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Last updated 7/14/2020 at 7:51pm


The Center of Disease Control and Prevention has added four Coronavirus symptoms, congestion, running nose, nausea and diarrhea to list. The CDC previously said symptoms include chills, fever, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell. The federal health agency warns that symptoms could appear two to 14 days after exposure, mostly four or five days. Individuals with Covid-19 may be most contagious one or two days before symptoms appear. Older adults and people who have underlying medical conditions have a higher risk for developing more serious complications and life threatening chances of getting severely ill. That’s one reason I’m staying close to the house. I’m in the highest risk. I miss getting out with my friends, I miss going to work and boy am I ready to live normally again. I fear that won’t be anytime soon. If school opens I wonder about how much spike that will bring. Boy, that’s a double edged sword. *****I’ve got to move on. Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Donald J. Trump may be the biggest RINO, (Republican in name only), of all time. No record can be found that Trump ever voted in a Republican Primary. His grown children had never voted before they voted for their dad, making the family a herd of Reno’s. During this year of crises and sinking poll numbers, Trump has become consumed with deflecting blame for the virus response and fueling the culture wars. The president can’t even articulate a second-term agenda when asked. “He’s causing a brand problem for Republicans,” former Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich told CNN last week. “That base he has, the edges of that base are beginning to fray, it’s getting smaller and smaller.” After vowing to “drain the swamp” in Washington, Trump has presided over a cesspool of cronyism and corruption. Late Friday, he commuted the prison sentence of longtime friend Roger Stone, who had been convicted of seven felonies. In reaction to this blatant abuse of presidential clemency power Sen. Mitt Rommey, R-Utah, called it “unprecedented, historic corruption.” Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., said it was a “mistake.” As expected, the usual silence came from Trump’s GOP enablers. Republican senators had the chance to rid themselves and the nation of Trump’s millstone at the impeachment trial this year, but only Rommey voted to convict and remove. Now their fortunes are tied to Trump’s, even as the president recklessly tacks in a direction most of the nation doesn’t want to go. There’s a growing number of GOP figures publicly declaring they won’t vote for Trump, (Mitt Rommey, John Bolton and Carly Florina). Contemplating as much (Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush and Cindy McCain). A small but vehement group of Republican “Never Trumpers” has banded together to launch caustic anti-Trump ads. Today’s GOP is more like a cult of personality. On issue after issue Trump is out of sync with public sentiment and the Republican Party’s traditional values.


10 Years Ago-2010

On a motion made by Orange County port board member John Young, and seconded by “Buckshot” Winfree prior to his death, Jerry Hughes was elected president of the Port Board to replace Winfree. It was “Buckshot’s” wish that Jerry be chosen as president. On Monday the board appointed Barbara Winfree to replace her late husband on the port board. A great choice for several reasons, one is that after 25 years, she is familiar with the workings of the Port. The former schoolteacher is smart and has a keen interest in the continued success of our Orange County port. Her appointment is a history-making event. When sworn-in she will be the first female ever to serve on the board and that is a good thing. Lester Winfree had about two years left in his tenure. ***** With the cap in place attention turns to the oil that has seeped in the Gulf. Facing the skimmers are more than 90 million gallons. The deepwater Horizon rig exploded April 20 and later sank sparking the largest oil spill in United States history. ***** Last Saturday Al Granger celebrated AutoMart’s 30-year anniversary. He treated the folks to great music by Britt Godwin and Brad Brinkley, served up great links, drinks and gave away many prizes. Al even got to meet Neighbor Cox. He said he did not realize Cox was a real live character; he thought he was just a fictitious person. Virgie Moreland and hubby Larry enjoyed the festivities as was Juanita Smith and Ed. There also was Van Choate, who knew almost everyone there, tried not to eat up all the goodies. ***** Butch Herman turned 84 Saturday. He and Bertie’s son, Brandal, came in from Hawaii to be with his dad on his birthday. Also Aaron Block, from Orangefield, called from Hawaii. Daughter Brenda spent the day with her dad. *****Other special folks celebrating this week. Jeff Anderson and our writer Von Broussard are a year older. Happy birthday also to Ryan Kimbrough.*****Patsy Peck is taking reservations for a very special tour to Boston.***** Russell and Mary Dillow, after being gone from Orange County several years, are returning to go into business. *****We were sorry to hear about the death of Mary Gray, 91, on July 15. Services were Sunday, July 18. I remember Mary way back in the 1960s when she and Iva Holts, Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Burgess fished almost daily. Sometimes their boat broke down and had to be retrieved from the bayous off of Sabine Lake. Sometimes planes had to locate them. That was before cell phones. Mary was married to Marshall Gray until his death. ***** A few years ago Nova Dee Strickland had a burglary at her home. She suspected someone and told the folks at Sheriff Mike White’s office but no arrest was made. Last week, the current sheriff’s office called to say they had arrested the man she had fingered years ago. That made her happy. She didn’t get her stuff back however. ***** We visited with Ray Cotton and Coleman Peveto last week at the Longhorn. Those old cowboys are really looking forward to the rodeo and show this Saturday night, July 24. Mark Chesnutt will entertain in the Longhorn Entertainment Complex following the bull challenge. *****Local boy Brandon Hodge, a 1998 Little Cypress-Mauriceville grad, does well in the candy business. USA Today has named his place “Big Top Candy Shop” on Congress in Austin as the No. 1 candy store in the country. I’m told by folks who visited the store that Chef Keens cooks up the world’s best chocolate in a large variety of ways. Friends say old classmates might not recognize Brandon with his long handlebar mustache. Monday night Brandon’s candy shop was featured on the Food Network’s “Kid in the Candy Store” series. 


