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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest


For over four years I have tried to explain who Donald Trump was. For over 30 years I've known him to be a New York shyster. A very corrupt con man with over 4000 lawsuits filed against him for non payment to contractors and workers. Six times he was forced into bankruptcy. From day one he was unfit to be president of the United States; he had absolutely no government experience. He ran in the Republican Primary after considering the Democratic Primary. He didn't run thinking he would win, he ran to promote the Trump brand. He had never been a Republican and there is no record he ever voted Republican before voting for himself. I predicted we would regret the day he was elected. Now thank God he will be gone. A second term would have turned into a dictatorship, we've already seeN evidence of that. He had already started a civil war with the Republican Party. He and Steve Bannon's plan was a third party by expanding on his white supremacy base. He would have ruled by executive order, not needing congress. I have no proof but I really believe he would have partnered with Russia's Vladimir Putin. He had already discounted Mitch and most of the Republicans. No telling what he would have done. War with Iran is not out of the question and we know Russia has been pushing for an attack on them, just as Israel has. Again, I'm thankful we will never find out what this crazy man is capable of doing. Anyone who would do nothing to stop a good Christian man like V.P. Pence from potentially getting hanged has a black heart. Believe me, if the mob would have run into Pence they would have done it. Trump has no loyalty. Pence, reduced to a puppet every time he publicly spoke, always recited these words, "Thank you Mr. President for your leadership." Made me want to throw up but on the other hand, I felt sorry for Pence. He had been reduced to a lap puppy by a no good, lousy bully. He watched on television the invasion of the Capitol. It was reported he was getting his jollies off and couldn't understand why everyone in the room wasn't as excited as him. I suspect about that time the realization hit them of what was really happening. Trump, along with Rudy, Don Jr., had sent the mob their harshest words to rile those sickos into doing as much as possible. I believe all three should be charged with trying to overthrow the government. Trump should never again be allowed to run for public office. Since his defeat he had milked the "Cash Cow" for $250 million that he can use to cause havoc. Nothing is bad enough for him. It made me sick to watch what he perpetrated on our Capitol. Just last week I wrote in this column that something bad was getting ready to happen. I've been accused of having a Chrystal ball after that column. No, I just knew Trump would not go away quietly and would burn down everything he could, including the Republican Party. This president didn't go bad, he already was. Trump snookered a lot of good people who fell for his lies. Judge Sid once told me, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."


U.S. Senator of Texas, Ted Cruz, who led an effort in the senate to delay certifying Trump's loss, is facing growing calls for his resignation. Many blame him for stoking the post-election strife that culminated with the attack on the Capitol. Cruz objected to Arizona's electoral vote less than an hour before the thugs breached the building. Sen. Josh Hawley was first to promote the delay sham but Cruz leap-frogged him in order to gain support from the very Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol. Cruz was trying to be the face of the Republican Party in 2024 and he needed the 20% to 30% of the White Nationalist support. Ted Cruz knew there wasn't any fraud in the election and that Biden had won. I've said before, there is something dark about Cruz; he has some Donald Trump traits. He is obsessed with being the first Cuban president and would do anything to get there, even allow Trump to call his wife ugly and his father in on the plot to kill JFK. Republican colleagues said, "Ted should have been working to dispel the false allegations." They accuse Cruz of doing the opposite in an attempt to appeal to Trump supporters and he used what he knew was not true to raise money, "A cash cow" to be used in his presidential bid. Calls were growing Monday for Cruz and Sen. Hanley, of Missouri, to resign. Houston's of police chief Art Acevedo tweeted to Cruz, "You fanned the flames of mistrust and history will hold you accountable for the ensuing chaos. OUTRAGEOUS!" Some Texans are saying that Ted Cruz and Ken Paxton who challenged the election results in four battleground states are both an embarrassment to the great state of Texas. Ted should do the right thing, fold his tent and let Gov. Abbott appoint someone who cares about the country, not just for their own personal gain. That's too much like Trump and we have suffered four years of that.


