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Bridge City girls take district track award


Last updated 4/6/2021 at 7:43pm

A busy time arrives in the 2021 outdoor season with the elite performers needing to finish in the top four at district meets in order to advance to the area meets.

That opportunity already has come and gone in District 22-4A last week at West Orange. So we should extend our congratulations to the WO-S boys and BC girls for capturing the team titles.

We wish to salute the fine young athletes – Caryss Carpenter of BC and Raymond Baltrip of Silsbee for being the individual high-point winners.

The 4A meet was not graced with the warmest weather but it still had solid performances.

Three district championships are scheduled this week in Anahuac, Mont Belvieu and Humble for our area teams in 3A, 5A and 6A.

An outstanding set of numbers emerged Thursday at Winnie after the weather warmed for the Buc Relays at East Chambers.

Although the year started slowly, there's every reason to believe our region can produce plenty of competitive numbers with warmer weather.

A bunch of folks deserve my thanks for providing info on the following pages for these district

meets. Renwick Johnson at West Brook provided the info for the 21-6A championships. Darrell Granger in Port Arthur e-mailed the 21-5A stuff and so did Barbers Hill mentor Cody Knight. That good ol' teddy bear, Chris Fontenot, at EC added the lowdown on the 3A meet on the EC website.

This revised edition properly updates the area leaders which should have been updated in last

week's newsletter. There are several errors in this morning's original edition. My pitiful mistake and I apologize, especially to Branden Thomas who reported the first error to me.

If the results from this week's district meets and schedules for the area meets are in our possession, we definitely will plan to run that info in next week's newsletter. Thanks to all of you track coaches and area news media for helping me.


Through April 4

DISCUS - Girls: Emily Williamson, Silsbee (senior), 109-6; Boys: Kollyn Brown, LC-M (senior), 160-5.

SHOT PUT - Girls: Amaris Larkin, Bridge City (sophomore), 36-10; Boys: Tre'Vontae Caines, PA Memorial (senior), 59-6.

HIGH JUMP - Girls: Raegan Stephenson, Vidor (freshman), 5-5; Boys: Colin Dorsey, Hamshire-Fannett (junior), 6-7.

LONG JUMP - Girls: Sanaria Butler, PN-G (junior), 18-4.5; Boys: Raymond Baltrip, Silsbee (senior), 22-4.5.

TRIPLE JUMP - Girls: Sanaria Butler, PN-G (junior), 38-11; Boys: Maleek Jones, PA Memorial (senior), 44-1.75.

POLE VAULT - Girls: Morgan Louvier, Bridge City (sophomore) and Katherine Page, PN-G (freshman), 9-0; Boys: Harrison Gauthier, Bridge City (junior), 14-6.

100 METERS - Girls: Brianna Howard, Beaumont United (senior), 11.9; Boys: Bryce Anderson, West Brook (senior), 10.72.

200 METERS - Girls: Amya Barfield, Hardin-Jefferson (freshman), 24.96; Boys: Brayden Guillory, East Chambers (senior), 22.0.

400 METERS - Girls: Sanaria Butler, PNG (junior), 58.7; Boys: Cyrus Jacobs, PN-G (senior), 50.02.

800 METERS - Girls: Amelia Wright, Vidor (junior), 2:29.67; Boys: Cyrus Jacobs, PN-G (senior), 1:59.06.

1,600 METERS - Girls: Annabelle Fisher, Little Cypress-Mauriceville (sophomore), 5:41.0; Boys: Caleb Wilson, Bmt West Brook (senior), 4:32.33.

3,200 METERS - Girls: Annabelle Fisher, Little Cypress-Mauriceville (sophomore), 12:23.26; Boys: Beau Waldrop, Lumberton (senior), 10:08.78.

100-METER HURDLES - Girls: Caryss Carpenter, Bridge City (junior), 15.90.

110-METER HURDLES - Boys: Jaden Jones, West Orange-Stark (senior), 15.22.

300-METER HURDLES - Girls: Alayshia White, Beaumont United (senior), 49.5; Boys: John Sanderson, Lumberton (sophomore), 42.02.

400-METER RELAY - Girls: Beaumont United (Cameron Dill, Brianna Howard, Daja Maxey, Priscilla Morris) 48.40; Boys: Bmt West Brook (Shawn Mouton, Bryce Anderson, Leedrick Senegal, Clifford Bradley), 41.62.

800-METER RELAY - Girls: Beaumont United (Cameron Dill, Brianna Howard, Daja Maxey, Priscilla Morris), 1:43.5; Boys: Bmt West Brook, (Bryce Anderson, Shawn Mouton, Clifford Bradley, Leedrick Senegal) 1:30.31.

