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It was four years ago that I wrote if Trump was elected he would destroy the GOP as we know it. I pointed to how he wasn't a conservative. No record exist that he ever voted Republican. He conned the American people into believing he was New York's greatest businessman, the best deal maker and builder. It was lies then and its lies now. He was sued over 4,000 times, had to file bankruptcy six times. As for being the greatest builder, all you have to do is look at pictures of the New York skyscrapers. He didn't build any of those. This late in the game no one's mind will be changed but God forbid we would make the same mistake again. I wrote back than that two things Trump would never do is release his tax returns or turn his back on Russia's Putin. He's gone as far as letting Putin pay bounties to anyone who would kill an American soldier without even calling him on it. Instead, a few months ago, he said that if re-elected he was thinking about inviting Putin to his inauguration. Hopefully he will never get the chance to let Putin be a guest in the Lincoln bedroom. The most pressing problem is that many more Americans will die. When asked last Thursday what he would do about the coronavirus in a second term, his answer was "very little." The country is seeing its biggest spike, like the scientist had predicted, and he's holding "Super Spreader Rallies," telling the crowds that Covid-19 had turned the corner and will soon be gone. By inauguration day over 300,000 will have died. He has failed miserably in the handling of this crisis. President Reagan asked, "Is the country better off today than it was four years ago?" Reagan also said, "If its on your watch, good or bad, you own it." Trump's main goal is to be a dictator. He proved that again last week when he threatened to fire the FBI Director and Attorney General if they didn't indict his opponent. My guess is that voters are wanting to return to normal. I believe Biden will run up 333 Electoral College votes, (270 needed) and will carry the popular vote with a plus of between four or five million. Hillary had a plus of three million. Expect anything from Trump in the next few days as far as exciting violence. He won't go away easy. He'll claim fraud and how the election was stolen from him. Don't be surprised if it doesn't spill to the streets. He's already threatening governors. Trump owes $421 million to someone in a foreign country. We'll find out to who when the state of New York tries him next year. The country and our economy can't survive four more years of the same. I believe enough voters will take off the blinders and we'll be rid of this awful nightmare.*****I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


I was sorry to learn about the death of Thomas L. Gunn III, age 85, of Orange. He passed away on October 23. A graveside burial for family will be held on October 31. I had known Tommy, the old Marine, for most of my life. He was the son of "Granddad" T.L. Gunn, Jr. and Mary Sue Gunn and the brother of our friend the late Buzzie Gunn. Our sincere condolences to his loving wife, Joan, his children Dal and Debbie Moreau, Mike and Connie Gray, Tommy IV and Tamie Gunn and Mike Gunn. He was "Pappy" to his grandchildren Kelli Simon, Joshua Gray, Ryan Moreau, Jeremy Gray, Laura Norsworthy, BreAnna Bornett and his 16 great grandchildren and three great, great grandchildren.

Remembering Jody Louis Lemoine

Jody, age 61, was the son of Louis and Mildred Lemoine. I've known his family going back to his grandparents, O'Niell and Frances, who were also the late Judge Janice Menard's parents. I was a friend of his dad Louis going back over 50 years when he was a barber. He and his brother Jude have large families in the Bridge City area, all respected by the community for their contributions to making it better. Jody was a good guy. A big guy with a big heart. May he rest in peace.

Please see obituaries.