10 Years Ago-2011

The rampage in Arizona shocked the nation but between political rhetoric, television violence and today's disrespect for the law, it shouldn't be a surprise. The shooting through the head of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the killing of Federal judge John Roll and six more, including a nine-year-old girl, Christina Greene, born on Sept. 11, 2001. Thirteen others were wounded. Jared Loughner, 22, is charged with the crime. Doctors are optimistic that Rep. Giffords will survive but what will her mental capacity be like if she does? The congress lady is the wife of astronaut Mark Kelly. Giffords has drawn the ire of the Right, including Sarah Palin, over her support of health care reform. In March, a glass door of her office was shot out. Her Republican opponent, Jessie Kelly, 29, a Tea Party member, used the political slogan, "Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office, shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly." When people say those things they have to recognize that there are consequences to that kind of action. It is one thing to advocate ones views, I do it quit often, but to be radical about others views and blend it with hate is what has gotten us to this point. The Glen Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the other extremist really need to tone it down. The volatile political rhetoric has consumed the country. Is that really where we want to be as a country? Roger Ailes, boss of FOX News has ordered all of his on air personalities to quit it, tone it down. I doubt they will. (Editor's note: Remember that was 10 years ago and FOX is still preaching hate.)***** Eloide Dunn, wife of Wilson "King" Dunn, passed away January 10, 2011, from a resistant staph infection leading to renal failure. Eloide was 89 years old. She was one of the descendants of the Linscomb and Willey families, Orange County pioneers. For many years her husband was Post Master in Mauriceville and she was also a 30-year Postal employee. The couple raised a great family and saw to it that they received a good education. "King" is a good friend to this writer and a regular attendant of the Lunch Bunch gatherings. His main goal in life was taking care of Ms. Eloide, his wife of 72 years. King has a lot of friends and a large family who care for him. Our hearts go out to him and his family and especially to our close friend, son Judge Derry Dunn. (Editor's note: King has since passed away.) The Orange County Commissioner's Court has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of this fine lady.***** Charlotte Anderson had back surgery in Houston last week and is on the mend. ***Also, Dorothy Harmon had a procedure in Houston and could be home this week.***Our friend Rosalie Clark is much improved and may be released from the hospital by the time you read this.*****Happy 25th anniversary to Margie and Harry Stephens who got married at midnight on Jan. 10 so they celebrate Jan. 11. Happy anniversary and best wishes to these great friends. *****Tom DeLay got three years in prison. He was found guilty of a scheme to convert $190,000 in corporate money into cash to help elect seven state representatives. His goal was getting votes for his redistricting scheme. I doubt he will serve time. He will appeal his conviction all the way to the Supreme Court if he must. I look for a probation deal to be reached before that. *****Skipper Free had a great birthday party at Danny's. Brack furnished the coffee, Skipper the music. She visited with friends she hadn't seen in many years. Even 88-year-old Joy Parish, Jack Huffman's aunt, attended. It's a party anywhere Skipper is. *****National Champions: Auburn beat the Oregon Ducks 22-19. It's the first national championship for Auburn in 53 years. It was one of the few football predictions I got right. We won't soon forget quarterback Cam Newton and freshman and offensive MVP Michael Dyer.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2011

Kimberlyn I. "Kim" Phelps, 52, of Bridge City, passed away Wednesday, Jan. 5. Services were held on Saturday, Jan. 8. She is survived by her husband, Robert Phelps of Bridge City; her daughter, Gillian Briggs; sister, Denise McDaniel; brother, Joseph Lawrence Martel Jr. and grandson, Camden Briggs.***** Billy Edward Bishop, 69, of Orange, died Thursday, Jan. 6.  Funeral services were held on Saturday, Jan. 8.  Billy is survived by his wife of almost 52 years, Jacqueline "Jackie" Bishop; daughters, Karen Standley Runyon, Rhonda Haley Bishop; and sons, Billy Bishop and Mike Bishop; nine grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren.