1,600-METER RELAY - Girls: PN-G (Lydia Garza, Katherine Page, Kyleigh Bushnell, Sanaria Butler) 4:15.17; Boys: PA Memorial (Tony Brooks, Devuan Davenport, Jelani Chevalier, Ayden Chatman) 3:27.79.

District 21-3A Track and Field Championships

Gid Campbell Track and Field Complex, Anahuac

Time Schedule for Field Events and Running Prelims

Monday, April 5, 2021

8:00-9:00 am Weigh-In for Shot Put and Discus. The UIL Pole Vault Certification Forms can be turned in prior to the competition date. The form may be turned in by email, fax, or in person. Failure to turn in the certification form before 9 am on April 5, 2021, will result in the athlete being scratched from the district competition. Pole Vault poles will be inspected for proper grip taping. If you have any questions, please refer to the back of the PV certification form.

9:00-9:40 am Scratch Meeting

9:45 am Workers Meeting

Session 1

10:00 am Pole Vault: (V Girls) Shot Put: (V Boys) Long Jump: (V Girls) Triple Jump: (V Boys)

Session 2

11:15 am High Jump: (V Boys) Shot Put: (V Girls) Discus: (V Boys) Triple Jump: (V Girls)

Session 3

12:30 pm High Jump: (V Girls) Pole Vault: (V Boys) Discus: (V Girls) Long Jump: (V Boys)

The top 8 contestants will advance to the finals which will occur immediately after the prelims. Contestants in the Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, and Triple Jump will have 3 attempts in the prelims. The top 8 competitors in prelims will advance to the finals and will have an additional 3 attempts. The contestant order will be reverse of the prelims finish, 8th place to 1st place. The best throw/jump of the 6 attempts will count as the contestant's attempt. We will measure all throws in the Shot Put and Discus. All throwing implements will be pooled for competition and may be picked up after all throwing competitions are completed.Opening Heights

Opening Heights:

High Jump:

Varsity Girls: 4'6"

Varsity Boys: 5'6"

Pole Vault:

Varsity Girls: 7'

Boys: 9'

Field Event Awards


Running starts at 3:00 pm

Running Order (V Girls, JV Boys, V Boys)

3:00 pm 3200 M Run (V Girls) Final 3:20 pm

3200M Run (JV Boys) Final 3:40 pm

3200M Run (V Boys) Final 4:00 pm

4 X 100M Relay (JV Boys) Final 4:05 pm

800M Run (V Girls) Prelim 4:10 pm

800M Run (JV Boys) Final 4:15 pm

800M Run (V Boys) Prelim 4:25 pm

100M Hurdles (V Girls) Prelim 4:35 pm

110M Hurdles (V Boys) Prelim 4:55 pm

100M Dash (V Girls) Prelim 5:05 pm

100M Dash (JV Boys) Final 5:15 pm

100M Dash (V Boys) Prelim 5:25 pm

4 X 200M Relay (JV Boys) Final 5:30 pm

400M Dash (V Girls) Prelim 5:40 pm

400M Dash (JV Boys) Final 5:50 pm

400M Dash (V Boys) Prelim 6:05 pm

300M Hurdles (Varsity Girls) Prelim 6:10 pm

300M Hurdles (JV Boys) Final 6:15 pm

300M Hurdles (Varsity Boys) Prelim 6:25 pm

200M Dash (V Girls) Prelim 6:35 pm

200M Dash (JV Boys) Final 6:45 pm

200M Dash (V Boys) Prelim 6:55 pm

1600M Run (JV Boys) Final 7:05 pm

4 x 400M Relay (JV Boys) Final

Time Schedule for 21-3A Running Finals

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Medals for the top 3 will be given out after races.

1:00 pm 4 X 100M Relay (Varsity Girls)

1:05 pm 4 X 100M Relay (Varsity Boys)

1:10 pm 800M Run (Varsity Girls)

1:15 pm 800M Run (Varsity Boys)

1:25 pm 100M Hurdles (Varsity Girls)

1:30 pm 110M Hurdles (Varsity Boys)

1:40 pm 100M Dash (Varsity Girls)

1:45 pm 100M Dash (Varsity Boys)

1:55 pm 4 X 200M Relay (Varsity Girls)

2:00 pm 4 X 200M Relay (Varsity Boys)

2:05 pm 400M Dash (Varsity Girls)

2:10 pm 400M Dash (Varsity Boys)

2:20 pm 300M Hurdles (Varsity Girls)

2:25 pm 300M Hurdles (Varsity Boys)

