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I have a bad head cold that I picked up from one of the snotty nosed great-grandbabies on their Thanksgiving visit. They headed home leaving their germs, passing them to our daughter, who passed them on to my wife and it finally to me. I have used a box of Kleenex and am about to sneeze my head off. I'm not much in the mood for writing and can't think straight. Anyway, next week, on Dec. 13, all filing for elective office ends. I'm disappointed that someone from Orange County has not announced to run against Congressman Randy Weber. The window is open, it's time for us to be represented by one of our own, not someone from Alvin, in the Houston area. Weber doesn't have a long history of accomplishing anything. We need someone who will see that Orange County gets its fair share. Weber, instead of voting for something, has a record of voting against everything, even the things that would improve the lives of Orange County citizens.*****I must move on. Please come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


The Justice Department is suing Texas over its new redistricting maps. The lawsuit states lawmakers intentionally discriminated against minority voters by redrawing the state's political districts. The DOJ filed the lawsuit in Federal Court, claiming that the new districts for congress and the state's House of Representatives, violate the Voting Rights Act with discriminatory intent. The move is to increase the electoral power of white voters despite massive population growth by racial minorities and Latinos. Their voter strength should have increased rather than decreased. Critics have noted that the state's GOP Legislature has declined any new majority, minority districts even though in the last ten years people of color are 95 percent of the state's four million population growth. Hispanics make up half of that. Texas had been found to discriminate against voters of color every decade since the voting right act went into effect. The DOJ lawsuit does not mention the newly drawn districts in the Texas senate but it takes aim at several seats in the Texas house. Texas was granted two more congressional seats that were added in West Texas where the population declines.


10 Years Ago-2011

Filing for local offices ends Thursday, Dec. 15. I learned however, that Judge Pat Clark was not going to run for the County Court at Law seat. I can hardly remember when Pat wasn't a judge. Meanwhile, the United States Supreme Court granted a request by Texas attorney general Greg Abbott to block the use of interim maps, drawn by three San Antonio judges. This uncertainty leaves candidates, in state and congressional districts, uncertain of where and when. For now, we will continue to be represented by Mike Hamilton and Joe Deshotel in the House and Kevin Brady in Congress. At least we know those guys and what we've got. *****The long and divisive Iraqi War of choice, as promised, comes to an end Dec. 31. President Obama declared Monday, "Those days are over. U.S. troops leave Iraq with honor." Nearly 5,000 U.S. youngsters were killed and over a trillion dollars spent since the invasion of Iraq nine years ago.***** If you remember the corruption in the Bush/Cheney years, Ken Lay, Madoff, Enron and all the others, you ain't seen nothing yet. If Newt were to be elected, he would make Cheney look like a choirboy.*****On Dec. 2, 2011, Jim Holmes, a WWII veteran, died at the age of 96, in Tyler, Texas. He lived alone. For many years he ran a successful used car business in Orange. He moved away to be near his only daughter Judy and her family. During WWII, he served in the Army Air Corps as a crew chief on a B-24 bomber. His plane was shot down over Poland. He was captured and became a German war prisoner. While in prison, he kept a diary, written on paper from inside cigarette packs. He wrote until his pencil got down to only an inch long. He bound his pages inside heavy cardboard covers tied with wire. The Germans took everything from him but missed the books. In the 1970's, the Opportunity Valley Newspaper published the entire set of volumes depicting the hard life Holmes had endured as a war prisoner. Services were held for this hero in Tyler on Dec. 6, 2011.*****For some of you who have observed our county clerk Karen Jo Vance wearing a boot cast, it's not because she has been kicking ass. She fell back in October and a specialist later discovered she had torn ligaments, tendons and some fractures. It caused her to miss Patsy Peck's great trip to Charleston. Everyone reported they had a great time. *****Major Brad Frye, with the Bridge City Police Department, has been elevated in rank to assistant chief by the B.C. City Council. Congrats I guess, or it might mean more work for the same pay. ***** Orangefield held it's first annual parade, lighting of the derrick and museum visitation. Judge Carl Thibodeaux read his "Cajun Night Before Christmas." I was surprised and a little disappointed that Judge Courtney wasn't leading the parade. She was in a pickup throwing candy however but who was that leading the parade?***** Army PFC Micah "Big Mike" Ellender, son of Kirk and Brenda Ellender, is home on leave from Afghanistan. The 2009 Bridge City grad will return to his unit Dec. 18.*****The Masons will lay the cornerstone for the new Orange fire station, which will be quite a show place*****Saturday, in a debate, Rick Perry said, "All congressmen should be part-time, with half pay." He also said, "They should all have to return to their districts, get jobs and have to work like the rest of us." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The guy has been eating out of the public trough for 30 years, mostly part-time, with full time pay.*****CREAUX'S TIP OF THE WEEK: To clean artificial flowers, pour some salt into a paper bag, add the flowers and shake vigorously. The salt will absorb all the dust and dirt and leave your artificial flowers like new. Really, it works like a charm.*****CAJUN DEFINITION: Creole (cree-ol). The word originally described those people of mixed French and Spanish blood who migrated from Europe or were born in Southeast Louisiana and lived as sophisticated city and plantation dwellers. The term has expanded and now embraces a type of cuisine and a style of architecture.*****The 52-foot tall big Texas cowboy greeting visitors at the Texas State Fair with "Howdy Folks" was once a Santa Claus in Kerens, Texas, where he got his start in 1949. He was redone with a 75 gallon hat and size 70 boots for the 1952 State Fair. Now you know the rest of the story.*****Those special folks we know who are celebrating their special day. Danny Blacksher is a year older on Dec. 14. ***Happy birthday to Diane Bertrand, who celebrates on Dec. 14 also. ***Our longtime friend Doug Harrington turns 73 on Dec. 15. ***Mary and Don Stanton's little boy, Donnie Stanton, reaches 44 on Dec. 15. ***Macc Hughes, a talented guy, is a year older on Dec. 15.***The first lady of Bridge City, Shirley Roccaforte, notches another year Dec. 15.***Our buddy James Brabham celebrates Dec. 16.

