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President Joe Biden said Monday he made the right call to pull Americans troops out of Afghanistan. “I stand squarely behind my decision” Biden said. He also said Afghan officials, including former President Ashraf Ghani, had assured him Afghan forces would fight the insurgents. Taliban fighters completed their sweep of the country by seizing control of Afghanistan’s capital Sunday as American troops scrambled to evacuate thousands of U.S. diplomats and Afghans from the U.S. Embassy. Addressing criticism about why the evacuation of Afghanis didn’t happen sooner Biden said he followed through on a troop withdrawal plan developed during the administration of President Donald Trump. “I know my decision will be criticized,” he said, “but I cannot and will not ask our troops to fight on endlessly in another country’s civil war.” Biden said, “There was never a good time to withdraw U.S. forces. We gave them every chance to determine their own future. What we could not provide was the will to fight for that future.” Biden said, “I stand squarely behind my decision and will not shrink from my share of responsibility for where we are today.”


COVID is still escalating; patients in ICU are getting younger and younger. A lot of younger people are thinking they are invincible. The young, healthy population, once thought to be more equipped to handle the Corona Virus, has been hit with a reality check by the more contagious Delta Variant. Lagging vaccine shots among young adults have fueled another surge in Texas. COVID is infecting more people in their 30’s than any other age group, about 18,000 cases. People in their 20’s are a close second with about 16,000 cases. The latest COVID-19 surge is leaving about 70,000 Americans hospitalized, the most since the dark days of winter, and nearly 600 dead. This is a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated because only a tiny fraction of the most ill and almost none who died were vaccinated. About a month ago we wrote that the Virus was going to get worse, “far worse.” While cases were running 30,000 cases a day we reported cases would likely be up to 200,000 a day by mid-September. Eight Red states make up over half of all COVID cases in the U.S. Why do you think that is? Texas is one of those eight Republican states. My take is Gov. Greg Abbott and the other seven governors are on the wrong side of history by slow walking this deadly virus. Already I’m finding Abbott is losing support among women, especially those with children, who feel politicians are playing politics with their children’s health. I’m hearing from parents that feel the decision to wear mask in schools should be left up to the school boards in their area who know their particular circumstances. Monday, the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council announced 788 people in the region were waiting for a hospital bed. I wonder the real reason Abbott, Paxton and others are fighting so hard not to allow face mask mandates in schools. My bet is that in the long run wearing face mask will win.


The Dunn family was deeply saddened by the death of Kerrie Dunn, age 59, who passed away Aug. 11, in Framingham, MA. Kerrie was a loved member of the Dunn family of Texas. She was the mother of granddaughters Amber and Jenna and grandmother of seven beautiful grandchildren. She was much too young to leave us and will be missed by everyone who ever knew her. A memorial service will be held September 10 in Framingham. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2011

