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By Sherlock Breaux
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Last updated 9/22/2020 at 10:16pm


Here I sit trying to embark on another column that goes back over 50 years. Sometimes they come easy and other times it's a struggle. Then there are times like this when there is too much I'd like to comment on. COVID-19 marks over 200,000 deaths, approaching seven million cases so it will be around as deaths climbs. I'll have time to write about that later. One thing I haven't seen anything written about, nor have I heard conservatives complaining about, is the extremely fast growing national debt. The United States has a staggering $26 trillion national debt that has climbed from $19 trillion in 2016, just four years ago. The 2020 deficit will reach $3.7 trillion, the highest since WWII. The U.S. economy is at a crossroad. The odds are better than ever that the economy will backslide. No one will tell you anything about that, but I just did. A healthy economy was inherited four years ago after 84 straight months of job growth. Do you feel the country is better off today? *****I have to move on. Please come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


The death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 87, and the stacking of the Court will not only change the Supreme Court, it will change America for the next 35 to 40 years. Ginsburg, a legal pioneer for gender equality, died Friday, September 19. The vacancy gives President Donald Trump an opportunity to create a solidly conservative high court for decades to come. Ginsburg was literally the architect of the legal movement that led to protection for women. For many of them, it was the loss of a hero, an icon and champion. Before her death Friday she shared her last wish. "My fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." She dictated the statement to her granddaughter, Clara Spera. President Trump, ignoring her wishes, said he would nominate a woman to replace her by Saturday. Democrats noted Republicans took a much different approach after the deaths of Antonin Scalia in 2016. The republican senate blocked President Obama's nominee Merrick Garland and argued that the winner of the election was 10 months away and shouldn't pick the new justice. Democrats believe the same standards should apply this time with the election already in progress. Democratic candidates predict that voters will see "Right Through" the hypocrisy of Trump, McConnell, Lindsey Graham and other senators. Many of them are going back on their word given in 2016. They are proving to voters that they care more about getting rid of the Affordable Care Act and coverage of pre-existing conditions than they do about integrity or morals. They outright lied in 2016. Candidate Joe Biden said, "Voters should get the chance to pick the president who will pick the justice." That is the position the United States Senate must take now, when the election is just 40 days away. More than 300 lawsuits have been filed in nearly every state, including expansion of voting by mail by Republicans. The Supreme Court has been here before. In 2000, by a 5 to 4 vote, the conservative court gave the presidency to Geo. W. Bush despite Al Gore appearing to be the winner. What Trump is betting on is the court's election help. Three of the closest battleground states in the nation, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, could become the Florida of 2020. Rules in all three states prevent mail in ballots from being counted until Election Day. That could lead Trump to declare victory before a "Blue Wave" of votes for Biden appear. The urgency to appoint a judge now is because it is a general belief by GOP office holders that Trump will be defeated leading to a good possibility that they could lose the senate majority. Even if Trump loses, he is banking on a 6-3 Court, where he appointed one third of the members, will bail him out and give him a Geo. W. Bush style win. It will have to be an overwhelming win by Biden to prevent a long wait before the Supreme Court declares a winner.


