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Thoughts on Memorial Day


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Lawrence Trimm

As we pay tribute to all Veterans on this upcoming Memorial Day let's not forget we are loosing veteran's at a fast pace. This is a baker's dozen of World War II veterans gathered at Robert's Meat Market last November to celebrate the 98th birthday of Bridge City's Cedric Stout, a sailor in the U.S. Navy who survived the Japanese Attack on the Pear Harbor Naval Base on Dec. 7, 1941. From left, they are Millard Cox, Burdette Oldbury, J.D. Dixson, Lennie Benoit, Ruby Parks, John Pittman, Cedric Stout, J.B. Arrington, Tom Brooks, Ray Fontenot, Eugene Goudeau, Robert Rothrock, Athanase "Junior" Benoit. We just lost Tom Brooks this month.


Each time the virus takes a WWII Veteran we lose a part of history. These heroes are dying in nursing homes all over the country, with no loved ones at their side. June 6 will mark 76 years since D-Day. They went to war, some dying all alone, in a foreign place, and now they are dying away from home, again without anyone. With the Coronavirus disproportionately claiming the elderly, especially nursing home residents, this could accelerate the passing of those WWII Veterans. Those 16 million service people, men and women, are known as the "Greatest Generation" for their heroic exploits and sacrifice in a conflict that killed 409,317. Today, only about 300,000 WWII Veterans remain. A search of 170,000 obituaries published so far in 2020, has found almost 700 died from Covid-19. The tragedy of speeding up our loss of these great people is that when they go, we lose a part of history. What they went through is unimaginable to us today. Every year, over the past 10 years, the Wednesday Lunch Bunch has hosted many of the remaining Orange County WWII Veterans. Several have died during this time. This year we unfortunately won't get to gather with those great people. Many of those heroes are dying, like our friend Tom Brooks, two weeks ago, and not receiving gun firing, bugle playing or a flag being passed down to loved ones. I got to know most of those veterans over the years. I enjoyed being around them. Many had war stories about things that never again will happen in modern warfare. Since we can't gather this year, if you know a WWII Veteran, let them know how much they are appreciated and loved. Ten years from this Memorial Day, they will all be gone, heroes who have passed on into history like the last WWI soldiers of 1918.*****Come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


We were saddened to learn of the passing of Sharon Segura, age 69, on May 13. Funeral services were held Saturday, May 16, at First Baptist Church in Bridge City, the church she and husband Darrell served as longtime members. Sharon was a special lady, loved by everyone who knew her. The Segura's are salt-of-the-earth people. My condolences to Darrell, a lifelong friend, and his family. She's home now. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2010

