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Last updated 9/15/2020 at 8:30pm


In all of my years I can’t recall when life in our country was so chaotic. I look forward to the day when life returns to normal or somewhat normal. The norm has been stretched so far that I doubt it can ever truly be the same again. Less than 50 days before the presidential election and I can hardly wait. I have to make hay and I’m burning daylight. I’d best get going. You would do me proud if you came along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


John W. Henry, 87, passed away September 10, 2020. Funeral service was held Sunday, September 13, with graveside service at Forest Lawn Cemetery in West Orange. J.W. lived an interesting life. I had known him going back to 1947 when we were armature boxers, he in Texas, and me in Louisiana. Those were interesting matches. I was always glad I fought in a different class. I really got to be friends with him around 1952. His dad, John Henry, was a world champion rodeo star for many years. I got to know him when we published a story on this unique tough man. J.W. was also tough but he was a kind fellow who would help anyone. The former Marine, a boxing Golden Glove champion turned pro, later went into law enforcement, serving in several departments in the area. He was a special investigator for district attorney Sharon Bearden. I’m sure Bearden and Chief Wilson Roberts have a lot of J.W. stories. He created many stories. It would fill this page to tell them all. J.W. never got too far and often returned to his Lord’s work as an evangelist. As a member of Boilermaker Union, Local 187, I’ve heard many stories about his exploits from many of his retired friends and also from the late Rev. Leo Anderson. J.W. was a really colorful guy. Once as a deputy sheriff, they couldn’t reach him on his police radio for two days. When he showed up he was in deep trouble. He had followed a criminal case he was working on all the way to Dallas. He got his man, handcuffed him and checked him into the Orange County jail. He still got scolded and a weeks suspension. I’m thankful that our paths crossed. If you didn’t know “Kid” you missed a treat. Condolences to his family, J.W. “Kid” Henry is with Mildred, his wife and love of his life, along with his beloved family members who went before him. May this good man rest in peace. Please see obituary.


According to Bob Woodward’s new book Rage out this week, President Trump admitted engaging in wholesale public deception. The recorded conversations were made public on television outlets over the weekend. During phone chats in February and March, Trump, describing for Woodward, about the lethal transmission of the virus, “You just breath the air and it’s five times more deadly than the flu.” At the same time he was insisting in public statements that the disease is fleeting, “Today there are 15 cases and in a couple of days it will be down to zero.” It is one thing to urge calm in a crisis but Trump outright lied when told that this would be the worse health crisis since the pandemic of 1918 that killed 687,000 in the U.S. and 50 million world wide. He told the American people that it was a Hokes; it would soon go away, mysteriously just disappear. Meanwhile, people were dying, a number that by next weekend will reach 200,000. Studies have since shown that tens of thousands of citizen lives could have been saved if he had acted sooner. Where was his moral compass? He knew early on how easily the virus spread through the air. “Deadly Stuff” he told Woodward. Reporters covering Trump were reporting he was in denial. That wasn’t the case at all. He knew the truth, according to Woodward, at the beginning of the pandemic when the first cases in the country were reported. He was on a lying mission to protect his re-election. Former Defense Secretary, General “Mad Dog” Mattis, is quoted in Rage as saying, “The president fumbled response to a coronavirus pandemic that has killed 192,000 Americans.” Mattis has called Trump a buffoon; Secretary of State Rex Tillison called Trump, “A frigging moran; while former Chief of Staff, Four Star General, John Kelly, called him “An idiot, really crazy.” Goldberg had written in his book “Suckers and Losers,” that during a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, while standing next to Kelly over his son Robert’s grave, a U.S. Marine killed in combat in Afghanistan, Trump asked Kelly, “I don’t get it, what was in it for them?” Kelly saw it as reflective of Trump’s inability to comprehend the motivations of people who sacrifice for others. Trump told Woodward and reporters in his own defense last week that he downplayed the virus to avoid public panic. A lie only his mother could believe yet there are Trumper’s out there who will swallow it hook, line and sinker. His lying, that has lead to six and a half million cases in the Untied States, was all about getting re-elected. Trump was really more worried about panicking the stock market. The Dow Jones and the coronavirus threat might tarnish his economic argument for re-election. He keeps holding rallies that will lead to more deaths. This week he held an indoor rally with thousands not wearing mask. He insists that rally attendees sign affidavits stating they will not sue him or the RNC if they get sick or die. In June he held an indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma that led to the death of Herman Cain, former Republican presidential candidate. Trump bills himself as a war time president. Well, his leadership is leading to many casualties and many more citizens will die as the number climbs. We now know more than enough about Trump’s ability to handle his job and protect the nation. He has failed. He won’t change. It’s all about him. This country and Democracy can’t survive four more years.


