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Laura Brings Orange County Together

Recently many of us have been affected by hurricane Laura in both Louisiana and Texas. The hurricane has impacted many peoples everyday life. Schools are put on hold causing a problem in the schedule for sports and testing. People today still do not have power, running water, or a home. It is important for all of us to unite and help those who need it.

Lake Charles was hit the hardest in hurricane Laura. A large majority of people do not have homes. Places such as the grocery store and gas stations are closed because there is no electricity. Many families have to drive long distances just to get to a gas station, a restaurant, or a hotel with a bed they can sleep in. Families had to pack up their lives and relocate just to stay away from danger only to come back and find out you don’t have a home anymore. Think about those that were struggling to put food on the table in the first place and now having to rebuild a home. Think about those that might have lost a family member or a friend in this tragic hurricane. Think about those that didn’t have family or friends to evacuate with and are staying in a hotel room paying lots of money every night to have a place to sleep while their house in in ruins back home. Pray for those that do not have homes, those who have damage to their homes, those who have family in need, and those who have been there to support and help the families that do have damage.

With schools being put on hold, teachers and students schedules and year have been affected. Those that are doing online school may be affected more than those that go to school in person. If you don’t have electricity in your home, you are not able to do your school work. Teachers that have been affected now worry about work, their home, and their family. If you are a teacher whose home was destroyed, you may have to drive two hours just to get to where you are staying after school and to school each morning. As a community we need to unite together and help one another. Help your family, help your next door neighbor, help the people in the next neighborhood over, and help those that have to be alone during this. Donate supplies to organizations such as the Red Cross. Go to your local church and volunteer with clean up or helping distribute supplies. Maybe go around with cold drinks and sandwiches and hand them out to those who are working.

Our community is strong. We have gone through many tragic hurricanes and each time become stronger together. We are brought closer together to one another. We meet new people and make many new friends and allies. Going through a hurricane is draining and something that shouldn’t be wished upon anybody. However, having a community that supports each other truly does make it an easier process and so much more fun.


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