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Colder weather making it tough

“I think we can get the boat in the water, but I don’t know if we can get it out,” said Cade Sensat as he and his fishing partner, Gail Livingston, took one more look before trying to launch their boat Monday evening.

I have known Cade for a long time so it came as no surprise that they weren’t at all concerned with the miserable conditions. He stays mad at the fish whether it be bass or speckled trout.

“We were going to run up to Rayburn,” said Sensat, “but Gail couldn’t get off work until two o’clock.I really want to run this new engine more than fish, but she’s not into freezing her butt off just for a boat ride!”

When I left they were sharing a cup of coffee and still trying to make their final decision.As it turned out they did launch Cade’s Ranger, did go fishing and most importantly, did get the boat back on the trailer just before dark.

I really thought they were had trouble when I saw his number on my phone, but he just wanted to brag a little. “I don’t know that I have ever fished in water dirtier than this,” he started out, “but we still caught four or five small bass and two limits of redfish at the mouth of Black’s.”

“Gail caught all but two of the fish, but only because our relationship is more important than two Gulp curly tails,” noted Cade in a serious tone. “I only had one jar with two white tails in the boat and she put one on her spinnerbait and the jar in her pocket. She still had both of them when we quit.”

I could hear her laughing in the background so I am thinking it was probably a reasonably accurate account of what took place.

Cade said the water was so low and muddy that they stayed in the deepest part of the bayou hoping the water closer to the bottom was a little clearer. He was bouncing a Hoginar off the bottom while she crawled her Gulp tail rigged on a quarter ounce spinner bait along the deep break. The fish were 12 to 14 feet deep.

“I locked the troll motor on one spot and we moved a few feet only one time all afternoon,” stated Cade.“I was really surprised that I couldn’t fool a red with my trusty Hoginar, but they only wanted that Curly tail grub. You would have thought she would have shared after I started crying, but she didn’t fall for that.” I could hear her laughing again so I am assuming all is well!

I am not advocating working your tail off in these less than favorable conditions for a few fish, but it is encouraging to know that a respectable bite is possible. More especially for the angler in

possession of the white grubs.

If you have an opportunity to get out, I would at least start by duplicating Cade and Gail’s program. When the marsh is sucked down to mud, there is not much point in working the shallow drains that are so good on a falling tide. If there is no bait exiting the marsh there is no reason for the fish to be there.

Gulp does not make the only scented tail on the market, but that scent is important when probing deeper water that is extremely muddy on top. Any regular plastic tail in your favorite color can be just as effective when soaked with a liquid or spray scent.

Staying put once you find a few fish is equally important in bone chilling weather. The fish are not going to be chasing even the most appealing meal very far and light strikes will attest to that fact.

I was not surprised that two of the LCM bass fishing teams started their season right last weekend by finishing second and third in the Deep East Texas High School Tournament held on Rayburn.Justin James and Gavin Cooper took second place honors with a five bass limit weighing


Jacob Longlois and Tanner Stewart finished less than a pound behind them with a five fish limit weighing 11.22-pounds. James and Cooper’s catch was less than a small crawfish off the winning stringer which weighed 12.08-pounds.

It is officially “game on” now for the high school clubs and several of the teams have legitimate shots at qualifying for the National Championship.Here’s hoping they will get it done early!


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