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In a couple of months we will put the most failed government in the last 100 years behind us and start to put our nation on a normal track. Because of so much sickness and 300,000 deaths, it's far worse than I had predicted four years ago. January 20, 2021 seems so far away and one can't predict the damage Donald Trump will inflict on this nation before we are rid of him. There will be plenty time to write about his legacy. First and foremost will be the Trump virus, a pandemic that he failed to manage and allowed over 11 million Americans to get sick. In Texas 20,000 have died and are dying every day, even friends right here at home. The country is going to hell in a hand basket while he spends most days at the golf course. His impeachment should have been followed up with a senate conviction. There is a wagon full of reasons Donald Trump is a one term president, defeated by nearly six million votes. The ill affect of his leadership will long be felt in many areas. He has now surrounded himself with slimy bunch, headed by Rudy, so expect anything but the norm, even under-table deals like Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, tried to pull off in Georgia. Despite all their monkey wrenches Joe Biden is our duly elected president. The best Trump can do now for the country is put on his "Big Boy" pants and start the transition to a new administration, just like every time before him. The sooner he starts, the sooner Biden can start working on the many problems that await him. Trump will try to pardon himself but that won't work. He's done.


We were sorry to hear of the death of Timothy Dewayne Schossow, 67, of Bridge City, who passed away November 12. Funeral services held Wednesday, November 18, at Faith United Methodist Church in Orange. The only information I've been able to obtain was that Tim died of pneumonia. He and some friends tested positive for COVID-19 a couple of months ago. Our condolences to his wife Ida and the entire family and many friends. Tim was a Christian man who gave much of himself back to his community. May this good man rest in peace.


10 Years Ago-2010

The dreadful day in Dallas lives in us

If you are at least 63 years old you probably remember where you were on that dreadful day in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was killed. The government report concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, shot and killed the president and wounded Texas Governor John Connally. However that report has been disputed many times. In fact, a recent article in Playboy features FBI special agent Zack Shelton, a resident of Hardin County, now retired and close friend of former J.P. David Peck. It's a long, intriguing story about Shelton's work fighting the Chicago Mafia, "The Outfit" and crime around the country. In 2002, he traveled from his Texas home to reminisce with his old Chicago comrades. Shelton told his friends he believed a small time criminal, locked up in an Illinois prison, may have committed the greatest crime in Dallas. His name is James Files. He once was a driver for "The Outfit's" most feared hit man. Files had told Shelton both he and the hit man were in Dallas when JFK was assassinated. Files claimed to have fired the fatal shot from behind a fence on the infamous grassy knoll. When Shelton told his story to his buddies, he was prepared to be laughed at but actually some of them also had their own revelations about the assassination. "There's one thing about FBI agents," says Shelton, "They're damn good investigators, they don't operate on the basis of theories. They deal in facts and the facts have never supported the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin." The evidence, Shelton believes, shows that organized crime orchestrated Kennedy's murder. Tony Accardo was at the helm of "The Outfit" for five decades. They helped elect JFK and his administration showed little gratitude. Attorney General Robert Kennedy made organized crime his signature issue. The article weaves the entire story of how Files got to Texas and etc. So you see it's been 57 years come Monday, Nov. 22 and we still don't know. I will always remember that day when I saw grown men cry.