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Texas is preparing to pass a sweeping voter bill that is designed to hamper minorities and elderly at the polls. Republicans are using the specter of cheating at the polls to push through voting restrictions that are not needed. They are selling the story that our elections are under attack and that the only defense is to limit voting access. Its political manipulating based on a lie. The bill will be awful. While they claim it will be harder for citizens to steal elections, it will make it easier for politicians, with their maneuvering, to steal elections. That’s where we’re headed. Rigged elections on the front end. It’s called voter suppression.*****This week’s column is different, too many doctor visits. I haven’t had time to research for Happenings. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, approved Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. President Joe Biden called on companies, non-profit groups, government agencies and schools to “Step up vaccine requirements that will reach millions more people.” We elder people all lived at another time when vaccinations allowed people to stop worrying about smallpox, polio, measles, mumps and rubella. Vaccines will help do the same for COVID-19. With FDA full approval there is no good reason not to get vaccinated. It is a matter of life and death, staying well or becoming very sick. Many more people will die, simply because some people will not take the step to put themselves and their families out of harms way. The FDA has approved the drug, go take it. You have nothing to lose if you do, plenty to lose if you don’t.


It is said that when an elderly person dies, it is like a library burning down. That is certainly the case with Nova Dee Holts Strickland, age 87, who passed away at 7:20 p.m., August 19, 2021. Nova had lived during historical times going back to the Great Depression. She was a student of history and lived through the WWII years, Korean conflict, Vietnam and all other wars since. As a young Navy bride, stationed with her husband Jerry, she had traveled the country. Most of her life she had a front row seat to the grassroots of Orange County happenings beginning as a young secretary for Edgar Brown, one of the county’s two most prominent men. Her local knowledge continued to expand when her father, Chester Holts, was elected sheriff in 1948. He went on to become the longest serving sheriff in Orange County. Nova was also very astute on state and national affairs. She had lived during 14 presidents. She, like her father, was very patriotic, both cried when John F. Kennedy was killed. One of the lowest points in her long life was the domestic invasion of our own nation’s capital. She never got over that and was having a hard time letting it go. Nova and I had known each other well over 60 years. Together we had known all the movers and shakers of the county. We spoke often. She had a lot of stories, many from a long time ago. She would often call to ask the name of “some old boy” that had escaped her. Together we usually figured it out. She loved gathering with the Lunch Bunch, going back 25 years. She loved being around people and was very inquisitive always adding to her knowledge. She was blessed with two wonderful daughters Tanyia and “Hootsie” and a loving family. Those two girls were constant with their mother’s care. Over the last year, one or the other were almost always by her side with help from longtime friend Susie, who came from Japan many years ago. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, Aug. 25, at Mauriceville Baptist Church at 2 p.m. She was a dear friend and we had shared many happy times. I will miss her. May she rest in peace.


