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For nearly 50 years Louise Wood and I had been friends. This wonderful lady died last week, a victim of COVID-19. She was 75 years old. She joined more than 555,000 nationwide and 49,000 Texans to die from the virus, a worldwide pandemic. To have known her, a person would never forget her. There are many stories in my memory about this interesting woman. She made several parties at our home with then husband, pilot, Dan Green, both members of what was fondly called Baxter's Brigade. The Brigade was a tight knit bunch who spent a lot of time together. Forty years ago, on her birthday, she married Rush Wood. They were a newspaper couple. Rush was covering Lamar football and Louise was City Editor of the Beaumont Enterprise. She ended her career at Lamar as Public Relations Officer. She was extremely bright and truly believed "once a friend, always a friend." She was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma and raised in Mission, Texas, Tom Landry's hometown, in the Rio Grand Valley. Her family name was Later and she often joked about how many times in her life she had heard "See you Later" or "Come over Later." She was laid to rest in the Later family plot at Richards Cemetery near Navasota. May my friend rest in peace.


The UCLA-Gonzaga game, in the Final Four, was as near a perfect game as I have ever watched. No sloppy plays by either team. They stayed joined at the hip throughout the game. Regulations ended tied. It got down to the last second and last shot in overtime. Gonzaga freshman Jalen Suggs landed a 3-pointer from mid-court to give the Bulldogs a 93-90 win. Fast forward to Monday night's national championship game. Baylor took a quick 9-0 lead and never looked back, beating the undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs 86-70. This gave Baylor their first national championship ever. Locally, there are a lot of proud Bears, Sharon Bearden, Tommy Gunn, Matt Menard and a bunch of others. The tight Gonzaga/UCLA game, with just one day of rest, seemed to have the Bulldogs playing with rubber legs. Regardless, Baylor proved they are the nation's best college basketball team.


10 Years Ago-2011

It was 104 years ago, April 6, 1917 that the United States entered World War I, formally declaring war against Germany and entering the conflict in Europe that had begun in 1914.  Under Maj. Gen. John J. Pershing, the U.S. joined Britain, France and Russia. Over two million U.S. troops served in France during the war. One of them was Roy's father, Clay Dunn, who told horror stories about marching through France, fighting hand-to-hand combat with rifle and bayonets and of the many soldiers who died while at sea from influenza. "We ran out of flags to wrap their bodies in and just threw them overboard. I'd wake in the morning and the soldiers lying on both sides of me were often dead." Dunn recounted. WWI claimed an estimated 16 million lives and the influenza epidemic that swept the world in 1918 killed 50 million people. One fifth of the world's population had the deadly virus. It killed more people than any other illness in recorded history. Some victims died within hours, others after a few days. Their lungs filled with fluid and they suffocated to death. The flu afflicted over 25 percent of the U.S. population, hitting young and old. In one year the average life expectancy in the U.S. dropped by 12 years. What is odd about our history is that the influenza epidemic of 1918 has been overlooked in the teaching of American history. The epidemic never really has had its rightful place as a major disaster in world history. World War I was also known as the First World War, the Great War or the War to end all Wars. While the war went on in Europe, many citizens died at home because of food shortages, flu and other illnesses. Nine million allied soldiers died on the battlefield. Many of us older citizens grew up hearing the stories of WWI fought not too many years before. Today, I see it as the forgotten war, yet it's the second bloodiest conflict in recorded history. Add to that 50 million, one fifth of the world's population attacked by the flue while the war raged on. ***** We were sorry to hear about the death of Jim Pruter, age 85. We considered Jim a friend and although we often disagreed on political views he came by our Orange office to visit and emailed us often. He was an avid reader of The Record and was knowledgeable on Orange history. We enjoyed his stories. We had known him over 50 years. He and brother Doug owned Pruter's Flowers and Gifts. He was married 58 years to his wife Charlotte, who is now in poor health. Jim died March 30 and a simple burial was held April 1. *****A date I remember quite well is April 8, 1974. Hank Aaron hit his 715th homerun at Atlanta against Al Downing. *****When Judge Pat Clark resigned as district judge last week, he was the longest serving district judge in Texas. I believe Judge Buddy Hahn discovered Judge Pat was the senior district judge. Judge Carl Thibodeaux swore him in as Orange County Court at Law judge at his home. The reason the swearing in took place at home was so his longtime wife, Rosalie, could witness the occasion. She is awaiting a knee replacement and now has spacers where her new knee will be. *****On April 12, 1938, our friend Cal Broussard was born. He would be 83 years old this week. He died July 1, 2009. It seems like yesterday. ***** *****Congrats to Rachel Boyett, Journalism teacher at Orangefield High School. She was selected to receive the Teacher of the Year award for her excellence as a classroom teacher. *****Twenty years ago this week, services were held for former Sen. John Tower and his daughter Marian. They and 21 others were killed in a plane crash in Georgia. *****The UConn Huskies beat Butler 53-41 to win the national championship in the most boring game I've ever watched. A couple of weeks ago, in our 12 Years Ago segment, we wrote that UConn had upset Duke to win the title and asked if history might repeat itself. Well it did. I didn't have the guts to bet it however. The best thing for us old folks is that UConn coach Jim Calhoun, 68, is the oldest NCAA coach to win the championship, his third title. *****Meanwhile it looks like coach Pat Knight will be named head basketball coach at Lamar. They interviewed others but that was just a show. That's what I believe anyhow. *****The Texas A&M women's basketball team makes us proud. They played for the national title against Notre Dame Tuesday night and won 76-70. It was their first national title–ever. It was a great trip. Women were not allowed at A&M until 1963 when the school went co-ed.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2011

