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Today begins the fall season here in Southeast Texas. There is not much distinction between the four seasons; however, this week we are seeing fall like weather, cool, with low humidity. Hopefully, we don’t have anymore storms to dodge. My guess is if a storm doesn’t come into the Gulf in the next 12 to 15 days, it’s a good chance we have dodged the bullet. Gulf waters will cool and high pressure is expected most of October. Usually by this time the lawn is brown, but the showers have kept the grass spring green. The lantanas have put on a lot of blooms and attracted many different colored butterflies. I counted eight multi-colored ones this morning. I heard some group is releasing butterflies. God bless them. I see just a few Humming birds, but I’m not feeding, just the flowers. I don’t have many great predictions for the fall, just one, on October 9, there will be a big upset in major college football. One of my biggest fears is that late October and all of November, during the flu season, we will see a big spike in the pandemic in Orange County. Only 40% of our citizens have been vaccinated. That means at least every other person you meet has not been vaccinated. It’s beyond me why people keep buying into the conspiracy theories instead of the science. I believe local government will have to start pushing the urgency. I firmly believe more people are dying here at home than is being reported. Please have a talk with yourself if you haven’t gotten the shot. Do so before it’s too late.*****Gotta go, come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


On Monday, September 10, the Houston Chronicle ran nearly a full page editorial claiming Texas leaders aren’t representing the people. The headline further reads, Abbott, Patrick and Paxton are tarnishing the state’s reputation with polices of hate and fear. The Chronicle, a Hearst owned newspaper, for many years has leaned to the Right. The following is just a small portion of the very critical and long editorial. The bipartisanship we used to brag about in Austin has been replaced with Washington-style acrimony. Basic decorum that lawmakers, from the Hill Country to Deep East Texas, used to observe in equal measure is eroded. And basic rights that used to be respected in a state known for personal freedom have been sacrificed. Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton and a Republican-led Legislature have, in the past year, repeatedly found ways to make our state more divided, less respectful of individual rights and more dangerous for the populations targeted and left unprotected. And they’ve basically given up an pretense of representing all of Texas for the self-serving benefits of representing Republican primary voters and not even all of them. Ask yourself: What’s more divisive than encouraging fellow citizens to spy on each other and tattle or sue if they suspect someone has “aided and abetted” abortion, which has been constitutionally protected since 1973. Who were Texas lawmakers and other Republican leaders representing when the Legislature essentially ended women’s right to abortion, a right that the vast majority of Texans generally support? Who were Republican leaders representing when they passed another round of unnecessary “election integrity” measures limiting voting access, when around 80 percent of Texans are smart enough to know voter fraud isn’t common and is certainly not the “Epidemic” Republicans have claimed it to be? A recent poll found that 52 percent of those surveyed believe Texas is “on the wrong track,” the highest figure in that poll since 2008. Many of us, despite our shame over the yahoos leading this state, still feel pride in being a Texan. We yearn for it to once again be a place known not for discrimination and backward thinking but ingenuity, opportunity and wide open spaces where individuality and common good can coexist. Among the nearly 30 million of us are people willing to come together to defeat a virus, care for our neighbors and stand up for Texan values from hospitality to opportunity to inclusion. We know that the future of Texas can still be bright. We can still win the long game if we can remember to keep our eyes on the ball and get it back in the hands of a player, a team, a leader, who’s playing for the people, not themselves.


