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Christmas this week will be like none we have ever seen before. A pandemic has ravaged the country. It’s not safe to travel or gather. The large family gatherings won’t be at Grandma’s house this year. Gatherings of cousins, who look forward to this once a year renewing of kinship and exchanging experiences, just won’t happen. Even though I believe it didn’t have to be this way, it is what it is. We still have a long way to go but there is hope on the way. A vaccine, over the next few months, might make for a bright and normal Christmas next year and Christmas 2020 will be just a bad dream. Many families are suffering, millions are hungry, 20 million are out of work and 12 million are facing eviction. It’s a sad time for all of us but I hate it mostly for the children. Regardless of your nationality, it’s a time to make lasting memories. This year’s memories are what you make of them. Do what you can to make the most of it but above all, you must stay safe.


A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Harry had been hospitalized with COVID. Harry Henderson Corbett II, age 70, passed away on December 16. We first met Harry in Wayne Peveto’s first race for state representative. I had the highest respect for him since. Most candidates seeking office often sought Harry’s support because he was so well respected by everyone who knew him and counted on his word. He was one of over 25,000 Texans that was taken home by a virus way too young. Taken by a virus that never should have reached this rancher in Orange County Texas. A gravesite service was held Sunday, December 20, at Winfree Cemetery. May this good man rest in peace.



My records indicate that four special guys will be celebrating birthdays on this week. I could write a full length story on each one but here are a few words on each. I’ll start with the oldest, my buddy for more years than seems possible. I remember when Attorney Sharon Bearden, 82, was sworn in to the bar. He ran for State Representative, lost then became District Attorney during the most turbulent drug related times in the county, drug lords, brutal hoodlums that left walls covered with blood. I was there when son Jim Sharon was sworn in to the bar by Judge Buddie Hahn and also attended his grandmother Jewel’s celebration lunch. I was there when Sharon’s wife gave him a choice, “You or that dog has to go.” Bearden and the dog found a new home. Should he go first and I remain, I’ll be there to. Happy birthday brother. ***Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte, former councilman and mayor of Bridge City, led his city through the devastating destruction of Hurricane Ike. He was the right person at the right time. He made national news when he called the head government official an “SOB” because Mayor Kirk couldn’t get housing assistance from the U.S. government for his city. I was standing next to Rep. Kevin Brady when the words came out of Kirk’s mouth. Brady got down in a crouch so the TV camera would not show him. Kirk was dealt a terrible blow when his wife Shirley died. Kirk, sincere best wishes. ***Bobby Fillyaw was just a youngster when I first met his father, twice elected Newton County Judge. For years Bobby headed up Orange County Economic Development under County Judge Carl Thibodeaux. A county judge change caught Fillyaw in the middle of political discard. Bobby has also known grief, his wife died just before being fired. A friendly guy, he’s the radio voice of the Newton Eagles football. *****I have known Russell Bottley since he was a teenager and also most of his family. Russell has the most inspiring story. Struck down with cancer as a young man, he had to deal with the long, hard battle back. With daily trips to Houston for months he was helped by friends and donations from strangers. Russell was able to work for a teacher, who had taught over 53 years, and had served as editor to this paper, Betty Jo Spence, who owned race horses. His best friend was professional NFL player Kevin “Pup” Smith. Russell’s biggest desire was to be a coach. He wouldn’t quit, he battled his illness until he won. There was no giving up with this guy. Today he’s a coach of his beloved West Orange-Stark Mustangs. “Russell, you’re an inspiration to all young people who face what seems helpless.” *****Other folks celebrating…..Chris Gunn, who introduced me to Bottley, celebrates on Dec. 23. The son of Buzzie and Dayle Gunn, I’ve known him since he was in short pants.*****Happy 65th anniversary to Rene and Lucy Hanks on Dec. 24.*****Judge Flo Edgerly celebrates on Christmas Day, also Helen DeRoche turns 95 on Christmas Day.*****Our longtime friend Irene Stevens turns 93 on Dec. 27. She’s not one of the Rascals but her late husband Steve was. Happy Birthday to a great lady.*****Harriet Dubose celebrates Dec. 28.*****My longtime friend Kenny “KeeKee” Dupuis celebrates on Dec. 28. His late dad Paul and our late sheriff, Chester Holts, got caught in a cock fight in South Louisiana many years ago. He was a fast talking Cajun.