We were sad to learn about the death of Merlin “Coach” Broussard, who passed away Aug. 13. He would have been 86 on Sept. 6. We had known this wonderful guy over many years. A former football player, he liked coaching youngsters and chose it as a career before hanging his hat at Allied Chemical, where he earned his keep for 36 years. He helped coach football at St. Mary High School back in the late 60’s and 70’s as a volunteer. He was a regular attendee at the Kroger Koffee Klub where he enjoyed many great hours with his friends.***** We were sorry to hear about the death of Russell Bottley, Sr., age 69, who passed away Aug. 10. Services were held at 1 p.m. Monday, Aug. 15. He died in Amarillo, Texas and was a resident of Matairie, Louisiana. He was a native of Orange. To Russell Bottley, Jr., Vince Bottley and their families, we express our condolences.*****I’m glad to report that our friend Doug Harrington is doing fine after having a malignant growth removed from his throat at M.D. Anderson. In a few weeks he will start seven weeks of radiation. Meanwhile, he will recover at home. *****Congratulations to Clint Hodgkisson, named Chief Deputy by Sheriff Keith Merritt. Clint has been with the sheriff’s office nine years and was captain of the patrol division since Jan. 2009. The Sheriff will name a captain and possibly elevate another officer, coming from within the department.*****Our friend Jim Keith, who moved away after Ike, has forwarded several emails that we were glad to receive. Jim is always informative. We invite whoever wishes to drop us a line to visit our website at*****The new Bridge City elementary will hold it’s ribbon cutting Thursday, 5 p.m. I’m told it’s a state-of-the-art school house. The new school replaces Hatton and Sims Elementary schools that were destroyed by Hurricane Ike. That now gives BCISD three new schools in the last few years and should take care of student growth for years to come. The schools were built under Drs. Rahm, Sam Lucia and Jamie Harrison. They built a school each.*****A few good folks we know celebrating birthdays. Our longtime friend Anabel Anderson, turns 90 on Aug. 23. ***Also celebrating his 90th birthday is Tucker Clayton, former deputy sheriff and friend of many years, on Aug. 21. Tucker is a native of the Cove and has never left it. ***Pretty Tammy Davis celebrates on the 20th. The former PNG cheerleader doesn’t age much. ***Longtime radio personality, Bill Clark, chalks up another one on Aug. 22. His friend Keble Free celebrates a day later, Aug. 23.*** Carolyn Ward celebrates her special day on the 18th.***Everyone’s friend Nancy Finchum marks her special day Aug. 17.*****A years ago, Aug. 21, our editor Robert Hankin died of a heart attack. He was only 48 years old. ***** Sandy Kaufman, Judge Pat’s court coordinator, recently returned from visiting her brother and two sisters in Missouri. Having lost both parents they are getting the home and belongings ready for a huge estate sale. Her brother grows tomatoes and she brought Karen Jo a bag of large, Beefeater maters. I understand she didn’t share.*****President Bill Clinton will turn 68 Aug. 19. Where have the last 20 years gone? Kenny Rogers will be 73 on Aug. 21. I can’t believe it. Robert Redford, don’t tell me, he’ll be 74 on Aug. 18.*****One of my top 10 all time favorites Merle Haggard canceled a show at Billy Bob’s, in Fort Worth, Saturday. The 74-year-old entertainer became ill and headed to his home near Redding, Calf. I could listen to his story-songs all day. He wrote and recorded my story, “Someday We’ll Look Back.”*****Former Orange County District Clerk Stella Peveto Winter has been in ill health since soon after she retired. She and husband Charles will be married 49 years come Aug. 30.*****Our friend, Skipper Free, was hospitalized for a few days. It seems she suffered a mild stroke. With Skipper it’s hard to tell when she’s normal or not.*****Billionaire investor Warren Buffett wrote in the New York Times, “He would immediately raise rates on households with taxable income of more than $1 million per year. He would also add an additional increase to those making over $10 million or more.” Buffet also said, “With the low tax rate and loopholes, he pays less taxes then his secretary.”


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2011

Jesse Charles “Chuck” McLain, Jr., 42, of Orange died Wednesday, Aug. 10. Service was held Saturday, Aug. 13. Chuck was a graduate of Lamar University and Director of Management Information Systems in Orange County. He was survived by wife Stephanie McLain; daughters, Chelsea Marie McLain and Jessica Leigh McLain.***** Robert  “Bob” George Hawks, 65, of Orange, passed away Thursday, Aug. 11. A veteran of the US Air Force.  Robert worked as a pipe fitter. Survivors include his wife, Catherine Cook; four daughters Marcy Hawks Hendrickson, Lori Hawks Manley, Kristen Hawks Dalley and Janet Barrow Mauzey; son Richard Hudson Barrow; eight granddaughters;  one great granddaughter; one great grandson.*****Charlotte Faye Janis, 70, of Bridge City, died Monday, Aug. 15. Services were held Thursday, Aug. 18. Charlotte is survived by her husband of 30 years, Billy Charles Janis; daughters, Pamela Roberts, Vicky Cleveland; step-daughter, Cathy Myers; step-sons, Doug Janis, John Janis; four grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren.