10 Years Ago-2011

A commemorative ribbon cutting will be held in recognition of the 70th anniversary of the Swing Bridge to kick off the Bridge City Heritage Festival. The ribbon cutting will take place at 9 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Cow Bayou Bridge. The gates will open for the festival on the Community Center grounds at 10 a.m. A carnival will begin on Thursday prior to the festival. The carnival rides will be unlimited on Saturday with the purchase of a bracelet. Headlining the live entertainment is country music star Britt Godwin. Bands will begin performing when the gates open with Cajun and country music, oldies, rock, religious and solo performances from area groups. The Festival will feature arts, crafts, food, games and contests. A beer garden is being provided by Giglio Distributing Co. of Beaumont and will be near the bandstand. Dancing will be in the pavilion.  An antique car show and silent auction will also be held. There will be something for the entire family.****** You may recall that a year or so ago I told you that at a meeting the local Tea Party vowed to challenge candidates for local offices. First they recruited office holders to switching to the Republican Party or face opposition. The selling point is that Obama will not be very popular in Orange County and the Tea Party will push for straight party voting in order to defeat local Democrats. Qualifications have nothing to do with it; they are running strictly against Party affiliations, qualified or not. If Bill Clinton were at the top of the ticket none of this would be happening. It’s all about the guy at the top and that not right. Orange County is a well-run county in every department and Obama has nothing to do with it.***** Last week, in this column, I wrote about Tom Perry having to be moved to Tennessee because of his health. My column went to press at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, 30 minutes later, at 9 p.m., Tom passed away. Services were held Saturday at First Baptist Church in Bridge City. He was a longtime active member of the church. He and wife Jane have been pillars of the Bridge City community. Tom was well respected and an overflow crowd of friends attended his funeral. Jane will be making her home in Cleveland, Tennessee, where her son Tom Jr. lives. We will always remember the contributions this fine couple made to our community. *****I’m really impressed with the improvements Commissioner Dubose has been able to acquire. The Commissioner is still working on a fishing dock that families can enjoy. That was one thing he and Richard Corder  had talked about. Commissioner Dubose spent a lot of time working with the Corps of Engineers and Park and Wildlife personnel. The improvements have all been done with no cost to the citizens. A few years ago Richard had a stroke that put an end to his fishing but he will be glad that others will benefit from it.   Commissioner Dubose has been responsible for the improvements of other road projects also. .***** Tuesday Constable Precinct 1 Chris Humble was taken to St. Mary Hospital in Port Arthur. He suffered a mild stroke and is in intensive care.  

14 Years Ago-2007

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the merger between West Orange and Lutcher Stark High Schools. The merged schools had a class 5-A enrollment of 2,500. The 9th and 10th grades attended school on the Stark campus, with the 11th and 12th grades at West Orange campus. Steve McCarty, a Lamar offensive coach, was hired as football coach. He brought along fellow coach of Lamar, defensive line coach Dan Ray Hooks. During the first 30 years McCarty and Hooks, as head coaches, posted a record of 271-73-3. Other coaches included Glen Hill, Cornel Thompson, Mark Foreman, Travis Witherspoon, Robert Tywater and the late J.B. Bearden. The Mustangs played their very first game against a tough Strake-Jesuit team in Houston. WO-S was trailing 3-0 when Tony January broke loose on a 70 yard touchdown run. The winning run was nullified by a blocking in the back penalty. Mustangs lost their first game 3-0. (Editor’s note: This year starts the 44th season of Mustang football. I don’t recall a losing season. I do recall many championship seasons.)