10 Years Ago-2010

Ms. Pearl turns 90. On Oct. 27, 1920, Pearl Myers, a blue-eyed baby girl was born, a twin to brother Earl. Pearl's background is filled with Orange County history. Her great-grandfather, George Patillo, was first Orange County judge and went on to be a state senator. As far as I know, he is the only Orange countian to be a state senator. There has been a lot of speculation about Orange County got its name. Ole records show that the county might have been named for Patillo's large orange grove at his farm on a high bluff on the Neches River. Pearl's grandfather, on her mother's side, George Poole, served as county judge. Her father's dad, Robert Myers, was also a county judge. All three of those grandfather's pictures hang at the county court house with all the other county judges. From laws to outlaws, her people's background is scattered throughout Orange County's history. Pearl's motto, "Live simple, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and leave the rest to God." I'll also try to remember that she also said, "Every path has a few puddles." ***** Facts about Ike: After Hurricane Ike, when we were swamped, the federal government, FEMA and Homeland Security said there would be no homes for those left homeless anywhere on the Gulf Coast. Our county and city officials became frustrated by the run-a-around. In fact, Bridge City mayor Kirk Roccafort became so frustrated that his public statement against Homeland Security made national media coverage. Houston mayor Bill White came to Orange County to see if he could help. He promised that he would do all he could to get us housing. He worked with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and other officials and in a few days he called to say FEMA trailers were heading our way. Orange County was the first place on the Gulf to receive housing. Mayor White had his own problems at home, plus he had over 200,000 Katrina victims still to be cared for but if it wouldn't have been for Mayor White's caring and effort, we could not have had such a good recovery. Ask any public officials about how important and urgent mayor White's help was. We owe him our gratitude. He helped when no one else could or would.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Erwine Brewer McGuire, 76, who died Oct. 19. We had known her and husband Melvin for over 50 years.***** The Texas Rangers beat the Yanks in six games. What a big prize for new owner, pitching great Nolan Ryan. The San Francisco Giants held off the Phillies to head to the World Series that starts Wednesday. I like the Ranger's chance but the Giants are loaded with pitchers. *****If it's not a record, it's a darn good average. Julia Morris' uncle Wilbert and aunt Wilberta Boulet, will be married 74 years on Nov. 8. Wilbert was raised on a farm in Abbeville. He's 98 and she's 95. Morning breakfast almost always consist of her homemade biscuits. Both live in Jefferson County where they are active in the community throughout their married life. He also was deputy county clerk. Both are retired. Julia and Gerald Morris live in Bridge City. (Editor's note: Gerald has since passed away.)


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2010

Erwine Brewer McGuire, 76, of Mauriceville, died Tuesday, Oct. 19. Funeral services were held Friday, Oct. 22.  Erwine is survived by her husband, Melvin McGuire; daughter, Melissa McGuire Davis; two granddaughters and one great granddaughter. Also surviving is her sister, Mary Ann Girlinghouse.***** Dennis L. Benoit, 92, of Bridge City, died Friday, Oct. 22. Funeral services were held on Sunday, Oct. 24. He was employed by Gulf Refinery until he retired in 1979. Dennis is survived by his wife, Eula Mae Benoit; sons, Calvin Benoit and Ted Benoit; six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandson.***** James Garlon "Jim" Baker, 80, of Orange, died on Friday, Oct. 22. Funeral services were held on Thursday, Oct. 28. He worked as an electrician at Firestone, was a former disc jockey for KOGT Radio, and retired from the United States Navy. Jim is survived by his wife, Carmen Baker; son, Louis R. Baker; six grandchildren; eleven great-grandchildren.

22 Years Ago-1998

Victory is red. The Bridge City Cardinals defeated the Thomas Jefferson Yellow Jackets for the first time ever. Heroes for Big Red were many in the 40-7 victory. The Cards junkyard dog defense held tailback Larnelle Sinegal to just 24 yards rushing. Cardinal running back Steven Curl lit up the scoreboard with a passel of touchdowns and ran off tackle for 121 yards on 22 totes. He caught three passes for 62 yards and made 183 yards offensively. Versatile quarterback Brad Miller connected on nine with 13 attempts for 165 yards. Full back David Kibodeaux had three passes for 64 yards. Josh Sanders toted the pigskin, caught passes and helped on defense. Wade Stone scored two TD's. Defensive back Shane Peveto returned a fumble for six points. Kicker Raun Bryant averaged 50 yards on four punts and made four points after. Keith Norwood graded 95 for his night's work. The Cards rolled up 403 yards, 16 passes for 237 yards. Tackle Jeremy Stoffa recorded six pancake blocks and a five-yard bury. Sophomore Adam Cagle, replacing injured Eric Bramblett, had nine pancakes and one five-yard bury. Others grading high were, guards Bryan Wiggins, Dathan Juneaux, Curt Lucia. Charlie Higginbotham, who had 11 tackles and one interception, led the Cardinal defense. Linebacker Jared Williams and cohort linebacker Johnny Montagne, punished T.J. runners combining for 26 tackles, both caused fumbles and both had two quarterback sacks. Other defensive stars were Travis Miller, Lance Polk, Chad Brown, Brandon Greer, Justin Tegge and Jeff Gibbs. Bridge City plays Lincoln next and could be the first Bridge City team to be 7-0 in 17 years. *****The New York Yanks whipped the Padres in a four game series to win the World Series. ***** Baseball player Bruce Aven, Judge Pat's son-in-law, is picked up from Cleveland by the Marlins. *****Senate candidate David Bernsen held an event at the