22 Years Ago-1999

A lot of local people are making plans to be at the Houston Astrodome Aug. 27 to 29, when the Astros host the Florida Marlins. Local star Bruce Aven and fellow Lamar baseball player Kevin Millar, both leading the Marlins in hitting, will be the Golden Triangle attraction. *****What the natives are up to. Johnny Montagne came home from the hospital but he’s grounded and on an IV. Darlene says too many friends snuck him food while in the hospital which prevented weight loss. Johnny celebrates a birthday this week. *****Also celebrating is coach Chuck Young, Henry Bland and pretty Ms. Carolyn Ward.*****Jim and Billie Rae Stelly will celebrate their 50th anniversary. Their daughters will host a party at the Brown Center to mark the Sept. 3 event of 50 years ago. *****Beverly Perry got a fishing lure stub in her britches. She was held prisoner until freed with wire cutters. *****Bridge City councilman Buddy Sheppard, one of Dupont’s brightest, ran out of gas on the way to work at “The Plant.”*****Judge Pete Runnels, mayor of Pinehurst, broke a foot. Folks are wondering “How?”*****Miles Hall Sr. is recovering after suffering a heart attack last week. *****Vivian Ann Traver, 64, passed away Aug. 14. *****Also on the same day Charlie Goynes died. *****Last week Will “Bill” Green, age 72, died. *****Louis Dugas has biopsy surgery. The report shows he has low grade Lymphoma. In a few days he will undergo other test at M.D. Anderson to decide treatment. (Editor’s note: Lou passed away a few years ago and we still think of him often. Folks still tell stories about the former State Representative, District Attorney and noted criminal lawyer.)*****Ames, Iowa holds straw poll that is a bonanza for the Chamber of Commerce. It’s a great gimmick that attracts thousands of people and the nation’s media. It really doesn’t mean much however. The straw poll results are Geo. W. Bush, 7,500; Forbes, 4,902; B. Dole, 3, 400. (Editor’s note: That looks like 16,000 votes, not many for all the fan fair. Geo. W. did go on to be elected U.S. President. He was one of the few ever to win the straw poll and make it all the way. I believe there have only been two. Bachman won the straw poll Saturday with less than 200 votes over Ron Paul.)*****Dr. David Olson announces the association of C. Scott Young, DDS, to the staff of his Professional Dental Center.*****Carl and Shirley Salsbury celebrate their 50th anniversary Aug. 21 with a celebration at the Bridge City Community Center.*****Debbie Scott turns 50 on Aug. 19.*****The last beach trip before school starts was enjoyed by Bridge City juniors Jacob Thibodeaux, Jarred Scales, Adam Myers and Arron Myers. They came back with a very large bull red they captured from the surf on the beach and then it was party time.

42 Years Ago-1979

Coach Buddy Gillis died Monday, Aug. 16, so did Elvis. The East Texas native had coached at Bridge City for Chief Wilson. He was well respected by his players and members of the coaching profession.*****Debbie and David Fusilier are the proud parents of their first born, David Wayne, Jr. The baby weighted in at eight pounds, 12 ounces.*****Dolores Cantu, actress formerly of West Orange, returns home to visit family and friends. She will play Nita in the new NBC cartoon “Shamoo.”*****Jerry Strickland has a massive heart attack while attending the Astro/Braves game in the Astrodome. His friend F.D. Richard was hit in the nose by a foul ball and was waiting to be transferred to the hospital when Jerry suffered the attack. They were both taken to Herman Hospital.*****Jacob Worster is one year old this week.*****Dr. Jack Barnett, MD, honored by First Baptist Church in Bridge City for 25 years of service to the community.*****Alvin Keown, a country boy from Orangefield, sells his Keown Supply for $6 million. Not bad for a boy raised in a shack.