*****West Orange-Stark Mustangs move on. Coach Hooks, Coach Thompson and the gang will load their Mustangs up for a big playoff duel against Brookshire Royal, (8-3), at Wood Forest Stadium Friday night at Shenandoah, near the Woodlands. The 'Stangs played a warm-up game against Liberty last Friday. WOS came away with a 63-7 playoff win.*****Special folks celebrating their special day this week. Our friend Courtney Myers, manager of Exxpress Mart in Bridge City celebrates her special day on Nov. 18.***Allen Dunn, a great guy who will do to ride the range with, like his mom. If you don't like them you wouldn't like anyone. He celebrates on Nov. 20.*** Joining him on the same day, also a special fellow, who we don't always see eye to eye with but always respect. Jim Pruter turns a year older.***Also on Nov. 20, Carey Green, formerly of Bridge City, will celebrate another birthday. We have not heard from Carey in several years but always remember his birthday.***Because of Dallas, JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 22, I always remember attorney H.D. Pate and Lamar's Butch Campbell's birthdays. We've known Pate since he was 25 years old and Butch since he was nine. Sometimes I've been on opposite sides with both but I've respected their stance and hope and believe they have respected mine.***A birthday on the 22nd is also shared by Jason LeLeux and his aunt, Mary Tate. She had a lousy 14th birthday because everyone called about Jason's birth and no one wished her happy birthday. She held it against him until he turned 16. They are the son and sister of our gal Penny.*** Two great guys with birthdays coming up are Lon Hubbard and Edgar Eschbach. They're cool and stay above the fray.***Other good folks we know celebrating birthdays are the ever sweet Jackie Roberts, pretty Belinda Thibodeaux and Kenneth Hass is getting older even if wife Phyllis isn't. (Kenneth had since passed away.)*****The Dallas Cowboys finally showed up to play beating the Giants 33-20. It was Jason Garrett's first win as head coach. Wade Phillips was fired on Monday and the job given to Jerry Jones' fair-haired boy. A change is often good for a team that is struggling. Dallas is loaded with talent. Here's hoping they turn the tables, but don't bet on it.*****The Houston Texans lost a heart breaker to Jacksonville, 31-24, on a last "Hail Mary" pass slapped by a Texan defender right into the hands of a Jaguar for the winning touchdown.*****Two Orange County youngsters, Sean and Collin Gros, are looking forward to the Thanksgiving Day game between the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks. The brothers will be on the 50-yard line for that game in New Orleans. Sean is a diehard Saints fan, while his brother Collin will be pulling for Earl Thomas and the Seahawks. He even predicts that "Home Boy" will have two picks.***** It's deer hunting time in Texas. Many of the natives have headed to the East Texas woods and to the hill country. Commissioner John Dubose headed out with two bullets; he says that's all he needs to get his limit..*****We understand that our buddy Jessie Domingue will be retiring from his oil rig job in the Gulf come January. We're glad for him but we're sure going to miss getting Robbie's French bread he brings us from Abbeville.*****Speaking of Louisiana, Anna Belle Rost attended her and Roy's 57th class reunion in Abbeville. Dunn missed it but there was a good turnout of former Wildcats. *****A couple of weeks ago, at the St. Mary Golf Tournament, Judge Thibodeaux had his balls blessed by Father Daleo. The good Father refused to lay hands on him. Ask Judge Pat about it.*****Fifty years ago Clark Gable's funeral services was held. He died Nov. 16, 1960 shortly after filming "Misfits" with Marilyn Monroe. His most famous movie "Gone with the Wind" is still a classic today.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2010

