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I’m just going to prop my feet up, sit back and enjoy the games. Every year I look forward to the World Series but it’s even sweeter when the Houston Astros are in it. Tuesday evening the Astros and Atlanta Braves held the first game of the series. I’ve enjoyed watching the playoffs and glad that Atlanta won for the National League. I believe Houston has a better chance than they would have against the LA Dodgers. I believe they are probably the best team in baseball overall, they just didn’t hit on all cylinders against the Braves. One of my favorite all time Brave was Hank Aaron, who died in January. Dusty Baker coming to Houston as manager was a good move. Dusty started his baseball career in 1967 when he was drafted by Atlanta and spent the next eight years with the Braves. Dusty is still looking for his first World Series title. His Giants lost to the Angles in a 4-3 series in 2002. Dusty, who was under the wing of Aaron at Atlanta, will now try to beat their old team for the world championship. Dusty says he was blessed to have been around players like Hank, Jim Gilliam, Bill Lucas, Roy Campanella, Satchel Page, Donny Newcombe, Frank Robinson and so many others that he learned from. Baker said his dad always told him, “Your job is to pass on the knowledge and wisdom that you learned onto others so they can continue it.” Great advice for anyone. Roy will probably be holding his Hank Aaron trophy bat, signed by Aaron, with a plaque showing the 715 homeruns, breaking Babe Ruth’s record. Go Stros, win in six.*****I’d better move on and get ready for the first game. Unfortunately it will end too late for my deadline. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



Last week Gov. Greg Abbott named John Scott to be Texas Secretary of State, the top official, who oversees Texas’ voting process and election law. Scott, who worked for Abbott while he was attorney general, also represented Trump in his bid to overturn the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania. The appointment shows Trump’s sustained influence over Abbott and Texas election decisions. Trump had lobbied the state to pass an election audit bid. Abbott heeded his call and made it part of the agenda in the recent special session. The measure didn’t have enough votes to pass and Speaker Phelan refused to bring the measure to the House of Representatives. Trump then publicly pressured Abbott to prioritize full forensic audit of Texas’ four most popular counties at tax payer expense. To prove what? Scott will now supervise that endeavor, which Trump has pushed in other states. Democrats immediately criticized Abbott’s pick as the latest GOP attempt to bolster Trump’s false voter fraud, claims Abbott was also blasted for waiting until the end of the special session to choose Scott, who won’t have to go through confirmation until 2023 in regular session. My take is that Abbott and Florida governor Ron DeSantes, are trying to outdo each other to grab Trump’s blessing. I recall when Texas was independent and didn’t have to take outside orders.*****Here at home, our state representative, Speaker of the House Dade Phelan, shows signs of taking Donald Trump’s threats seriously for not calling a vote on Trump’s proposal to audit the entire state after a general election. This would cost each county government that many can’t afford. Dade has already started running TV political ads.*****On the state front, the 3rd Court of Appeals ruled in favor of former employees of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who reported him to law enforcement for corruption. The count said Paxton is not exempt from the whistleblower law. The employees accused Paxton of bribery and abusing his power to help his friend and campaign donor Nate Paul. The state’s top lawyer has been under indictment on felony securities fraud charges for five years without going to trial. The appellate court’s decision comes months before Paxton faces the political fight of his career. He has drawn three serious challengers in the GOP primary. Land Commissioner George P. Bush, former Texas Supreme Justice Eva Guzman and State Representative Matt Krause. Adding to Paxton’s legal troubles, the Texas Bar is investigating his Supreme Court challenge of the 2020 election results which purposely contained false and misleading information.


Mary Ann Cruse, age 88, passed away at her home October, 22. A private graveside service was held at Greenlawn Memorial Park in Groves, under the direction of Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. For 48 years Mary Ann had been our neighbor. She was a sweet, kind Christian woman. She was the kind of person who found good in everyone and rolled with the punches that came her way. She counted her blessings. For 60 years she served as pianist for Bridge City First Baptist Church. Condolences to her family, Raye Ann, Tyler and Sylvia, sister, Martha Lou Byrd and her many friends. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary.

