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I understand this column is running on our website, The last week of August has brought not one but two hurricanes in the Gulf. The first and smallest storm, Marco, is not expected to bring high winds but promises some rain. Our worry is the second larger storm, Laura, which is right in our gun sight. As I write this it is difficult to determine the damage. It is a hard decision to stay or go. If Laura comes in east of Orange County, we could fare pretty well. However, anywhere to the west of us is real bad news. Laura is due to make landfall at 1:00 A.M. Thursday morning so by sunset Wednesday evening we have to be on the road or hunkered down and praying for the best. A lot of damage could be in its wake. No doubt electric power could be off for some three day to a week. My biggest concern is storm surge and I can't get a definite answer from any source. We could be in deep trouble if we choose to ride it out and the surge exceeds 10-feet. I'm running into the last hours to get comfortable or get up and go.*****Meanwhile, a lot has been going on the last few days around the nation. Last week I was impressed with the Democratic convention because of all the moving parts covering the nation all at once. Presidential nominee Joe Biden impressed a lot of people. I wasn't surprised, in my lifetime no one has ever run for president who has more experience, qualifications or is better to serve in these trying times. Monday, the Republicans started their convention. They have plenty to defend as the country hits 178,000 deaths from covid-19 and projected to reach 300,000 by years end. If you like politics and you still have electric power; it should be entertaining, at least good showmanship.*****I have to move on. Come along, it won't do you no harm.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Ginger Ann Gunter, age 67, a longtime Bridge City resident and owner of Ginger and Company hair salon. She passed away August 18 at her home. A memorial gathering will be held Saturday, August 29, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange, from 2:00 P. M. to 5:00 P.M. Ginger was a lovely lady with a smile for everyone. Our condolences to her family and many friends. She's a great loss to anyone who knew her.


10 Years Ago-2010


Oail Andrew "Bum" Phillips, born on John Street in Orange, Sept. 29, 1923, has written his life story. He became Orange County's most famous native.  The book, "Bum Phillips, Cowboy, Coach, Christian" is now on sale. Coach Phillips, in the first chapter, relives his days in Orange, the city he proudly claims as home. Jim Nantz, Emmy award winner at CBS Sport's says, "We can all learn from him and his remarkable life." Mike Barber, former Oiler tight end, says, "When you read this book it's like being on the sideline with Bum, who coaches you up as only he can do. I love the book and you will too." Dan Pastorini, Oiler quarterback, says, "I was honored to have shared my life with him." Dr. John Bisagno, pastor emeritus, Houston's First Baptist Church, says about the book, "Bum's book blew me away. I'm still floored with the Bum I never knew. They just have to make this into a movie. It will leave you in awe of the real Coach Phillips. Three words will impact you forever, The Lord, love and legacy. It's much, much more than just one great read. Bum's book blew me away." Dodie Osteen, co-founder of Houston's Lakewood Church, says, "Bum's book will be a blessing to you. To me, his greatest accomplishment is the fact that he found the Lord Jesus as his savior at age 76. Bum's still has relatives in Orange County. His son, Wade Phillips, is also an Orange native. Those two Phillips boys make Orange County proud. Bum attended Anderson school and gives a great description of the school. It was the first school he attended. Now unfortunately, for the first time in 100 years, due to progress, the halls of Anderson will be empty. (Editor's note: I still believe 1442 at I-10 should be named the "Bum and Wade Phillips Highway." Over the years it would be seen by millions of travelers who would know they are Orange County natives. Long overdue.*****The beautiful woman I knew, at age 23, lived to be 73. Bobbie Jean Stakes died Friday, August 27. Services were held this Monday, Aug. 30. We will always remember this special lady. Our condolence to Calvin and his family. She will be missed dearly. She was the rock and the glue that kept everything together. We are proud to have known her. She's joined her young daughter Terrie and the great family members she came from. May she rest in peace. (Editors note: Since then Calvin has also passed away.)***** Happy anniversary to Tony and Karen Fuselier on Sept. 1. Those two great Cajuns are celebrating their 21st. (Editor's note: Since then Tony has died.)***Sprad and Margaret Spradling celebrate their 60th anniversary on Sept. 2. That lady is bound for Heaven. Sprad says a good thing about being married so long is you don't care where your wife goes as long as you don't have to go along. (Editor's note: They are now both gone.)***Pauline and Claude Wimberly will mark 56 years of marriage on Sept. 4. (Editor's note: Karen and Pauline are the only two still living.) ***Belated happy birthday to our buddy Donna Scales, who celebrated last Thursday, Aug. 26, after a day at Houston hospital Wednesday.***Some special folks we know celebrating birthdays in the coming week are Mayor T.W. Permenter, of Pinehurst, married to the lovely Lyndia for 50 years, marks another birthday Sept. 3. ***Cody Knight is a year older. We knew the coach when he was just a puppy.***Randy Godsy also celebrates this week.***On Sept. 6, Sheriff Keith Merritt marks number 59. He doesn't look old enough to be a great-grandfather but he is. Wife Marlene had a birthday a few days ago. I wonder who's the oldest?***Happy birthday to Gerald LeLeux, one great guy, married to our Penny, marks his special day on Sept. 7.*****On television Sunday rookie Earl Thomas, of Orange, burst on the national scene with an interception of Brett Farve. Like a flash he returned it for an 86-yard touchdown for Seattle, their only score. Minnesota won the game but Earl's pick-off made the "Play of the Day." The hard-hitting safety is another Orange County star that shines. (Editor's note: Today Earl is out of a job after being cut by Baltimore.) *****In high school football last Friday all Orange County schools won with the exception of Vidor who played very well against Texarkana but lost by one point.***West Orange Stark shocked Mid-County with a big win over Nederland 40 to 19.***Bridge City was just too much for Shepherd but Coach Stump got to gain some valuable insight into his team and he liked what he saw. Final score was B.C., 50, Shepherd, 0***Coach Huckabay was proud of the way his Orangefield Bobcats fought back to win over East Chambers, 21-20.*****Thursday night, LC-M looked like the Bears of old in a 24 to 14 defeat of Goose Creek. This looks to be a good year for the Bears.*****On a sad note we were sorry to learn of the death of Grace Mae Linder, 96, on Aug. 24. Services were held Saturday, Aug. 28.***** I'd hate to be in Roger Clemens shoes today charged with lying to congress. I hate that because I was a big fan and loved to watch him pitch. Looks to me with Andy going against him he's between a rock and a hard place.