Dolorese Shaw Kite, age 80, of Orange, died Saturday, Nov. 13. A private memorial service was held. She was twice a cancer survivor at ages 33 and 66. She is survived by her husband of 58 years, Clarence R. Kite, Jr.; brother, Charles "Pete" Shaw; son, Charles "Andy" Kite; granddaughter, Kim Waters; grandson, Chris Kite and great-granddaughters, Destiny Stidham and Marissa Waters. Home in Orange.*****George Clifton Ferguson, Jr., 53, of Orange, died Saturday, Nov. 6. The cremation was under the direction of Claybar Haven of Rest Crematory in Bridge City. He worked as an operator at Signal International. George is survived by his wife, Patty D. Ferguson; son, George C. "Boo" Ferguson, III; daughters, Gail D. Prettyman, Shondra L. Thorne and Dana M. Conley; Four grandsons; six granddaughters.

22 Years Ago-1998

Banker Fred Charles Gregory, age 64, died Sunday, Nov. 15, at his residence. The Port Arthur native and U.S. Army veteran was a resident of Bridge City for 33 years. Survivors include his wife, June; daughter, Sharon; and son, Michael Darin; mother, Pauline; and sisters, Barbara Broussard and Vickie McKenzie. (Editor's note: What a great guy he was, It's been many years but I still think of him regularly. His wife June still lives in Bridge City.)*****Michael Cory St. Clergy, 18, was arrested in connection with Pinehurst murder of Ernest Alford and the robbery of an Orange convenience store. St. Clergy confessed to both crimes. According to Pinehurst Lt. Ronnie Barrett and D.A. investigator K.C. Bresheirs "There is no doubt we have the right person said D.A. John Kimbrough. *****Dr. David Jones, a Bridge City native, comes home to heal his own. He was a four-sport athlete at Bridge City. His stepfather is Coach Dan Ray Hooks; his uncle is Dr. Jimmy Jones so he has been around sports and medicine all his life, the reason he chose sports medicine. He is a graduate of Texas Tech School of Medicine and LSU Medical Center in New Orleans. He is located in new quarters next to Baptist Orange Hospital. He started practice a little over a year ago. (Editor's note: Dr. Jones, as far as I know, is in the same location. He's one of several Bridge City grads who are in the medical field.)*****The Orangefield Bobcats defeated the Hamshire-Fanette Longhorns. The Bobcat defense, led by Roy Fariah, Greg Williams and Vito Agerton held the Longhorns to 94 yards on 27 tries. Bo Daville rushed for 226 yards on 37 totes. Daville gained 1,600 yards and made 19 touchdowns in regular season. Coach Randy Theriot and his Bobcats take on Crockett in Conroe as they move on in the playoffs.*****The Bridge City Lady Cards volley ball team headed to state tournament after winning class 4-A Region III championship. Some of Coach Rosett Wilson's players are Erin Dillow, Sally Hill, April Belk, Jessie Johnson and Misty Jenkins.*****The Bridge City Christmas parade has been postponed until Dec. 5.*****Chris Farkas, with The Record Newspapers, said his goodbyes this week and left Orange County in his rearview mirror. Chris moved to Jacksonville, Florida.*****Robert Vail and wife, Betty, celebrated their wedding anniversary.*****Betty Harmon was added to the Board of Directors of County National Bank.*****Joe Burke celebrates his birthday on Nov. 22, as does H.D. Pate.*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs won 10 games in a row only to lose to the Silsbee Tigers in the Bi-District playoff in Port Arthur.


I feel for our small family businesses trying and working so hard just to survive until a turn-around comes into all of our lives. Change will come, I'm confident of that, but it will be a few months yet. Here's an example of a young, local family who can use any help you can offer them. Earl Duhon, wife and daughter own and operate Dupuis Service and Tire Center. Earl has fought off cancer twice and is still suffering the effects. Unable to hire all the help a full-service station needs he does much of it himself. He is the only station in the county that gives complete full service. He'll check everything from your tires to your temperature. He'll fill the car and check the oil. His family deeply appreciates the customers. Dupuis often has great sales on tires also. Stop by, buy a tank of gas every now and then and help save a small, family business, the oldest business in Bridge City has continued in operation since Paul Dupuis operated in the early 1940's. Stop by.


Congratulations to Stephany and Josh Ball on the birth of their son Gabriel Aaron Ball, born 10:25 a.m., Nov. 9, 2020, at Baptist Hospital Beaumont. Young Gabriel weighed in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces. and was 19 ¼ inches high. He was welcomed by his big sister, 4-year-old Savannah. Over the past 50 years I've watched many youngsters arrive and grow up in Dugas Addition. Many went on to do great things, doctors, lawyers, professors, like the Fukuda brothers, Joel Beckcom, Huckabay's, Reid's, etc. They were always proud to say they were Dugas Addition kids. Congrats to the Ball's. They waited 21 years for their boy and 17 years for Savanna. *****A few folks we know celebrating this week. Happy birthday Nov. 18 to Theresa Evans, Aimee Huckabay and Jonathan Vogt.*****Nov. 19, is the birthday of our friend Joel Steirman, also to Linda Klein, Liz Harris, Trina Stringer and Charles Cagle.*****Nov. 20 finds some great folks having birthdays. Three good guys I knew in short pants, Allen Dunn, Carey Green and Lon Hubbard celebrate, along with our friends Edgar Eschbach, pretty Sunni Oceguera and Jan Briggs.*****Nov. 21 finds Penny and Gerald's young'un Jason LeLeaux celebrating.*****Nov. 22, two longtime friends, legal secretary Jackie Roberts and Butch Campbell celebrate. This was also the birthday of our late friend and attorney H.D. Pate. *****Nov. 23 finds "Mr. Lions Club" Randle Morris celebrating, also Christina Tallant and Haylie Belcher. *****Nov. 24, Happy Birthday to Candace Todora, Steven James, Thomas Hutchison and Rodney Petty. Best wishes to all. *****A year ago this week we lost a couple of good friends. On Nov. 21, John Roy Frederick died suddenly at his tire ship in Mauriceville. A day or two before he had dined with a dozen friends. He was the least likely one of the group to suddenly go away. ***On the next day, Nov. 22, the day JFK was killed in Dallas in 1963, we lost Judge Joe Parkhurst. Joe was a former Bridge City and Sam Houston baseball star. He was a Journalism student who studied under the former Leon Hale. Joe spent many years in education, along with his longtime friend Judge Derry Dunn. Joe went on to become Justice of the Peace, retired and spent several years as Pinehurst City Manager. Judge Parkhurst lived long enough to see one of his sons, Steve, become a district judge. That was his proudest moment. A year has gone by but I find it's still hard to believe these two friends are gone.