Remembering Gus Harris, Jr., a Real Cowboy

We’re sorry to hear that Gus Harris, Jr., age 77, passed away October 18. Services were held October 22. Gus had not been out of Texas A&M very long when we first met him. Fifty-years ago, our Opportunity Valley News office was located next door to Farmer’s Mercantile. Over the years, we got to know Gus, Sr. and all of his family and employees. In this long life I have never met any better, salt-of-the-earth folks. Gus and his brother Dan owned the legendary mercantile store, visited by tourist from around the nation. The family, Lou, Sue, Jo and the rest worked at the store and kept it authentic and friendly. The presence of Gus will be missed by everyone who knew this good man. He is surely headed to Cowboy Heaven where he will meet up with all the great cowboys he has known. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2011

Everyday I think about how fortunate we are to have the Stark Foundation in Orange County. The Foundation is a great asset to Orange. This month in “Texas Monthly” people will be able to read, in a two-page layout, about the W.H. Stark Victorian House, in the heart of historical downtown Orange. ***** It’s Bayou Bowl time. The annual big game between Orangefield and Bridge City. It’s always a good game and unpredictable. The winner gets to keep the Buzzie Gunn trophy for a year.*****A tribute to Johnny Preston to be held at Port Arthur Lamar Performing Arts Theater, Nov. 5. Performing will be Jivin’ Gene, Dickie Lee, Chris Montel and Johnny Tillotson. All great artist.*****

18 Years Ago-2003

Bill Nickum will be Parade Marshall of the Bridge City Holiday Parade, Nov. 11. *****County Commissioner John Dubose is honored by the County Judges and Commissioners Association of Southeast Texas. Commissioner Owen Burton, of Pct. 2, nominated Dubose for the Texas Courthouse Community Award.*****Meanwhile, Burton opens new Pct. 2 office in Mauriceville.*****Professional female boxer Valerie Mahfood trains in Bridge City at “The Gym” with trainer Chris Williams. Her personal trainers in the ring are Henry Murdock and Austin Green. Mahfood was defeated recently by Laila Ali, daughter of Mohammed Ali, and is now hoping to regain her title in a rematch.*****Doris Sanders, 70, died Sunday, Nov. 2. Services were held Wednesday at Claybar Funeral Home. This good lady left behind husband Lynwood, daughter Ann, sons Alan, Jim, Steven and their families. (Lynwod has since passed.)*****Mary Bryant has triple bypass surgery at Park Place Hospital. She is expected to be released next week. Son Matt, kicker for the New York Giants, flew in to be with his mom.*****Country Music Awards are coming up. Country, going back to it’s roots, nominated Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, George Strait, Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson and Patty Lovelace.*****Joel Steirman’s wife says a big party is being planned for Nov. 21, when Joel turns 60. (Editor’s note: I attended that party at the Boat Club and it was big. Now Joel will be 78. *****Gene and Judge Flo headed to the deer lease. Flo kills them, Gene does the heavy lifting.*****The Record’s “Football Players of the Week are Ryan Crouch, West Orange-Stark, Luke Lyons, Bridge City, John Medina, Orangefield and Donald Tardy, Little Cypress-Mauriceville.

33 Years Ago-1988

Jim Gunter a native of Pinehurst, wears three hats; he works at B.F. Goodrich, is a real estate broker/insurance salesman and he sings and picks a guitar. Jim also plays harmonica and entertains at local restaurants. He perfected a routine for “Orange Blossom Special,” which, according to “Music Trade” magazine, can’t be done. Gunter plays two harmonicas, the guitar, the drums and bass all at the same time. It compares to typing and writing at the same time. He calls his act “Funny Business One Man Band.”*****Tim Hughes, a Scot-Irishman, recently returned from Ireland. While there he located a Irishman named Timothy Hughes.*****Corky and Betty Harmon have just returned from a trip to Germany, Egypt, Holland, Belgium, the Nile River and the Pyramids.*****A new building has been completed next to H.D. Pate’s law office and will be occupied by Rusty Nicks Real Estate and Larry Webb, CPA. (Editor’s note: That building later became “The Creaux’s Nest.”*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs wiped up on Thomas Jefferson with a 34-14 win. Ernest Anderson scored first and Kerry Franks booted the extra point. Franks also scored an 80-yard touchdown run. Anderson ran for 120 years on 25 totes. Franks had 97 yards on six tries.*****The Bridge City Cards beat the Silsbee Tigers 21-6. Bryan Ward took the opening kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown. Ward threw an option pass to Shannon Foreman for a T.D.*****Bill Clements and wife, Rita, to make a stop in Orange. He is a Republican candidate for governor.