It took both Orangefield and Bridge City three games to move up to the next playoff level. Orangefield defeated West Orange-Stark in game two and three. Chase Angelle was the winning pitcher in both and got two shutouts. Here I would like to mention what a great job the West Orange-Stark coaching staff has done with the baseball program. At one time WO-S was a baseball powerhouse but lately had seen some lean years. Coach Jessie Riojas has the Mustangs in a position to be a real factor in the future. ***Bridge City won game one against Huffman, lost game two and came back strongly to defeat the Falcons 7-4 in game three to win the Class 3-A Region III quarterfinals. Matt Hicks saw pitching service in game three after going all the way in game one. We had correctly predicted that Robinson and Jasper would win to advance. Orangefield will take on Robinson while B.C. faces Jasper, who is very much like Orangefield at the plate. They hit the ball well. Bridge City has the speed on the bases to beat anyone if they keep the ball on the ground and use the long ball when they need it. If both teams take care of business, B.C. and O.F. would meet in the Region III finals to advance to the Class 3-A state championship. It would be remarkable to have two neighbors competing for that opportunity. Much credit goes to Bobcat coach Jeff Bennett and Cardinal Coach Chad Landry. What a game that would be. *****Going almost unnoticed here by most people was the death of coach Willie Zapalac on May 17. Aggies and Longhorns alike gathered in Austin Saturday at Apostle Catholic Church for his burial service. It's hard for me to believe Willie was 89. I remember him as a big, strong guy. The last time I saw him was when he coached for Bum Phillips, with the Saints and attended a Bum Phillips Golf Tournament and Bob Hope celebration in Port Arthur. Several area people will remember him from that. Don Kachtik knew Willie way back in the 1950s when he was an assistant for Bear Bryant and Don was one of Bryant's "Junction Boys." Willie, who made Bellville famous, was captain of coach Norton's 1946 A&M team. Zavala, at Bellville High, was an All-Stater, who played in the Texas High School All Star game and in the Coaches All Star Oil Bowl game. Heavily recruited, he signed with Texas A&M where he played in 1941 and 1942. He became a bombardier in WWII, returned to play at A&M and the College All-Star game and the Texas Shrine game. After coaching in high school, he joined Bryant's staff from 1953 to 1960. That was when I first met this great guy. Many of you and especially Steve Worster will remember that Willie became line coach for Darrell Royal at Texas during the Worster heydays and national championship and the "Wishbone" era Willie developed special blocking assignments for. Orange native Bum Phillips, also father of Orange native and Dallas Cowboy Coach Wade Phillips, credits Zapalac as a high school coach in the '50s for influencing him. Bum says, "Willie was the one guy who taught me more about coaching, the way to coach, not just play. He taught me how to handle kids and how to organize practice. I can say without a doubt, Willie influenced my career more than anybody I was ever around." Zapalac left Texas after the 1975 season for the NFL, coaching with the Cardinals, Bills and Saints. When Bum and then Wade left the Saints in the 1980s, Willie retired. He's in the Texas High School Hall of Fame and the Texas A&M Athletics Hall of Fame. ***** We were sorry to hear about the death of Faye Linscomb, who passed away last week. We had known this nice lady over 40 years. Anyone who had ever known her will tell you this lady was all goodness.*****We made off pretty good the last couple of weeks. Jessie Domingue brought us hard-crust bread from Robbie's, in Abbeville. Glenn Oliver furnished us some special honey from a company a friend of his owns. We blended it with Mormon, handmade peanut butter, the best I've ever eaten, a gift from Judge Derry Dunn. Jiffy would be proud to put their name on that peanut butter but it's not for sale. Volunteers make it, along with jams and other products, and proceeds are given to the needy. A few weeks ago the judge and a host of folks put up 6,000 jars of peanut butter in six hours. *****Speaking of eating, last week Johnny Montagne hosted a fish fry for Lamar football Coach Ray Woodard and his coaching staff. Woodard said that half of his starters are from this area and his starting quarterback is from West Orange-Stark. The coaches feel real good about the team they will field when the first season of football returns to Lamar in September. *****One nice guy I visited with is Sheriff Mitch Woods. I have known his dad "Shorty" for many years. Mitch says it was his dad who helped him decide not to take the United States Marshal position. Sheriff Wood is one of the most down to earth guys you could ever hope to meet. *****Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer. Twenty percent of people who get lung cancer never smoked. Research has found that a tablespoon of peanut butter a day can possibly lower the risk of cancer in nonsmokers who get a lot of Vitamin E from peanut butter, nuts and seeds. They have also found that whole kernel or on-the-cob corn diminishes plaque buildup in artery walls and helps to fight aging. *****Shipley Donuts have broken ground near MacArthur Circle (old Pines Motel location) to open a new doughnut shop. ***** Congrats to the Bridge City Historical Commission. The Swing Bridge over Cow Bayou is now listed on the National Register of Historical Places. It's the bridge that built the Bridge City School District. The merging of Prairie View and Winfree districts could not have happened without the bridge. Today, the BCISD is the lifeblood of the community – and its largest employer.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2010

Jackie L. Miller, 74, of Orange, died Saturday, May 22. Funeral services were held Tuesday, May 25. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Miller; son, Jackie Glenn Miller; granddaughter, Jacklyn Carraway; great-granddaughter, Addison Carraway; and stepdaughter, Mary Ellen Raley. *****Gloria "Miss Cody" Rayburn Venable, 78, of Orange, died Saturday, May 22. Funeral services were Wednesday, May 26. She is survived by her husband, J.R. Venable; son, Jimmy Rayburn; daughter, Tanya Rayburn Brindle and four grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1980