10 Years Ago-2010

Allen Ritter and Aaron Pena switching to the Republican Party has given them a two-thirds super majority in the coming session. They can dictate the House agenda and pass what they please, including constitutional amendments. Democrats might as well stay home. They can’t stop or pass anything. Remember in 2003 members left the state to prevent a quorum? Now 100 Republican members is a quorum. Republicans control all statewide offices and the House and Senate. They call all the shots.***** We had a great visit the other day with Mary Bryant, a great lady. This time of years is especially hard on the family. Casey passed away on Christmas Eve last year. Son Matt is doing very well kicking for the Atlanta Falcons; in fact, he’s the NFL’s second leading scorer. Sunday, against Seattle, he kicked two field goals and four extra points to win 34-18, clinching a playoff spot. His mom and brothers, Kim and Billy, will spend Christmas with Matt and family and will catch the last two games of the regular season. Matt, a Bridge City boy, makes Orange County proud.***** Our longtime buddy Dot Esbach came through another year with her annual Christmas fudge. ***** Also, Rev. Leo took care of the staff with a big box of sweets. *****Thanks also to our friend John Heard for the delicious Orange County grown citrus. *****An interesting figure just came across my desk stating 39 percent of people polled say marriage is obsolete and 35 percent of “Baby Boomers” are now divorced. There’s something wrong with that picture. In the long run, kids are the ones who will pay the price. *****We discovered a great service in Bridge City that was a big help getting out holiday packages. It’s called Geaux Mail, owned by Jackie Smith and her hubby. They have numerous services.*****Forty years ago Steve Worster, Bridge City great, University of Texas All American was fourth in the 1970 Heisman ballots. At one time in the season, he seemed a shoe-in to get it. He was with good company however. Jim Plunkett won the trophy, Joe Theisman came in second and Archie Manning, the father of Payton and Eli, was chosen third. Steve made headlines and was known throughout the country. He brought a lot of recognition to our area. *****Special folks having birthdays. Our friend Jimmy Dillon Jr. turned 52 on Dec. 20. ***Our Facebook pal, Phyllis Broussard marks hers on Dec. 22. *** Harriet Dubose, commissioner David’s better half, celebrates and our buddy, Chris Gunn has another one Dec. 23. ***Wilda Martin, a former writer, celebrates on Dec. 24. ***Flo Edgerly and Helen DeRoche, both celebrate on Christmas Day. *** Others getting a year older are Ronnie Hutchison, mayor Kirk Roccaforte and Linn Cordner. ***Charles Pratt will put another notch on his years of life on Tuesday, Dec. 28***Anne Segura would celebrate on Dec. 26 if she were still with us. I miss her a lot. *** Our longtime friend Bax would be 87 on Christmas Day.*****Happy 55th anniversary to Rene’ and Lucy Hanks on Dec. 24. ***** This is the time of year when Joe Kazmar publishes his annual Christmas list. He has been running the list since the mid-1960s. He updates it regularly. Many on earlier list are now deceased. Many on this years list were not born when he started the annual tradition. *****Dupuis’ Full Service Station is one of the few left in the state. For 69 years it has been in continuous operation, run by the same family. Kee-Kee and his crew give a great service that you don’t find anywhere else. They check your oil, water, air your tires, clean your windows and much more. 