20 Years Ago, 2001

Beverly Perry, a 10 years Bridge City Chamber member will assume the duties as president on Jan. 23. She will replace outgoing president Harold Trantham. The president reported that the Lester "Buckshot" Winfree roast brought in record moneys. Charlotte Chiasson is executive vice-president of the chamber. *****Clester and TuTu Andrews celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on Jan. 7. ***** Elvis would have been 66 years old on Jan. 8. ***** Former Louisiana governor Edward Edwards will be sentenced to Federal prison. His lawyer said, "ten years is like a death sentence."*****All Orange County Football Team's most valuable player was Jermaine Hope of West Orange-Stark. Most Valuable two-way player was Luke Wolfford of Bridge City. *** Offensive MVP was Troy Maddox of Vidor. *** Defensive MVP was Turquoy Riggs, WO-S. *** Special Teams MVP was Jeff Thibodeaux and Newcomer of the Year was Matt Peebles of Bridge City. *** Defensive MVP was Michael Ledet. *** Coach of the Year was Dan Hooks, West Orange-Stark. *** Others on MVP team were quarterback Nathan Reeves, Orangefield and Jonathan Feathers, WO-S. *** Backs were Dwayne Breaux, Bridge City and Justin Sibley, LC-M. *** Wide receivers were Peter Modica, Orangefield and Landon Hebert, LC-M. *** Offensive line, Donald Paul, WO-S; Ryan Busby, Bridge City; Justin Hall, Vidor; Jason Platt, WO-S; Thomas Glover, Orangefield; Chris Melton, Bridge City; Jonathan Duhon, Vidor; Aaron Mitchell, Bridge City and Adam Van Metre, Orangefield. *** MVP punter was Joey Byerly, West Orange-Stark. *** MVP defensive linemen, Paul Thomas, WO-S; Chris Daniels, LC-M; Josh Landry, Bridge City; Ryan Hickey, Orangefield and Jeff Gibbs, Orangefield. *** Linebackers were Grey Williams, Orangefield; Jeff Luker, Vidor; Jacob Thibodeaux, BC and Kevin Beasley, BC. *** Defensive backs were Douglas Sims, Vidor; Michael Ledet, WO-S and Jeff Thibodeaux, WO-S.*** MVP kicker Ben King, Bridge City. *****Wade Phillips was fired by Buffalo Bills owner for refusing to terminate special teams coach Ronnie Jones.


45 Years Ago-1976

Medic-Quick, Orange's first privately owned ambulance service starts up 24 hours at 410-Fifth St.*****Pct. 3 constable John Ford is being opposed by former city policeman Don Hartsfield. ***Jerry Pesson and Bobby Smitherman are new owners of Linder's Texaco at Roundbunch and Hwy. 87. *****Bridge City Chamber banquet will be held Jan. 27. Mayor Preston Wood will present "Citizen of the Year" award. Cajun humorist W.T. Oliver will be the speaker. *****Mary Jane Wallace turned 20 years old on Jan. 6.


I spoke with our friend Constable Brad Frye who says he has been very busy with evictions. Since COVID-19 a lot of people are under the impression that they don't have to pay their rent. Others just don't care, despite driving a nice car and not doing without. The landlords get stuck regardless because it takes so long before the legal papers get to the constables. I understand all four of them are doing several evictions a day.*****Tuesday, State Rep. Dade Phelan became the area first speaker of the house in over 170 years. It doesn't matter if the speaker is Republican or Democratic; it is always good if he's from your area. Phelan represents Southeast Texas, which includes Orange County. I don't believe Orange County ever had a state senator or United States congressman despite being the most populated county in the district. Phelan is a good choice to be speaker. He will serve during one of the most challenging sessions facing lawmakers, plus fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish him the best.*****A few folks we know celebrating their big day. Jan. 13: Our longtime friend we have known most of her life, Mel Campbell, celebrates along with pretty Lyndia Permenter, the First Lady of Pinehurst.***Also celebrating is Attorney Rodney Townsend and Judge Jerry Pennington.*****Jan. 14: One of George and Janelle Sehon's beautiful daughters, Stephanie Hurst, turns 26. Celebrating also is Tommy Thompson and Joy's better half Robert Simonton.*****Jan. 15: Joy Hughes, Tyler Reves and Don Thompson celebrate today.*****Jan. 16: Our buddy Glenn Oliver celebrates today. I miss seeing him. Before COVID-19 I visited with him almost daily. I hope his health is holding up.***Also celebrating is Alice Cole Hartsfield, who has been a true friend and benefactor with her help over the years.*****Jan. 17: The Honorable John Cash "Jack" Smith turns 82 today. He's still very sharp lawyer and has a load of nervous energy.***Lovely Gail Meadows, longtime public servant, celebrates today.***On this day we remember a great guy, Constable David Cagle, who passed away in 2019.*****Jan. 18: Bridge player, Glenn's other half, Brenda Oliver, celebrates today.***Having a birthday today is Laverne Walles, Bonny Sarver, Dylan Huckebay. Turning 56 today is former First Lady Michelle Obama. She's the most popular American with 72% approval.*****Jan. 19: Candace Clark, Lisa Costilla and Jimmy Whittle celebrate today. On this day we remember former employee and friend Ray Trahan, who died 18 years ago in 2003.