10 Years Ago-2010

The news about the death of Reggie Garrett, a 17 years old football star spread like wildfire Friday night. The story line, "Quarterback throws final touchdown and collapses on sideline," is a sad, tragic story capturing the emotions of everyone. It happens that Reggie wasn't only a talented athlete; he also was an outstanding young man in both his school and personal life. Within hours the news of his death spread throughout the country. CNN, ESPN and other major news outlets commented on the tragedy. Former West Orange-Stark athletes, who are now performing at other levels such as NFL player Earl Thomas, all commented about the death. Earl said, "It made him sick at the stomach. He just wanted to be home in Orange to be with his family." He played for his Seahawks team Sunday and had an outstanding game but his words about his homeboy spread through the nation. The Houston Chronicle carried the story of Reggie's death on the front page. The story was written by Kyle Peveto. The news has been everywhere. Never, in my lifetime, have I seen the news of a local death or events take off so fast. We posted the story first on our website shortly after he was pronounced dead. In just a few hours thousands had logged on. My first thought about Reggie's death was his parents, his mom and dad. It's just not supposed to happen. His dad Reggie Sr. was a former state champion football player. Every day he took pride in his young son. Services were held Saturday, Sept. 25, at Community Christian Church. ***** "Showdown on the Sabine" is the year's best bargain. It happens Saturday and Sunday. The thrilling Tunnel Boat Races are absolutely free. The annual event is the brain-child of Darlene Zanada, with the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Orange.***** We were sorry to hear about the death of David York, 50, who died Sept. 18. Graveside services and interment were held Friday, Sept. 24 at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens in Orange. Officiating was be Rev. Danny Brack, Jr.***** I hear about a big, white wing dove hunt that took place at Ethiopia. Hunters say the doves were so thick that even Sharon Bearden got his limit three out of four times. "Was he hunting with a cannon?"*****I understand our longtime friend, attorney Larry Hunter, is going to join Uncle Walter at Provost-Umphrey Law Firm. Larry has been in private practice in Vidor many years. He's one of the good ones, very ethical and professional.***** Special birthdays this week: Our friend Penny Leleux celebrates Sept. 23. It won't be much of a celebration though, on Sept. 22, they buried her brother-in-law Walter LeLeux, age 62. Gerald's brother died Sept. 17.***Our buddy Tommy Simar turns a year older on Thursday, Sept. 23. That's an old boy who will do to ride the range with. He and Sue are just good folks. Best wishes.***Councilperson, educator, Marcel Adam's lovely daughter and Frank's better half, Teresa Beauchamp, celebrates her special day this week. Also, our young friends Trey Rhodes, Mark Kelly and The Record's former editor Darryl Brinson.***** Our friend, police chief Sam Kittrell has decided to move up the date of his retirement from the Orange Police Department. He plans to now retire October, 31. He sure has had a good run. It's hard to imagine the OPD without Chief Kittrell. Major Broussard is also moving on.

45 Years Ago-1975

Ralph's Market, on Park St., has the highest priced billboard in town. He bought a $6,000 new auto from Harmon Chevrolet and he painted his weekly specials all over it and parks it at different locations. Old Ralph is trying to outdo Jimmy Conn.*****Lovely Jean Addison is in Galveston hospital for test. (Editor's note: Jean died many years ago. Husband Tom lives at Hotel Beaumont and spends much of his time playing dominoes. Son Keith lives in Orange, Tracy, I believe, is around Beaumont. I don't know where the rest of the kids are.)*****What a party the Bicentennial dance at VFW was. Tim Hughes started the belly dance; Beth Dugas took over and showed him how. Ann McCollum danced right through the songs including intermissions. Lynn Hall, a Yankee and Louis Dugas, a Cajun did a dance called the "Coonass-Yankee Hop."*****Lee and Dorothy Brown's beautiful daughter Karleen appears in Gunn's Studio ad this week.*****Melissa Mullins and Phyllis Shaw who have been living in Arlington are planning to return to Orange County.*****Gateway Lincoln-Mercury is sold and is now J.C. Bickum.*****First Savings and Loan moves into their new building on 28th. St.*****Sherri Herman, Johnny's wife is pregnant.*****The new, cute gal at the OVN is Sandie Mobley, a D.E. student from Bridge City.*****Ray Pousson had a surprise visit from Mark Dunn, of Bridge City, when he walked into his dorm room in Boulder, Colorado. Ray played football at West Orange while Mark was playing at B.C. The once rivals got to visit while Mark was in the area.*****Mr. and Mrs. Lee Willey, of Mauriceville, celebrate their Golden Anniversary on Sept. 28. They were wed in 1925.*****Joe Kazmar predicts Bridge City will win the East Zone District title.*****Stark High quarterback Graig Couvillion is out of the hospital after suffering a hip pointer last week. Coach Dexter Bassinger is hoping to get 100 percent effort from his young Tigers. They will meet number two state-ranked Silsbee.