10 Years Ago-2010

Mary Owens Gray, 91, of Orange died Thursday, July 15. Funeral services were Sunday, July 18. Mary was a nurse and a member of First Baptist Church of Orange and the Dupont Retirees Group. Mary was preceded in death by her husband, Marshall Gray, and is survived by numerous nieces and nephews. ***** Kathy Williams Primm, 58, of Orange died Saturday, July 17. Funeral services were held Tuesday, July 20. Kathy worked as a registered nurse at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont. Kathy is survived by her husband, Reginald Primm; father, Lewis H. “Willie” Williams; stepmother, Nadine Williams; sons, Rob Primm and Chad Primm; grandchildren, Morgan and Pepper Primm, Hannah and Drue Primm and brother, Bill Williams.***** Ruth M. Christian, 84, passed away on Friday, July 16. Her great joy in life was owning and operating “Ruth’s Café” for more than 45 years. She was well known for her big beautiful hats, which she loved to wear. She loved to go gambling. She is survived by her daughters, Darlene Wilson, Betty “Tootsie” Hryhorchuk; son, Ellis “Tiger” Shoemake; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1980

Staudt’s Jewelry celebrates 43 years in business. For many years the store was in downtown Orange.*****Prejean Brothers Tire and Wheel Center, 1213 16th. St. – sells Michelin and Dayton tires. *****Rev. W.E. Gamblin, a minister for 50 years, is honored on his 68th birthday. The ceremony took place at First United Pentecostal Church on Edgar Brown Drive. He has been church pastor 18 years. For 55 years the church was at 801 Border St. A native of Mississippi, Gamblin founded the First Pentecostal Church in Jackson, MS., and served as its pastor. Orange Mayor Major Inman presented Gamblin with a proclamation. *****Rehearsals are underway for the musical “Annie Get Your Gun.” Thanks to Jeanne Wood, Bridge City High drama coach, who hustled a group of her talented students to Orange for parts including Beth McCurry, Laura Smith and Robert Freeman.*****Happy birthday to Richard Turkel, who celebrated Saturday, July 19.*****Essie Peveto turns 70 on July 23.*****Happy birthdays also to Jan Courlyo, Randy Arnaud, Lewis Gay and Nina Hardin. Good folks to know in Bridge City; Bill Townes, Bobby Smitherman, Kenny Dupuis, Edna Lusignan, Bubba Hubbard, Dot Eshbach, Dick Bevins, Frank Boren, Ed Cone, Bill Goodwin and Larry Ward.*****The Avon Lady, Hallie Prejean, was injured in an auto accident. She is in Orange Memorial Hospital. Among her injuries and what hurts most is her broken nose.*****Gerland’s Food Fair, 2270 MacArthur Drive, has Folger’s Coffee, pound can, $2.69; Michelob Beer, 6 pack, $1.88; Chuck Roast, $1.18 pound. (Editor’s note: Do you remember that store?)*****The Bar-B-Que King is at 1725 N. 16th St. ***House of Vacs is at 2013 Western Ave. ***Bill’s Discount Furniture is at 301 Border St. ***The Korner is at 1980 Texas Ave. in Bridge City. ***Morrow’s Appliance is located at 206 Border. ***Meredith Tailors is at 409 N. 3rd St. ***Patton Power located on Texas 87 in BC***Sportsman’s Shop is at 2500 MacArthur. (Editor’s note: None exist today.)*****Salesmen at Wickersham are Theo Huff, Paul Skinner, Ralf Mims, N.J. Lee, Bob LeGrone, Sunye Bramton, Steve Thurman and Leo LaBouve.