2:35 pm 200M Dash (Varsity Girls)

2:40 pm 200M Dash (Varsity Boys)

2:45 pm 1600M Run (Varsity Girls)

2:55 pm 1600M Run (Varsity Boys)

3:05 pm 4 X 400M Relay (Varsity Girls)

3:15 pm 4 X 400M Relay (Varsity Boys)

3:25 pm Team Champion Awards Presentation

We will follow this schedule to give those athletes competing in multiple events enough recovery time

2021 District 21-5A Track & Field Championships

Eagle Stadium-BHISD, Mont Belvieu

Wednesday, April 7th

9:00am Scratch Meeting-Field House Foyer

10:00am Field Events (3 preliminary attempts; top 8 to finals for 3 more attempts)

Boys Girls

Discus Shot Put

Long Jump High Jump

Pole Vault Triple Jump

Once session 1 is completed, session 2 will begin.

Boys Girls

Shot Put Discus

High Jump Long Jump

Triple Jump Pole Vault

Presentation of field event awards (1st-4th) will occur 30 minutes before running preliminaries.

1:30pm Meal for Coaches and Workers-Middle School North Cafeteria

3:00pm (or 1 hour after field events finish, whichever is later)

Preliminary Running (Girls/Boys)

3:00pm 100m/110m Hurdles

3:15pm 100m Dash

3:30pm 400m Dash

3:45pm 300m Hurdles

4:00pm 200m Dash

4:15pm 3200m Run (Final Event)

2021 District 21-5A Track & Field Championships

Eagle Stadium-BHISD, Mont Belvieu

Thursday, April 8th

6:00pm 4x100m Relay Girls

6:07pm 4x100m Relay Boys

6:15pm 800m Run Girls

6:22pm 800m Run Boys

6:30pm 100m Hurdles Girls

6:45pm 100m Dash Girls

6:52pm 100m Dash Boys

7:00pm 4x200m Relay Girls

7:07pm 4x200m Relay Boys

7:15pm 400m Dash Girls

7:22pm 400m Dash Boys

7:30pm 110m Hurdles Boys

7:37pm 300 Hurdles Boys

7:45pm 200m Dash Girls

7:52pm 200m Dash Boys

8:00pm 1600m Run Girls

8:07pm 1600m Run Boys

8:15pm 4 x 400m Relay Girls

8:22pm 4 x 400m Relay Boys

8:30pm Team Award

2021 District 21-6A Track & Field Championships

Turner Stadium, Humble

Wednesday, April 7th

8:00am Scratch Meeting

8:30am Field Events (3 prelim attempts; top 8 to finals for 3 more attempts)

Boys Girls

High Jump Pole Vault

Shot Put

Pole Vault

9 a.m. Girls 3,200-meter run finals followed by boys 3,200-meter run finals

Boys Girls

Long Jump Discus

Discus Triple Jump

Triple Jump High Jump

Long Jump

Shot Put

2:00pm (or 1 hour after field events finish, whichever is later)

Preliminary Running (Girls/Boys)

2:00pm 100m/110m Hurdles

2:15pm 100m Dash

2:30pm 400m Dash

2:45pm 300m Hurdles

3:00pm 200m Dash

Top eight qualifiers advance to the finals

2021 District 21-6A Track & Field Championships

Turner Stadium, Humble

Friday, April 9th

Running Finals

6:00pm 4x100m Relay Girls

6:05pm 4x100m Relay Boys

6:10pm 800m Run Girls

6:15pm 800m Run Boys

6:20pm 100m Hurdles Girls

6:25pm 110m Hurdles Boys

6:35pm 100m Dash Girls

6:40pm 100m Dash Boys

6:45pm 4x200m Relay Girls

6:55pm 4x200m Relay Boys

7:05pm 400m Dash Girls

7:10pm 400m Dash Boys

7:20pm 300 Hurdles Girls

7:25pm 300 Hurdles Boys

7:35pm 200m Dash Girls

7:40pm 200m Dash Boys

7:45pm 1600m Run Girls

7:55pm 1600m Run Boys

8:05pm 4 x 400m Relay Girls

8:10pm 4 x 400m Relay Boys

District 22-4A track and field championships

WEST ORANGE – Here are the results of the District 22-4A Track & Field Championships held at Hooks Stadium at WO-S High School:

All of the top four places advance to the 4A area meet


Discus: 1. Kollyn Brown, LC-M, 160-5; 2. Kaiden Berry, WO-S, 132-8; 3. Aaron Aery, Vidor, 130-2; 4. Mark Jones, BC, 126-2.