Our longtime friend Maureen "Sis" Keogh celebrated her 91st. birthday Monday, Sept. 21. This just came to my attention thanks to Norma Dickey who said she and Maureen had been friends since Prairie View School days before it became Bridge City. Both ladies are natives and there's not many of them left that attended Prairie View School. The relatives of Sis were pioneers long before there was a Texas Avenue and downtown area. For many years Sis served as an election judge. Ms. Keogh has requested for those who remember her to please send her a card, note or call her. Mailing address is Maureen Keogh, 12310 Drake Prairie, Cypress, TX. 77429. If you would like to speak with her phone 1-346-254-9786, she would love to hear from you. I remember great days with her and her husband Mike. ***Also celebrating on Sept. 21, was Danny Brack. He and I go back 45 years when we were both pioneering businesses. We saw all the up's and down's. I recall Danny had two young boys. Today they are both active in the grocery business. Darwin at Danny's and Dan, Jr., with Kenneth Smith at K-Dan's. An entire story could be written about how Danny changed the grocery business and introduced items that were later picked up by the chain stores. Kenneth is also a great story. He started working for Dick Bivins' Texas Ave. Grocery at age 14, ended up owning it, and just kept growing. Both Smith and Brack exclusively used our publications to advertise their bargains. They are still just receiving 50 percent of their goods but should be back in this paper soon. I can't help thinking about how young Danny and I were back then. This week Danny turns 79 and will soon catch up to Bearden and me.*****Other folks celebrating birthdays. Sept. 23: Our buddy, Tommy Simar, starts another year. We hope it's better than the last.***Also a very happy birthday to Penny Leleux, who never meets a stranger and Charlene Wappler of aNe Insurance.*****Sept. 24: is Commissioner Teresa Beauchamp's special day. Also happy birthday today to Trey Rhodes, Brian Beard and Clint Degeyter.*****Sept. 27: is a special day for Mike Hughes and Todd Shuford.*****Sept. 28: Today is the Jewish holiday of Yon Kippur. Celebrating birthdays today is Roy's sister, Fay, Darryl Brinson and pretty Brigitte Howard.*****Sept. 29: This was a special day in 1923. On that day Coach Bum Phillips was born at home on John St. in Orange.*****Special thanks to Phillip Welch for bringing by a quart size jar of Bo Hanley's pure, local honey. Now there are two great guys who will do to ride the range with. Phillip is the coolest guy I know. He has the world by the tail, nothing upset him, he just goes with the flow.*****Mark your calendar Monday, Sept. 29, the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden. There is no fact check by the monitors in this debate. Trump will do a lot of spinning but it's a mistake to sell Biden short.*****I had a nice phone visit with Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte and County Treasure Christy Kourey. It was refreshing to visit with these friends.*****The United States leads the world in coronavirus with 202,000 deaths and nearly seven million cases and we still have no national plan. Monday, at a rally, the Ohio Lt. Governor was booed when he suggested we should wear masks. A lie told at that rally, one of many, is that the virus doesn't affect the young. Some have and many more will die. Dr. Tony Fauci said the COVID news is sobering and stunning.*****I understand Donna Scales has a new, three month old grandchild. Now she cares for two, like a day care.*****Tuesday the CIA released a report that Putin is directing election influence operations to hurt Biden and assist Trump. Meanwhile, the FBI warned about foreign disinformation. The Washington Post story will be published Wednesday and is on their website.*****My prayers go out to my friend Nova Dee Strickland who has been under the weather. After a few days in hospital she is home being cared for by her two daughters. It seems like overnight she came down with the Gout that has riddled her entire body with swelling. With medication she should be much better in a few weeks. She might even be able to jump up and down to celebrate the results of the presidential election on Nov. 3.*****Mark Frye and the gang at Orange Honda have been having great deals. This week they feature 20% Off in their service department for your ATV/UTV oil changes and 20% Off on select gun holders for your UTV in the parts department. Be sure to stop by and see what all they have to offer.