23 Years Ago-1998

C.R. Nash is hired as administrator at Pinehurst. He was a former city manager at Bridge City. *****What’s up with the boys? Bridge City boys, Jason Mathews started for the Tennessee Oilers Sunday, Shane Dronett played the entire game for the Atlanta Falcons and Chris Cole, of West Orange Stark, made six receptions for 174 yards and three touchdowns for R.C. Slocum’s Texas Aggies. *****Tim McCorquodale dies. His grandfather was involved in the laying of the water lines under downtown Orange. Tim’s dad, Alan, expanded the family business and made “Little Giant” manufacturing known around the country. Tim and brother, Rex, continued to expand the business. Tim was 47 years old. *****Spotted at Heath’s Golden Corral Wednesday were judge Grover Halliburton, judge Pete Runnels, mayor of Pinehurst, drainage manager Ron Sigler, Jack Lovett, judge Claude Wimberly, Roy Dunn, Rev. Leo Anderson and constable P.T. Thompson. *****Bill Nickum is out of ICU at St. Elizabeth after suffering from a heart problem. *****Doak Walker dies at age 71. The 1948 Heisman Trophy winner from SMU had been paralyzed in a skiing accident last Jan. 30. He helped the Detroit Lions win two championships. He is in both the college and NFL Hall of Fame. *****The Houston Chronicle for re-election endorses Judge Don Burgess, Orange Countain on the Appellate Court. *****Pretty Cindy Chauvin is driving a new Corvette. *****Bill Clark is on the radio. His real name is Lee O’Daniel Clark. Bill never meets a stranger. He was born Aug. 22, 1939, in Fairmont, Texas. His father, Newman Easel Clark Sr., was a descended from William Clark, the second signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. A fact Bill holds in high regard is that he’s a descendent from George Washington on his mother’s side. Bill was one of nine siblings. Contractor H.K. Clark is one of his brothers; Judge Pat Clark is his nephew and only child of brother Easel Jr.*****Virginia and Millard “Billy” Cox of Bridge City will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Oct. 2. A family gathering will be held at Pappadeaux’s hosted by their children, Rodney and Diana Cox and Karen and Keith Duplechin. “Billy” is retired from Texaco. They have five grandchildren. *****What is being called the greatest baseball season ever was Mark McGwire’s hitting 70 homeruns, shattering Babe Ruth and Roger Maris’ records and setting a record that may never be broken. Sammy Sosa hit 66 homers. (Editor’s note: We have learned since that McGwire’s and Sosa’s homers were not legit. One was doping, one, Sosa, put cork in his bat.)*****The Astros and the Rangers are both in the playoffs. Houston, with the Killer B’s and Randy Johnson, have a good shot at the World Series.

44 Years Ago-1977

A brand new West Orange-Stark Mustang team features running backs Ernest Anderson, Tony January, quarterback Harry Rosenthal, linemen Keith Parish, Hosie Boston and Dale Long. Linebackers were Kirk Richard and Harlan Robertson. Secondary consisted of Van Barnett, Grey Hill, Chris McCall and Jimmy Woodson.*****Donna Scales, Vivian and Jack Dorman’s little girl, is pregnant. Jimmy Scales will be the dad.*****Bash to honor State Rep. Wayne Peveto drew at least 650 people. Speaker of the House Bill Clayton, former Speaker Price Daniel, Jr., State Sen. Carl Parker and many other dignitaries were in attendance. Roy Wingate presented Peveto with an engraved plaque shaped like the state of Texas. Local artist Vickie Curtis presented Peveto an original pen and ink caricature sketch honoring him. Various other groups made presentations.

50 Years Ago-1971

Attorney Bill Sexton is due to leave the hospital this week after having open heart surgery. He will remain in Houston for another week.*****Judge Charles Holcomb and District Attorney Sharon Bearden are both on diets. The Judge says the DA is really working on it. He’s down to five meals a day.*****The West Orange Chiefs defeated the Stark Tigers 29-8. David Taylor and Mark Hastings were the defensive standouts for the Chiefs. Craig Nugent and Clarence Sparks paced the defense for the Tigers. Quarterback Charles Austin, James Luna and Butch Campbell were offensive standouts for the Chiefs. Donald Jay is West Orange coach, Dexter Bassinger is Stark head coach.*****On September 22, 1971, The Opportunity Valley News, an Orange publication, began free delivery to every Bridge City home. The addition of the Bridge City area will make the OVN the largest circulated newspaper in Orange County. The publication honored H.W. “Chief” Wilson as their Citizen of the Week. Chief and his wife Ramona reside at 214 Ridgewood with their three children Monica, Renee and Rusty. Chief has been head coach at Bridge City since 1962. His team went to the state championship game in 1965 and won the championship in 1966. A native of Orangefield, Chief attended Stark High and was awarded an athletic scholarship to Stephen F. Austin, where he played for Coach Ted Jefferies.*****Last week, when Bridge City played Sulper at their place. After a couple of disputable calls Don “Cochise” Shockley was overheard saying, “It always spooks me when I hear the fans calling the ref by his first name.” The Cards play LaGrange next. (Editor’s note: Hard to believe its been 50 years since I wrote the above. Think about this, the average age for all U.S. citizens is 38.5 years, let’s round it off at 40 years. That means 60 percent of all Americans were not born yet. That should make a few folks mentioned feel old.


