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When January 1, rolled around we were already facing the head winds of a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19. Fortunately a vaccine had been developed in record time and others on the way. There wasn't any concerted effort being applied by our government to get shots into citizen's arms. We faced the possibility of losing millions of American lives. Shortly after the Jan. 21 inauguration of President Joe Biden, his administration went into an all-out effort to get as many people as possible vaccinated. The goal was to get to 70% vaccinated in hopes herd immunity would kick in. The plan was met with some right-wing opposition and conspiracy theories on social media and conservative talk show outlets. The fight was difficult enough, then before years in, we were faced with a new virus, Omicron, which is the major health problem facing us in the year 2022. The day that will live in infamy is Jan. 6, 2021, the day the sitting president of the United States unleashed a mob against his own government, a kind of third-world dictatorship. Never before has the United States Capital been invaded by a domestic mob, mostly were followers of former president Donald Trump. Having followed the life of New Yorker Trump and after watching him in office for four years, I never would have doubted that he was capable of doing anything, but not turn against the democracy of the United States. It was a dark day in our history and the most un-American action against our country in my lifetime, not since the Civil War. Trump, who almost pulled off a dictatorship, after losing the election by 7 million popular votes and being soundly defeated by the Electoral College, fortunately was run out of office. He has since promoted the 'Big Lie.' He planted a seed that the election was stolen from him that has spread like wildfire across the country among his supporters. Chances are enough people have seen the light and we will never again see Trump hold public office. He is determined to wreck havoc from his role as the Godfather in future mid-term elections. Someday the Republican Party will again be the Grand Old Party, but it won't be as long as the self-centered New Yorker has control of the party. Buckle up, it's a new year.


We can only hope and pray that better days are in front of us and that the worst is now in the history books. It has been a difficult year in lockdown for me, and I'm sure many others. For me it seemed overnight my health started unwinding, just one thing after another. I want to thank the friends who took the time to check on me and stay in touch. I've missed hearing from many of you but I understand everyone has had their own floor to wax. Hopefully, before too long into the new year it will be safe enough that we can gather. I heard this morning that if you are not vaccinated, it's almost a given that you are a prime prospect for the virus. We in this area haven't been hit as hard as we are going to be in the next few weeks. Maybe by Spring most of it will be behind us. I've just went over the Lunch Bunch list and I sure miss you gals and guys. A lot of knowledge in one room. I often think about how fortunate we are to have good leadership in our schools, cities and other entities. Our county government is as good as any I can recall. Our district and county court at law judges are a great bunch, starting with district judges. Courtney Arkeen, Steve Parkhurst Rex Peveto, country court judges Troy Johnson and Mandy White-Rogers. I don't believe John Kimbrough ever gets enough credit for the good job he has done over the years. John runs a tight ship. I've known every district attorney since 1950, including Dugas and Bearden, and no one has done any better. We have a great bunch of constables also right now, including Brad. Thanks to our Justices of the Peace and all of law enforcement for the job they do. I have special praise for Doctor Tom Johnson, Lamar president, he's doing a great job at Lamar Orange and has some great plans in the works in the coming year. That guy wakes up with a smile everyday. He inspires me just talking to him, everyday he's on a high. What's he smoking anyway? Above all I want to thank all the good folks who make it possible to bring you this publication free each week. Special thanks to Brown's Hearing Air Centers, Harry's Appliance, who have been advertising with us for over 50 years. Special thanks to all our longtime faithful readers. We look forward to another year of the Creaux's Nest. Best wishes in 2022.