James Middlebrooks, drafting instructor at Lamar Orange, was presented "Favorite Teacher" plaque for the 1979-80 school year. He and wife Mary Nell live in Bridge City. *****Heritage Center apartments host ground-breaking ceremony. Glenn Oliver and Maurine Briggs, shovel in hand, spade first ground. Others in attendance were State Rep. Wayne Peveto, Rev. Clarence Breaux, Beverly Matsouka, Essie McDonald, Rev. Preston Barrett, Orange Mayor Major Inman Jr., Rev. David Berkheimer, Jim Graves and 95-year-old Jim McKay. *****Bridge City students graduating in Lamar Spring ceremonies with four-year degrees are Kim Daniels, Susan Scales, Jack Stout, James Talbot, Tracie Updike, George Durling, Elizabeth Chandler and Cynthia Carter. Candidates for two-year degrees were Paul Kelly, Frank Laudano, Melissa Harmon, Cynthia Soileau, Dianna Ketterman Broussard and Carolyn White Dixon. *****Bridge City Biology II class toured the anatomy lab at UT Medical Branch of Galveston. Attending were Lori Broussard, Liz Godwin, Barbara Hryhorchuk, Joe Hargrave, Pat Meeks, Brenda Braquet. (Editor's note: I remember when the last two were an item. Brenda now is a retired CPA, married to Scott Wilber. They have two boys, two grandkids, lots of oil and live in Hampshire.)*****B.C. senior Mark Kelly advances to the state track meet. He took second in high jump in 3AAA Regionals with a 6.5 and second in the 110 hurdles with 14.27. (Up date: Mark Kelly won the gold medal is the state championship in 110 high hurdles, clocking 14.0. The only other time Bridge City won a state track gold medal was in 1974 when Raymond "Bubba" Ridley won the pole-vaulting championship. Bradley Peveto won the state championship in 2-AA in the 800-meter for Orangefield.)***** Mrs. Billy Burgess, featured in the Opportunity Valley News' lead story on Mother's Day, May 14, 1980 in an article titled 'Take Time for Hobbies.' "People are happiest doing what they love to do," says Ms. Burgess. "Every person has a talent; it's up to them to develop that talent." Bubbling with vitality at age 59, Burgess makes her hobby an almost full-time activity. Everyday she works on original patterns for stuffed animals, pillows and other creations. At Easter, she had 50 hens in a basket. At Christmas, Santa's were everywhere, disguised in potato chip cans. She makes dolls, dressed in removable clothing so children can learn how to dress and undress, button and unbutton. "When I want something, I make it," says Burgess. (Editor's note: Ms. Pearl passed away a few years ago at age 95.)


Jane Dunn had a most unusual episode last week. She was scheduled for shoulder surgery when she was given a pre-surgery Colvid-19 test. Her blood indicated she had the virus. The surgery was off. Next she was contacted by the Health Department, wanting the names of everyone she had been in contact with, even how often she had hugged Derry. She was instructed to inform everyone she had been in contact with of her test results. She felt bad about it but it wasn't her fault. Next she and Derry were told to go to Jefferson County Airport for a nasal test. Both had the test. She says they poked a stick all the way to their brain stems. The test proved that she didn't have Coronavirus. That was a real blessing. The hospital test had given a false reading. She will try the operation again on May 28. A real scare, a lot of trouble, a couple of sleepless nights, but all is well that ends well. Good luck with the second surgery.


We were sorry to learn that everyone's friend, former Texas game warden, "Big Mike" Keeney, who worked this area for a number of years, has been fighting cancer. He has been sent home and is being cared for by Hospice. He and his wife Hayle often visited the Lunch Bunch. Our prayers are with these great folks. *****Our friend Neighbor Cox is being treated well at the nursing home where he is committed for therapy for his broken neck. The brace is uncomfortable and the workouts hard. Besides not being able to see his family, he is doing okay and looking forward to the day he can come home.*****I had a phone visit with longtime friend Danny Brack, who has been in self-isolation at home with wife Sherry. He has worked all of his life and misses his regular routine. He has no idea when the grocery business will get back to normal. Product