22 Years Ago-1998

Vonda MacAldredge Green and Ed Green, of Orange, are grandparents of Ashley Audra Jones, of Houston, who plays Megan in the CBS soap, “The Young and the Restless.” Ashley has played in several movies and commercials. (Editor’s note: I wonder if the Greens still live here and what became of Ashley’s acting career?)*****The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce will install Marialeice Saucier as president at their 40th annual banquet in January. Kirk Ellender is Chamber president. *****Janice, Connie and Aletta are employees for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3, Flo Edgerly. *****Parker Thompson is Constable Pct. 2. *****JJ’s Fried Chicken is located at 2380 Texas Ave. in Bridge City. *****Employed at Hibernia Bank in Bridge City are Mike Moreau, Mary Burdine, Mary Frazier, Jada Runkle, Brenda Edwards, Lisa Hale and Amy Johnson.***** Bax, ‘Old Uncle Gordon,’ ‘Barefoot Baxter’ or whatever, turns 75 on Christmas Day. (Editor’s note: Bax died a few years ago. Had he lived he would be 97 on December 25.)*****Hired gun, Ken Starr, and the right wing lynch mob impeached President Bill Clinton on two counts. (Editor’s note: No one was complaining about it being sacrilegious to be pressing on to get the impeachment done at Christmas time before the Congress changes.) Clinton is only the second president impeached in our history. The polls of American people now say two to one, that the impeachment was a lynching. Sixty seven percent approve of President Clinton’s presidency and leadership. (Editor’s note: Now there are three impeached presidents with Donald J. Trump. His poll numbers are not good.)*****Congressman Bob Livingston, speaker to be, resigns as word leaks that Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine was getting ready to expose him. The New Orleans Romeo was involved in at least two affairs, one produces two kids, and the other was an interracial entanglement with a Mississippi woman.

62 Years Ago-1958

Wilson Waites, lead football coach at Stark, signs a four-year contract that makes him the first full-time athletic director in school history. Dr. Frank Hubert, superintendent announced the $9,000 a year agreement. *****Four West Orange football players are named to the All-District Team. Chuck Young, Jimmy Richardson, Jimmy Davis and Kenneth Prescott. *****Lamar coach J.B. Higgins is up for the Coach of the Year in Texas award. Lamar doesn’t, at this time, have it’s own stadium.


I want to take this opportunity to tell Judge Dennis Powell goodbye. I would have liked to have done it in person. Judge Powell is a good Christian man who served us well. He is a man who really cares. An anonymous donor who, without fanfare, helped others in need without their knowing he was their benefactor. We wish the Judge and his family many great years ahead in the Hill Country. I’ll always recall the most expensive, hard fought campaign that got him elected to the district court. That’s one for the ages. He will be replaced by a great guy, Rex Peveto, who I’ve known since he was a youngster. Judge Peveto is just the right guy to replace Powell. I’m betting on Rex being a good one. He’s from good stock.*****I’ve been asked to predict Georgia’s senate races but its too close to call. Republicans have a good ground game with 4,000 volunteers, plus they registered 75,000 new voters, matching Democrats. The race will go down to the wire. My guess is if 90 percent or more of the General Election voters return, I believe Democrats will win. So far, early voting is running 20 percent behind the Trump/Biden election in early voting.*****For the first time in 70 years, the decedents of William “King” Dunn and his siblings didn’t get together this past Saturday. The Dunn family Christmas reunion was always held the Saturday before Christmas. Derry and Jane Dunn, like most of us, will spend a quite day alone. Jane’s daughter contacted COVID but is on the other side now. Derry believes after another stop in Houston, he’s good for at least 20 years. The Municipal Judge in Pinehurst, for now, isn’t holding visual court hearings.*****I was surprised to learn that Dr. Arlene Turkel had retired in August from Lamar Orange. School president Dr. Tom Johnson says Arlene has been nominated for a special award from the Texas State Board of Regents.*****The “Big Texas Four” Gov. Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Sen. John Cornyn. The first three are all eying the presidency in 2024. There is not but one that is presidential enough and has the temperament to serve if nominated. Abbott blew it, Cruz is too much like Trump and Patrick first has to beat Abbott for governor next year. Cornyn is the only realistic choice.*****Just wondering if Trump will pardon Ken Paxton, who is a sure bet to be indicted in federal charges soon. Trump will pass out a couple dozen pardons, for himself, family, Rudy and other indicted, convicted, crooks. Trump continues to milk the “Cash Cow” as poor suckers keep sending him their hard earned money. He so far has $250 million to use as he likes and that will be to raise chaos and disrupt the Biden Administration. The law to raise all the money you can after being defeated should be changed. One thing that is sure to happen, like Jim and Tammy Faye, he will be removed from the hill.*****I understand my friend of many years, Essie Bellfield, came by the office. I miss her visits. I’m told her health is failing, that’s sad. We made a lot of memories and her friendship has been priceless. She left word that “when we get to Heaven together there is going to be a big party.” God bless her.*****Somewhere in this paper there is a wise tip from the old professor J.B. Arrington. Check it out. I got my seeds today from Allen Dunn and plan to spread them out in the morning. *****A big thanks to Lou, at Farmer’s Mercantile, for a bunch of 1015 onion plants. I will also sow them tomorrow. Visit Lou and the gang for all your winter planting. My friend Les Johnson says it’s not too late for 1015 planting.


