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Here’s one for the books. A couple of weeks ago I predicted a major upset on Oct. 9, between two big college football teams. Well, on Saturday, Oct. 9, I saw my prediction come true. The major prediction was Texas A&M upset victory over Alabama, at Kyle Field. In my prediction back in September, I didn’t name the teams; I didn’t want to jinks the Aggies. Here is something else, on my calendar I wrote that the score would be A&M-31, Alabama-27 and I’ll be darn if that wasn’t the score in the game at one time but the Aggies ended up winning 41-38. Twice in the last 50 years, I rightly predicted the Super Bowl score. Both times it was like this Aggie prediction, they were the underdogs. It’s weird but it was like a premonition that would not go away. I gave John Kimbrough a heads up on the major upset then I heard him predict Friday night that Alabama would be winner. He blew the Texas/OU game also. When it comes to Texas his heart just won’t let him go against the Longhorns. Gary Stelly and Kimbrough do a great job covering high school football, plus they had had some exciting games to call lately. My only complaint with Stelly is he doesn’t give the score often enough. Stelly is best at calling baseball. He could have done it for a living. By the way, I heard Judge Gothia say Monday morning that no one saw the Aggie big upset coming. Judge, you’re going to have to read this column more closely.*****Well, I best quit joshing and get to earning my pay. If I get docked there won’t be enough pay left to get French fries with my burger. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm, plus you’ll pick up on a lot of local history.


Republican redistricting plan puts the only two Black congressmen, both well liked and nationally respected, pitted against each other. They are Al Green and Sheila Jackson-Lee. The senate moved 200,000 residents from Jackson-Lee’s district to Green’s district, including Jackson-Lee’s, running a half mile loop taking in her residence, forcing her to run against Green. It would be like the county drawing new precinct lines and taking in Constable Mark Frey’s home and putting it in Pct. 1, Constable Claybar’s precinct, or even in Pct. 4. I was asked “What is gerrymandering and why is it called that?” Well, it’s incumbent protection. In 1812, politician Elbridge Gerry drew his own district, ensuring his political party remained in power in the upcoming re-election. Gerry’s district resembled a salamander. The word “Gerrymandering” was born. Texas redistricting is outrageous, it has no straight lines, nothing fair about that. They are also stealing two new congressional seats from the Latino voters and putting them in two White districts. We all know that’s not where the growth has been. Nothing fair or moral about that bunch.

Sidebar: At a rally in Iowa Saturday, Donald Trump threw Mitch McConnall under the bus because he and 11 senators, including Sen. John Cornyn, voted to save the U.S. from default and shutting the country down. Trump also has taken issue with Texas State Speaker Dade Philian for not calling for a bill to recount all votes in the 2020 election. Trump indicated he was coming after him if he doesn’t get a bill passed to recount. Dade is doing a good job, this district likes him, They won’t trade for Trump’s candidate. Even Democrats will support Dade over Trump. That’s what Donald Trump is doing all over the country. “Go against the “King” and I’m coming for you.


Last week we made a major mistake in our obituaries. Sometimes we can blame it on the Gremlins but not this time. It was a human error, copy was put in the wrong spot or the wrong button was pressed. We apologize to the family of Sheral Preston Kay for running the wrong obituary by mistake. We double ran Hilda Mires announcement under the Kay headline. We are sorry and are running the corrected obituary this week.