Celebrating birthdays this week are Julie Sandifer, Mark Kelly, Sammy Pratt, William Dotson, Jayna Campbell, Katie Baker, Laura Roberts, Jeannie Barnes, Mark Norwood, Teresa Beauchamp, Trey Rhodes, Zelma McCullough, Blake Seibert, Jimmy Thurman, Donna Ford, Bill Nugent, Joellen Grooms, Phyllis Tarter, Bessie Rach, Cameron Pitts, Lynn Gremillion, Mary Gremillion, Kara Day, Brian Beard, Clint Degeyter, Sandra Rose, Deven Young, Hayley Dardeau, Michael Coffey, Todd Shuford, Mike Hughes, Ray Dahl, Scott Harris, Brigitte Howard, Lizzie Elms, Zack Sarver, Darryl Brinson, Brigitte Howard, Terry Brown, Aaron Milligan, Richard Estes, Al Goodwin, Ricky Benefield.


Sept. 23: Rock singer Bruce Springsteen turns 71; actors Anthony Mackie, 42 and Jason Alexander, 61; Worldwide singer Julio Iglesias will be 77.*****Sept. 24: Chef Robert Irvins, 56; Former football player Joe Greene, 74.*****Sept. 25: Actors Mark Hamill, 69; Donald Glover, 37; Catherine Zeta-Jones, 51 and Michael Douglas, 76.*****Sept. 26: Politician Beto O'Rourke, 48; Tennis player Serena Williams, 39; Singer Olivia Newton-John, 72.*****Sept. 27: Rapper Lil Wayne, 36 and Actor Gwynieth Paltrow, 47.*****Sept. 28: Actors Hillary Duff, 33, Naomi Watts, 53; Michael Ronda, 24.*****Sept. 29: Basketball player Kevin Durant, 32; Rock singer Jerry Lee Lewis, 85 and Comedian Andrew Dice Clay, 63.


Eugene LaBeauf and his cussin Raywood Fontonot won dem some money at da casino so dey hire demself a pilot to fly dem to Canada to hunt moose. Dose Cajun mens bag four of dem moose. Wen dey started loading da plane to return to Lafayette, da pilot tells dem da plane can take only two of dem moose. Dose Cajuns objected strongly dem. Euguen say, "Mais, las year we shot four of dem moose and da pilot him let us put dem on board. He had da same size plane as yours."

Reluctantly da pilot gave in and all four of dem moose were loaded. Unfortunately, even at full power da little plane couldn't handle da load and a few minutes after take off it crashed.

Climbing out of the wreck, Raywood axe, "Eugene, you got any idea where we are hanh?"

Eugene him, look around and he say, "Mais, I tink we're pretty close to where we crash las year."


Salvation Army deploys early for fundraising

According to an article in USA Today, the Salvation Army started its annual holiday fundraising campaign earlier than ever in an attempt to "rescue Christmas." Facing increased demand during the coronavirus pandemic as Americans suffer high unemployment, the nation's largest social services organization said its bell-ringing volunteers started collecting donations in its iconic red kettles Monday instead of waiting until closer to Thanksgiving as in past years. Amid a surge of store closings, a decline in foot traffic to retail locations and a nationwide coin shortage, consumers are carrying less cash, so the Salvation Army experts to see up to a 50% decrease in fundraising. Our ability to raise vital funds to serve those in need this Christmas and beyond is at risk. We need everyone who has the capacity to come alongside us and ensure that the holiday season is bright for millions in need. Though the campaign officially kicked off Monday, not all red kettles will be out across the nation immediately as it's a local decision.****My time is up, thanks for yours. Take care, wear mask, wash hands and practice safe distancing. God bless.


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