Shot put: 1. Kollyn Brown, LC-M, 55-0 ¼; 2. Hunter Ashworth, OF, 50-8 ¾; 3. Amier Washington, LC-M, 46-1 ¼; 4. Kaiden Berry, WO-S, 45-10 ¾.

High jump: 1. Leyton Loft, OF, 6-0; 2. Bryce DuBose, Vidor, 6-0; 3. Jerren Terrell, WO-S, 6-0; 4. Jared Harris, Silsbee, 5-10.

Long jump: 1. Raymond Baltrip, Silsbee, 21-10; 2. Blake Moore, BC, 21-5; 3. Carson Peet, LC-M, 20-10 ¼; 4. Raydrian Baltrip, Silsbee, 20-2 ½.

Triple jump: 1.  Raymond Baltrip, Silsbee, 43-5 ¾; 2. Carson Peet, LC-M, 42-10 ¼; 3. Blake Moore, BC, 40-10 ¾; 4. Raydrian Baltrip, Silsbee, 40-3 ¼.

Pole vault: 1.  Harrison Gauthier, BC, 13-6; 2. Dwight Davis, OF, 1 3. Cade Smith, OF, 10-3; 4. Justin Utterback, BC, 9-6.

3,200 meters: 1.  Beau Waldrop, Lumberton, 10:08.78; 2. Kai Reed, Vidor, 10:09.75; 3. Payton Wrinkle, OF, 10:23.62; 4. Caden Shaw, BC, 10:39.12.

400-meter relay: 1. WO-S (Judge, Ross, Jones, Mickey), 43.72; 2. Lumberton (Toomey, Radford, Bernal, Sellers), 44.76; 3. (t.) LC-M (Smith, Landry, Morris, Peet), 44.98; Silsbee (Hatton, Baltrip, Martin, Baltrip), 44.98.

800 meters: 1. Payton Wrinkle, OF, 2:09.74; 2. Dustin Helm, WO-S, 2:10.56; 3. Grayson Tucker, Lumberton, 2:12.05; 4. London Jessie, Silsbee, 2:13.31.

110-Meter hurdles: 1.  Jerren Terrell, WO-S, 16.25; 2. Garrison Spencer, Lumberton, 16.39; 3. Alfredo Arzola, OF, 16.91; 4. Bryce DuBose, Vidor, 17.12.

100 meters: 1. Patrick Mickey, WO-S, 11.34; 2. Ashton Landry, LC-M, 11.48; 3. Cole Toomey, Lumberton,  11.51; 4. Carson Peet, LC-M, 11.63.

800-meter relay: 1. LC-M (Smith, Peet, Morris, Champine), 1:34.77; 2. WO-S (Ross, Perrault, Jones, Harris),  1:35.35; 3. Silsbee (Baltrip, Hatton, Haynes, Martin), 1:35.43; 4. Lumberton (Hall, Radford, Fuselier, Eaves), 1:35.82.

400 meters: 1. Raymond Baltrip, Silsbee, 51.32; 2. Dakarion Judge, WO-S, 53.21; 3. Cameron Dischler, OF, 53.89; 4. Darren Anderson, WO-S,  54.04.

300-meter hurdles: 1. Jerren Terrell, WO-S, 43.94; 2. Isaiah Picard, 43.99; 3. Anthony Tran, BC, 44.20; 4. Alfredo Arzola, OF, 44.45.

200 meters: 1. Parick Mickey, WO-S, 23.03; 2. Brady Fuselier, Lumberton, 23.18; 3.  Ken'Teon Champine, LC-M, 23.51; 4. Cole Toomey, Lumberton, 23.59.

1,600 meters: 1. Caden Shaw, BC, 4:41.58; 2. Beau Waldrop, Lumberton, 4:43.92; 3. Kai Reed, Vidor, 4:45.84; 4. Payton Wrinkle, OF, 4:55.41.

1,600-meter relay: 1.  WO-S (Judge, Ross, Helm, Anderson), 3:38.72; 2. Silsbee (Hatton, Baltrip, Baltrip, Dodd), 3:41.07; 3. LC-M (McDow, McNiel, Barborek, Elliott), 3:41.72; 4. Lumberton (Bernal, Wagstaffe, Hall, Cowart), 3:43.65.

Team standings: 1. WO-S 141; 2. LC-M 113; 3. Lumberton 88; 4. Silsbee 86; 5. Orangefield 83; 6. Bridge City 57; 7.  Vidor 51.



Discus: 1. Daelyn Perry, BC, 103-6; 2. Harleigh Rawls, OF, 95-8; 3. Rylee Sherman, Vidor, 93-11; 4. Jaliah Hawthorne, OF, 92-8.