Wilson Roberts has had a long, colorful life in law enforcement. The first Bridge City Police Chief has also served as a chief in other towns. He has been a deputy sheriff, district attorney investigator, state fire marshal, etc. I recall when he and Texas Ranger Winston Paggett used my house boat in the largest drug bust in the state. At the time drugs were run from Cow Bayou to North Texas. Piggott once used Wilson’s gun to kill a convict who held hostages for days trying to escape from a Huntsville penitentiary. It’s was a big story. Through all those years Wilson has been in some tight spots but was never trapped until now. Last week his little truck stalled in a Bridge City car wash and he couldn’t get it out. Bridge City police Chief Paul Davis came to his rescue. He sent a wrecker with a long cable to get the truck out and get it to Roccafort’s Auto Shop. They got the truck back on the road. That’s how the first police chief was rescued from a car wash by former DPS major and present BC chief. Wilson Roberts’ badges and history can be viewed at the Bridge City Police Station. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. July 15: Some good folks sharing birthdays. A good guy, the youngest of the Harmon boys, Tommy Harmon celebrated. His brothers Corky, Jackie and Don are now gone.***Dee’s better half, Mayor David’s older brother Calvin Rutledge celebrates.***Mayor Larry Spears, Jr., has a birthday.***Also David’s longtime wife, Bill Stringer’s little beauty, Peggy Claybar celebrates.***Pretty Melissa Eshbach and Mark Grazzaffi have birthdays.*****July 16: Retired school teacher Carlis Reed Roy celebrates today as does our buddy, longtime auto sales executive Preston Fuller.*****July 17: One of the toughest women I’ve ever known, Edee Pratt, celebrates today. Hope she is doing okay. We haven’t heard from her in a long time. ***Also Happy Birthday to Daniel Eaves. *****July 18: Former city manager Don Fields celebrates today. *****July 19: Happy 79th birthday to James McCorvy. ***Our buddy, one of the Scales girls, Pam Honeycutt, celebrates. ***Dr. Turkel’s other half Richard celebrates as does Robin Thibodeaux. *****July 20: Celebrating on this day also are Carrie Hunt and Rebecca Toal. The first moon landing took place on this day in 1969. *****July 21: Happy Birthday to Todd Hurst and Danika Duboise. ***On this day in 2009 our friend Cal Broussard died. *****Thanks to Bud for picking us some more fresh figs. Sue and Tommy Simar dropped them off at the office. *****Port Commissioner Carroll Holt dropped off a jar of his own fig preserves. His own recipe is different but very good. Carroll has a hobby that no one else I know has. He makes vanilla from the bean. The product is pure. You can’t buy pure extracted vanilla in the store. It says it is but read the ingredients, water is added. One bean cost about $5.*****I got a great surprise last weekend thanks to Renee Dillon, who gave me a dozen fresh duck eggs. I love duck eggs but very seldom can get them. Thanks to Evelyn Brandon who helped make my gift possible. *****I had a nice visit with Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte. I was surprised to learn he is as Cajun as I am. His 94-year-old mother is full blooded Cajun. With the last name of Landry, she was raised in Erath in Vermilion Parish. She has good Cajun genes and gets along fine, better than younger folks. I would have bet $100 Roccaforte was all Italian.*****Elvis Presley’s grandson, Benjamin Keough, 27, died of self inflicted gunshot wounds last weekend. He was the son of Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis and Pricilla Presley. She is the mother of actress Riley Keough and 11-year-old twins. *****Judge allows Mary Trump’s book to be released. The tell all book went on sale Tuesday. Donald Trump’s niece reveals back stabbing, lifelong trauma. It’s a playbook for the average soap opera episode. Mary Trump paints a portrait of a strange and irrevocable damaged family shaped by the Trump patriarch, Fred Trump, who ruled with an iron fist under a dark oppressive cloud of psychological and emotional abuse. “Too Much and Never Enough” is rife with toe-curling cruelty. When Mary was 29 she was hired briefly to write Donald’s new book. That didn’t last. The family apparently was not people of faith. The book is already a number one best seller.