Celebrating their special day this week are the following. Allen Dunn, Joel Steirman, Randle Morris, Theresa Evans, Lyndsie Neie, Melanie Claybar, Bryan Garrett, Leroy Gomez, Mickey Smith, Celeste Hart, Kevin LeCourtere, Stephanie Williams, Meagan McGill, Linda Klein, Liz Hasrris, Shelly Ford, Trina Stringer, Veronica Smith, Cecil Allen, Charles Cagle, John Moore, Edgar Eschbach, Kevin Phillips, Hayden Clark, Jim Pruter, Jan Briggs, Rose Powell, Jason LeLeux, Adam Schisler, Dorothy Mathis, Misty Moody, Barbara Trahan, Brenda Spangle, Carolyn Hagen, J.O. McCune, Rodney Petty, Scott Mackey, Steven James, Cindy McLaughlin, Tomas Hutchison, Jeff Hollis, Candace Todora, Jessica Stark, Kim Hubbard, Debbie Hughes.


Nov. 18: David Ortiz 45, Baseball Player; Damon Wayans, Jr.  38,   Actor; Megan Kelly  50,  News Anchor.*****Nov. 19: Calvin Klein  78,  Fashion Designer; Jodie Foster  58,   Actor; Meg Ryan  59,  Movie Actress; Larry King  87,  TV Host.*****Nov. 20: Joe Biden  78,  46th President Elect; Josh Turner  43,  Country Singer; Joe Walsh  73,  Rock Singer.*****Nov. 21: Goldie Hawn  75,   Actress; Michael Strahan  49, TV Host and former football player;

Troy Aikman  54,  Football Player.****Nov. 22: Scarlett Johansson  36, Actress; Mark Ruffalo  53,   Actor; Jamie Lee Curtis  62,  Actress; Billy Jean King  77, Tennis Player.*****Nov. 23: Miley Cyrus  28,  Pop Singer; Robin Roberts  60,  TV Show Host: Page Kennedy  44,   Actor.***** Nov. 24: Katherine Heigl  42   Actress; Billy Connolly  78,   Actor; Colin Hanks  43,   Actor.


A longtime ago, da Granger brothers start demselves a new airline. It had only one destination, from Orangefield to Lafayette. Dey load up da four passengers and took off on dire first flight. Not long after dey took off, dey experienced motor trouble over Lake Sabine. Wade was da announcer and Thomas da pilot flying da plane him. Wade came over da loud speaker and said, "Me, I've been informed by da pilot dat we are experiencing an emergency us. Da motor it went out and we gonna made contact wit da water. Now I want dose dat can swim to stand on da left side and dose dat can't stand on da right side. Now, dose on da left, wen da plane make contact wit da water, jump out and swim to da shore. Now, dose of you on da right side, well Capt. Granger and I would like to tank you for flying wit Cajun Airlines."



Trump's worse fear is when the man comes to get the keys to Air Force One. Like Jim Bakker, they will find Donald in a fetal position and will have to carry him off the plane. When the plane, Air Force One, landed and Trump stepped out on the platform and expanded his chest, he believed he was "King of the Universe." It's "The Plane Boss!" That is what will be the hardest for him to walk away from. It's back to his airbus and buying his own fuel. He'll become ego fatigued when he sees Joe step off Air Force One, enough to make him throw up. He'll blame everyone but himself for the loss, even FOX News, who gave him millions of dollars in airtime at all his rallies, with Air Force One as his prop. Meanwhile people die and Donald is on the golf course where he has spent 427 days and attended less than 10% of the daily briefings. The only time he was in the Oval office was for photo ops and to show off his signature.*****That's all for this week. Stay safe, wear mask and may God bless America.


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