A few folks we know celebrating in the next few days. Sept. 22: Happy Birthday to Mellissa Perritt and Miranda Fisette. *****Sept. 23: Our friend Tommy Simar is a year older today. With the years come a few more aches and pains. Our own Penny Leleux celebrates another birthday. For 25 years she has been a member of the Record crew, pitch hitting when needed. We appreciate her work and wish her a happy birthday. Also celebrating today is Charlene Wappler, Mark Kelly, Sammy Pratt, Julie Saandifer and Jayna Campbell.*****Sept. 24: County commissioner Teresa Beauchamp celebrates. If she has momma Marcell’s she will live a long time. Celebrating a happy birthday also is our friend Trey Rhodes, Jimmy Thurman, Mark Norwood and Brittany Bean.*****Sept. 25: Today is International Rabbit. Celebrating today are Jacob Perritt, Scott Stout, Kailey Childress and Bessie Rach.*****Sept. 26: Lynn Gremillion celebrates. Also Happy Birthday to Debbie Mirabella, Melisa Groff, Kara Day.*****Sept. 27: Happy Birthday wishes to Hayley Dardeau, Todd Shuford and Mike Hughes.*****Sept. 28: A Happy Birthday to Brigitte Howard, Zack Sarver, Record longtime editor Daryl Brinson and Roy’s sister Fay Boudoin.


Clovis Babineaux bought hisself a new lawn mower, him. His little boy Jo-Jo wanted to know, him, if he could have de ol’ one to sell it.

So Jo-Jo him, he put a sign on de ol’ mower and walk up and down de road hawking his sale, “It mow de lawn close-close, yeah, and me, I don’t want no big price fo’ it, no.”

Preacher Gaspard was riding by on his bicycle. He stop and aks Jo-Jo, “What you gonna do wit’ dat money from you mower, son?”

Jo-Jo say, “Buy me a bicycle like dat, me.”

De Rev. Gaspard, him, he had a couple of bicycle so he aks Jo-Jo if he will trade his mower for a bike. Jo-Jo try de bike out aroun’ de block an’ announce he will make de deal.

But while Jo-Jo was makin’ de roun’ Brother Gaspard, him, he was pullin’ de rope on dat mower. No matta what he do, it wouldn’t start.

He say, “Well, son, I can’t make dis mowr start up, me. How come it won’t work?”

“Yeah, it work,” Jo-Jo tell him, “You jus’ gotta cuss it.”

“No, I can’t do dat. I’m a preacher, plus it done been so long I fo’got how to cuss,” de Rev. said.

“Well,” Jo-Jo advise him, “You jus’ keep pullin’ on dat rope, it’ll come back to you.”



Local Happenings With Gov. Connally Election

Senator Carl Parker’s weekly column this week covers Gov. John Connally which reminds me of what was happening in Orange County at the time. In an unusual move Bob Montagne, Nolton Brown, Flo Edgerly and the local labor movement supported conservative Connally. They had made a deal that Orange County would get a second district court. Eugene Hoyt, who had a law degree but didn’t practice, choosing to run an abstract company, was named Connally’s county campaign manager. Connelly kept his word and created the 163rd District Court and named Hoyt as its first judge. Here’s how the Firestone strike got both Hoyt and Sheriff Chester Holts defeated. In a hearing, Judge Hoyt sided with the strikers, but in so doing he threw the Sheriff under the bus. That brought war in the political family. Unable to get a practicing lawyer to run against the sitting judge, the Holts force came up with Fred Trimble, who had a law degree but had never practiced law. He owned the casket company. Montagne and his crew talked Buck Patillo into running against his friend Sheriff Holts. Both sides concentrated on getting the other’s candidates defeated. They put in more time doing that than getting their own candidates re-elected. The end results were that Hoyt and Holts were both defeated and 1968 found a judge and sheriff elected who had no experience. They both lasted just one term. That’s been over 50 years ago but if my mind serves me right that’s my recollections. *****Got some good news yesterday, Peggy’s Place is open with a great Seafood Special this week. Look for their ad in this issue. Let’s help Peggy andRichard get back to business.*****Gotta go, please read us cover to cover. Have a good week. Take care and God bless.


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