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WOCCISD Board Revises Virtual Privileges

In an effort to ensure the best possible instruction for students, during the September 28th  board meeting, the WOCCISD Board of Trustees updated requirements for continuing virtual instruction. Per a unanimous vote, students are now required to pass all classes and maintain high attendance to participate in virtual instruction. Therefore, students who do not meet these criteria must report to campus on October 5th to attend classes in-person. To be clear, students who are failing classes or who have five or more absences will no longer be able to participate in virtual instruction.  Moving forward, please note that grades and attendance will be a prerequisite for maintaining virtual status. The district still offers virtual opportunities to students with documented, underlying health conditions, for those who are COVID positive, or where close contact is identified by the health department. Passing grades and high attendance must be maintained and will be re-evaluated at each marking period. Students desiring to move from in-person to virtual learning must be approved by the campus administration and demonstrate they can meet the grading and attendance criteria. We strive to offer an exceptional educational experience for every student every day, and this effort will help us meet our goal.

Thank you for your continued support and go Mustangs!


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