.*****May 12 finds longtime waitress, Tammy Yawn, along with Brian Sandifer, celebrating birthdays today.*****“Hey, Hey, Willie Mays.” A baseball great I followed for many years turns 89 years old on May 6. *****Speaking of baseball, I love high school baseball and would have liked to have seen how far coach Chad Landry and his Cardinals would have gone this season. I believe this was their year. We will never know, *****In this issue, in the Down Life’s Highway column, Roy remembers his Mom and his roots, with a Mother’s Day story.*****Also in this issue you will find a Mother’s Day poem written by the late Pearl Burgess in honor of her mother.*****Best coach ever, Coach Donald Francis Shula, 90, died Monday, May 4.


Friends celebrating birthdays in the coming week. On May 6, Clint Blackwell, Beverly Millsap and Doris Raynor celebrate.*****May 7, Andrea Beadle, Clint Vidrine, Glory Burke and Norma Cunnings celebrate birthdays.*****Celebrating on May 8, Patty Cook, Julie Allensworth, Arlon Fields and Debra Truncale.*****May 9, Doug Havens, Lynn Scales Justin Dupuis, Ken Reeves and Dalton Gilliam celebrate.*****On May 10, Gerald Taylor, Jacqueline McGee, Stacie Teaff and Chuck Williams all have birthdays.*****May 11, Pat Collins, Bobby Keeling, David Pitts and Scott Andes celebrate.*****Having birthdates on May 12 are Justin Roberts, Bridgett Boneaux and Sierra Allison.


May 6: Actor George Clooney, 59, Football player Jason Witten, 38, Rock singer Bob Seger, 75.*****May 7: Actors Bracken Meyer, 45, Betsy Rue, 41 and Alexander Ludwig, 28.*****May 8: Actors Stephen Amell, 39, Melissa Gilbert, 56 and Eyes Gabel, 37.*****May 9: Rock singer Billy Joel, 71, Actors Rosano Dawson, 41 and Cree Cicchino, 18.*****May 10: Rock singer Bono, 60, Actors Paige O’Hara, 64 and Lindsey Shaw, 31.*****May 11: Football player Cam Newton, 31, Actors Coby Bell, 45 and Pam Ferris, 71.*****May 12: Actors Emilio Esteves, 58, Kim Fields, 51 and Malin Ackerman, 42.


“Yo Yo” Comeaux went to a ladies store to buy his wife Edna Mae a birthday present. Da lady at da Abadala’s store say he should get her a nice nighty. Da sales lady tole him dey got dem in several fashions and colors and da young girl right dere can try dem on for him to choose. She try a pretty red one, den a half dozen more and finally a pretty, pure white one full of lace.

“Mais, she look like a young virgin,” Yo-Yo say, dats it, dats da one I want me.”

Da sales lady say, “Mr. Comeaux, she’s got one more to try on, den you can make up you mind.”

Da young girl come back wearing one dat is peach colored, same color as her skin, a see through dat look like she got nuttin on.

“My minds made up, Yo-Yo say, I want dat one.” Den he head straight home.

Dat night, he announced “Edna Mae, I got you a present for you sixty-turd birthday.”

She head straight to dat bashroom, she look in da mirror and say, “It looks like I’m wearing nuttin me. I’m going to fool dat Yo-Yo, and go back to dat bedroom plum naked. He won’t know da difference him.”

Wen she axe, “How you like it honey?”

Yo-Yo him, look real good and he say, “Babe, you should have pressed it first before you put it on.”



My friend of over 60 years, Essie Bellfield, celebrates her 88th birthday May 6. A native of Rayne, Louisiana, the Frog Capital of the World, Essie has made Orange her home for many years. It is the place she raised her two daughters, one now deceased. Essie, over the years, has been a crusader for her people, going back to “The Million Man March” for Martin Luther King. Essie however, has never been a radical. When she was elected as the first Black and first woman mayor of Orange she received as much support from the White community as the Black community. Essie has always attended more functions with Whites than almost anyone. She’s a special person. On a personal note I want to say how proud I am to have had her as a friend over the years. With love I extend to my friend Essie a very happy birthday. We were both so young those ages ago and are blessed to have made it to these “Senior Years.”*****My time is up, thanks for yours. Please stay healthy. Take care and God bless.


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