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It's Election Day 2020. Former V.P. Joe Biden challenging President Donald Trump trying to win a second term. For 50 years, I have made predictions. In 1996, I hit the exact number on the Electoral College vote. I predicted Bill Clinton, even after his sex scandal, would still win by a narrow margin. I said he would beat Bob Dole with 279 votes, nine more than needed. Four years later, I predicted his V.P., Al Gore, would win with 290 votes. I was on track to be right when the Supreme Court flipped Florida 29 votes, giving George W. Bush a 286 win. Fast forward to today's election. Last week, I predicted Joe Biden, with a high Electoral vote of 333 would win the popular vote by over four million votes. After I put all my data together I figured Joe would win big or not win at all because of the state numbers I was working with. I didn't have Texas or Florida in my mix. I have no way of knowing how right or wrong I am because I have to turn this in before the polls close in El Paso. One thing is for sure, that most everyone will be glad its over.*****Come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


Regardless of what happens on the state scene, Orange County could be a benefactor. State Rep. Dale Phelan is seeking to become speaker of the house. Seven people were nominated from Republican caucus. After several hours of deliberating Phelan got their endorsement. His acceleration to the Space Ship would be a boom for our area. The issue will be weather Republicans retain control of the state house. Dade has filed for the speakership and where we can ask support and dialogue with both parties. He said, "My number one goal is to allow the house to function regardless of party and where you come from in the state." My guess is that Dade has the inside track for the first two years regardless of who has the most votes.


If Biden does carry Texas, it will be the biggest upset of the century. Texas going Blue is the biggest game changer since LBJ gave away the South with the Civil Rights Act in 1965. He said as much at the time even though many states remained Democratic in local elections. The Reagan years changed state races and the Obama years turned local state races RED. Not surprising, that went back to the LBJ'S Voting Rights Act and a Black man running for president. My thought is that Texas is not there yet. It would be against the odds for the state to turn Blue just after Obama left office only four years ago. What is known today is the good job done by the Black president. It was much better than White Southerners feared. That fear is still deep rooted in many uneducated, White males, who have been handed down the White Supremacy legacy. Those are the ones who would hang someone for integrated marriage. They are really a throwback to the KKK. Believe it or not, Trump has helped to revise it, going back to David Duke's help in 2016. He has fanned the fire throughout the 2020 campaign. Even on the last day of the campaign he praised the disturbing of Biden buses and rallies and called on them to stand by the polls as watchers to inseminate voters. That brings me to today's election Nov. 3, 2020. I'm still doubtful about Texas going Blue. I've always leaned to 2024 for it to go Blue. If Biden wins Texas or even comes close there is only one reason for that, the failed leadership of Donald Trump. He failed miserably on the biggest crisis to hit our country. He made every wrong turn on the worse worldwide pandemic. His ignorance has left too many deaths many more people likely to die. Ten million will be affected and believe me, it is not like the regular flu. Many of those will feel side effects long after they believe they have beat the virus. Donald Trump has failed on the economy, the one thing he brags and lies about. He will leave office with being the only president since Hubert Hoover to leave office with more people unemployed than when he took office. Another record he holds is that he told the American people and average of 50 lies a day for a total of nearly 30,000 lies, more than all other 44 presidents combined. To his credit, Donald Trump is one of the greatest conmen in my lifetime. He was open about it. He lied about everything that even people with a third grade education sees through. He was still able to sell those who attended his rallies and listen to more lies and his showman babbling. From that he failed the country the most. He put deep division among our people that won't soon heal. If he were reelected, his relations with Russia, North Korea and the Crown Prince would totally change our allies. Trump would become much like them, a dictator type in a badly divided country. It wouldn't only be more chaos; it would cause war on the streets. Even neighbors would be pitted against one another. Donald Trump would never again need another vote or care what anyone thinks. He would be the most dangerous person to ever hold the fate of American people. I firmly believe he won't win because enough people have taken off the blinders and don't buy into the show and con game. Those are the options, win or lose, if Trump is not elected I believe a felony conviction awaits him in New York and possibly other states. He may never go to prison. He appointed enough appellate court judges and has an ace in the hole with the Supreme Court. His life will change; his wife, family and others close to him will wish he had never been elected to an office that he never intended to win. His only defense is to hold on to his White Supremacy base, FOX News and Talk Radio, slamming the new administration, disrupting as much as they can. My experience is that in time his Trumpers will leave him. People change their lives, they move on and another group of people replace them. The extreme White Supremacist will likely pass the KKK legacy down to the next generation. That's my take on the past present and what might be.