James Roberson Pruter, 85, of Orange passed away on Wednesday, March 30.  Service was held Friday, April 1. He was a graduate of Orange High School and served in the Navy during World War II. He attended the University of Illinois receiving his Bachelors' degree in Floriculture. Along with his brother, Douglas A. Pruter Jr., he owned and operated Pruter's Flowers, Gifts, and Interiors for over fifty years.  He was a proud member of FTD.  He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Charlotte See Pruter; daughters: Ann Pruter Seals and Susan Pruter Swan; grandsons: Dr. Bobby Seals and James Swan. ***** Jack Kenneth Elliott, 86, of Orange, died Wednesday, March 30. Funeral services were held on Saturday, April 2. Jack served as a pilot in the US Army Air Force, and retired as an electrician from Chevron. He is survived by his wife of 21 years, Imogene Elliott; daughter, Martha Landes; son, Kenneth Elliott; step-sons, Richard Titus and Tony Titus; step-daughter, Karen J. Rose; eleven grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; and one great great-grandchild.***** Betty Jo Klekar, 75, of Orange, died Monday, April 4. Funeral services will be Thursday, April 7. She was a faithful supporter of the V.A. and a member of the VFW Hall in Orange. Betty Jo is survived by her daughter, Barbara Jean Smith and grandchildren.

22 Years Ago-1999

World-class pole-vaulters, Jonathan Henley and Eric Eshbach, compete in home meet. Coach Joe Hester, of Orangefield High School, said, "Never in the history of the sport has there been such a pair from one school. Odds are there never will be again." Hester said he wants the people to see first hand these great vaulters before they both leave for Nebraska, the college they signed with. Throughout the season, Esbach was almost always no. 1 in the nation and Henley no. 2. Recently the rankings flip-flopped. You never know what will happen when they compete against each other. (Editor's note: Both went to Nebraska. After a year Henley left. Eric went to on be a national champion vaulter, vaulting over 19 feet.)*****Johnny Montagne, of Bridge City and Billy Barrow, of Little Cypress, have been friends since 9th grade. The two 18 year-olds lead the area in homeruns, with district play only one week old. Billy has seven homeruns and Johnny six. Last week, Coach Marc Jones' Bridge City Cards romped Coach Griffith's LC-M Bears 4-2. Burrow holds the school record in homeruns, RBI's and doubles. Montagne says he plays for the fun, Burrow says, "I compete, I like to win." Johnny says he wants to attend Texas A&M. He was the second leading tackler in area football and will seek an engineering degree at A&M. (Editor's note: Johnny got that degree, married Bobby and Devra Cormier's daughter Janet. They have two children. He's the son of Darlene and Johnny Montagne. Billy went on to a full baseball scholarship with Galveston Junior College and then moved up. We lost track of him in recent years. He's the son of Pam and Billy Burrow Sr.) *****Local girl, Brenda "Missy" Lewis lands on the Ricki Lake show in New York. *****Pretty Katie Olson celebrates her birthday. (Editor's note: Today she is a dental specialist in Beaumont.)*****Mary Sneed and son Clyde both celebrate birthdays this week. *****Opening day ceremonies were held for Bridge City Little League. Special guests were B.C. mayor John Dubose, B.C. superintendent Sam Lucia, Orangefield superintendent Robert Montagne and league president Jerry McInnis. *****Another Orange County big leaguer making us proud is Bruce Avens, who made the 25-man roster of the Florida Marlins. He's married to Mary Ann, Rosalie and Judge Pat Clark's daughter. *****A beautiful and talented young lady, Salina Hebert, graduated from Lamar in three years and has accepted a full-ride scholarship to attend Texas Tech Law School. She and T.J. Knight plan to marry in July. (Editor's note: Salina didn't like law, went on to get another degree. She and T.J. live in the Dallas area.) *****Chris Menard, Sharon and Mark Dunn's oldest son will enter Uncle Sam's Army on April 12. *****John Patterson, Doug's boy with the Diamondbacks, is assigned to El Paso this season. They are bringing their $6 million man along slowly.*****Bridge City's Dan Fletcher pitched a three hitter against LC-M for a 4-2 win.*****Jacob Davis, former Orangefield high vaulter now with the University of Texas, had a bad day at the Texas Relays making only a 18-2.5 vault. Last year he led the nation with 19-4.