Celebrating birthdays in the next few days are Sue Cowling, Mindy Granger, Trey Clark, Mike Dillion, Velma Theriot, Evelyn Foster, Ashley Burris, Kent Broussard, Laura Floyd, Rebecca Johns, Bobby Sibert, Lorraine Bonin, Max Pelham, Jacob Broussard, Linn Cardner, Pam White, Jacklyn Bradberry and Lauren Leger.


Dec. 23: Susan Lucci,  74,  Soap Opera Actress; Sofia Black D’elia,  29,  Actress; Holly Madison,  41,  Model.*****Dec. 24: Ricky Martin,  49,  Pop Singer; Ryan Seacrest,  46,  TV Host; Jason Miller,  40,  MMA Fighter.*****Dec. 25: Annie Lennox,  66,  Pop singer; Jimmy Buffett,  74,  Country Singer; Sissy Spacek,  71,   Actress.*****Dec. 26: Chris Daughtry,  41,  Rock Singer; Kit Harington,  34,  TV Actor; Jared Leto,  49,  Rock Singer/Actor*****Dec. 27: Emilie DeRavin,  39,  Actress; Chloe Bridges,  29,  Actress; Shay Mooney,  29,  Country Singer; Olivia Cooke,  27, Actress.*****Dec. 28: John Legend, 42,  R&B Singer; Denzel Washington,  66,  Actor; Maggie Smith,  86,  Actress; Seth Meyers,  47,  TV Show Host.*****Dec. 29: Actors Jude Law,  48; Ted Danson,  73;  Jon Voight,  82; Jane Levy,  31.  


Otis Gilbeaux was a single guy him, living at home wit his papa and working in da family business. Wen he found out he was going to inherit da family fortune wen Clovis, his sickly papa died, Otis decided he need to fins himself a wife to share his fortune wit.

One evening, at an investment meeting, he spotted da most beautiful women he had ever seen him. Her beauty took Otis’ breath away and boy, was she smart.

He went and sat down next to her and told her, “Me, I may look like jus an ordinary guy but in a short time, maybe a year or two, my papa him, will die and me, I will inherit $200 million plus the big house and da farm.”

Dat beautiful women her, was impressed and axe Otis for his business card. Two weeks later, she became his step-mama.



Trump denies Russian Cyber Attack

It was no surprise that Trump would downplay Russia’s cyber attacks. Fourteen intelligence agencies, plus Secretary of State Pompeo, Attorney General Barr and others, have proved that it was Russia that conducted a cyber attack for nine months against the United States. Trump is giving Russia cover. He even gave them cover when they were paying bounty for killing American soldiers. What needs to happen in the next administration is to subpoena the interpreter who was in on Trump and Putin’s secret meetings. They also should open the vault and listen to the phone tapes of Trump trying to make the Biden deal with Ukraine’s president. No doubt in my mind Putin owns Trump. Thank God he wasn’t re-elected with Putin pulling his strings. Have you ever wondered what happened to all the sanctions Obama put on Russia, one was for shooting down a commercial airliner over Ukraine, killing nearly 300 people. While we were asleep the Trump Administration swept them under the rug.*****My time is up. Have a very blessed Christmas, stay safe and God bless.


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