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In 2016, Donald Trump ran on a platform to do away with the Affordable Care Act promising “On day one we will repeal and replace ObamaCare with something better.” The Trump administration did neither. Four years went by and when Trump ran for re-election he still didn’t have a health care plan. Instead they appealed to the Supreme Court that ruled republican states and the U.S. Justice Department didn’t have standing to bring the suit in the first place. The conservative court ruled 7-2. ObamaCare has become deeply entrenched throughout public life covering more than 30 million Americans. Virtually everyone benefits from one or more of the programs. Trump spent four years clogging up all three branches of government trying to eliminate ObamaCare. So why did Trump try to eliminate a law that helped citizens in such a deeply personal way? Trump and the republican politics of health care are the policies of cruel indifference. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and 17 other Republican states and the Justice Department filed the Supreme Court case. The case was among the most consequential the Court has considered this term. It follows more than a decade of bitter, partisan dispute over a law that expanded coverage to millions of Americans. Former President Obama in a statement said, “That the decision reaffirmed the notion that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay.” When the bill was passed and became law, Obama had said the law was structured in such a way that it would never be done away with. At the time Vice-President Biden made his famous quote to Obama that was caught on a hot microphone, praising the law with a swear word. After the Court ruling, now president Joe Biden statement read, “With millions of people relying on the Affordable Care Act for coverage it remains as ever a BFD.” My thinking is that ObamaCare is no longer about former President Obama, it has reached into the lives and financial security of households throughout the country. Before long, most citizens will have no idea whose name sake signature law is what’s protecting them. I believe we will not be hearing any more about ObamaCare. It is now, and ever, “The law of the land.”*****I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


After reading Kazmar’s column last week about Chad Dallas, our local boy, star pitcher for Tennessee, I looked forward to watching him pitch Sunday against Virginia. Chad was throwing very well, like he has all season but gave up a homerun to Chris Newell, his first of the season. Chad left the game in the seventh, allowing five hits and trailing 3-0. Virginia won 6-0. Chad hasn’t had run support all season. By the way, Chad’s brother Jack was in the stands. They had to have a proud dad on Father’s Day. Tennessee played Texas Tuesday afternoon. Chad didn’t start. After being tied 4-4, Texas broke it wide open in the 4th eliminating Tennessee 8-4. Texas advances in College World Series.



The landmark case challenges the association’s ability to have national limits on education-related benefits that athletes can receive for playing college sports, and more broadly raises doubts about limiting benefits at all. NCAA president Mark Emmert tells USA Today Sports the ruling isn’t the end of legal maneuvering in the matter.