Seven time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood released her first Gospel album this week. "My Savior" is expected to be popular. It features new songs and songs she learned in church as a child.*****The number one best selling new fiction book "This is the Fire" by CNN host Don Lemon, a Baton Rouge native.***Also out this week is Hunter Biden's "Beautiful Things, a Memoir." Reviewers say it's a good emotional read. Hunter is candid about his alcohol and drug addiction and the reaction from his father Joe and how love saved him. *****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays or other events. April 7, finds a beautiful lady Bethanie Penning celebrating. *****April 8, Happy Birthday to former Rangerette and now Strutters leader Cathy Riley. ***Also our buddy Angel Sehon turns 25 and is recently engaged. Best wishes. ***On this day in 1974 Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's homerun record with his 715th homerun against Al Downing. *****April 10, two lovely ladies celebrating birthdays are Dr. Katie Olson and Janet Montagne.*****April 11, Chelsea McLemore, Jackie Snell and Dwight's boy, David Thacker all celebrate.*****On April 12, a special lady, Patsy Peck, celebrates along with Jacklyn Phillips and Don Breaux.*****April 13, Connie Angelle, Virginia Fox and Jo Ann Collins. Jo Ann moved away several years ago. It would be nice to hear something about her. Maybe niece Patti Collins can let me know something. ***In history on this day in 1861, the Civil War started. The war ended on June 22, 1865. Abe and the North won. *****G. Gordon Liddy was a tough guy who was the mastermind behind the Watergate burglary that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974. Liddy went silently to prison refusing to betray his comrades and unlike others he didn't cash in on a bogus celebrity. Liddy died at the home of his daughter last week. He was 90-years-old. As head of "The Plumbers" he lived a fascinating life. He would never snitch and drank the medicine dealt him. He was a former FBI and CIA agent. He was sentenced by Judge John Silica to 6 to 20 years but served only 52 months. President Jimmy Carter commuted his sentence in 1977.*****Congressman Matt Gaetz, a friend and regular on Sean Hannity's TV and radio show, and a Trump disciple, is in deep sexual related trouble. It's not surprising to me. I've always been suspicious of politicians who come off as religious preachers. He's done; stick a fork in him. *****I heard from Nova Dee who has had some tough weeks lately. She's hoping to see her friends at the Lunch Bunch gathering April 14. *****I got a one line note from our friend George. in Louisiana. He said, "What Trump is best at is turning people into suckers." Speaking of that, the Monday New York Times broke a story on how Trump and the RNC snookered donations from supporters without their knowledge. They returned just 10% of the $121 million after the election. I'm sure we will hear more on this. *****Quote of the Week comes from former speaker John Boehner's new book "On the House a Washington Memoir." Quote, "There is nothing more dangerous than a reckless asshole who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ted Cruz." The book describes the big Republican split.***** Ramadan is the start of a ten-day period of reflection, repentance and celebration that climaxes on the Day of Atonement. Ramadan is the Muslim holy month of daylong fasts that mark the giving of the Qur'an to Mohammed.


Tree Cajun boys, all raised in Vermillion Parish together, went off to college. Wen dey graduated from dere college dey take da trip to Mexico dat dey had planned four years earlier. While touring all da back roads in Mexico dey was captured dem by da drug cortell who believed dem to be undercover "Noc agencs." Dey took dem to an old jail wat had an electric chair and prepared to put dem to death. First it was Joe Boudreaux. Dey strapped him in and axe if he had las words him. He said, "Me, I jus graduate from Nichols State, in Thibodeaux, Loosianna. I believe da almighty power of God will intervene on da behalf of da innocent."

Da Mexicans dem threw da switch, nutten happened, dem Mexicans drop to dere knees and axe Boudreaux's forgivness and released him.

Next was Alfred Comeaux. He said, "Me, I just graduate from McNeese in Lake Charles, Loosiana, I believe in da power of justice to intervene on da part of da innocent. Nutten happened. Dey fell to dere knees and beg Comeux to forgive dem.

Da las one was LeRoy Babineaux. Dey strap him in da old chair and he say, "Me, I'm from LS&U, in Baton Rough, I just graduate with a degree in electrical engineering." Den he added, "I'll tell you rat now, you ain't never gonna electrocute nobody if you don't plug dat dang ting in."


Correcting a Trump Quote

A couple of weeks ago I misquoted Donald Trump by one word. I said he told the Proud Boys "to stand up and stand by." His quote was actually "stand back and stand by." The last part of his quote is what is important because on January 6, from a stage, he told the Proud Boys, who were standing by, to go to the Capital and that he would be there with them. The Proud Boys followed Trump's orders and that's how the insurrection at the U.S. Capital began. During the attack the mob of Trump's supporters stormed the building as Congress was convened to certify president-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College votes. They broke windows, scaled walls and forced lawmakers to evacuate. The siege resulted in five deaths and many injuries. From the platform on January 6, Trump told the Proud Boys that "they had to show strength." A week later Trump became the only president to be impeached twice and Twitter locked his account and banned him from the media platform. The company said it had concerns that Trump would incite more violence like he had on the invasion of the U.S. Capital. *****On that it's come time for me to go. Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover, you don't want to miss next week's great issue, our 62nd anniversary. To advertise in this special issue call 886-7183. Take care and God bless.


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