18 Years Ago-2003

Bridge City Chamber names longtime conservationist Sue Bailey as "Citizen of the Year."*****Saddam Hussein captured on Saturday, Dec. 13, in Iraq. He was hiding in a hole under a floor in a shack.*****Chris Wallace, son of longtime CBS reporter Mike Wallace, has left ABC to join FOX News Sunday Show. *****Orange native, Wade Phillips, is named interim head coach of the Atlanta Falcons after the release of Coach Dan Reeves. *****Another Orange Countian, place kicker Matt Bryant, with New York, tackled a New Orleans Saint on a kickoff return to save a touchdown. That was kickoff tackle number four for Matt.*****Ruth Kiihnl, 76, passed away Dec. 9. She was the wife of Bill, mother of sons George and Ogden, daughters Sandra Cook and Kim Davis. Twenty-one police, county and state trooper vehicles escorted the funeral possession. Kim is the wife of Capt. Paul Davis with DPS. *****Oklahoma quarterback Jason White gets the Heisman Trophy award. He beat out Pittsburgh receiver, Larry Fitzgerald and Mississippi quarterback, Eli Manning.*****Betty Lou Womack celebrates a birthday in a few days.*****Doug Harrington is bringing back his Christmas Eve tradition where a group of friends gather to eat a gallon of raw oysters. Doug celebrated his 65th birthday Dec. 15. *****Parker "P.T." Thompson, constable of Pct. 2, is running for reelection. He has been constable seven years and has served with three different Justices of the Peace in Pct. 2.*****Derek Bufford, age 13, wins a third consecutive "Silver Gloves" state boxing championship. He is a Little Cypress-Mauriceville eighth grader.*****

43 Years Ago-1978

Some of the folks spotted at the Jack Tar Sugar and Spice coffee ship were Judge Sid Caillavet, Judge James Neff, Mead Graves, Father Joe Berberich, Henry Stanfield, Joe Blanda, Ovie Harmon, Tony Giarratano, Rev. W.W. Kennedy, Jimmy Conn, Joe Runnels, Chip Trahan, Sheriff Chester Holts, Joe Burke, Bill Stringer and Cecil Beeson. (Editor's note: Those good and colorful men were some of the greatest characters I've ever known. Sadly they are all gone now.)*****The smell of fresh roasted peanuts comes from Farmer's Mercantile. It's an annual cold weather tradition Gus Harris keeps a pan of peanuts roasting on the stove and invites anyone to grab up a handful.