10 Years Ago-2011

Texas has now passed a voter ID law. Opponents say the law is designed to stifle turnout among students, poor people and minorities who are more likely to vote for Democrats but lack government issued ID’s such as driver’s licenses or passports. Texas is not the only state requiring photo ID’s. David Axelrod, an Obama strategist, called the ID legislation a “calculated strategy.” “It’s ironic that when people all over the world are dying for the right to vote, in this country some are working to limit the franchise.”***** Texas has the fourth highest percentage of children living in poverty and the most uninsured citizens in the nation.***** We were sorry to hear about the accidental death of Michael Wuske, 21, from West Orange. He died Sunday, June 19, after diving from the historical swing bridge on Hwy. 12, in Deweyville. *****We were also sorry to hear about the death of Julie Hale, 63, who passed away June 13. She was the daughter of former Orange mayor Paul Hale and wife “Chockey.” ***** Coach Jeff Bennett is changing teams. He’s leaving the Bobcats to become a Wildcat.  We wish him well.*****Wanda Holts Reinert and Diana Holts stopped by. Wanda’s husband recently died and she is having a big garage sale, tools, cars, bulldozer and lots of other stuff.  (Editor’s note: Diana, the daughter of the late Morgan and Doris Holts, lives in Austin. She is now 72 years old and has 10 grandchildren. Her sister, Donna, is a longtime resident of Denver and has a 20 years old daughter. Brother Rocky is an electrician in Henderson. Doris died 27 years ago.***** Former Orangeite Kaye Sexton, 66, died in Midland on June 14. Kaye was a lawyer but preferred teaching She taught at Little Cypress-Mauriceville while in this area. She was divorced from Charles Sexton. They lost their only child, son Scott, several years ago. Midland was home to Kaye. *****Our friend Mary Alice Hartsfield left her Vidor tax office job last week and will pitch-hit at the Veteran’s Office where she has several years experience.***** Mark Dunn, of The Record Newspapers, was named to the 2011 Media Honor Roll, sponsored by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) of Bridge City ISD. The media honor roll recognizes media representatives statewide for fair and balanced reporting of news about public schools. In most cases, local school boards pass a formal resolution and present a personalized certificate to their nominated news media. *****Our longtime friend Ron Moreau has beat the odds and is still alive. Seven weeks ago, he crashed an ultra-light plane for the third time in the past 20 years. This crash wasn’t as bad as the first fall out of the sky but it was bad enough for him to call it quits. He came down in an eight-foot deep ditch on Hwy. 1442. His wound wouldn’t heal and he was put on a wound vac to drain the injury. He’s had skin grafts and will require more. All in all, he’s counting his blessings and has his plane for sale. I understand his bud, Al Judice, is still flying and he now needs another flying buddy. (Editor’s note: Ron has since passed away.)***** Port Arthur Thomas Jefferson High School, in 1961, graduated 465 students. It was an interesting class. The most famous of the 61’ class however is Coach Jimmy Johnson, who won three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys. ***** University of Texas got knocked out of the College World Series, dropping the first two games. Jacob Felts, a freshman from Orangefield, accounted for himself and made us proud. Meanwhile, after losing the first game, A&M was defeated by California’s Cinderella team Tuesday, leaving Texas with no team in the series.***** We welcome aboard Taylor Wendt, LC-M grad, who is serving The Record Newspapers as an intern. She’s a journalism student at A&M where she is a sophomore.***** On June 25, 1950, 71 years ago, the Korean War started. Can you believe it? *****It’s been 39 years ago this week, 1982, since a jury found John Hinckley Jr. not guilty by reason of insanity, in the shooting of President Reagan and three other men.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2011

Michael J. Wuske, 21, of Orange passed away Sunday, June 19. Service held June 23, 2011. Michael was a 2008 graduate of West Orange-Stark High School where he was on the golf team. During his senior year, he was named MVP. He was a machinist for Crumpler’s Machine Shop. Michael is survived by his girlfriend, Tara McCabe; mother and step-father, Theresa and Jeff Taylor; father and step-mother, Randall and Darling Wuske; father, Stephen Allen Sr.; children, Alexis Wuske, Arron and Addison; grandparents, Alana Monroe, Jimmie and Carol Allen, Linda Kidd, Pearl Duhon; Randall Lee Wuske; great-grandparents, Joseph and Joanne Buckhannon, Clara Kidd.***** Wilford L. “Will” Myers passed away on June 13. Funeral service was Saturday, June 18. Wil was the owner of Myers Electric. He was an active member of the community. He is survived by his daughter, Stacey Myers; sisters, Dorothy “Dot” Blanchard and Marie Doyle; brothers, H.C. Myers and Claybert Myers and a host of loving nieces, nephews and many friends.***** Ulan Ben Chisholm, of Orange passed away June 18. He was owner of “The Gun Shop” and “Jet Auto Lube” for 20 years and most recently “Little Cypress Lube.” He is survived by wife of 50 years Jeanette; children, Lori, Julie Theresa & Al, Wendy & Billy, Lisa, Chris & LeAnn; 12 grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren.