is hard to get, plus the cost to the retailer has gone up drastically. Danny says he is concerned about his 94-year-old mother who is in failing health. He says it breaks his heart for her to be so sick. These are not very good times for anyone needing medical care. *****I hear through the grapevine that many sheriff employees have left their post. Some anticipated being released and are seeking other jobs. Some are just wanting out of Dodge. Chief Deputy John Tarver, FBI graduate, who has worked for three sheriff's, was former police chief of Bridge City and has spend a lifetime in law enforcement, is expected to retire by June 1. Keith Merritt may decide it is time to move on before his term is up. It's a long transition period that divides the department, some will be let go while others will be promoted. *****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. May 20: Ms. Phyl and Roy's youngest and only daughter, Karen Dunn Gros, celebrates today. She shares this day with Cher, who turns 74.*****May 21: A lady we have known many years, June Gregory, celebrates today, also Babette Philpott, Bill Pope and Ricky Land.*****May 22: Margaret Toal celebrates today. She and Amelia Feathers both worked at this paper and both did great work. Writing is Margaret's long suit. Amelia died several years ago. *****May 23: Jody and Beverly's youngest, Billy Raymer, celebrates today. Our buddy over many years, Amanda Uzzle, has another birthday. Also a lucky guy, rescued from a fire as a baby, Justin Trahan, celebrates today. On this day in 1934, Bonnie and Clyde were shot down and killed in Louisiana's Bienville Parish. *****May 24: The twins Joey and Rusty Williams celebrate on this day. They share a birthday with Bob Dylan, who turns 79. *****May 25: Jo Lynn Harris has a birthday, as does Mark Philpott, who also marks him and Barbette's 30th anniversary. Today is also Memorial Day. *****May 26: Happy Birthday to Barbara Olson, a very special lady.


May 20: Celebrating this day are David Jones, Pat Bland and Lucie Rucker. *****May 21: Leah Chapman, James Braus, Gary Fontenot.*****May 22: Jackie Tate, Lauren Parrish, Bailey McCurry and Gary Hollingsworth.*****May 23: John Hanes, Tracy Davis and Louis Purifoy.*****May 24: Lance Faulkner, Nelson Derrick, Jack James and Fran Bullard.*****May 25: Judy Duncan, Sheryl Frazier and Archie McLellan.*****May 26: George Ragsdale, Dylan Maas, Logan New and Willamette Reynolds.


May 20: Cher, 74, Pop Singer; Tony Stewart,  49,  Race Car Driver; Ted Allen,  55,  TV Show Host.*****May 21: Mr. T,  68,  Actor; Hutch Dano,  28, Actor; Kevin Quinn, 23,  Actor.*****May 22: Daniel Bryan,  39, Wrestler: Naomi Campbell,  50,  Model: Johnny Gill, 54,  R&B Singer: Maggie Q,  41,  Actress.*****May 23: Jewel,  46,  Pop Singer; Drew Carey,  62,  Game Show Host: Joan Collins,  87, Actress.*****May 24: Bob Dylan,  79,  Folk Singer; Pattie LaBelle,  76,  Pop Singer; Priscilla Presley,  75,  Actress; Tommy Chong,  82,  Actor. May 25: Roman Reigns,  35,  Wrestler; Anne Heche,  51,  Actress; Mike Myers,  57,  Actor: Alberto Del Rio,  43, and  Bo Dallas,  30,  Wrestlers. May 26: Stevie Nicks, 72, Rock Singer; Hank Williams Jr.,  71, Country Singer; Lenny Kravitz,  56, Funk Singer; Pam Grier,  71,  Movie Actress.


Alphonse Thibodeaux him, was riding along by one dem new plants wat dey built along da Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, wen his car, it jus shut down. Thibodeaux him, he walk to one dem big shops. He see da mechanic, wat is working on some heavy equipment and he say, "My name is Thibodeaux, from Breaux Bridge and my car, it quit.

Da mechanic, a Cajun from Mamou, him, say, "We don't work on automobiles.

Thibodeaux axe if he could use his phone.

"Yeah, it's rat dere on da desk."

Thibodeaux pick up dat phone and it got seven buttons. He figure dey must got a switchboard. He axe dat mechanic, "My friend, how you get outside hanh?"

Dat Cajun mechanic say, "Me, I use dat door rat back dere."



Trump has been pushing the drug Hydroxychloroquine for months. Our government bought and stockpiled 28 million doses. Doctors have said the drug doesn't work on Coronavirus patients, in fact more died after taking it. Its biggest danger is it causes heart problems. In order to promote the drug Trump says he is taking it daily. Trump has trouble telling the truth so he might be taking it but most likely not. That's going to extremes to promote a drug. Someone has a lot of stock in that company. People around Trump say they are concerned about his mental state. He will say anything to change the subject. This might be another Trump hoax. What is real is that he's trying to get people to buy and use it. Anyone in their right mind shouldn't believe Trump when he says, "What have you got to lose?" It's reckless and dangerous that's what, plus it can kill you.*****My time is up. Thanks for yours. I'm feeling much better. Happy Memorial Day to all veterans. Stay safe. God bless.


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