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When the pandemic hit the United States we prayed for an answer, otherwise millions of Americans would die. God answered our prayers. In record time two vaccines hit the market. Before enough people could get vaccinated over 600,000 people had died from COVID-19. Now a more contagious virus has hit. Delta Variant, 100 times more infectious than COVID-19 is spreading throughout the country. Fortunately the God-sent vaccines are also effective for Delta. Hospitals all over the country are filling up and will get worse. The unvaccinated make up 99% of those. Almost none of these people would be in hospitals; on venalities or very sick if they would have just taken a safe and proven shot. Anyone landing in the hospital with no health insurance will be quickly released while still very sick or else they will be making monthly payments to hospitals for a very long time. If they don’t pay, they will not be admitted to any hospital if the need arrives in the future. That’s where free choice and personal responsibility collide. God and science gave us the answer. Take the shot. It’s the way out. If everyone was vaccinated, no one would be in the hospital. Soon we will run out of beds. It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated.*****I must move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Robert’s to Move on After Fire

Employees First Concern

I feel for our friend Robert Ramirez, owner of Robert’s Restaurant and Meat Market, whose business was seriously damaged by fire early Thursday morning. I have known Robert, a native of Brownsville, a long time. I’ve watched his ups and downs trying to establish his business, sometimes having his legs cut out from under him. Robert worked hard and kept plugging on to build a thriving, popular business, all the while facing major health issues, some life threatening. Robert is one of the finest people I know. It never has been about him, he goes out of his way to help others. Nothing is more important to him than his 50 employees. I visited with him just a few hours before his building caught fire. Here is what he said about business during the pandemic, “I’m taking in just enough to make payroll but that’s okay as long as I can take care of my employees.” He would ????utilities and other expenses as long as he could take care of his workers. As for the fire damage, he will start to remodel, knowing that getting business back during the pandemic will be difficult but he’s determine to get his people back to work. Robert will be fine, it’s not about him. As long as I’ve known him it never has been. His heart for his family, employees and community is always in the right place and anyone who knows him will tell you that. The Wednesday Lunch Bunch, whose members met at Robert’s, is suspended for now and will not meet until further notice. The Rotary Club also met at Robert’s and I’m aware of what their immediate plans are. For now our thoughts and best wishes are for Robert, his business and employees for a complete recovery.


10 Years Ago-2011

What a guy, what a run he’s had. Rev. David Berkheimer is one of our most respected people. His work for the Lord is unquestionable, the distance he has brought Community Church is an amazing accomplishment. He has been pastor of a congregation from a medium size Assembly of God Church to one of the areas largest. From facilities on 16th St. in Orange, to a first class complex that includes a growing school on M.L.K. This was accomplished through Rev. Berkheimer’s leadership and the great staff he assembled. It was a surprise to me when he announced he and Ms. Valerie’s retirement.*****The colorful former Cajun governor Edwin Edwards, who turns 84 next month, has married himself a 32-year-old beauty. Trina Grimes Scott visited the governor while he served his eight years in the joint. Gov. Edwards says, “The prison was in love with Trina, they used to watch her walk across the parking lot. The boys made me the camp hero.” When asked why such a beautiful, young woman would marry him the governor answered, “People who don’t know me don’t know what a wonderful, pleasant, modest fellow I am.” Edwin, haunted by the Feds for years, after three attempts was convicted of bribery and extortion. He took the time dealt him, served eight years like a man and never complained. He might find serving a 32 year old tougher than the jail time.*****Congrats to Orange boxer O’Shanique Foster, 17, who just keeps winning in the 123-pound class as he makes his way toward the Olympics. “Birds” boy is making quite a name for himself. We knew the West Orange-Stark student when he was just a little, skinny kid visiting our office with his stepmother, Erin.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Novrozsky’s last week and were honored to visit with two great guys, attorney Ed Barton, who for over five years has been battling cancer and despite bad news still has that upbeat attitude. Also Asst. D.A. Doug Manning, who takes a lot of pride in his family and three adopted children. A great bunch he should be proud of.*****The Atlanta Falcons signed Matt Bryant to a four year contract. That should take the Bridge City kicker to the end of his career. Matt is a 10 years veteran. He was 28 for 31 field goals last year and won games on three of those kicks.***** General manager of KFDM Channel 6, Larry Beaulieu, 63 will retire at the end of September. He has one heck of a run since 1974 and has kept KFDM the areas leading station. Everyone under 37 years of age has grown up with Larry. His staff affectingly calls him “Uncle Larry.” *****Doug Harrington, for many years one of my best friends and confidents, is facing an issue. A growth has come up in his throat that M.D. Anderson says is malignant. Next week he will have surgery. *****We are losing State Sen. Williams. I don’t believe too many will be sad over that. He only visited Orange County a few times. The senator of the newly created district is Robert Nicholes, from Jacksonville. A Lamar engineering grad, *****Our longtime friend Lamar Orange president Dr. Mike Shahan celebrates Aug. 5.*****Two old buddies, two great characters, Sleepy Smith and Robert Carpenter share birthdays Aug. 6. Now there’s a pair of aces.***One of my favorites Coach Dwight Thacker notches another peg on Aug. 8.***Among the good folks celebrating birthdays is Micky’s boss, everyone’s judge, Dennis Powell who is a year older on Aug. 9.***Also a belated happy birthday to Joyce Dubose who celebrated Aug. 2.*****On Aug. 5, Neal Armstrong, the first man on the moon, turns 81 years old. He’s an American hero who never capitalized on his achievement. His words will live in infinity. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” 