50 Years Ago-1971

Dudley LeBlanc, after 50 years of history making, passes away. The Abbeville, Louisiana native known as “Cusin Dud” was a true Cajun. He never forgot his people. He became famous after discovering Hadacol and promoting it nationwide with his Hadacol Caravan. The state senator also ran for Louisiana’s governor. The word Hadacol came from the words Happy Day Cough Syrup Company that Dudley owned. He added an “L” at the end for LeBlanc. This colorful Cajun was a cousin to Mayo LeBlanc of Bridge City.*****The Opportunity Valley News featured three female columnists, Virginia Gilbeaux, “The Art World; Betty Drake, “Banter with Betty” and Arlene Turkel with a Abby-type column, “Ask Arlene.” Also Louis Dugas writes a weekly Orange County history column.*****Pete Runnels writes in his sport’s column that Larry Diediker is the first real athletic trainer that Stark High has ever had. Larry is from Topeka, Kansas.*****Joel Grossman, who works for Nacol’s Jewelry, in Port Arthur, is going to be the manager of Nacol’s new store on MacArthur Circle.


I heard Saturday that Barbara Stringer was in the hospital in Galveston. I don’t know the cause. Judge James Stringer also had COVID and relatives are caring for him. We wish both speedy recovery.*****Our friend Richard Albair was away from Peggy’s Place last week. He was at the V.A. Hospital where he received a couple of stints. He’s doing well. Speaking of Peggy’s Place, you can get a fresh batch of delicious gumbo every Friday. Call ahead if you want a bucket full to feed the whole family. Don’t forget the big seafood platter or Peggy’s special burgers.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. Oct. 27: Celebrating today are a bunch of fine folks. Longtime friend Betty Harmon, Joe Kazmar, Ron Sigler, Brandi Teal and pretty Josette Choate, also it’s hard to believe Judge Don Burgess will be 75.*****Oct. 28: Happy Birthday to Heather Dubose, Chris Stone, Loia Wilkerson, Derrick Cole and Brandon Allensworth.*****Oct. 29: Celebrating today are Vickie Bormier and Zach Corbello. Clay Dunn was born on this day in 1893. He passed away Feb. 19, 1959.*****Oct. 30: Happy Birthday to Jessica Bradberry, Alan Hollier and the banker, our friend, former TCU halfback, Carlos Vacek.*****Oct. 31: Trick or Treaters are Mark Dunn, Joey Campbell, Stacy Doiron and Taylor Thurman. The late Don Harmon celebrated on this day.*****Nov. 1: Celebrating are coach Chris Moore, Aubree Snipes, Whitney Gonzales, Caroline Young, Nancy Blacksher and David Moreau.*****Nov. 2: Happy Birthday to Dale Dardeau, Kimberly Hall, Keith McCurry and Amy Skidmore. *****BREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Place fabric softener sheets in dresser drawers and your clothes will smell freshly washed for weeks. You can also do this with towels and linens.*****CAJUN DEFINITION: Tasso, (tah-soh) strips of spiced pork or beef which are smoked like jerky and used to flavor many dishes.***** Actor Alex Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza. The accident occured during the filming of the movie Rust, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. An assistant director handed Balwin a loaded pistol and told him it was a cold gun, safe to use. An investigation will continue.*****Kimbrough has predicted that the Texas Longhorns will end this season 8-4. The question is how will they do against the Baylor Bears, who are a 2.5 favorite. Tommy Gunn and Sharon Bearden, both Baylor law grads, pick the Bears. Bearden says they wil beat the spread. John will pick Friday night. My guess is his heart will rule.*****Being watched closely is the Virginia governor’s race next Tuesday. Former governor Terry McAuliffe is a slight favorite over Trump candidate Glen Youngkin. In all Virginia races but one, the party in the White House lost the governor’s race. Obama was the exception when McAuliffe was first elected. Maybe history will repeat itself, good for the Democrats, bad for Trump’s first gubernatorial nominee.***** Wesley and Ronda Dishon are putting on the Halloween party of the year on Sat., Oct. 30, “Voodoo on the Bayou” at High Tides in Bridge City. The festivities include free entry, Halloween cocktails, costume contests and live music by ‘Still Cruisin.’  Still Cruisin’ is a ten piece “Dance Horn Band” that plays live music of all types from R&B, Rock, Disco, and Pop. Join the Dishons at High Tides for Halloween fun and entertainment.*****