10 Years Ago-2011

Ray Granger, 82, died last week on Oct. 12. He was a true native of Orangefield, born during the oil boom on July 27, 1929. Ray headed up maintenance at OFISD for 39 years. What many don’t know is that he was maintenance for Orange County for several years over 50 years ago. His job was subject to who was county judge, which changed every four years. He left his wife Laverne, sons Michael, Daren, brother, Lee Roy and sister, Ida Lou and all of their families.***** The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Robert’s Restaurant last week. Among the boys attending was coach Dan Ray Hooks who says he has been watching the Stangs when not attending grandkid games. Cynthia was away on the New Mexico border visiting children, so Shockley was feeding him. New Veterans’ Service Officer Gene Smith visited also, with Pinehurst Administrator Joe Parkhurst and Commissioner John Dubose. King Dunn told about the good response he received to his dipping vat story. Judge Carl Thibodeaux and Hooks talked football out of the past at West Orange-Stark. Rev. Leo told about his latest trip where he preached at several churches. Judge of Pct. 1, David Peck, visited with Judge Claude Wimberly, who held that office for over 20 years. *****The Turkey Day game between A&M and Texas was first played in 1894 and has been played every year since 1915. After this Thanksgiving, footballs oldest rivalries will be put on indefinite hold. The Aggies wanted to continue the yearly game after leaving for the Southeastern Conference in July but Texas coach Brown told the Aggies that their non-conference schedule is full through 2018. What a shame. I had attended a majority of those games since Bear Bryant coached and John David Crow won the Heisman in 1956. It never was a sure bet who would win. Many All Americans played for those teams, including Orange County’s Steve Worster. Most of all the great days were the old Southwest Conference games.*****Johnny Montagne was the designated bidder for he and his friends at the Orange County Live Stock show in Mauriceville. They won the bid on several animals, including a prize wake-up call rooster. *****Capt. Nicky Davis, longtime OPD officer, retired and now living in Nashville and is a candidate for city councilman there, was in town for the Stark High 50th class reunion. ***** The big surprise of the week happened this Tuesday morning when Bridge City mayor Kirk Roccaforte showed up at a Port Arthur lab for blood work. A beautiful Cajun lady, sitting way in the back, called out his name and he turned around to find it was his mother. Neither knew the other would be there. He got to spend some quality time with Mom. A great way to start the day. (Editor’s note: She was born a Landry in Vermallion Parish 95 years ago)

18 Years Ago-2003

A $1.1.5 million bond passes in Orangefield by a landslide. The votes counted were 1,075 for and 417 against. The McLewis community had defeated the last two attempts to pass this bond. In this election they voted 153 for and 198 against. *****Former governor and good friend to Orange County, Preston Smith, dies at age 91. During his tenure as governor, several of our citizens served on state boards.*****“Bushwhacked” printed by Random House, is still number nine on the bestseller list. Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose, who by the way, is John Dubose’s nephew, wrote the book. ***** Former Dupont plant manager and county judge candidate Frank Riddick, 71, passed away. Frank had traveled the world and was a community leader. ***** Robert and Liz Lieby Brown are proud parents of triplet boys, Brad, James and Chris. They were born Oct. 18 in Houston after Liz was transported by air from St. Mary’s. One boy weighed in at three-pounds, the other two tipped the scales at two and a half pounds. *****Miss Ruby Pickard was already under the weather when she got tangled in her nightgown, fell and broke her collarbone. *****The wedding of Jason Broussard to Kristen Kleypas, of Nederland, was attended by a bunch of 1999 grads. Check this crew out. Charlie Higginbothem was best man; Joey Hays, Shane Peveto, Chris Menard, Cody Osburne and Derrik Tregre served as groomsmen.

45 Years Ago-1975

Bridge City Cardinals pulled out a heart-stopping 21-14 victory over the South Park Greenies. After a scoreless deadlock in the first half, quarterback Richard Slayton and running back Toney Mulhollan provided over 100 yards rushing. Safety Gary Worster came up with the big defensive plays, which halted the Greenies on several occasions. Bridge City now 2-0 in district will face Silsbee also 2-0. *****Stark shut down West Orange 12-0 in the first half. Craig Couvillion threw two touchdown passes to Mark Bonnin. West Orange Chief tailback Lorrance Wills ignited a second half comeback tying the game 12-12. In the fourth quarter Couvillion threw a 43-yard touchdown pass to Wendell Rhodes. Late in the game Couvillion threw his fourth touchdown pass to Reggie Kelly for a 27-12 Tiger win. ***** Richard Corder and David Taylor won the Orange County Bass Club tournament with 31 pounds. They caught the fish in seven to ten feet of water. Both say that the new “Worm Oil” by Mann Bait made a big difference. (Editor’s note: What became of “Worm Oil,” is it no longer used? *****Other team winners were Harold Whitton and Sammie Miles, 21 pounds, eight ounces. Troy Woodall, with no partner, caught 17 pounds, one ounce. Tom and Mike Humphrey, 16 pounds, 10 ounces. Big Bass Richard Corder, six pounds, seven ounces.*****Capt. William Bailey USAF, Kessler Air Force Base, announced that Tracy Addison has been placed on the academic honor roll. Less then ten percent ever make this status.