10 Years Ago-2010

When Orangefield and Bridge City merged into the same 3-A District, Roy and Mark Dunn were discussing how the game between the two schools should be an annual special game. Not only because of their proximity, two miles down Cow Bayou, from each other, but also other shared relatives. Many of the players were friends and often the two teams shared activities. It was decided The Penny Record, hometown paper of both teams, would sponsor the Bayou Bowl. It's still a point of contention between son and dad as to which one came up with the name. It was also decided that the trophy would be named after Buzzie Gunn, a pioneer sports photographer who had won many awards for his high school, college and pro sports photos. His wife Dayle and family furnished the trophy and Dayle presented it to the winning team at the annual game. After four years, the Record Newspapers turned the event over to the Bridge City Rotary. Each year the game is played in friendship and friendly rivalry. This year however, the district standings and playoffs are on the line and the teams are playing for the right to advance. The Buzzie Gunn trophy will be the icing on the cake. The fans of each team wishes their team could advance. It's always a fun week for students and fans alike. This year a scholarship banquet featured Dr. Jamie Harrison, superintendent of BCISD, Phillip Welch of Orangefield ISD, Johnny Dishon, Bryan Dubose and Gary Stelly as speakers. Other activities included an auction of an autographed football signed by all players participating in the Bayou Bowl. Students have been busy decorating with their school colors for the big event. Good luck to both teams and a great bunch of youngsters. A side note: Orangefield coach Brian Huckabay is a Bridge City grad and former Cardinal star and is well respected in the B.C. area. On the other hand, Bridge City coach Cris Stump has brought the Cards a long way. The two well-coached teams are closely matched and it will be one heck of a game. Hopefully attendance will be an overflow crowd from both communities. (Editor's note: The game resumed this year after a few years off. The Bobcats won in 2020.)*****We were sorry to hear about the death of our friend Lloyd Sittig, age 89, who passed away Monday, Nov. 1. Lloyd was a good, quite man. For many years he was a member of the Kroger Koffee Klub. Over the years he had seen many of his friends go to their eternal resting place.*****A few special folks having birthdays this week. The charming Denise Stanton celebrates on Nov. 3. If she's not there yet, she's fast approaching 40. Many folks will remember her from her Wal-Mart days. Her parents, Don and Mary Stanton, celebrate their 44th anniversary Nov. 5.*** John Montagne, Jr. celebrates Nov. 6. His granddad, Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout, will reach age 89 on Nov. 7. He and his lovely wife Cherry often attend the Lunch Bunch get together each Wednesday. We wish both continued good health.***Commissioner John Dubose gets a year older as does Kim Moore, Pam Guyote, Linda Faulk and Steve Carlton.***Shirley and Butch Choate celebrate their anniversary on Nov. 8.*****Former congressman Tom DeLay went on trial in Austin this week for money laundering and conspiracy charges. The money, $190,000 corporate money, was given to seven candidates after being laundered through the RNC. Thirty-five thousand of that money found it's way into Orange County. It was part of a plan to first gain a Texas House majority then push through a mid-decade redistricting to elect more Texas Republicans to congress. The Tom DeLay, Rick Perry and speaker Tom Caddick redistricting plan gave control to Republican congressmen, dominated by majorities going to large city areas, cutting off rural areas. That's when we lost Blue Dog Democrat congressman Jim Turner.***** The San Francisco Giants, after a 56 year drought, win the World Series in five games over the Texas Rangers. I've always been for the National League team but because Texas was involved I wanted the Rangers to win.