VFW with Wayne Toups performing. The place was packed. *****Johnny Montagne had a tailgate party before the B.C.-T.J. game. He served highly seasoned chili and Rolaids. *****Having birthdays this week are Mama Donna Peterson, Stacy Doiron, Don Harmon, Amy Bria, Pam Webb, Robert Bucklin, Betty Harmon, David Dupuis and Mark Dunn. *****Charles Provost, who lost his wife Edna a few months ago, passed away on Oct. 23 after a long battle with cancer.


For several years County Clerk Karen Jo Vance had lobbied for the county to name an elections administrator and establish an office to free up the Clerk's office to handle the awesome burden of administrating elections. Judge Carl Thobodeaux agreed, as well as the Court. Today, the election administrator is Tina Barrow. The job is so big it's hard to imagine how the clerk's office handled it. Tina and her staff do all they can to assure that voters get to vote and their vote counts. Special thanks to Clerk Cheryl Bradley who took great care to replace ballots that had gotten wet in the storm. Cheryl wrote a letter of instructions telling the old folks just what to do to cast their vote. The public doesn't appreciate these public servants enough. It's a big, important job, especially in a state that goes to extremes to suppress the vote.*****A few folks we know celebrating in the next few days. Oct. 28: Judge Don Burgess has notched another year and starts a new one today. He was oh so young all those years ago when I first met him. Life has been good to him and he made the right moves even after Texas turned blue to red.***Also celebrating a birthday is our friend Ron Sigler. He also has a lot of political knowledge and a good campaign manager. A better bridesmaid than a bride.***We wish our longtime friend Joe Kazmar a special happy birthday. Kaz has been writing his sports column Kaz Korner in Orange County for a half century. His column appears in The Record weekly. He maintains a good fan reader base.*****Oct. 30: Happy birthday to the old Horned Frog, banker Carlos Vasek. Best wishes for many more healthy years.***Also Kevin Sorrels turns a year older.*****Oct. 31: These folks are "Trick or Treaters," born on Holloween. Our own Mark Dunn celebrates today. He will be spending his birthday with daughter Amber, husband Clay and his three grandsons in Vero Beach, Florida. Mark is looking forward to visiting with 4-month-old Rowan, 2-year-old Liam and 4-year-old Luke. It will be a short visit but a great birthday.***Also celebrating today is Mel's longtime husband Joey Campbell. The late Don Harmon and Pam's mom, Vergie Scales celebrated on this day.*****Nov. 1: This is All Saints Day and also the end of daylight savings time. Celebrating birthdays are Coach Chris Moore and Whitney Gonzales.*****Nov. 2: A guy who seems to have been around a long time, Dale Dardeau, celebrates.*****Nov. 3: Today is Election Day and also the birthday of a special person, Denise Stanton. To know her is to love her.***Also happy birthday to Dale Carlton.*****Our neighbors in Louisiana are being hit by another storm. Zeta should make landfall Wednesday. It's the fifth storm of the season, so much for Global Warming.*****Sixteen years ago I predicted it would be 2020 before Texas would turn purple and by 2024 would turn blue and stay that way for several election cycles. Biden is tied in the polls in Texas and had he spent money or come to Texas, he possibly had a good chance to win here. Regardless, he will help down ballot candidates. Look for Texas to pick up three congressional seats and some state offices. The early vote is so massive that Joe Biden might just pull it off.*****The most dangerous place to work in the United States is the White House. Out of 100 employees, over 40 have caught the virus, including Trump, his wife and child. This White House won't do anything to control it, they say as much. Several of Trump's friends at FOX News have come down with coronavirus after attending the debates in Nashville.*****Orange County is breaking early voting records. If you haven't voted yet be sure and vote for local candidates. Those are the people that really serve us.*****For the betterment of our communities why won't people just simply wear a mask? Mark asked a shopper standing too near him at the checkout, "Were was his mask?" This Einstein responded, "I don't got no G-- damn mask."*****Stock market takes a dive on Monday. We ain't seen the worse yet. People are hungry and many are losing a roof over their heads. Blame the U.S. Senate. Mitch says he doesn't have the votes and sent the senators home until after the election. Nancy says Congress stands ready now to help our citizens.


