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Last updated 6/8/2021 at 6:40pm

Rather than totally waste an unexpected trip to Merryville earlier this week, I took a less than direct route trying to get a feel for just how much standing water has yet to make its way into Sabine lake. The short answer is LOTS! As a matter of fact, in some areas it wasn’t just standing, but moving through the woods fast enough to create eddies around the pines. We aren’t really feeling the pain right now, but even a modest storm prior to drawing down these levels could leave a lot of folks around here filling sand bags. On a brighter note, I stopped long enough to watch several Kayakers unload their rigs and paddle their way into the flooded woods. It was apparent that they were going fishing rather than sight-seeing and they were still out when I returned. It was also apparent that kayaking is probably not in my future. I am not sure I could even get in one and turning it over may be the only way I could get out. That is not to say, however, that I would not consider buying one if I were a little younger and all of my body parts still worked. The savings benefits are endless. The initial cost fits even the tightest budget, no trailer required, no gas and oil to buy, no outboard maintenance and no need to build another garage or car port in the back yard. Depending on your approach to fishing, it limits the amount of tackle you can carry at one time, but that also helps defray the cost. Once you decide on the area you would like to fish, a ramp is not even a consideration. If you can park safely off the side of a highway, it is simply a matter of locking your vehicle and sliding your kayak into the water. Everything from saltwater marshes to farm ponds are easily accessed. Flip Powell bought his twelve year old a small kayak last year just to enable him to access a nearby pond surrounded by woods. “He loves to fly fish and that wasn’t going to happen with no room for a back cast.To my knowledge he has never caught a bass over two pounds, but we know where he is every afternoon,” said Powell.” I also noticed that two of the small trucks had a pair of kayaks in the beds. In most cases, I personally would find it both safer and more enjoyable fishing with a partner. It is easier to cover more water with two rigs while still enjoying the solitude aspect. If you want to take the family fishing or water skiing, a kayak will not work for you. If, however, just getting on the water is more important than how you get there and a thirty to sixty thousand dollar boat is not in your immediate plans, I would look at one tomorrow. With kayaking increasing in popularity, no group of fishermen has moved in that direction faster than redfish enthusiasts. The water most easily accessed by only a kayaker is also home to remote pods of thick shouldered reds. If you want to see innovations these anglers have incorporated before shopping for your own, you need to make one of their tournament weigh-ins. I would also recommend talking with a kayak owner before talking with a dealer if considering one. They may not be able to help you decide what you do want, but they certainly know what you don’t!

The wind was more of a problem for Sabine Lake anglers this past week than all the fresh water. In fact, a large percentage of the lower lake

is reasonably clear. The wind is usually the biggest culprit as it muddies things up quickly, but if you can’t handle dirty water you should consider golf or gardening. A few trout are hanging in there, but the most consistent action has been schooling redfish. Capt. Johnny Cormier stays on top of this program as well as anyone and he is quick to point out two things about locating schooling reds, aside from burning lots of gas. The first is that where you last found them is a good place to start,but they can move a long way overnight. The second is that birds can be the ticket, but reds will drive bait to the surface whether there are birds around or not! Slow down a tad and watch out for floaters compliments of the high water. .


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