22 Years Ago-1998

Bridge City native Marci Linn Anderson, a teacher at Buna High School, is named to "Who's Who Among America's Teachers." Her former students, now in the top five percent of high school and college students in the nation, credited Anderson as an instructor who made a difference, inspiring and challenging them to academic and personal excellence. (Editor's note: I wonder where teacher Anderson is today, 22 years later?)*****Bridge City's Matt Bryant kicked a field goal for Baylor's only score in 27-3 loss to Baylor. *****Majorettes at Orangefield High are Beverly Peveto, Adell Cox, Wilma Montagne and Carlene and Darlene Cormier.*****Mike and Margie Hebert celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on Nov. 7, 1998. They are taking a trip to Galveston to celebrate.*****Coach Randy Theriot's Orangefield Bobcats are in the 23-3A playoffs after defeating the Woodville Eagles 35-20.*****Coach Troy Woodall, the "Dean" of Orange County coaches became a high school coach 35 years ago in 1964, the year Lyndon Johnson was president. That year the country was in the midst of wars both hot and cold. Coach recalls the great years at Bridge City, in the mid 60's, when head coaches Gene Stalling, A&M, Darryl Royal, Texas and Bum Phillips, University of Houston, were in the stands on Friday nights scouting the B.C. team. Steve Worster was an All-American high school player and later became a two time All American at Texas. One of the many highlights in Coach Woodall's career came in 1968 when he was selected to coach in the Texas All-Star game for the South team. Coach Chief Wilson was the head coach. In 1960 to 1966, Bridge City had 1200 students. Today, in 1998, they are down to 850. *****The Bridge City Cardinals beat Lincoln in every category but the final score, thanks to four fumbles. The Cards rolled up 350 yards, 75 plays to the Bumblebees 45. Daniel Kibodeaux gained 156 yards on 23 totes. The sparkplug for the Cards was Jason "The Blur" Menard, a 126 pound, all heart player. Time and again he lifted his team and fans. Menard would take a hit and keep on trucking. Once with seven Bees on his back he dragged them for a 22-yard gain. Pound for pound, he's the toughest guy in these parts. (Editor's note: Today, Jason is a career United States soldier who is nearing retirement.)*****Celebrating birthdays this week are Steve Carlton, Christy Gonzales, Clint Morris, Pat Bendy, John Dubose and Sharon Dunn.