10 Years Ago-2012

We were sorry to hear about the death of Dick Lea, 84, who passed away Jan. 4. We had known Dick, the younger brother of Bill, Johnny, Spiv and Hugh. Bill, Hugh and Dick were all attorneys. At one time Bill served as district attorney in Jefferson County. Back in the early 60's, Hugh and Dick maintained a law office on Short Six Street, near Farmer's Mercantile, in the same building that later housed the Opportunity Valley Newspaper. Dick left here and went to work for NASA, at Johnson Space Center. Brother Hugh moved to East Texas where he married Johnny Horton and Hank William's widow. She was also the sister of David Houston. Bill later moved to the beach. Their dad had been a very popular mayor of Orange who was instrumental in the building of the Rainbow Bridge. They were kin to many who were prominent in the history of Orange and their roots ran deep in Orange society. My friendship with the Lea brothers goes back a long way. Our condolences to wife Jean, daughter Brette and the family. The Lea boys are all gone now but the Lea family left its mark.***** We ran into Donna Riley, one of our favorite people we've known since she was a teenage D.E. student at Bridge City High. Through all those years, she's done to ride the range with. She's not only nice and sweet she is always so accommodating. Donna says she and husband David, visited Roy and Anna Belle Rost's hometown of Abbeville and spoke of how unique the Cajun town is and about the great food they ate.***** Judge David Peck and Patsy visited Ms. Ed Parker, now living in Branson. She is the widow of the late sheriff. *****Friday, Jan. 13, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a gathering will be held for Linda Cupit, who is retiring after 31 years with Sabine Federal Credit Union (Dupont). *****Our buddy Dr. Lee Brown, founder of Brown Hearing Aids, has been under the weather and hospitalized. Here's hoping he's on the mend. God speed.*****We ran into our longtime buddy, CPA Larry Webb, the other day. I can report Larry is big and healthy. He bought a place on Strapper Dr. in Bridge City and has remolded it. He has a million dollar view of the marshland and the Rainbow and Memorial bridges.*****CAJUN DEFINITION: Beignet (ben-yea), Cajun French for "French Donut," A delicious, sweet doughnut, square shaped and minus the hole, lavishly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Sometime served with chicory flavored café aulait coffee and steamed milk like Café' DuMonde serves in New Orleans. As a kid my grandmother made beignets often and we ate them with Steen syrup. Sop it up.

20 Years Ago-2002

Gage Michael Martinez, born at Baptist Hospital in Orange at 1:08 p.m., Jan. 2, is Orange County's first born of 2002. The son of April and Joseph Martinez, of Bridge City, weighed in at eight pounds, two ounces and was 19 inches long. *****Recently appointed Bridge City High counselor, Glen Prince, an Orange County native, was born in Orange, grew up in B.C. and lived in Little Cypress. Glen will also announce the football games, a job he inherited from Terry Stuebing, who was named High School principal.*****Jo-El Sonnier and Gatemouth Brown will headline the 15th annual Janis Joplin bash Sat., Jan. 19. Sonnier and Brown will also be inducted into the Museum of the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame.*****Lou Raburn is named Bridge City "Citizen of the Year." Serving on the committee to name citizen were Marialeice Saucier, Caroline Sheppard and Don Peters.*****John "Jack" Dorman, 74, died Jan. 4. Jack had suffered a stroke in 1993 that left him immobile. Service was held at Claybar Funeral Home, Jan. 7. He leaves behind wife Vivian, daughter Donna Scales, sons Johnny and Larry Dale and several grandchildren. (Editor's note: Since Jack's death, Ms. Vivian has also passed away.)*****Singer Wayland Jennings recently had a foot amputation, resulting from diabetes. Waylon was a member of Buddy Holly's band. He gave up his seat to J.P. Richardson on the plane that crashed and killed all passengers, including Holly. *****Everyone is talking about Van Choate's Cajun Cookery being the place to eat the best seafood buffet. *****Two Bridge City football players, Matt Peebles and Joe Khoury, were nominated for the Willie Ray Smith award. *****Pretty Karen Jo Vance, county clerk, announces her candidacy for re-election. She was elected to the office in 1998. She started in the clerk's office in 1976, served under Sallie Frazier and Molly Teriot before being elected with 75 percent of the vote. She was born in Kentucky on Dec. 28, 1954. In 1955, her parents, Jack and Mary Lee Wright, moved to Texas where she grew up in Roselawn. Both of her parents passed away in 2001. She graduated from Stark High and married her high school sweetheart, Robert Vance, in Sept. 1973. (Editor's note: Karen Jo is still pretty, still married to Robert and oh yea, she still reads the Record every week.)