48 Years ago-1973

Louis Dugas purchased Phyllis Diller’s four-door Jaguar sedan. (Editor’s note: The old Jag stayed under the shed for 30 years.)*****Serge Ledford is the new manager of Bonanza Sirloin Pit. *****Richard Belk celebrated a birthday. *****The Bridge City Cards “Wild Bunch” defense allows the first points of the season in a 19-7 win over Silsbee. Lanston Fall, B.C. fullback grounded out 201 yards behind the blocking of Kenny Brown, Clint Belk, Mark Dunn, David Smith, Steve Trevino, Jimmy Lacomb and Graig Morris.

50 Years Ago-1971

R.N. Bob Whitehead, Jr., born Sept. 16, 1926, at Chester, Texas, is mayor of Orange, serving his third term. He served for two years there as a city councilman. Bob came to Orange as a Carr Junior High coach. After three years he accepted the position as park director for the city. In 1954, he accepted a job with Allied Chemical. In 1957, he moved to the Firestone plant and in 1980, he was promoted to safety engineer. Bob and wife, Nita, live at 513 W. Bridal Wreath. They have four children, Ronnie, John, Nancy and Susan. (Editor’s note: Fifty years later I wonder what became of these youngsters.)*****With 48 years experience at Orange Bank, Elmer Newman is chairman of the board. At age 16, in 1923, he went to work at the bank. (Editor’s note: I got to know Elmer really well and he was a big help to me in the 1950’s. Everyone was fond of this great guy.)*****Pete Runnels’ OVN sports column reports Butch Campbell scored two touchdowns in the West Orange Chiefs 21-18 loss to Liberty.*****Four-hundred delegates and their wives attended the first quarterly board meeting of the Southeast Texas District of Optimist International. Lee Grimsley is president of the host club, Frank Manchac is district boy’s work chairman. They are co-chairman of the board meeting. Mrs. Randy Beeson, Jean Grimsley, Judy Savoy were in charge of women’s activities.*****West Orange debate team gets first place at McNeese University tournament. Team coach was Tommy Gunn. Debaters were Dennis Wick, Judy Brown, Cynthia Morphew, Kathy Bernard, Kim Riley, Jim Middleton, Don Vercher, Hank Prejean, Jeff King and Larry Cockrell. (Editor’s note: I wonder if Tommy remembers all of those folks. They would all be in their mid to late 60’s today.

85 Years Ago

Point of interest: B.L. Thompson, on trial for robbery with a firearm, was given 35 years in prison. He was granted a separate trial from Clyde Dawson for his part in the murder of police chief Johnny Godwin. Dawson received a life sentence for the killing. (Editor’s note: I had always wondered what punishment Dawson had received for killing the police chief. Life back then was 25 years. I don’t know how long he served of that time.