Texas ranks first in the United State in COVID-19 cases. Hospital cases once again are on the rise as Texas officials turn a deaf ear. Nearly 19,000 Texans have died and will likely be over 20,000 by Christmas Day.****Speaking of Christmas, word is that win or lost Trump is expected to give out Christmas gift pardons to his confidants who were convicted federal felons and to those that might be, like family members. He may even try to pardon himself in hopes the Supreme Court will vote in his favor.*****Recalling 62 Years Ago 1958, majorettes at Orangefield High School were Beverly Peveto, Adell Cox, Wilma Montagne and Charlene and Darlene Cormier. I don't know how many of them are still around but they were cuties back then. Today they are beating the door near 80.*****A few folks we know having birthdays in the next few days. Nov. 4: Longtime friend Louise Fuselier celebrates along with Kim Moore and Pam Guyote. Today also is former commissioner David and longtime bride Harriet Dubose's anniversary.*****Nov. 5: A lady we've known since she was a freshman in high school, Sharon Dunn Premeaux, celebrates. I believe she still lives in the New Iberia, Louisiana area.*****Nov. 6: Former mayor and commissioner John Dubose celebrates today. We've known him since 1980 and he hasn't changed much, still very conservative. Still married lovely Joyce.***Also having a birthday is Johnny Montagne, Jr., the Port Commissioner. He has his father's name and mom Darlene's ways.***Today Tammy and Shaun Davis celebrate 42 years together. I believe they are still in the Baton Rouge area.*****Oct. 7: My buddy, the old sailor, Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout turns 99, now headed for 100. Best wishes my friend for good health. That should be easy, Cherry takes good care of him.*** Also celebrating on this day is longtime lawman, first Bridge City Police Chief, Wilson Roberts.*****Nov. 8: Happy anniversary to Wilson and V.J. celebrating 32 years together.***Anniversary wishes also to Butch and Shirley Choate.*****Nov. 9: Happy birthday to Donna Bradley, Linda Faulk, and Eric Meadows.*****Nov. 10: We want to give a special happy birthday greeting to our longtime friend and photographer Lawrence Trimm. He's a good man and has produced outstanding work for The Record through the years. Larry hits the big' 7-Oh' on his birthday Nov. 10. Congratulations friend and best wishes for many more! Others celebrating today are Trey Todora, Judy Hunt, Joann Alford and Steve Carlton, a guy I've known forever. Happy Birthday to all.*****Trump's last big lie, "410 miles of Southern Border Wall has been complete. Only 10 miles of the 30 foot high concrete wall is complete, the rest is fence repairs. His plaque, with name and picture. will go on the ten miles. His memorial like Mount Rushmore.


Happy Birthdays wishes to Loretta Meadows, Gail Hass, Ruth Walker, Camden Walton, Gina Beaulieu, Carrie Larson, Derek Grooms, Kay Wingate, Jackie Litton, Claris Collins, Bob Johnston, Chuckie Ganze, Dee Moran, Debra Burch, Keith Longlois, Jim Reid, Madalyn Carpenter, Pauline Chatelain, Susan Veillon, Rana Miller, Troy Crochet, Jean Levingston, Karen Clopp, George Roberts, Lora Hanks.


Otis Boudreaux was riding down da country road out of Perry towards Intercoastal City wen he came across Picou LaBoulf's little boy Tee-Neg. He was dragging a bird wit a wing spread about six feets. Otis, like most Cajuns, was curious him. He stop his truck and say to Tee-Neg, "Wat you got dere, hanh?"

"Me, I got myself a hawk," Tee-Neg answer, "A chicken hawk dats wat I got me."

Otis axe. 

Wat da hell you gonna do wit dat dere hawk?"

Tee-Neg answer, "We gonna make a big pot of gumbo dat's wat."

Otis say, "Mais, does hawk meat make pretty good gumbo?"

Tee-Neg answer, "Well, about like owl."



I've always thought of Texas as an independent state. (A whole other country.) Texas is not supposed to follow orders from the White House. This past election showed our governor was in Donald Trump's pocket. Abbott did what the president wanted. His main goal was to suppress the vote. Abbott worked overtime to please Trump, not accommodate the citizens of his state. I'm really disappointed in the governor and Texans won't soon forget. Abbott went as far as allowing only one ballot drop box per county. Harris County has over four million voters and the box was located 37 miles from most of the minority voters. The same thing happened in other populated areas in the state. He went along with trying to disqualify 120,000 drive-through votes in Houston. A judge shot that down. Then when Biden's bus was harassed and forced to cancel rallies, Abbott did nothing. He wouldn't let the state police interfere. Next year Abbott will face challenges from his own party, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and others. Democrats will field some strong candidates for several races. My guess is that Geo. P. Bush is coming after the Texas attorney general seat. The large amount Sen. John Cornyn spent against an unknown candidate like M.J. Hager shows that Texas is changing. Abbott's action against his own Texas people will, no later than next year, hurt his party up and down the ballot. Gov. Abbott put his knee on the necks of those who just wanted a fair shake, not a Trump shakedown.*****I'm done. Thanks for your time and thanks to our family of advertisers. Till next time, take care and God Bless.


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