45 Years Ago-1977

Barry Wiseman had knee surgery again to repair an old football injury.*****Sue Pate was selected "Woman of the Year" by the Bridge City B&PW.*****Dr. Mark Messer is the new Bridge City chamber president.*****Flo and Gene Edgerly attended a reception in Austin for new senator Carl Parker and governor Dolph Briscoe.*****Harry Hubbard, state president of AFL-CIO, will be the feature speaker at the Bridge City Chamber banquet.*****Attorney Sharon Bearden and police chief Wilson Roberts go on their annual new year's diet. Friends expect the same results they have had over the last 15 years.*****The temperature hits a low 17 degrees this week.*****Dick Bivens is remodeling his Texas Ave Grocery store. The lovely young lady up front at the checkout stand is his daughter Betty. What a doll.

50 YEARS AGO-1971

Judge James Neff will not be seeking re-election to the 128 District Court. Attorney Graham Bruce is the only announced candidate so far. Others expected to run are former judge Frank "Dub" Hustmyre, Bill Sexton and Louis Dugas, if Sexton doesn't run. Both are criminal attorneys.*****Christmas is behind us and a new year is on the way. Happy New Year to a few friends, Judge Grover Halliburton, Asa Mansfield, Judge Sid Callivet, Alvin Keown, Councilman Red Garrett, District Attorney J. Sharon Bearden, Robert Sims, Adolph Hrhorchuk, Fain Holbrook, Harry Stephens, Charlie Dyer, Scotty Smith, Al Mallet, Larry Bergeron, attorney Paul Owen, Gordon Baxter, attorney Jim Graves, attorney Wayne Peveto, Frank Manchac, Jimmy Conn, coach Chief Wilson, Corky Harmon, Charlie Wickersham, judge Jmes Stringer, Joe Runnels, Bob Montagne, Nolton Brown, attorney H.D. Pate, Joe Blanda, Moe Litton, Roy Wingate, Junior Clark, Jim Morris, John Young, Cecil Scales, Tim Hughes, Richard Corder, Dewey 'Teddy Bear' Cox, Jack Huffman, Marlin Shelton, Ed Lovelace, Dovey Sartin, Major Enmon, Neal Miller, Jr., D.J. 'Ace' Amedeo, Elmer Newman, Doug Harrington, Dow Gene Anderson, Curtis Lee. Just a few of the great folks around 50 years ago. Few are still with us.*****Orange County Evening Optimist Club president, Roy Dunn, received awards from Optimist International president, Norman L. Shipley, of Union, Ontario, Canada. Dunn received a gold watch, a gold ring with O.I. symbol and the Outstanding President citation. With over 3,000 clubs in the United States and Canada, the Orange Optimist was only 251 to be recognized as both a distinguished and outstanding president. The Evening Optimist have over 40 members.***** Roy and Phyllis Dunn will celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary New Year's Eve, Dec. 31. They have three children and live in Bridge City.