October 27: Kelly Osbourne,  37  TV Host; Marla Maples,  58  Reality Star; John Cleese,  82   Actor.***** October 28: Bill Gates  66  Entrepreneur; Caitlyn Jenner,  72  Reality Star; Julia Roberts,  54  Movie Actress; Brad Paisley,  49  Country Singer.*****October 29: Winona Ryder,  50   Actress; Randy Jackson,  60  Pop singer; Kechi Okwuchi,   32  Pop Singer.*****October 30: Ivanka Trump,  38  Business Executive; Mia Long,  49 TV Actress; Henry Winkler,  74  TV Actor.*****October 31: Vanilla Ice,  52 Rapper; Rob Schneider,  56  Actor; Nick Saban,  68  Football Coach.*****November 1: Peter Ostrum,  62   Actor; Jenny McCarthy,  47  TV Show Host; Penn Badgley,  33  TV Actor.*****November 2: David Schwimmer,  53  Actor; Nelly,  45  Rapper; Shah Rukh Khan,  54  Actor.


One of Taunt Blanche’s former girls in the sticks, Agnes “Cutie Pie” Marceaux, walks into da Abbeville welfare office wit nine kids trailing her. “Wow,” says Shriley Boudreaux, da social worker, “Are dem all yours?” she axe.

“Mais Yea, dey all mine,” Agnes answer. Den she says “Sit down LeRoy.”

All da chilluns rush to a seat.

Da social worker says, “Me, I’ll need all your chilluns names.”

“Well, to keep it simple, I named all da boys LeRoy and da girls Leighroy.”

Ms. Boudreaux, da case worker, axe, “Are you serious, dey all named Leroy?”

“Dey sure are,” said Agnes, wen it’s time to get dem out of bed, I yell Leroy. Wen it’s time for supper, I just yell Leroy and dey all come running. If I need to stop da kids from running in da street, I just yell Leroy and all of dem stop. It’s the smartest idea I ever had me, naming all dem Leroy.”

Ms. Boudreaux, da social worker, shakes her head, wrinkled her forehead and axe, “But Agnes, wat if you just want one of dem kids to come and not da whole bunch?”

Agnes answer, “Well den, I call dem by dere last names.”


Our Apologies

Last week, in this column, we wrote a two part piece on George P. Bush running against Ken Paxton for attorney general and Matthew Dowd running against Dan Patrick for lieutenant governor. Due to lack of space, the two part piece was cut and condensed. In that rewrite, Dowd ended up running against Paxton with no mention of Bush and Patrick. A real screw up and we’re sorry. We will have plenty of time to comment on those two races, between now and election time.*****Dave had some of the same Gremlins. In his county redistricting article, he had commissioner Beauchamp in Pct. 1 and running for re-election under the name of Broussard. You know what the bumper sticker says.********** My time is up, thanks for yours. Read us cover to cover and look the ads over for great bargains. Take care and God bless.


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