50 Years Ago-1971

On Dec. 8, Wayne Peveto, age 32, announced he would be a candidate in the May 6, 1972 Democratic Primary for Texas State Representative, District 8. Peveto, an attorney, is a partner in the law firm of Morris, Smith and Peveto. His is married to the former Sandra Rankin, and is the father of two children. The family lives in the McLewis community. Peveto was born and raised on a rice and dairy farm. He is a 1955 Orangefield grad and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture and a Business degree from Sam Houston. Peveto taught school for one year in the Bancroft Common School District, then with his brother Glen, started the Peveto Packing Co. In 1965, he sold his interest to Glen and entered the University of Houston Law School finishing in 1967. He beat Clyde Haynes, from Vidor, and as the saying goes, "The rest is history, and Wayne made plenty of it during his six terms in office.*****Citizen of the Week: Former Orange County Sheriff Chester A. Holts, served for 20 years. He was appointed sheriff in 1948 after the death of Sheriff Dick Stanfield. Now retired Holts looks back on the years. He and his wife Iva make their home in Mauriceville where he spends most of his time truck farming, raising rabbits, hunting and fishing. Many stories could be, and have been, told about his years in office. Being a good natured man Chester hums a lot, one night after having picked up a drunk, Chester was humming while bringing him to jail. The drunk said, "Would you please turn off that damn radio so I can talk to you." Reflecting on his years in office Holts says, "I'm thankful for my public record. When I left office there were no major unsolved crimes. I enjoyed working with everyone at the court house but mostly the loyal dedicated peace officers who served under me. They were a great bunch of fearless men. If I had it to do over, I would do it all again." (Editor's note: Holts is the longest serving sheriff in Orange County history His knowledge of the criminal element and his fearless character made him an outstanding peace officer. He seldom carried a pistol. It is said that criminals liked and feared him. They considered him stern yet fair. One story that has been told often is about several officers having apprehended a man in a building who was shooting at them, after returning the fire, they were unable to convince him to surrender. Upon the arrival of Sheriff Holts, he simply said, "This is Chester, I give you three minutes to come down here so we can work this out." Within 10 minutes he was lodged in the county jail. Mr. and Mrs. Holts, have both passed away, as has their son Morgan Ray and oldest daughter Nova Dee Strickland. They are survived by their daughter Wanda Beth and all the Holts offspring.