Our longtime, dear friend, Nova Dee Strickland suffered a stroke last week and is in St. Elizabeth’s. As of Tuesday Nova was still unresponsive. She hasn’t opened her eyes or had any movement; however, there are some good signs. A brain scan showed that Nova has no brain damage. Doctors have told her daughters it would take time before her brain will wake up. As of this time there is no way of knowing if she will suffer any paralysis. The girls remain optimistic; it’s a wait and see. Hospital rules, because of COVID, allow only one person at a time to be with her. They ask for your prayers that this special lady will make a full recovery. *****Congratulations to Angel Marie Sehon and Jacob Perritt on the birth of little Elijah George last Friday, who weighed in at 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 inches high. Proud grandparents are our own Janelle and hubby George Sehon, along with Mellissa and Glenn Perritt.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays and other events. Aug. 18: Happy Birthday today to beautiful lady Carolyn Ward. Also Dan MacCammond celebates and Robert Redford turns 84.***Sheriff Chester Holts died on this day in 1984.*****Aug. 19: Our friends and former employee Tammy Davis celebrates today. Also Maggie Joubert, Phyllis Neil. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton turns 75 and Tipper Gore, 73.*****Aug. 20: Happy Birthday to Glee Lobb, Jamie Dugas and Coleen James.*****Aug. 21: Kimberly Hubbard, Shirlyn Findlay and Alexandra Wild celebrate today.***Happy 56 wedding anniversary to Micha and Judge Carl Thibodeaux.*****Aug. 22: Happy Birthday to some lovely people. Our buddies tax assessor Karen Fisher, educator and friend Mari Ellen Jacobs, Kristina Ivins and Karen Collier. Johnny Montagne also celebrates today.*****Aug. 23: Celebrating today are Keble Free, John David Walles and Ryan Moreau.*****Aug. 24: Longtime friend Marlene Marritt has a birthday today.***Theresa and Frank Beauchamp celebrate an anniversary.*****No decision has been made on when the Wednesday Lunch Bunch will resume their weekly gathering. Two things in question; a meeting place has not yet been secured, even though we hear that J.B.’s is now open, as well as a couple of other places that could host the group. Some folks also have reservations about COVID spiking right now. Thinking is that maybe the group should wait a few weeks to allow more people to be vaccinated.*****One of my neighbors has come down with COVID and despite being very sick he won’t go to hospital and is quarantined at home. Besides him, there is a wife and three youngsters, one a baby, in the house. Hopefully it won’t spread to any of them. My guess is they haven’t been vaccinated.*****Down Life’s Highway column got me to thinking about if train engineers have their own style, the way they blow the train whistle. I will have to ask engineer Bill Smith about that. I recall a passenger train that ran at night and made a lone, wailing sound. Two blast, each about eight seconds long. *****Yesterday Pestco came by and sprayed our place for mosquitoes. We won’t have to worry about Skeeter bites for a couple of months. If you have a problem they are the people to call. (See ad in this publication.)*****Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has tested positive for COVID-19. The Texas Republican, who signed legislation banning vaccine and mask mandates in his state, hosted what he described as a “standing room only event” Monday night, with photos showing few people wearing masks at the indoor gathering.


Wen Clarence Badeaux died his longtime wife Marie went to da local newspaper, da Daily World, to put a notice in da obituaries.

Joe Breaux, da newspaper man at da counter, offered Marie his condolences, den axe her wat she would like to say about Mr. Badeaux in da obituary.

Marie replied, “You can jus put Badeaux died.”

Joe, a little puzzled say, “Surely Ms. Marie, dere must be something more you want to say bout Mr. Badezux.”

“No, dats it,” Marie answer.

Joe say, “Ms. Marie, if it’s da cost dat you concerned bout, da first five words are free and don’t cost you no money, we must say someting more.”

Marie tink bout dat a few minutes and finally say, “Ok, you put Badeaux died, boat for sale.”



 Debra, 66, my first cousin, was a beautiful, healthy wife, mother and grandmother. She passed away August 11, from COVID. She leaves behind a lot of people who loved her. She, along with her husband, was a Trump supporter and follower of conservative radio and television. They apparently bought into the conspiracy theories and the leanings of the Right against taking the vaccine. Not me, not you, no one could convince her it was the wrong path. Once indoctrinated with the falsehoods, I have found it’s hard to reverse one’s thinking. They just don’t believe the virus will kill them. Funeral service was held Aug. 18 for this wonderful lady I had known and loved from her birth. My take is that many more like Debra will die just from the lack of one harmless vaccine. Every day I try to convince friends and family to get vaccinated. It’s very frustrating. May she rest in peace.*****That’s all for me. Take care and God bless.


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