22 Years Ago-1999

Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock died last week. He and Louis Dugas served together in the Texas House for two terms. In 1959 they were on the wrong side of the speakers race. Bullock went on to hold other statewide offices and ended up being one of the most powerful Lt. Governors in Texas history. *****The contract has been let for a new Mexican Restaurant in Bridge City. Tequila’s will be first class, with a covered courtyard. Jack Lovet is the electrical contractor.*****Judge David Dunn announces he would not seek re-election to District Court.*****New Bridge City baseball coach, Sam Moore, will soon join other head coaches to hold a Little League baseball camp. Coach Steve Griffith of LC-M and Coach Cory Gafford, of Lumberton, will join Moore.*****Owen and Sherry Hebert, of Bridge City, announce the engagement of their daughter Selena Leigh Hebert, to Thomas “TJ” Knight, son of Chris and Annalee Knight. The couple plans a July 10th wedding at St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City. (Editor’s note: This great couple, still together, has added a couple of pretty girls. The family now lives in the Dallas area.  Annalee  has passed away.)*****Doug Harrington, a former Texas Aggie track star, was spotted at a track meet where pole-vaulter Jacob Davis was performing. Doug was seen wearing a Texas tee-shirt and waving the Hook ‘Um Horns sign. The picture has been preserved. Doug said he wore Longhorn garb in support of his friend Jacob. *****Langston and Margie Fredrick celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary June 20.

42 Years Ago-1979

Three young men and a young lady lost their lives in a Port Arthur auto-train crash. The men are Allen “Bull” Middlebrooks, Ronald Smith and Adam Wayne Gaspard, all four victims were from Bridge City. *****The Bridge City Rotary Club will install C.R. Nash as president replacing Albert Gore. *****ABC journalist Bill Stewart is gunned down execution style by Sandinista soldiers in Nicaragua. *****On June 30, the lovely, sexy legal secretary, Barbara Mulhollen, will celebrate her birthday. (Editor’s note: Goodness, that was 42 years ago. Barbara passed away in 2020.)*****Coach Wade Phillips turns 32 on June 21. He is the son of coach Bum Phillips, both Orange natives. (Editor’s note: It’s hard to believe knowing Wade when he was 32 that next year he will be 75 years old.)

47 Years Ago-1974

The National Little League winning team members are Paul Romano, Sam “Bucket” Moore, Gary Stephens, Willie Brown, Jessie Romano, Shedrick Logan, Duke Cotton, Kenny Smith, Allen Townsend, Lewis Moore, Henry Cotton, Randy Boon and Kevin Newton. Coaches are Billy Joe Smith and Earl Evans. 

62 Years Ago-1959

Full scale clearing of a 34-acre site for construction of MacArthur Shopping Center has begun. *****Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong is gravely ill and in a coma. *****Ingemar Johansson defeats world champion Floyd Patterson in 2:03 minutes of the third round.  (Editor’s note: On June 20, 1960,  Patterson knocked out Johansson in the fifth round to become the first boxer to regain the world heavyweight title.)


It had been awhile since I had spoken to my friend Van Choate and was sorry to learn that his brother Earl had passed away. Earl had COVID-19 and had neglected getting vaccinated. He was the second brother Van lost in the last 18 months. Van and Josette also contacted the virus but fortunately recovered. There is absolutely no good excuse not to get the vaccine. Over 100 people in our community would be alive today to enjoy life if they just would have gotten the free vaccine. Others will die with the new Delta Variant now spreading and predicted to be bad by fall. Orange County has a low percentage of turn out. Its foolish and putting other people in danger not to take a minute to protect your life and those of your family.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays. June 23: Happy 24th birthday to a special young man, Jaden Trahan, son of the Rick Trahan’s, who as a baby was rescued from a burning house fire by the Bridge City Volunteer Fire Department. He remained in a Beaumont hospital for several days after being ravaged by smoke inhalation. I recall that day like yesterday as I there. Ken Johnson and Sissy Braus are also celebrating. Happy 60th anniversary to T.W. and Lynda Permenter. *****June 24: Happy Birthday to Kathy Marsh, who puts up with a clown everyday. A very special Happy Birthday to Margie Stephens, who for years has been keeping Harry thinking young. Also celebrating is Amanda Adams and Blake Amy.*****June 25: Former constable Chris Humble is a year older as is Elise Becker.*****June 26: Judy Cagle, Bridgett Teaff and longtime friend Claudine Hogan.*****June 27: Our friend Jody Raymer, former West Orange basketball player, who married well many years ago celebrates a birthday today. Also celebrating are Ty Manuel, Judy Lewis, reporter David Ball and Doris Norwood.*****June 28: Happy Birthday to Kelly Kimbrough, Kathy LeBlanc, Kourtney Derouen and Blaze Montagne, who turns 22 today.*****June 29: Celebrating today are Jana Fisette, Cobey Sonnier and David Sandlin.*****It’s hard to believe singer, songwriter, the boy from Brownsville, Kris Kristofferson turned 85 on June 22. He’s not a great singer but he has written some great songs that others recorded including Janis, Tanya Tucker, who recorded “Delta Dawn,” Willie Nelson and many others.*****Speaking of music, a big “Swamp Pop” blow out will be held at the V.F.W. July 10. Swamp Pop stars Johnny Allen, T.K. Hulin, will be joined by Parker James, Steve Adams, and Greg Martinez and the Delta Kings. Tickets are available at Granger’s RV on McArthur, in Orange. Come have a big time.


