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A Walk on the Natural Side

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope the year ahead brings you many blessings! It’s an honor to share with you the natural ways of living. Under our current situation in society, dealing with the presence of Covid-19, It’s now more important than ever that we take care of ourselves; mind, body & spirit. Not only with just Covid-19 but with anything that comes our way! If this has taught us anything, it has made us take a look at how we care for our bodies. Building a strong immune system is an important part of our life!

This week I would love to discuss an age old fermented liquid called Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother”. It has been around for thousands of years, being used for its’ many medicinal qualities. Raw and unpasteurized ACV turns into acetic acid, which is the key component that

activates its’ medicinal benefits. ACV is rich in enzymes, contains minerals and friendly bacteria making it a wonderful source of antioxidants and antimicrobial benefits.

Among its’ medicinal qualities, people use ACV to improve digestion, speeding up the metabolism and digestion process helping create a balance in the digestive tract. It also has been known to help with Type II Diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity over time. Many also believe ACV helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, basically improving overall heart health, as it decreases inflammation throughout the body. Many have also used it to help with weight loss. It increases your feeling of fullness. One main reason for using it as I mentioned in the beginning is for its immunity benefits.

ACV with the “Mother” can stimulate the activity of what is known as the phagocytosis process. This organic process is one of the body’s immune responses to any foriegn invaders. Recognizing, engulfing and destroying toxic pathogens and cell debri that invade our body from everyday

exposure and ingestion of the food we eat. ACV stimulates the white blood cells to speed up and fight infection.

In my opinion, ACV helps improve your overall health. As with anything, Moderation is Key! There are certain circumstances, depending on your ailments and prescribed medications where ACV may not be beneficial for you to take on a regular basis, so Please be sure to consult your Healthcare Provider before implementing anything into your diet.

Recommended dosage of a tonic creation would be 1 to 2 Tbsp in an 8 to 16 ounce glass of water. For added benefits and taste, you can add a couple of Tsp of Lemon Juice and a Tbsp of local honey to your mixture. Normally it is taken in the morning when you wake or in the evening before you go to bed. If you do want to take it after you eat, wait about 20 mins. before doing so that way you will benefit from its’ medicinal qualities.

Recipes of the week

Apple Cider Vinaigrette

1 small shallot

⅓ cup of extra-virgin Olive Oil

¼ cup Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tsp Dijon Mustard

2 tsp Honey

½ tsp Salt

¼ tsp Pepper

Puree shallot, oil, vinegar, mustard, honey, salt & pepper until smooth

Use immediately or store in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for up to a week

Bring to room temperature before serving if it becomes solid

Sunday Pulled Pork/ Picnic Ham


½ Cup Brown sugar

½ Cup soy sauce

½ Cup water

2 tbsp Paprika

2 tsp onion powder

1 tbsp minced garlic

In a cup mix brown sugar, water, soy sauce & pour over picnic ham

In a separate cup mix paprika, onion powder and minced garlic and use as a run to

apply to the ham

Wrap up and marinate for 2 to 24 hours

Take out of the fridge and let sit for 30mins

Pre-heat oven to 275

Place foil wrapped ham in oven and let cook for 10 hours

Once done you can break up for pulled pork with your favorite sauce or use for carnitas



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