Happy birthday to some of our Orange County friends. Oct. 28: Derrick Cole, Chris Stone, Cori Woodard, Heather Dubose. *****Oct. 29: Vicki Cormier, Zach Corbello.*****Oct. 30: Brock Whittle, Jessica Bradberry, Laura Moreau.*****Oct. 31: Taylor Thurman, Chester Abshire, Janel Menard.*****Nov. 1: Kyle Prosperie, Marla Carter, Nancy Blacksher, Rebecca Phelps, Issac Melvin.*****Nov. 2: Keith McCurry, Ruby Elizabeth Steppe, Laura Clark.*****Nov. 3: Ruby Hickey, Skeet Boehme, Rosemary Spell, Tommy Green, Donna Bell.


October 28: Bill Gates  65,  Entrepreneur; Caitlyn Jenner  71,  Reality Star; Julia Roberts  53.  Movie Actress; Brad Paisley  48,  Country Singer.*****October 29: Winona Ryder  49, Actress; Randy Jackson  59, and   Kechi Okwuchi   31,  Pop Singers.*****October 30: Ivanka Trump  37,  Business Executive; Henry Winkler  73, and  Mia Long  48, Actors; Ashley Graham  31.  Model.*****October 31: Vanilla Ice  51, Rapper; Rob Schneider  55,  Movie Actor, Nick Saban  67  Football Coach.*****Nov 1: Penn Badgley  32,   and Peter Ostrum  61,  Actors; Jenny McCarthy  46,  TV Host.*****Nov 2: David Schwimmer  52, and  Shah Rukh Khan  53,  Actors; Nelly  44  Rapper.*****Nov 3: Roseanne Barr  66,   Actress; Elizabeth Smart  31,  Activist; Kendall Jenner  23,  Model.


Da priest, Fatter Bertrand, was sitting on a bench feeding da pigeons in Mary Magdalene Park in Abbeville, when da drunk, Gomez Comeaux, come sit on da bench too.

Gomez him, with a half empty bottle of gin sticking out his pocket, red lipstick plastered on his face and his shirt and tie was stained. Gomez opened his newspaper and start reading. After awhile he axe Fatter Bertrand, "Do you know wat causes arthritis, hanh?"

Da priest replied, "Well my son, it's caused by loose living, being with cheap, wicked women, too much alcohol, and not taking a bath."

Da drunk Gomez said, "Well I'll be damned, tank you Fatter," and went back to reading his newspaper.

Da priest nudged Gomez and said, "Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come on so strong. How long have you had arthritis?"

Gomez slurring his words answer, "Well Fatter, I don't have arthritis me, I was just reading right here dat da Pope him has it.


Joe Biden will do a better job

The former vice president brings some of the most extensive foreign policy experience of any presidential candidate, including as a lead operative for the Obama administration on areas of conflict, Afghanistan, China, Iraq and North Korea, where Trump has struggled to succeed. Biden said he would rejoin the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal and recommit to working with America's traditional allies, including restoring support for NATO, arguably the world's most successful alliance. He would certainly be a steadier hand on the nuclear button. Biden will reassert principled United States leadership to the world.*****Don't be a non-voter. Stay safe, wear mask and practice social distancing. God bless.


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