45 Years Ago-1975

An ad run by Joe Burke in the Opportunity Valley News reads, "Land for Sale, $395 per acre, Little Cypress-Mauriceville School District, high and dry, financing available. Buy 10 acres and start your own farm." Not bad, a farm for just $3,950. (Editor's note: Today that property is like gold.)*****Bridge City Day will be Sept. 13. A parade will be held at 10 a.m. from the Junior High to the K.C. Hall. Festivities will be held all day at Hatton Elementary School. A dance begins at 8 p.m. Chairmen are Bobby Smitherman and Tim Lieby. Parade chairmen are Jimmie Hanson and Glenn Pearson. (Editor's note: I remember those fun times with auctions, food booths, arts and crafts booths and all kind of games.)*****A.D. Martin, is owner of Sav-On Carpet. *****Don McBride is owner of Don's Alternator. *****The Gulf States strike is in full force. Nails have been pulled from GSU company tires.*****Bridge City Police Chief Wilson Roberts has been slaughtering the red fish. During his time off he's been wetting a hook.*****Alvin Keown has purchased a new 45-foot boat. He named it the "Skipper." (Editor's note: I remember the Skipper and Alvin too. Some folks may not know but the multimillionaire was once Orange police chief. That's when Ace Amodeo was the jailer. Famous attorney Perry Foreman had to come to the rescue of Alvin, Uncle Henry and others. Ace wasn't involved. Amodeo, age 95, is the only one still living. He is in a Pinehurst nursing home and recalls the story and prisoner that was murdered. The murdered young man had been working for Roy Dunn at Pleasure Pier Island in Port Arthur. He built fences, stock barns and pens for the Shetland pony ride on the fairway at the amusement park. Dunn was just a kid himself.)*****Some of the BBB Gray Ladies at Orange Memorial Hospital are Jamie Swearinger, Gloria Swan and Pat Reed.*****Don and Muffins are splitting the blanket through mutual agreement. (Editor's note: I wonder what became of her and how her life turned out.)*****Dinner theater presents "Last of the Red Hot Lovers." Lowell Scribner plays the lead, Diana Hill, Paula Lee and Charlotte Smith play the female roles.*****Sarge Ledford, manager of Bonanza Sirloin Stockade, leaves this week. Sarge is retired from the Navy.*****The Bridge City Cardinals, under coach Andy Griffin, is favored to win the east zone 10-AAA championship. The Silsbee Tigers might be their undoing. Richard Slaydon is the Cardinal quarterback but it's the B.C. defense everyone is talking about because of size and speed. Silsbee coach is Stud McGallian. Artie Shankle and Derrick Shelton are their horses but they lack a proven quarterback.*****The Stark Tigers depends on quarterback Craig Couvillion and his favorite receiver Reginald Kelly.*****The West Orange Chiefs have the passing ability of Andre Robertson and the rushing of Lorrance Wills and Chris Ulery.*****Coach Ronnie Anderson, known throughout the state for his great baseball coaching, is the Chief's defensive coach.*****The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears, coached by Randall Dorsett, is depending on the talent of quarterback Clint Plant and receivers Rick Smith and Buney Seago.


