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When Jesus Shows Up In The Storm (Matt. 14:22-33)

When Jesus shows up in your storm, He'll be walking on water. The storm had been raging and had come to a tempest that it appeared all was lost, including the disciples lives. They had done everything to overcome, but nothing was working. It was now to only wait until the end. So, where was God? Why what appeared to be a delay? Where was the concern for their lives? Am I going to die?

Have you had these times in your life? Maybe recently with Covid or a loved one with it. So many have ran to the door of death with it while others ran to it and beyond into the arms of a waiting Savior. 

We must see what God's Word reveals to us in this great story of Jesus coming in the midst of a storm walking on the water to the deliverance of His disciples from drowning.

When you are God's child, He always knows right where you are, even in the midst of a storm where no one can see you nor reach you except Him. Darkness fills the air with thousands of uncertainties, but the most important One knows right where you are and is coming. You can't see Him for the surrounding storm of life you are in, but He is coming. His timing is perfect and as powerful as His walking on water. So, He knows where you are in your storm.

Then we see that He is personally involved in our deliverance while walking on water. He called Peter by name to get out of the boat and walk to Him. That is a call into the midst of our storm to not fear because we can operate in the sovereign power of Christ.

Look also at how He handles our weakness in faith. Peter nor you nor I are perfect in our faith and power, but always reliant upon His ultimate power to walk on water in the midst of our storm. Peter suddenly looked upon himself in the midst of his storm, looking away from Jesus. His power to overcome became once again a bit shaky and down he was sinking in his storm of life, but Jesus always takes into account our inability to overcome our storm. Oh, didn't I tell you that? This is not an account in the Bible to show how YOU overcome. It is an account about the Only One who can overcome. He walks on water.

Then we see Jesus, the overcomer, stepping up into the exact midst of the problem, the storm. He comes onboard of your life and takes the lead in yours and my deliverance. He steps to the bow of our life and calls for the storm to stop and the waters to be calm and once again it is smooth sailing for a while. The sickness, the financial hardship, the family problems, work problems and you name it are once again in check at the hand of the One who walks on water. We must pay attention in the storm for He who will walk on the water of your storm. The disciples were alert to their surroundings while helpless in them. They were watching for deliverance and HE showed walking on water.

Oh, and sometimes He steps in to take the power of walking on water to walk you or I into His heavenly presence leaving this old world of storms behind, but His power to walk on water is obviously the sovereign power of all power and as when we trusted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we passed from death unto life (Jn. 4:25). He will duplicate this great sovereign power the day He steps into one of our storms and simply lifts us in His hand into His holy presence, Heaven. Storms no more. Threat of death no more. Sorrows from the storms no more. Ultimately Jesus' power to walk on water in the midst of our storms of life has the ultimate ability…delivering His children out of the clutches of death and eternal life comes clear. We live forever with Him.

Embrace 2021 with this promise as His child. Watch for Him throughout the year to come to you in your trials walking on the water. Don't let trials and tribulation blur your view of Jesus coming to your rescue.

Charles Empey is the Pastor of Cove Baptist Church, Orange, TX.


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