10 Years Ago-2010

The Houston Texans looked impressive in a big win over Payton Manning and the Colts, 34 to 24. The Texans are picking up some Cowboy fans in this area. Three of Roy’s grandsons, Garrett and Collin Gros and Chris Menard attended the big win.***** Beginning Friday, after 5 p.m., the new, widened Ferry Drive in Bridge City will open to traffic. The traffic light at Roundbunch and Ferry will again be operational. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held for the opening of Ferry Drive on Friday, Sept. 17. *****Our buddy H.D. Pate got a new truck. The first thing he did was drive to Oklahoma alone to visit his older brother Judge Pat Pate. He didn’t stay long, he hates to be away from home. Boy, how time changes things, I recall when he had difficulty getting home. *****For many years, back in the 1960’s, Kountze News publisher Archie Fullingum was known as Southeast Texas’ best Mayhaw jelly maker. His talent was even talked about in the United States capital where congressmen made special request to visitors from Southeast Texas to send them a jar of Archie’s Mayhaw jelly. Today, even though I haven’t tasted it, I’m told there is a new “best maker” of Mayaw jelly. This may surprise you but longtime lawman John Tarver, who years ago got the recipe from his grandmother, is now the maker of unbeatable jelly. If John Harrington has done one good thing in his life, it’s that way back years ago he planted Mayhaw trees on Roundbunch Rd., next to the Chamber office. Today Bridge City could be the Mayhaw capital of Southeast Texas.***** Special folks we know having birthdays this week. Phyllis Dunn, affectionally known as Ms. Phyl around here, will celebrate her special day Sept. 16. She certainly has earned a good one. Best wishes.***Darlene Montagne celebrates on Sept. 17.***Celebrating also is John Clark, longtime newspaper man, retired but still very active in VFW. John has probably served the organization in every capacity.***Our longtime friend Bobby Cormier is having another birthday. We have known him since he was a pup. He’s quit counting and I bet he just wants it to be another day. Devra won’t let that happen.***A nice, kind lady Debra Gauthier celebrates this week.***Our longtime buddy, who we’ve known since he was in diapers, George Navarro, marks another year.***Even Mark Anderson is getting more gray in his hair as another birthday comes around.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2010

We were sorry to hear about the death of Dr. Jack Couvillion, 82, who died Sept. 8. Services were held Saturday, Sept. 11, at St. Mary. Dr. Couvillion practiced dentistry in Orange for over 50 years. He is survived by his wife Jane and a large family. Everyone liked the “Doc.” He was a fun guy who contributed a lot to the community. He will be missed. Many people have their own Dr. Couvillion stories. *****Rosemary Murphy, 81, of Bridge City died Sept. 7. Services were held Sept. 10. She and late husband Rip raised their family in Victory Gardens. They were very active in community happenings when the kids were growing up. Rosemary, who we had known 50 years, was a wonderful lady. Our condolences to her children and their families. Daughters, Marilyn, Marianne, sons, Randall, Michael and Brian have all moved away but will have great memories of growing up in Bridge City with their mom and dad. *****We were also sorry to learn of the death of Joseph Piazza, 76, who died Sept. 4. Services were held Saturday, Sept. 11. He was preceded in death by his wife Mary. He came from a large family, born and raised in Port Arthur; he was a longtime resident of Bridge City. He is survived by daughters, Mary Jo, Connie, son, Daryl and their families. May he rest in peace.*****Dr. Robert Ingram, 88, died Sept. 11. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, Sept. 15 at Claybar in Orange. To his wife Dorace and family we send our deepest sympathies. Dr. Ingram had a lot of friends here and served his patients well.