We are glad to hear that Bobby Cormier was home from the hospital after suffering a stroke a few weeks ago. We hear he's doing good, almost good as new.*****Senator Robert Nichols was in town Tuesday making his regular rounds. He gave me a call from our Orange office. It was sure nice to hear from him. As of now, he doesn't have an opponent. It wouldn't do any good, he takes care of business and doesn't get involved in all that trash. Nichols is a good story that hasn't been written. I believe he has 127 patented inventions. If I recall, his dad invented the cap pistol. I remember my first and only one. You could only put in one cap at a time. Later it was improved on and could be loaded with a roll of caps. A kid than had an automatic cap pistol.*****Speaking of long ago, 163 years ago this week, in 1848, President James K. Polk, triggered the gold rush of '49 by confirming that gold had been discovered in California. Go west young man, the rush is on. Today, not all the gold in California is in the banks in Beverly Hills. There is still panning for gold in Northern California.*****A few folks we know celebrating in the next few days. Dec. 9: Happy Birthday to David Jones, Ann Hall, Barry McKenzie, Bobby Couthran and Sharon Johnson.*****Dec. 10: Celebrating today is Tracy Wood, our buddy Joshua "T-Ray" Sehon, David Claybar, Sean Ureta, Cindy Briggs, Kari piccone, Michelle Watson and Doris Peveto.*****Dec. 11: Happy Birthday to Lois Johnson, Brandy Rainwater, Karissa Schamber, Kent Sarver, Leslie Lyons, Cody Caples, Kristene Cortez and Jo Lynn Mott. ***** Dec. 12: The first lady of Stark's, Lucy Hanks celebrates today as does a great guy George Sehon who is 64 today. Also celebrating are Richard Teague, Tom Orozio, Shelly Hebert, Scott DeRouen and Zackery Anderson. *****Dec. 13: Happy Birthday to Melissa Poydence, Melinda Swares, Kristy Kidwell and Dennis Lee.*****Dec. 14: Celebrating today are Keri Michutka, Kandy Sartin, Danny Blacksher, Hannah Carpenter, Danny Prosperie. Happy Birthday and best wishes today.*****Congressman Brian Babin and Randy Weber both voted to defund the government. They voted against H.R. 6119, the bill that Biden signed into law to keep the government open until Feb. 18. The fund is to pay military and government employees, bills that were passed down from Obama and Trump. It has nothing to do with Biden. Babin and Weber were willing to let the U.S. government default and all the lights be turned off. The temporary fix was passed with bi-partisan support.*****Congratulations to Coach Cornel Thompson and his West Orange-Stark Mustangs for a great football season. The loss of two way starter Elijah Gales who left the game with an injury. The Mustangs had a 7-0 lead at the time. No doubt that had a lot to do with the 31-14 loss to China Springs, who have knocked the Mustangs out of the playoffs for a second year in a row.*****Congratulations also to the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears on a historic football season. First year coach Eric Peevey and his staff put a winning season together that made all Bear fans proud. The team lost to Chapel Hill in the fourth round of the playoffs. The Bears had a chance to win but were hampered with an injured quarterback Ashton Landry, who had delivered the mail for the Bears all season. The Bears ended the season 11-3 overall in class 4A-1. LC-M is already looking forward to next season.


Dec. 8: Rapper Nicki Minaj, 39; Actors Ian Somerhalder, 43; Kim Basinger, 68; Teri Hatcher, 57.*****Dec. 9: Wrestler Kurt Angle,  53; Football Player  Dick Butkus,  79,  Actor Donny Osmond,  64.*****Dec. 10: Chef Bobby Flay,  58;  Actors Raven-Symone'  37;  Nia Peuples,  61.***** Dec. 11: Pop Singer Jermaine Jackson, 68; State Actress Rita Moreno, 91; Actor Mo'Nique, 54.*****Dec. 12: Gospel Singer Dionne Warwick, 82; Singer Sheila E, 65.*****Dec. 13: Pop Singer Taylor Swift, 33; Actors Jamie Foxx, 55; Dick Van Dyke, 97; Christopher Plummer, 93.*****Dec. 14: Pop Singer Teri Kelly, 29; Actor Miranda Hart, 49; Pop Singer Vanessa Hudgens, 33.


Alfred Meaux and T-Neg Breaux got off da graveyard shift and went to Tee-Boy's for a few beers before heading home. After a while, dey switch to drinking Jack Daniels on da rocks. Lunchtime came and Tee-Boy suggested they move to da bar to free up da table for lunch patrons.

Bot of dem stagger to da bar.

Alfred him, he point to two old drunks sitting across da bar from dem and he say to Tee-Neg, "Dat's us in 10 years."

Tee-Neg answer, "Dat's a mirror you dumb ass."



It came at no surprise that Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick threw House Speaker Dade Phelan under the bus over February's power grid failure. We predicted over a month ago that was likely to happen. Abbott and Patrick have been attempting to run away from the failure of the power grid. Speaker Phelan warned that the senate's reprising plan was "an extraordinary government intervention in the free market which may have major consequences for both residential and commercial consumers going forward." State regulators argue that the state may not have the authority to reverse charges that probably would not pass the savings down to customers. Companies will not be required to weatherize their facilities until 2023. Another extreme weather freeze in the next two years could again prompt widespread outages. According to a report from a watchdog group called Texans for Public Justice, the industry lavished $16.5 million on the governor, 21 percent of the total raised. Abbott received $4.6 million from oil, gas and energy interest during the past-legislative session this year. A poll released last month by U.T. and Texas Tribune found 60 percent disapprove of state leaders handling of the power grid collapse That's why they are shifting the blame.*****I'm out of space and time and feel like hell. Glad I made it to the end. Thanks for coming along. Take care and God bless.


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