A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. Oct. 13: Happy Birthday to Scott Romero, Jason Sellers, Anita Triggs and Ashley Theriot. This would also be our late friend Nova Dee Strickland’s 89th birthday. She passed away last month.*****Oct. 14: Orange Commissioner Johnny Trahan celebrates today, as does longtime friend Harry Stephens. I have been wishing Harry happy birthday in my column for over 50 years. Celebrating on this day also are Stacy Rhodes, Trey Miller and Dillon Crabtree.*****Oct. 15: The boy from Mamou, cussin of Jimmy C. Newman, longest serving Orange County judge, the “Boss Cajun” Carl Thibodeaux celebrates today. In the last 45 years we have grown old together. Also celebrating today are Jennifer Peveto, Kory Freeman and Derek Borel.*****Oct. 16: Happy Birthday to Vermillion Parish born, Barbara Harmon, a nice Cajun lady and Tommy’s longtime bride. Celebrating also is Rosie Hurst, Griselda Vargas, Wayne Mulhollen, Brad Brown and Channing Larkin.*****Oct. 17: Happy Birthday to Johnny Dubose, Linda Heard, Bob Puntes, Dr. Wesley Palmer and best wishes to our friend Sue Collins.*****Oct. 18: Happy Birthday to Cheryl Rogers, Curt Sanches and Dina Defrantes.*****Oct. 19: Celebrating today is Mary Jane Hughes, Julie Prosperie, Phillip Todora, Kristin Bertles and according to my calendar, today is Judge Joy Dubose Simonton’s birthday, however, the list sent from Ms. Janelle shows Judge Joy’s birthday on Oct. 20. Either way we wish her a happy birthday.*****Bridge City Mayor David Rutledge, who is state president of the Texas Municipal League, has stayed on the road. Last week, he was in Houston for a week, loaded with conferences and seminars. His wife, Rebecca “Bear,” president of BCISD school board, joined him for a couple of days. David doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet.*****This week, Sen. Carl Parker writes about Gov. Dolph Brisco. David knows a lot about Gov. Brisco, his dad was postmaster in Crystal City, Brisco country, with the state’s finest highways, all leading through Dolph’s half a million acres.*****Speaking of West Texas, Commissioner Johnny Trahan and Judge Gothia, headed to deer country last weekend to bow hunt. The most they probably got in was two mornings and afternoons. Long way to go to look into a deer’s eyes at 50 feet as your arrow hopefully gets him. Bow hunters are strange folks anyway. I haven’t heard any results, so there must not have been any, except 13 hours on the road.


Oct. 13: Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, 79; Folks Singer Paul Simon, 80.*****Oct. 14: R&B Singer Usher, 43; Fashion Designer Ralph Lauren, 82; Wrestler Stacy Keibler, 42.*****Oct. 15: Guitarist Tito Jackson, 66; Actor Paul Logan, 48.*****Oct. 16: Rock Singer John Mayer, 44; Actors Angela Lansbury, 96; Caterina Scorsone, 40.*****Oct. 17: Rapper Eminem, 49; Country Singer Alan Jackson, 63; MMA Fighter Holly Holm, 40.*****Oct. 18: Actor Zac Efron, 34; Actor Jen-Claude Van Damme, 61.*****Oct. 19: Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Sr., 69; Actors John Lithgow, 76; Jon Favreau, 55.


For the first time in 25 years, 37 Texans are on Forbes’ richest list. Donald Trump and his organization did not make the top 400. Mark Cuban predicted four and a half years ago that the Trump organization would be broke in seven years. The newest Texan, Elon Musk, worth $195 billion, trails only Jeff Bezos, worth $201 billion, as the nations richest. Last year he earned $22 billion. Remember that’s after giving up half his worth in a divorce two years ago. Houston has 11 billionaires worth more than $4.1 billion. Walmart heiress, Alice Walton, is worth over $100 billion. Trump falls below the $2.9 billion mark to make the list.


Let me tell you bout dat “Tee-Man” Duplantis and his wife Ethel. Well, “Tee-Man” got fired from anutta job so I axe him why?

He say, “Well, cuz, you know how dem forman dem, dey jus stand around wit dere hands in dere pockets and watch everybody else work?”

“What dat got to do wit you losing you job?” I axe.

“Tee Man” say, “Because dat forman him, he was jealous, all dem workers tought I was the foreman me.”

While I was visiting, his wife Ethel come out on the porch and axe, “Tee-Man” babe, how many of dem fish you caught wen you was gone over da weekend?”

Tee-Man look her rat in da eye and say, “Mais honey, I caught six beauties. Why you axe hanh?”

“Well,” Ethel say, “Dats wat I t’ought me, dat Comeaux at da fish market is trying to get to us again. He billed us for eight of dem fish.”


Well, I’ve run my course for another week. I thank you for coming along. Also, thanks to many of you for your loyalty over the years. I’ll be back next week in this space God willing and the creek don’t rise. I know you have heard that expression all of your life but don’t know how it started. Well, I’ll tell you. It was in reference to the Creek Indians, not a body of water. It was written by Benjamin Hankins in the late 18th century. He was a politician and Indian diplomat. While in the south, Hawkins was requested by the president to return to Washington. In his response he wrote, “God willing and the Creek don’t rise.” Because he capitalized the word Creek he was referring to the Creek Indian tribe and not water. Now you know. Take Care and God bless.


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