Jan. 13: Actor Liam Hemsworth, 31; Country Singer Trace Atkins, 59; Actor Orlando Bloom, 44; Actor Patrick Dempsey, 55. *****Jan. 14: Actors Faye Dunaway, 80; Emily Watson, 54 and Jason Bateman, 52. Jan. 15: Football Player Drew Brees, 42; Actor Chad Lowe, 53; Executive Shane McMahon, 51.*****Jan. 16: Model Kate Moss, 47; Singer Sade, 62; Baseball Player Albert Pujois, 41.*****Jan. 17: Former First Lady Michelle Obama, 57; Actor Jim Carrey, 59; Comedian Steve Harvey, 64.*****Jan. 18: Actors Kevin Costner, 66; Jesse L. Martin, 52; Jason Segel, 41.*****Jan. 19: Country Singer Dolly Parton, 75; Chef Paula Deen, 74; Actors Katey Sagal, 67 and Shawn Wayans, 50.



Tee-Neg Breaux, my cousin Sostan's boy, ain't so bright him. It run in da family, being a couple marbles short.

Anyhow, Tee-Neg him, and dis gal were locked in a clinch in da front seat of her car.

She whisper in his ear, "Cher, Tee-Neg, you wanna go in da back seat?"

"Mais no," Tee-Neg reply.

A few minutes later she ask him again, "Tee-Neg, you wanna get in da back seat now?"

"No," he say. "Me, I wanna stay in da front seat wit' you, babe."

Another time Tee-Neg was hitchhiking from Lafayette to Texas to visit a cousin in Vidor. A man in a big Lincoln Continental pick him up. Tee-Neg, him, he notice a bunch of golf tees on de front seat.

He say, "Hey Mister, w'at dem t'ings dere for?"

Da Texas man him, he say, "Well, those hold my balls while I drive."

"Kee-yaw!" Tee-Neg blurted out. "Dem Lincoln Continental, dem, dey have everyt'ing, hanh?"



Donald Trump returned to Texas Tuesday in his final visit as president. Trump went to Alamo, Texas to mark what he called the completion of 400 miles of border wall. In the past, Trump had told his rally followers that he would build a 2,100 mile, 30-foot high, concrete border wall. He then would ask, "Who will pay for the wall?" His Bubba's would shout, "Mexico." This would be Trump's monument, his Mt. Rushmore. Only 30 miles of wall have been completed, most of the work has replaced older fences and barriers. When Trump took office, the nation had 654 miles of various fencing along the 1,954 miles of U.S. border from Mexico to California. Texas had just 100 miles of fencing. After congress refused to give him $5 billion for the construction, Trump turned to using defense department appropriations to cover some construction. Almost $10 billion was diverted from the Pentagon program in 2019 and in 2020. While Trump sees the wall as his crowing achievement, his administration began a new policy where adults who crossed the border, a misdemeanor for a first time offender, were detained and criminally charged. Children were taken from their parents. In 2019, many faulted Trump's rhetoric on immigration for inspiring a shooting rampage in El Paso at a Wal-Mart store, leaving 23 people dead. Trump started his campaign with lies to stir up White Nationalism and incite hate towards immigrants. Julian Castro said on Sunday, "He's ending his presidency like he began four years ago and we saw just how dangerous and destructive that playbook became." The communities on our southern border have seen that destruction first hand." Trump's plan for his monument is to place a plaque, with his picture and words letting everyone know it was built by him, on the 10 miles of newly completed wall. No, Mexico didn't pay one nickel on the wall. Just one of the 30,000 lies his Bubba's bought.*****My time is up. We pray God will bless and protect our nation. Take care and stay safe.


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