45 Years Ago-1975

Coach Jim Crossland, former Little Cypress-Mauriceville head coach, is offensive co-coordinator for West Texas State. WTS played and defeated the Lamar Cardinals Saturday night in Beaumont. Bryan Carr and Mike Fishback, both former Little Cypress-Mauriceville stars, played for West Texas State. Larry Spears, also on the team and former star for the West Orange Chiefs, didn’t see action due to injury. Coach Crossland says, “He’s one of the great ones. It’s a shame Orange County fans didn’t get to watch him. He’s a thrill to watch.”*****Millie Harper was presented a “Pooch Swing” by local jokester, service station owner Ed Bacon. Millie’s husband built a nice porch at their home and Joe Burke suggested it needed a special swing. Ed obliged by painting a big tire white, lettered “Pooch  Swing” on it hung with a big rope. Millie nicknamed “Tall Boy” by Ed, fits just right in the new tire swing.*****David Bergeron is marrying pretty Linda Fuller on Saturday.*****Bobby Hoosier celebrated a birthday last week.*****Vera Dolley is released from hospital after stomach reduction surgery.*****Pretty Kathy Roberts, daughter of Beverly and Wilson Roberts of Bridge City, is featured in Gunn Studio advertisement.*****The Bridge City Cards defeated SFA 26-0. Bridge City’s defense allowed only three first downs. Richard Slaydon and Co., featuring Charlie Warner and Tony Mulhollan, added the points.*****Stark High defeated Mt. Carmel, 13-3. Craig Couvillion, #15, threw a touchdown pass to Mark Bonin that was nullified because Couvillion was a foot over the line of scrimmage.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville ran all over Hardin Jefferson in a 36-14 victory. Rick Smith caught four touchdown passes.

70 Years Ago-1950

Odd Fellows win summer softball league. The trophy was presented by J.D. Peddy, Orange Recreation Director. Team members are Ezra Gorden, John Garzia, Glendon Seales, Dick Obanion, Joe Snider, Doug Smith, Pat Bean, Ralph “High Pockets” Gravett, Tony Lopez, Dewitt Gibson, Earl Gordon, Johnny Gordon, bat boy Don Gravett, Al Haygood, George Toal, N. Nash and Roy McDonald. (Editor’s note: I’m wondering if that is mayor McDonald’s dad.)*****Nine Orange reservists called are Pfc. Ben A. Anderson, Pvt. John W. Bertrand, Pfc. Clarence Hudson, Cpl. Albert Buck, Pvt. Virgil Bird, Sgt. Lewis Gay, Pfc. Therman McDonald, Pvt. George Pillsbury, Jr., Pfc Alvin Randolph, Jr.*****A restocking program of a pond east of 16th St., in Sunset Addition is underway by local officials and Southeast Texas Sportsmen’s Club. Officials are police chief Alvin Keown, asst. chief Henry Stansfield, city commissioner Charlie Taylor, Orange mayor Joe Runnels Jr., club president Jack Kennedy, DPS officer R.C. McDaniel, county judge Sid Caillavet, county judge-elect Charlie Grooms. (Editor’s note: Charlie defeated Sid in that election, Sid came back and beat him. They exchanged the judgeship several times.) “I must be getting old, I remember all the above but I can’t remember the pond they were stocking.”*****To be wed next week are Margie Hartsfield and Joseph James Wade Granger***Edwina Breaux and Joe R. Staudt.***Frances Box and Stanley Slater.


