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Rob Block Named Employee Of The Month By Bridge City Chamber Of Commerce

The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce is announced that Rob Block, Employee of Orangefield High School, has been named January Employee of the Month. The Board has chosen Rob Block as Employee of the Month because he has been in education for 17 years and is in his second year at Orangefield. He teaches U.S. History as well as AP U.S. History and Honors U.S. History. He does a tremendous job making history interesting to his students using videos and hands- on activities to enhance their learning and understanding. He actually makes most of the videos that he shows in his classes. Mr. Block is always looking for ways to make his students successful and that effort shows in his student participation in class and also how well the students perform on the U.S. History EOC test. This success shows in 94% of his students passing the EOC test and 59% of the students Mastering the content. Many parents have contacted the school bragging about the job that Mr. Block does and how inspired their students are to learn more about history. Mr. Block has also had much success in the AP History program. He had the most students ever take the AP U.S. History exam last year at the High School and the students were very successful. Mr. Rob Block is a tremendous asset to Orangefield campus and they feel very lucky to have him as an educator at Orangefield High School.

Pictured Left to Right: Rea Wrinkle, Rob Block and Rani Dillow


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