Shot put: 1.  Amaris Larkin, BC, 36-4; 2. Christina Joseph, LC-M, 33-9; 3. Aniah Simpson, LC-M, 33-7 ¼; 4. Jaliah Hawthorne, OF, 31-10 ½.

High jump: 1. Raegan Stephenson, Vidor, 5-5; 2. Jaden Lee, Vidor, 5-4; 3. Caryss Carpenter, BC, 5-2; 4. Mackenzie Hale, OF, 4-10.

Long jump: 1. Caryss Carpenter, BC, 16-0; 2. Morgan Louvier, BC, 15-5 ¾; 3. Erica Williamson, Silsbee, 15-5; 4. Naudia Watson, WO-S, 15-4 ½.

Triple jump: 1. Caryss Carpenter, BC, 35-0 ¼; 2. Draven Crochet, OF, 34-5; 3. Brooklyn Healy, Vidor, 34-2; 4. Morgan Louvier, BC, 33-7 ¾.

Pole vault: 1. Jaidyn Green, Vidor, 8-6; 2. Morgan Louvier, BC, 8-6; 3. Marilyn Clark, BC, 8-0; 4. Jana Baters, Vidor 7-6.

3,200 meters: 1. Annabelle Fisher, LC-M, 12:54.21; 2. Kendra Long, Vidor, 13:21.31; 3. Kaylea Gravett, OF, 14:07.40; 4. Maddie Galligher, Lumberton, 14:15.37.

400-meter relay: 1.  WO-S (Pitre, Garrett, Rhodes, Burnette), 51.21; 2. Lumberton (Le, Hood, Wolfe, Holeman), 51.86; 3. BC (Larkin, Carpenter, Louvier, Smith), 51.93; 4. OF (Burnette, Potter, Haley, Crochet), 52.06.

800 meters: 1. Amelia Wright, Vidor, 2:29.67; 2. Kaylyn Dosch, BC, 2:29.67; 3. Mikenna Brown, Lumberton, 2:44.74; 4. Natalie Morrison, Vidor, 2:45.24.

100-Meter hurdles: 1. Caryss Carpenter, BC, 16.53; 2. Jaden Lee, Vidor, 17.14; 3. De'asia Tippins, LC-M, 17.73; 4. Jaycee Ogden, Lumberton, 18.14.

100 meters: 1. Amaris Larkin, BC, 13.13; 2. Draven Crochet, OF, 13.18; 3. Ana Mae Holman, Lumberton, 13.20; 4. Bryanah Burnette,  WO-S, 13.25.

800-meter relay: 1. WO-S (Pitre, Garrett, Rhodes, Burnette), 1:51.19; 2. BC (LeLeaux, Louvier, Petree, Larkin), 1:51.65; 3. OF (Jeane, Burnette, Haley, Fisher), 1:52.98; 4. Lumberton (Le, Zurita, Brisendine, Wolfe), 1:56.24.  

400 meters: 1. G'kiya Stimpson, Silsbee, 1:03.16; 2. Caitlin Hood, Lumberton, 1:03.64; 3. Amelia Wright, Vidor, 1:04.06; 4. Sofia Rodriguez, Vidor, 1:05.23.

300-meter hurdles: 1. Kaylyn Dosch, BC, 50.56; 2. Mackenzie Haley, OF, 51.29; 3. Raegan Stephenson, Vidor, 51.97; 4. Jay'Den Miller, WO-S, 52.58.

200 meters: 1. Ana Mae Holeman, Lumberton, 27.63; 2. Laila Samuel, Silsbee, 27.94; 3. Naomi Collier, Vidor, 28.16; 4. Trinity Garrett, WO-S,  28.20.

1,600 meters: 1. Annabelle Fisher, LC-M, 5:47.92; 2. Kendra Long, Vidor, 6:00.86; 3. Kaylea Gravett, OF, 6:18.27; 4. Jenna Hallman, LC-M, 6:24.73.

1,600-meter relay: 1. Vidor (Wright, Stephenson, Rodriguez, Baters), 4:24.17; 2. BC (Block, Leleaux, Silvera, Dosch), 4:32.98; 3. OF (Jenkins, Crochet, Richard, Fisher), 4:35.76; 4. WO-S (Pitre, Rhodes, Burnette, Miller), 4:45.96.

Team standings: 1. Bridge City 163; 2. Vidor 135; 3. Orangefield 93; 4. Lumberton 76; 5. WO-S 66; 6. LC-M 55; 7. Silsbee 32. 


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