Having birthday in the next few days. Mary Foreman, Laurie Louvier, Roberta Overstreet, Betty Merchant, Jeania Craus, Ronnie Broussard, Wesley Smith, Judy Gerrald, Erin McFarlane, Linda Taylor, Marie Williamson, Reggie Rogers, Rodney Davis, Barbara Whitrock, David Kimbell, Jessica Simon, Shanna Scott, Jimmy Marshall, Jeff Bourdier, Al Baas, Joan Cummings, Connie Berry, Eric Broom, Lester Morris, Nancy Geroge, Rebecca Griffin, Katie Keneson.


Wen school let out for da summer, Bobby decided, before he got all involved in summer activities, he should go spend a couple of days wit his MaMa and Paw Paw, in Pecan Island. He packed a few tings, got in his old pickup and drove from Abbeville to da old folks place. 

He found his Grandpaw sitting on da porch in da swing wit nuttin on but a shirt, naked from da waist down. “Paw Paw,” Bobby say, “Wat you doing you, sitting out here wit nuttin on below you waist, hanh?” 

Old man Brasseaux him, don’t say a ting.

Bobby him, axe again. Den he say, “Paw Paw, you weenie is out for everyone to see.”

Da old man look up at him and say, “Well, Tee Neg, it’s like dis, las week I sit out hear wit no shirt on and I got a stiff neck me.”

You have to axe you grandma about dat, dis was her idea.


Gothia – Fisher Honored Mayors

Submitted by Dave Rodgers

New mayors Misty Songe of Vidor and Randy Branch of West Orange were guests of honor at the Wednesday Lunch Bunch meeting held June 16. Orange County Judge John Gothia and Orange County Tax Collector Karen Fisher hosted the event and treated everyone to lunch at Robert’s Steakhouse. The crowd also included Orange Mayor Larry Spears, Jr. and Bridge City Mayor David Rutledge, County Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte and former County Commissioner John Dubose. Roccaforte and Dubose are former Bridge City mayors, Roy Dunn, Publisher of The Record Newspapers, as well as old and new friends Justice of the Peace Chad Jenkins, former JP Derry Dunn, wife Jane, and Constable Jeremiah Gunter, all of Precinct 2, were in attendance as well as Precinct 1 JP Hershel Stagner, Jr., County Treasurer Christy Khoury and Jessica Hill, Director of the Orange County Economic Development Corporation also Orange County Judge John Gothia and wife Glynis. A number of Lunch Bunch regulars were unable to attend as they were assisting final preparations for the Lions Club Charity Carnival which opened Wednesday evening and some county commissioners were attending a SETRPC meeting. As always, Dunn entertained by telling jokes at the expense of those in attendance but former County Judge Carl Thibodeaux turned one around so adeptly that the meeting devolved to reminiscing about his old blue pickup truck. Vidor City Manager Robbie Hood told stories about Eagles drummer and singer Don Henley when Hood worked in Linden, Henley’s hometown. Dunn announced the Lunch Bunch, which took more than a year’s break after COVID-19 came to Southeast Texas, will again be meeting each Wednesday for lunch at Robert’s. Next up is Wednesday, June 23. Attendance is open to anyone. It’s a time to pick up stories about your neighbors or tell some, a virtual info exchange without the computers.*****My time is up. Thanks for your readership. Take care and God bless.


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