10 Years Ago-2011

Congratulations to one of our “Sweethearts.” Annie Hargrave, a 38 year employee of Market Basket, who was chosen “Employee of the Month” by the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce I believe she’s the employee of the decade.***** I don’t know any other Orange County sports team that has ever advanced to number three in the world. The Bridge City 14-year-old girls fell only one game short of playing for the World Softball Championship. We can’t say enough about the great job coach Julie Kahla did managing the young ladies through a Texas state championship and going on to capture third place in the world.***** They made Orange County proud. Members of the World Class team are Hannah Faulk, Kellyn Cormier, Brooke Derouen, Bailee Bacon, Faith Kaufman, Sabryn Crain, Kaleigh Carter, Skylar Kahla, Katelyn Dickerson, Kasey Frederick, Haley Mills, Harleigh Myers and Ashlyn Mitchell. Coaches are Hilton Bacon and Justin Frederic. Manager is Julie Kahla.*****For the first time in 38 years, when school started Monday at Bridge City, Nancy Chenella wasn’t in attendance. A couple of weeks ago, despite loving her job, Nancy decided it was a good time to retire. Her husband Joe, after 45 years with BCISD retired last year. Joe had come up through the ranks, served as superintendent a couple of times and was a longtime assistant superintendent. Joe had supervised the building of three new schools and had watched thousands of students graduate. Over the years, the Chenella’s had weathered many hurricanes in Bridge City, Ike of course, being the worst but many were bad. Joe said, “I just don’t want to go through any more storms. We’ve had a great life here but it’s a good time for us to move on and we like the College Station area.” In a couple of months Joe and Nancy will be moving to a nice subdivision east of College Station. Joe and Nancy have been good friends to the folks at The Record over the years. (Editor’s note: Joe and Nancy moved away 10 years ago.)*****On Saturday last, Jack Huffman turned 80. The former Orange City Manager was also longtime city manager at Irving and put the city on the map when he was responsible for getting Cowboy Stadium. A local boy from Brunner Addition who did good. He and his boy, Jack Jr., took in Gary’s Café for a big, longshoreman’s breakfast Saturday morning to celebrate.*****Also spotted at Gary’s where you always get a good breakfast were the Joel Steirman’s and Bobby and Devera Cormier.*****Folks celebrating birthdays this week. Coach Dan Ray Hooks, for the first time not on the West Orange-Stark sideline, celebrates his birthday Aug. 25.***** On Aug. 31st. Pat and Rosalie Clark and her twin sister Mary Ann and John Scofield celebrate their anniversaries. I’m guessing but I believe its number 42.***** Last week the Lunch Bunch dined at Robert’s. A large group honored former deputy sheriff Tucker Clayton on his 90th birthday. Former sheriff Chester Holts’ two daughters, Nova Dee and Wanda Beth and Nova’s daughter, Tanyia, attended. Stories by Tucker, Nova and sheriff Keith Merritt were told. Even judge Thibodeaux and Karen Jo showed up.***** Some people will disagree but I believe the facts and history will bare out that President Obama has maneuvered the best foreign policy since Harry Truman. The most gutsy call in my lifetime was going after Bin Laden and killing him. He gambled his entire career, had it failed or any Navy Seals killed in the operation, Obama was done.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2011

Jo Ann Carruth Van Pelt, 80, died Saturday, August 2. A graveside service will be scheduled at a later date.  She attended St. James High School and Lamar State College where she graduated as a licensed vocational nurse. Jp Ann was preceded in death by Bruce Tuppen and Jennifer Lynne Carruth. She is survived by son James Tuppen, and Raymond Van Pelt; daughter, Neva Ann Sparks; step-children Robbie Fontenot and Richard Van Pelt. five grandchildren; one great-grandson.*****Charles “Charlie” Thomas Cunningham, 64, of Orange, died Wednesday, Aug. 17. A memorial service was held on Saturday, Aug. 20. He served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and was a disabled veteran. Charlie was a mechanic and truck driver at Sabine Warehouse. He is survived by his wife, Virginia Cunningham; daughter, Susanna Cunningham; sons Russ Cunningham and Luke Cunningham; two grandchildren.***** Mary Alice Morgan, 76, died Wednesday, Aug. 17. Funeral services were held on Saturday, Aug. 20. Mary was a school bus driver at LCM CISD for 30 and a half years. She is survived by her husband of 55 years, C.C. Morgan; daughter, Patricia “Tissy” Dans; son, Clyde Morgan; grandchildren, Jesse Dans, Rachel Dans; six great-grandchildren; and sister, Catherine Zirlott.