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2011

Dr. Billie (Williams) Stuntz, 82, of Orange, died Monday, Aug. 1. Funeral service was held Friday, Aug. 5. She was a long time resident of Orange where she practiced pediatric medicine for 35 years. Dr. Stuntz was a member of the American and Texas Medical Associations and the Orange County Medical Society. She is survived by her husband of 59 years, Dr. Homer Stuntz; daughters, Beverly Ann Stuntz and Jean Allison Stuntz; son, Philip Williams Stuntz; granddaughter, Hyla Stuntz and grandsons, Dan and Chris Burgess.*****Mandy Mae Herman Rainwater, 78, of Orange passed away on Monday, Aug. 1. Service will be held on Thursday, Aug. 4. She is survived by her daughters, Becky LeBleu, Genevia Herman and Barbara Murray; sons, Galen Ray Herman Jr., Ronnie Gene Herman and Terry Dean Herman;; twelve grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren.***** William “Slim” Hamner, 88, of Orange passed away Saturday, July 30. Service was held Wednesday, August 3. He joined the United States Navy in 1942 and served during World War II, the Korean Conflict and in the Philippines. He retired in 1962  then joined the Fleet Reserve Association and worked at Smith Cleaners and later retired from Texas Polymers. He is survived by daughters-in-law, Barbara Breaux and Vashti Breaux; six granddaughters; eighteen great grandchildren; eleven great great grandchildren.

23 Years Ago-1998

Eric Eshbach, pole-vaulter from Orangefield, coached by Joe Hester, takes first place at the National Junior Olympics. The event was held at the University of Washington. Eshbach cleared 16 feet, 7 ¼ inches. Teammate Jonathan Henley took second with a vault of 15 feet, 5 ¾ inches. Other teammate Justin Menard took eighth place and Eric’s little sister placed ninth with a vault of 5 feet, 4 inches in the girl’s division. *****Judge Pete Runnels is mayor of Pinehurst.***** The committee to pick a new administrator narrows the selection.*****Maybe the ugliest pitcher in the major league, “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson, has joined the Astros to help get to the World Series. He struck out 12 in the first Houston outing and collected $2 million for two months. *****Doug Harrington and family returned from Vancouver and Victoria British Columbia, one of the world’s most beautiful cities.*****Bridge City mayor John Dubose and wife Joyce are back from their 30th anniversary trip. (Editor’s note: I remember that and the 25th too. Happy 43rd and best wishes for many more.) Today they celebrate their 53rd.*****The Stephens Group from Arkansas, no kin to Harry, bought out Conn’s Appliance Co.*****Beth Dugas is a patient at Herman Hospital. She was making progress until her lung was punctured. For three weeks she has just been lying motionless. Her husband Lewis sits by her side and cries. When we spoke to him he said, “I remember a dynamic woman who was perpetual motion, today she’s a body in a bed. My emotions are raw as I see my partner of 43 years not moving or speaking. I look at my sweetheart and cry.” (Editor’s note: Beth had gone into the hospital for a simple procedure. She never came out. Louis also passed away a few years ago.)*****Kenneth Starr is trying to bring down the President of the United States Bill Clinton. Starr has spent $60 million dollars. President Clinton’s popularity is between 65 and 70 in the polls.