A special belated birthday wish to Robert Stevens who celebrated July 13. *****Celebrating birthdays this week are Melissa Darbonne, BJ Graham, Phil Dickman, Mary Dorsey, Deborah Ashcraft, Don Hightower, Cheryl Richard Cynthia Chataignier, Matthew McKinney, Marion Whittle, Dorothy Hagy, Amanda Stephson, Megan Stephson, Summer Stephson, Amiel Leleux, Joel Bourdier and Patricia Tamplim.


July 15: Gabriel Iglesias  44,  Comedian; Forest Whitaker  59,  Movie Actor; Brigitte Nielsen  57,  Movie Actress; July 16 Will Ferrell  52,  Movie Actor; Corey Feldman  49,  Movie Actor; Barry Sanders  52,  Football Player; July 17 Luke Bryan  44,  Country Singer; David Hasselhoff  68,  Actor; Donald Sutherland  84,  Movie Actor; Camilla Parker Bowles  73,  Duchess; July 18 Vin Diesel  52,  Movie Actor; Kristen Bell  39,  TV Actress; Wendy Williams  56, TV Show Host; July 19 Tim Foust  39, Country Singer; Jon Jones  32  MMA Fighter; Benedict Cumberbatch  44,  Movie Actor; Jared Padalecki  38,  TV Actor; July 20 Julianne Hough  32,  Dancer; Sandra Oh  49,  TV Actor; Carlos Santana  73,  Guitarist; July 21 Cat Stevens  72,  Folk Singer; Juno Temple  31,  Movie Actress; DeAndre Jordan  32,  Basketball Player. 


Anna Mae Broudreaux went to da dentist Dr. Alex Dartez. He notice dat she was looking very nervous her. Dr. Dartez, while putting on his gloves decided to tell her a little joke to relax her. He said, “Mrs. Broudreaux, do you know how dey make these gloves, hanh?”

“No,” she replied.

“Well, dere’s a building in China wit a big tank of latex and workers of all hand sizes dip dere hands in da tank. Den dey let dem dry, peel off the gloves and trow dem into boxes of da right size.”

Mrs. Broudreaux her didn’t crack a smile.

Doc him, said to hisself, “Oh well, I tried.”

Bout five minutes later, during da dental procedure, she bust out laughing.

“Wats so funny?” Doc Dartez axe.

“Well, me I was just picturing how condoms are made.”




Coronavirus is like a thief in the night, you can’t see it or realize which direction it comes from. It looms around the corner and attacks the unexpected. Most every victim of the virus I spoke with had no idea where their attack came from. One thing I did learn is that the virus comes in different grades. When Constable Brad Frye and his wife, Sandy, both contacted the virus, Sandy had high fever and was very sick, while Brad had low-grade temperature. Both were tested with the nose swab. Results showed negative and then a different test proved what they already knew, they were sick. I believe their test results took around six days. Brad says he was already feeling better when results came back. His wife, like Judge Gothia, had bad headaches, Brad didn’t. One thing Constable Frye cautioned about is that this illness is real and everyone should practice precautions. You can’t be careful enough he says. I understand that Judge Chris Jenkins is in quarantine because his father has been ill with the virus. I am still convinced it is air-borne but could be on anything. Meanwhile, wear a mask, you may have it and not know it for several days and could be spreading it. Wash hands often. Everyone touches their faces. There is a lot more of the disease around here at home than anyone realizes. Some people won’t get very sick just know they don’t feel right, while others are far worse. If a person is old, with an immune system that is comprised, it could be fatal. Younger people should really take caution about getting around elderly people. I fear it will get worse before the turn-around. Go about your travels but just be very cautious and considerate of others. If everyone plays be the rules it will go away. That’s been proven. Texas was persuaded to open too early for political reasons and it has proven very costly. The states that listened to the scientist have fared better than those who listened to the politicians and Washington leadership. *****Follow the rules, take care and God bless.


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