*****Last week, on Dec. 22, our longtime friend Judge Buddie Hahn celebrated his 78th birthday. I always believed his birthday was Dec. 21. I've been wrong all these years. Buddie and Carol celebrated their 55 wedding anniversary on Dec. 23. Because of Texas law, Buddie had to give up his district judgeship due to age limitation. He loved the work and I figured he's been bored doing nothing. Well, I learned he's picked up a gig in Jefferson County that allows him to do judge work about three days a week.*****Attorney Sharon Bearden just turned 83 years old. He was working Christmas Eve at his office preparing for two upcoming trials. Attorney's Jack Smith and Jim Dunaway, also in their 80's, work at their law practice every day. It's proof that if you love what you are doing and are good at it, there is no reason to retire. All will do to ride the range with. I'd saddle up with them any day.*****Some of you might remember Bridge City coach Rick Colson, who coached here with Les Johnson. Rick had a young son, Jake, who was in the 6th or 7th grade. Rick had coached with Les at Bastrop, where Jake was born, and also in Bridge City. Jake has been a successful coach in Flordia and Bastrop, with a 10-2 season, is looking for a new head coach. Jake has applied for the job, a chance to come home. Coach Les Johnson, who is a legend in Bastrop, lives there and says Jake has a shot at the job.****Our friend Tommy Simar took a fall, face first, that didn't improve his looks. Wife Sue says Tom just doesn't want to admit he's getting older and tries to hurry his steps.***** A few folks we know who will be celebrating in the next few days. Dec. 29: Happy Birthday to Kenny Dupuis, Karen Phares, Donna Self, Jacklyn Bradberry, Lauren Leyer and Sherrie Reid.*****Dec. 30: Celebrating today are Rebecca Hannegan, Paula Aven, Kyle Walron and Karl Stringer.***** Dec. 31: A great lady, Norma Fusilier, celebrates today as does Holly DeRouin, Richard Hunter, Jessica Anderson and Sandra Hovind.*****Jan. 1, 2022: Born on New Year's Day are Joanne Hill, Cynthia Hernandez, Glenda Wilburn and Ronnie Hearn.*****Jan. 2: Happy Birthday to Christina White, Johnny Asevedo, Amber Cortez, Angela Abshire, Cody Johnson, Jason Sieck, David Villanoueva and Kathy Mercer.*****Jan. 3: Jim Sharon Bearden turns 48 and he's as happy as a 21 year old. Life is great he says. Our buddy, Commissioner Owen Burton, celebrates today. He doesn't feel like a 25 year old but Nelda has enough energy for both of them. Also Happy Birthday to Barbara Dardeau and Betty Johnson.*****Jan. 4: Happy Birthday to a longtime friend Beth Rash. We wish for her a better year health wise. Also celebrating are Vergie Moreland, Devin Force and Mary Williams.


Old people have problems that younger people haven't considered yet. Eight-five year old J.C. "Tee-Nonk" Boudreaux was requested by Dr. DeVille, as part of his physical exam, a sperm count. Dr. DeVille said, "Take dis jar home and bring back a semen count sample tomorrow.

"Okay, I do dat me, said Tee-Nonk.

Da nex day, Tee-Nock came to da doctor's office and gave Dr. DeVille da jar, wat was clean and empty.

Dr. DeVille axe, "Wat happen Tee-Nonk?"

Tee Nonk say, "Well, it's like dis, first I tried with my right and den my left but nutten happen. Den I axe my wife Blanche for help. She tried wit boat hands, den she tried wit her mouth, wit her teets in and wit dem out, still nutten."

Blanche call our neighbor Agnes and she tried too, first wit boat hands and den her arm pit but still nutten."

Dr. DeVille was shocked him, "You axe you neighbor?"

Eighty-five year old Tee-Nonk answer, "Sure did and none of us couldn't open dat darn jar."

Editor's note: Containers should be easier for old folks to open.


Is Gary Hanging It UP

You always hate to hear about a business that has become legendary shutting down. Word on the street is that Gary Stelly, only the fourth owner of radio station KOGT, is shutting the station down Dec. 31. I understand why that might happen. Its hard work, advertising is down, COVID, etc. There's enough advertising locally to support local media outlets but so much of it is going out of town. My guess is that Gary will keep the website and have more time for fishing and not have to fight the daily grind.*****Best wishes in the new year to our friend tax-assessor Karen Fisher, also to county treasure Christy Khoury and our buddy Alice Hartsfield.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless.


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