22 Years ago-1999

Police investigate a murder/suicide in West Orange. According to assistant police chief, Jason Miller killed his father, 43 years old Kenneth Ross Miller, then turned the gun on himself. Kenneth’s wife Edith Miller, 41, came home from work and found the bodies. The son had recently moved in with his father. There had been an ongoing conflict between the two. Kenneth was employed by TDI-Halter, Inc.*****The Bridge City “Globetrotting Grandmas, Dot Eshbach, 77, and Margaret Saint, 78, have just returned from a month long cruise and tour of Europe and Asia. (Editor’s note: Margaret and Dot have since passed away.)***** Dateline: Bridge City, Texas: Local writer Mark Dunn’s articles, written over several months in regards to Ireland’s “Good Friday Peace Accord,” have been published extensively both here and abroad. This past week the latest article appeared in the Las Vegas Sun, Indianapolis News, Austin American Statesman and The Irish Voice, the Irish news in Belfast, Ireland. Dunn places blame on British government for the “Historic Troubles” in Ireland and the current impasse crippling the 1998 peace initiative. Since June Dunn has been published in USA Today, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, San Diego Transcript, Boston Herald, Ireland Today and several other Irish publications. (Editor’s note: I noticed that Dunn’s work wasn’t published in England.) Writing was always Mark’s longsuit. Maybe some day he will write a book.***** Jamie Bracken a recent Bridge City grad has joined the Navy.*****Brad Miller, B.C. quarterback, reports to Angelo State. *****Chris Menard is home on his first furlough after completing Army basic training. *****River Burton is top grad at Lamar summer commencement. She’s the daughter of Owen Burton. *****St. Louis slugger Mark McGuire became the first player in major league history to hit 50 or more homeruns in four consecutive seasons. He got homerun number 49 and 50 Sunday against the Mets. One was a 502-foot blast that dented the scoreboard. (Editor’s note: That’s before we knew that he was filled with juice. They let the homeruns stand but they won’t put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame, despite not doing anything wrong while playing.)

42 Years Ago-1979

Clarence Bell is principal at Hatton Elementary. He and Ann Bryant have been with BCISD for 25 years. ***** Keble Free, 26 year old, will make a boxing comeback in an attempt to make the Olympic team. Keble is a former Golden Gloves welterweight state runner up. He lost to Johnny Montagne in the 1971 state championship. Free didn’t start boxing until he was 16 years old. *****Jenny Baxter, Gordon and Diane’s little girl, turns two on August 26. (Editor’s note: I guess that makes the little girl Bax talked about on the radio now 44 years old.)*****Karen Lapeyrolerie will celebrate her special day on Aug. 28. *****Dan Barker has a birthday. 


A few folks we know who are celebrating in the next few days. Aug. 25: Mayor David Rutledge, Coach Dan Ray Hooks, Ron Cowling, Dot Hutson, Mandi McDonald, Carlene Wheat all celebrate today.*****Aug. 26: Celebrating today are Donna Scales and Michelle Flowers.*****Aug. 27: Happy Birthday to Frank Beauchamp, Stephanie Roberts, Peggy Larson and Jaycie Dardeau.*****Aug. 28: J.S. Bearden III turns 17 today. According to Beaumont Enterprise football magazine, Bearden, a Bridge City running back is expected to be one of the spark plugs in the Cardinal offense. I bet granddad Sharon will be in the stands on Friday nights. Also celebrating are Ruth Thurman, Meagan Carlin and Barbie Childress.*****Aug. 29: Our buddies Glenda Dyer, Janice Overman and Danny Cole celebrate today. Also on this day in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.*****Aug. 30: Our friend Mike Cedars, newly retired, celebrates today. Happy Birthday also to Pamela Comer and Cristi Harper.*****Aug. 31: Happy Birthday to Ron Kincade, Erin Weianer and Buddy Cox.*****Happy Wedding Anniversary to our longtime friends Rosalie and Judge Pat Clark. I’m not sure, just guessing, this should be their 52nd anniversary. Best wishes for many healthy, happy years.


Happy Birthday to our friends Glynis Gothia, Ken Kreger, Scott Deppe, Stanley Hubbard, Johnathan Aldridge, Michael Philen, Phetecia Rucker, Jerry Mercer Molly Abshire, David Green Nina Birdwell, Charlie Broussard, Randy Elkins, Theresa Wilson, Angie Jones, Bobbie Brown, Gary Turberville, Rick Beaulieu, Wanda Sanders, Blake Tally Lieta Primrose, Judy Marsolan, Patty Allred, Dorene Scott, Elise Domas, Alex Murphy, Jesse Grooms, Lauren Robertson.