43 Years Ago-1978

W.T. Oliver turned in a check for $25,000 to Hughen School to help with the construction of Bob Hope High School. Oliver received the check at the International Convention of Eagles in Spokane, Washington. Oliver was an honored guest and speaker. Others at the head table were Paul Harvey, Terrence Cardinal Cook, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Rabbi Edgar Maguin. That Cajun, Oliver, was in high cotton. He drove Harvey to the airport the next day and Harvey mentioned W.T. on his national radio show. Entertaining at the convention were Bob Hope, Danny Thomas, The Mills Brothers, Arthur Godfrey, Red Buttons, Kay Starr, Roberta Sherwood, Corbett Monica and Frank Fontaine, who died just minutes after his appearance. (Editor’s note: I believe everyone mentioned above has now passed away.)*****Joe Kazmar wins two games for Hubbard Electric baseball team over the weekend.*****Orange will elect a new mayor. Davis Cooper and Major Inman are running. (Editor’s note: Major won.)*****Showbiz John Travolta and Priscilla Presley are dating.*****The death of Pope Paul VI has been felt around the world. He had been Pope for 15 years.


Joe Kazmar is batching since Susan has been vacationing in Missouri. Kaz seems to be eating well.*****The big Dunn reunion was held at Crystal Beach last week. That’s the Mauriceville Dunn’s. There also are Orange Dunn’s and Bridge City Dunn’s. This was Judge Derry Dunn’s bunch. They had a cabin that slept 50 people. Derry didn’t go in the water this time. He got flesh eating bacteria last time that nearly cost him his life.*****Judge Jenkins, Wendi and the boys spent the weekend in New Braunfels riding the river rapids and hopefully gathering peaches.*****This week, in 1934, German president Paul Von Hindenburg, a German Jew, died, paving the way for Adolf Hitler’s complete take over. The rest is history. During the next 10 years, Hitler killed millions of Jews.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays. Aug. 4: Celebrating today are Debbie Wilbur, Judy Leonard, Rene Beard, Kody Fisette, Jean Ousley and Jarrod Vogt. Also on this day former U.S. President Barack Obama turns 60.*****Aug. 5: Former Lamar Orange prez Dr. Mike Shahan celebrates today. Also Angie Lane, Danny Squires, Katelyn Defrantes, Non Briggs and Paul Jagen.*****Aug. 6: Happy Birthday today to Pam Boehme, Sonya Villanoueva and last but not lest best wishes to our friend Sleepy Smith.*****Aug. 7: Tessa Bailey, Rodney Hanks.*****Aug. 8: Celebrating today to Katie Allen, Jim Finklea, Brian Sanches and Kim Sensat.*****Aug. 9: Judge Dennis Powell, now retired to the hill country, celebrates today. Also celebrating is longtime friend Coach Dwight Thacker.*****Aug. 10: Rosa Molina, Jody Simmons, Leslie Smith, Bree Ann Collins and Timmy Bryd all celebrate today.*****Bridge City mayor David Rutledge is president-elect to the Texas Municipal League but he’s already staying on the road. Two weeks ago he drove to Amarillo in one day, spent the night, and returned the next day. That’s 28 hours on the road. Last week he did the same thing and went to Corpus. Rutledge will be sworn in as president at San Antonio’s annual conference held Oct. 5 to Oct. 7. Meantime he will serve as president elect and keep the cardinal red truck on the road.*****In an interview with Susan Page, USA Today, former senator Bob Dole admitted he voted for Trump in 2016. He got tired of Trump’s actions and tweets but it was Jan. 6 and the Trump mob insurrection on the Capital that finally got him. Dole says, “He’s all Trumped out.” Dole also says Joe Biden is the right person at the right time in our history.*****Last week, County Treasurer Christy had Kirk on a diet and eating salad, which I call grass. Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte was also wearing a 24-hour heart monitor. Dr. Morbia once told me that the monitor will tell off on you and what kind of action you’ve had.*****We were glad to learn that Gov. Abbott had appointed banker Stephen Lee to the Texas State University System Board of Regents. Terms will run to Feb., 2027. We have known the Lee family, three brothers and dad Bennis, former banker and car dealer, most of Stephens life.*****A note from Judge Dennis Powell: I really enjoying this season of life; I miss some people but don't miss the full time Courthouse responsibilities.  I was just assigned to sit as a visiting Judge on a criminal case in Kendall County; occasional assignments like that will give me all the "judging" I want to do.  But, life is not very exciting.  Our morning deer herd is growing, averaging 17-18, with two 10-point bucks, several 8 points, and three spotted fawns.  Still enjoying the e-edition of the paper - a regular part of my routine! I will turn 66 next week - it is not possible that I am that old! Love and prayers for the folks of Orange County in the midst of Covid/Delta and hurricane season.. (Editor’s note: Judge Powell’s birthday is Monday, Aug. 9. You might want to drop him a birthday message at [email protected]. He will enjoy hearing from you.)*****Mark Dunn, after putting out the Record Newspapers from Guatemala over the last month, is back on deck. I started in the newspaper business with a pair of scissors and a glue can, cut and paste. I’m amazed that Mark could be in the mountains in a foreign country, produce a paper, send it by satellite to our printer in East Texas by midnight and it be delivered to Orange County by 7 a.m. Amazing how much technology has changed in my lifetime.