A few folks we know who celebrate in the next few days. Our longtime friend who we haven't seen in a couple of years, Donna Scales, celebrates Aug. 26. I've enjoyed several of her great cakes. No one can build as good a dish as Donna.*****Aug. 27: Coach Frank Beauchamp, Stephanie Roberts and Peggy Larson celebrate their special day.*****Celebrating Aug. 28 is Barbie "Legs" Childress, Debbie Stark and Bobbie Brown.*****Aug. 29, finds our longtime buddy Glenda Dyer celebrating, also Inez's little princess, Lyle's better half, Janice Overman and everyone's friend Danny Cole is a year older.*****Aug. 30, a great guy, Mike Cedars celebrates. We hope retirement is serving him well.*****On Aug. 31, we wish a happy anniversary to great friends Rosalie and Judge Pat Clark. Best wishes for many more healthy years ahead.


Celebrating birthdays in the next few days are Jerry Mercer, Sheryl Guillory, Jaycie Dardeau, Charlie Broussard, Randy Elkins, Sierra Hutchison, Debbie Stark Theresa Wilson, Angie Jones, Rick Beaulieu, Wendy Fontenot, Blake Tally Judy Marsolan, Dotsie Robbins, Jonj Weidner, Patty Allred, Christi Harper, Dal Moreau, Dominic Nguyen, Dorene Scott, Mary Behnke, Paul Vandervoort, Ron Kincade, Buddy Cox, Jay Odom, Lauren Robertson, Paul Fournier, Cirginia White, Haley Aldridge and Pamela Layman.


President Donald Trump is calling on his supporters to not "buy" Goodyear Tires after reports that the company's zero tolerance policy doesn't allow employees to wear MEGA hats and other political affiliated slogans or material. "Get better tires for far less," Trump tweeted Wednesday. Goodyear is an old American company that has 60,000 employees. Trump is suggesting cheaper foreign tires.


Clovis Marceaux him was having an affair wit his secretary, Mavis Comeaux. One afternoon dey went to her place. Exhausted, dey fell asleep dem and woke up at 8 p.m. Clovis dressed real quick and told Mavis to take his shoes outside and rub dem in da grass and dirt.

When he got home his wife Clotile axe, "How come you late you?"

"Clotile, I can't lie to you, me and my secretary Mavis are having an affair and we fell asleep," Clovis answer.

Clotile her, looked down at his shoes and said, "You lying Cajun, you've been playing golf."


Voters yearn for opposite of Trump

Joe Biden accepted his party's nomination. He is the nominee because voters know he will not solicit foreign assistance in United States elections, exchange love letters with dictators, cripple the U.S. Postal Service to suppress votes or pay hush money to porn stars. Biden is a centrist, has been throughout his long career. He opposes "defunding" the police. He will be attacked for sometime having gaffs. Democrats need to display Trump's bloopers, from injecting disinfectants to calling Apple CEO Tim Cook, "Tim Apple." He has also said "kidney has a very special in the heart." Monday Trump showed up at the convention to thanks the delegates for re-nominating him and ended up bragging on himself for one hour of the short visit plus making false claims about mail-in voting. He's due to speak all four days. He seemed to be practicing for his grand finale speech Thursday evening. Meanwhile, adviser Kellyanne Conway announced she was getting out of the drama and going back to being a Mama. Trump's sister, Mary Trump Berry, former federal judge, didn't have any kind words to say about him. In fact, she had nothing good to say about him. On Monday, his former national security advisor John Bolton said, "I'm very clear of the view that Donald Trump is not competent to be president, he's not up to the job." Seventy-three other former GOP national security officials announced they would not vote for Trump again and would support Biden. Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon became the eighth Trump advisor to be indicted and charged with federal prosecution, along with three others, for skimming millions of dollars from the $25 million raised for Trump's border wall. Bannon posted $1.75 million in cash to secure a $5 million bond and was required to surrender his passport. The GOP senate intelligence committee came out with a seething report stating Trump's cabinet officials were conspiring with Russian spies. Trump has a lot to overcome. With this convention he's facing strong head winds.*****My time is up. Stay safe. We'll be back or hard copy next eek if we have power. God bless.


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