Orange County lawyers are finding it hard to make a living while the courthouse is shut down. Bail bonding companies are also going out of business and putting their buildings up for sale. I hear that the Sheriff’s Department still plans to hold their Blue Santa functions. Deputy John Badeaux is in charge of arrangements. Contact him if you want to help with donations. It’s a great thing for underprivileged children. Help if you can.*****This week ABC reported that only six miles of border wall has been completed. The goal is to complete 10 miles by Election Day. Trump claims 365 miles of the 2100 miles Mexico would pay for has been completed. Another lie. There will be enough however to put his name on his monument. *****A few special folks celebrating their special day in the next few days. The head of the Dunn clan, Ms. Phyl, celebrates on Sept. 16. Stephanie Morris, Todd Estes, O’Sanique Foster, Lori Campbell and Anthony Walker are also a year older today.*****On Sept. 17, the real boss of the Johnny Montagne gang, Ms. Darlene Montagne celebrates. Also celebrating is Delana Huebel and Lynda Stout.*****Sept. 19 is the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashann, it is also the day Susan Pennington, George Navarro and the boy from Dime Box, the old veteran John Clark celebrate birthdays.*****Sept. 21, the oldest of Dr.’s Clay and Amber Dunn Greeson’s three boys, Luke Clay Greeson, turns 4- year-old. He’s big brother to 2-year-old Liam and 3-month-old Rowan. Also celebrating is the mayor of Orangefield Bobby Cormier.*I**Today is also International Day of Peace.*****Sept. 22 is the first day of autumn.*****The United States leads every country on the globe with more COVID-19 cases and deaths. Last Friday the U.S. recorded 1,465 deaths, Canada had zero. Something I’ve noticed and reporters complained about is Trump wants everyone to rise when he enters the press room. They are there to question him about the state of the nation, not to worship him. He also is the only person I’ve ever seen that applauds for himself to get the crowd to do the same. I spoke with a couple in attendance when Trump visited Orange. They were not overly impressed.*****Louisiana took a hell of a blow from Hurricane Laura that we were spared by one slight adjustment to the east a few hours before landfall. Now Sally has slammed east of New Orleans. The category two is a rain maker, another blow for residents of Bay Saint Louis.*****Sunday, George and Janelle Sehon traveled to Louisiana with a small group headed up by Sherry Hickman, local business owner of Trendz. Michelle & Al Judice, Brooke Wejs and Angel Sehon joined them with 4 vehicles packed to the brim to deliver the supplies and hot meals. Their first stop was Vinton and they went on to Sherry’s hometown of Sugartown and Lake Bundick areas. The devastation was great for more than 45 miles north of Lake Charles. They thanked Granny’s Home Cooking, Tracie Thibodeaux Boyd, Dawn Exline and their daughter Angel Marie. Check Janelle’s Facebook for more.*****Leland Gros, 11, is staying with his great-grandparents, Phyl and Roy, after his home was destroyed at Hackberry. That area will be a long time in recovery.*****Good Night John Boy. On Sept. 14, 1972, 48 years ago, The Waltons premiered on CBS. Life is a far cry from the simple life we once knew.


L.C. Comeaux walked into Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill, sat down at a table and told Bubba Breaux to bring him one of dem Miller Lite beers.

Bubba bring it to L.C. good and cold an he say, “Comeaux, dat will be a penny for da beer.”

Comeaux wasn’t believe it him. He look at da menu wat is laying on da table and he axe, “Say Bubba, how much for dis nice T-bone steak?”

Bubba, da bartender/waiter answer, “Dat will be a nickel.”

“Wat about a bottle of wine wit it?” L.C. axe.

“Dat will be anutter nickel,” Bubba answer.

Comeaux can’t believe it him, he axe, “Where’s Tee-Boy him?”

Bubba say, “He’s upstairs wit my wife him.”

“Oh yea,” Comeaux said, “Wat’s he doing upstairs wit you wife hanh?”

Bubba say, “I don’t rightly know me, but I suspect he’s doing up dere wat I’m doing to him and his business down here.”


Highest single-day spike in cases

The World Health Organization reported the world’s highest single-day increase since the pandemic began at more than 307,000 cases Sunday. WHO, criticized political leaders for not being prepared for the pandemic in a report on epidemic preparedness published Monday. “Financial and political investments in preparedness have been insufficient, and we are all paying the price.” According to the USA Today analysis of Johns Hopkins University data through late Saturday in the U.S., Montana, Kansas, Guam and Puerto Rico set records for deaths this week, New case records were set in Wisconsin. The U.S. has had about 6.5 million confirmed cases and more than 194,000 deaths.***On a Texas view, 2,595 new virus cases and 21 more deaths were reported Monday by Texas health officials. The Texas Department of State Health Services said the total number of COVID-19 cases so far in the state is now at 663,445, while the death toll is now at 14,211. The true number of cases in Texas is likely higher though because many people haven’t been tested and hospitals were kept from reporting deaths. Studies suggest people can be infected and not feel sick. Health officials estimate that about 68,000 cases in the state are currently active.*****My time is up for now. Take care, wear mask and wash your hands. God bless.


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