Celebrating birthdays in the next few days are Vickie Wells, Cetha Haure, Frances Reid, John Holm, Mike Preston, Anita Decker, Gladys Ousley, Clare Calahan, Tessa Bailey, Kimberly Sensat, Katie Allen, Billie Carter, Clarice Miller, Paige White, Edie Anthony, Joe Allen, Max Powell, Timmy Bryd, Bill Loyd, Louise Kent.


August 4: United States President Barack Obama, 60; Actors Daniel Dae Kim, 52; Billy Bob Thornton, 65; Race Car Driver Jeff Gordon, 49.*****August 5: Basketball Player Patrick Ewing, 59; Actors Jesse Williams, 41; Maureen McCormick, 66.*****August 6: Basketball Player David Robinson, 56; Stage Actor Leslie Odom, Jr., 40; Actress Barbara Windsor, 84.*****August 7: Actors Charlize Theron, 46; David Duchovny, 61; Francesca Eastwood, 28.*****August 8: Tennis Player Roger Federer, 40; Boxer Chris Eubank, 55; Actors Dustin Hoffman, 84; Meagan Good, 40.*****

August 9: Fashion Designer Michael Kors, 62; Football Player Deion Sanders, 54; Today Show Host Hola Kotb, 57.*****August 10: Actors Antonio Banderas, 61; Justin Theroux, 50, Kylie Jenner, 24.


Alex Comeaux was going on 74 him and he was overweight also. Dr. Boudreaux, da town doctor, put Comeaux on a diet. Da Doc said, “Alex, I want you to eat regular for two days, den skip on da turd day and do dis for two weeks. You should have loss five pounds wen you come back to see me, okay?”

Comeaux say, “I’ll do dat Doc.”

Wen Comeaux return to see da doctor he is shocked dat Comeaux done loss 53 pounds.

“Mai, dat’s amazing,” said Dr. Boudreaux, “So you follow my instructions hanh?”

Comeaux say, “Well, Doc, I sure did, but I’ll tole you wat, I tought me I was gonna drop dead on dat third day.”

“From da hunger you mean?” Axe da doctor.

Comeaux answer, “No Doc, it was wuz from all dat day of skippin.”




Our friend Cherry Stout underwent triple bypass heart surgery Friday. She was due for a double but during surgery the decision was made to go for a triple. She did well. A great-grandson is an RN and works in the area of the hospital where Cherry is so he was able to check on her. Nova Dee Strickland tells us she has known Cherry since 1953 when they were both young Navy brides stationed in San Diego. Several years ago Cherry married Pearl Harbor survivor, now 99-years-old, Cedric Stout. We wish Cherry a speedy recovery. She is due to come home Wednesday or Thursday.*****That’s all for today. Please stay safe, wear your mask, wash hands and most importantly get vaccinated. Take care and God bless.


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