Aug. 25: Actors Blake Lively, 34; Sean Connery, 91; Chef Rachel Ray, 53; Country Singer Billy Ray Cyrus, 60.*****Aug. 26: Basketball Player James Harden, 32; Actors Melissa McCarthy, 51; Macaulay Culkin, 41.*****Aug, 27: Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams, 60; Actors Paul Reubens, 69; Chandra Wilson, 52.*****Aug. 28: Country Singers Shania Twain, 56; LeAnn Rimes, 39; Actor Jack Black, 52.*****Aug. 29: Actors Nicole Anderson, 30; William Levy, 40; Carla Gugino, 50.*****Aug. 30: Entrepreneur Warren Buffett, 91; Actors Cameron Diaz, 49; Michael Michele, 55.*****Aug. 31: Actors Chris Tucker, 50; Richard Gere, 72; Sara Ramirez, 46; Pop Singer Deborah Gibson, 51.


Clotile axe her man, Joe Premeaux, “Wen you go to town babe, please go by Robicheaux’s store and got me some eggs.”

Joe answer, “Mais, sure I do dat me.” He drove his old truck into Erat, does his little shopping at da feed store and goes by Robicheaux’s store. “You got some eggs, Hanh?” he axe da clerk.

“We sure do, da very best eggs from Dartiz’s farm for $1 a dozen.”

Noticin a few cracked eggs Joe axe, “How much for dem cracked eggs right dere?”

Da clerk say, “Well, we got a few, and wen we got a dozen we sell dem for 15 cents a dozen.

Joe say, “Hokay, crack me two dozen.”


I drove Judge Sid Callivet and Joe Blanda to El Campo when the Orange Stark Tigers met Pharr-San Juan-Alamo in a playoff game. On that team were some great guys you might remember. Just a few of them were Frank Beachamp, Dickie Colburn, David Foster, Billy Fisette, Quincy Procell, Dan Sears and R.C. Slocum. The coach was Ted Jefferies. Slocum is who I want to tell you about but first let me remind you about some of the stars on a national level that came out of Orange County. Going back to Ernie Ladd, Rocky Colvin, the Boyett brothers, etc. and sports stars who made their mark on the world of sports. Coaches Bum and Wade Phillips; All American stars U.T’s Steve Worster; Aggie and Dallas Cowboy Kevin Smith; NFL All Pro Earl Thomas; NFL kicker Matt Bryant; NFL Shane Dronett; NFL Jason Matthews; Major League pitcher in opening game of Washington Nationals John Patterson; Major Leaguer Bruce Aven. All were good at their sport but none better than Richard Copeland “R.C. Slocum. As head football coach of Texas A&M from 1989 to 2002, R.C. won more games (123) than anyone else in Aggie football history. In December, 1988, coach Sherill was forced to resign and Slocum was named head coach. During his 14 years he led the Aggies to a record 123-47-2. During his career Slocum never had a losing season and won four conference championships. He posted a record four consecutive seasons without a loss at home. Slocum reached 100 college wins faster than any other coach. He has the best winning percentage in SWC history, one spot ahead of Darrell Royal, who is number 2. At Kyle Field he only loss 12 games in 14 years, seven seasons without a home loss. His “Wrecking Crew” defense led the nation in total defense 1991-1997. There is more, much more. Slocum was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a coach in 2012. R.C. graduated from Stark High in 1963, earned a degree at McNeese in 1967 and started a long coaching career with many highlights, including Kansas State and U.S.C. Today, home boy R.C., one of our biggest stars, is battling lymph node cancer. He has received four of 12 treatments and lives on his ranch out of College Station. R.C. is a man of faith who believes in the power of prayer. Quincy Procell spoke with him Sunday and he’s in good spirits but says he could use our prayers. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing R.C., his dad, mother and brother. Someone once told R.C. you’re pretty naïve if you think you can win without cheating. Today R.C. says he can look himself in the mirror and say he did it the right way.”


Don’t sell President Biden short, he took on an impossible task removing all Americans and those Afghanistan interpreters who worked with the United States military. Come Aug. 31, Biden would have evacuated nearly 100,000 people. Fox News, Hannity, Tucker and Laura will find one family he missed and accuse Biden of stranding people and leaving them at the hands of the Taliban. Joe knows what he’s doing. He knows more than Jim Jordan and the Fox experts. Meanwhile, Nancy will get the infrastructure bill passed. Don’t ever sell her short.*****My time is up. Thanks for your readership. Take care and God bless.


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