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Orange County continues to be one of the least COVID vaccinated counties in the state. In the last three weeks we have had three people die from the virus, ages 62, 57, 51. My cousin Debbie, a beautiful person, a wife, mother, grandmother, artist and also unvaccinated, died from the virus.. Debbie, who you would think was smart enough to dodge the pitfalls of conspiracy theories on social media talk shows and opinion PODCAST. Yes, she was a Trumper and refused to listen to the scientists and get the shot. By the way, even Donald has had his shots. One of her unvaccinated offspring brought the killer virus to her home. Now Debbie, this wonderful lady, is dead. She came from a long line of siblings but of all my cousins, she was one of my favorites. She didn't need to die. She never was even sick. The poisonous venom being spewed by those just to make a buck are causing many good people to die, over 900,000 in the United States alone. The virus will search you out. Many more healthy people, like Debbie, will die. Please get vaccinated. We pray that some day this pandemic will be history.*****I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


The Republican Party on Friday officially declared the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol and events that led to it "legitimate political discourse." The party formally rebuked two lawmakers in the party who have been most outspoken in condemning the deadly riot and the role of former president, Donald Trump, in spreading the election lies that fueled it. It was an extraordinary statement about the deadliest attack on the Capitol in 200 years, in which a mob of Trump supporters stormed the complex, brutalizing police officers and sending lawmakers into hiding. Nine people died in connection with the attack, and more than 150 officers were injured. The party passed the resolution without discussion and almost without dissent. Rep. Adam Kinzinger said in an interview, "It shows that Trump and Trumpism has overtaken the RNC." Rep. Liz Cheney, in a statement, said the move demonstrated how the party had become hostage to Trump. As he fought to stay in the White House Trump sparked a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol." When did violence, murder and vandalism amounting to millions of dollars in damage become "legitimate political discourse" in America? I have to wonder what the GOP would be calling the January 6 riot had it been instigated by Black Lives Matter.


15 years Ago-2007

Arthena Lovett, 77, passed away Feb. 1. Funeral services were held Saturday, Feb. 3, 2007. She was buried in Troup Texas. Ms. Arthena wasn't only a very pretty lady; she was a beautiful person who found good in everyone. She and Jack would have been married 59 years on Sept. 25.***** Hitting the exact score is like shooting a hole-in-one but, Creaux and I came as close as you can. We predicted the final score to be Colts 28-Bears 17. We got the Bears right but the Colts went one point over with 29 points. No predictions we saw came any closer. My friends said our point spread was too much at 11. The odds were Colts by 7. If we had made a bet, we would have won a bunch. Tony Dungy is first black coach to win a Super Bowl. He and Lovie Smith are the first two black coaches to ever play against each other in a Super Bowl. Both are fine Christian men. *****Molly Ivins not only made us smile, she made us think. Molly was an American patriot. She was funny but also fearless. Republicans bashed her as a Democratic Liberal but after following her writings for many years, we found she didn't cut the Demos any slack either. She pointed out their bad judgments. She had a way with words that are unduplicated. As a columnist of sorts, I didn't always agree with her but admired the way she phrased things. After fighting breast cancer for seven years, she lost the battle, dying last Thursday at age 62. Her quick wit, one-liners and depth of knowledge about Texas and national politics could only be matched by her friend Gov. Ann Richards, who died last year. I don't believe we will ever see their likes again. If they have joined up in the here after, they're having a blast.***** .***** Forty-eight years ago this week, services were held for J.P. 'Big Bopper' Richardson. Locally, his friends called him 'Jape.' He died in plane crash Feb. 3, 1959, in Clear Lake, Iowa, along with Buddy Holley and Ritchie Valens.*****Welcome coaches Rick Moore and Elmer Laird to the Bridge City coaching staff of baseball coach Billy Bryant. Rick is a local guy who was a baseball star for Bridge City in the mid-1990's. *****By the way, we got a lot of response on Joe Kazmar's interview with Matt Bryant of Tampa Bay. I know the story and still I'm amazed at how Matt beat such great odds to make it to the NFL, however, no one has ever worked so hard getting there.*****Speaking of Orange County stars, in this week's issue, Dickie Colburn visits with major league pitcher John Patterson, who has been working out at the Zone, getting ready to head to camp. Dickie is such a good writer and John a great guy.*****Zoologists say homosexuality isn't uncommon among animals. Male sheep exhibit homosexuality at least as often as humans do. Roughly, eight percent of rams turn out to have sex exclusively with other rams. (I wonder how the other ram feels about that.) (Editor's note: A couple years ago J.B. had a couple of gay donkey.) ***** Commissioner John Dubose has really been traveling. He's been in Washington since Friday and attended hearings Monday and Tuesday. Last week he was in Austin and helped get the Ferry Street project money raised from $1.5 million to $3.8 million for Bridge City and $6 million allotted for Baptist Hospital in Orange. ***** On the music side, Billy Joel has a new single out, the first in 14-years, the Eagles have a new album, the first in 30-years. Harry Conniff, Jr. has a great album of country music out, including Hank's 'Jambalaya.'

45 Years Ago-1977

After a day of fishing in separate boats, Carl Thibodeaux and Danny Brack returned to Lottie's Landing only to find out someone had switched their boat trailers. They had put Tib's on Danny's vehicle and vice-versa. Carl, who was running late for a bowling tourney, and Danny had quite a commotion going trying to switch those trailers back. The culprits were watching from a hidden spot not far away. *****Robert and Devra Cormier are the proud parents of a baby girl. Their first.*****Former Dist. Judge Fred Trimble says he and his new leg are getting along "so-so."*****Vic Vicknair is running for Bridge City councilman. He is seeking the council seat vacated by Bubba Hubbard. *****Bill Clark, of radio fame, is now with KLVI Radio on a regular 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. till 10 a.m. on Saturday. *****Edna Lusignan's 'Shoe Tree' in Bridge City held a grand opening. (Editor's note: Edna and Butch divorced. They had one daughter Robin. *****The Stark high school class of 1957 will hold its 20th class reunion meeting at the home of Jack Smith, 2711 Holcomb Road on Feb. 29. Jack just returned from a month in Flint Michigan. The chill factor there was as low as 60 below. No place for a southern boy. (Editor's note: Time flies guys, it's your 65th. Those of you who have made it are the fortunate ones. Our buddy Ray Trahan, of that class, died a few years ago.)*****Singer Ray Price, who is a friend of Chief Wilson Roberts, will entertain in Houston at a reunion of the Cherokee Cowboys. The show will feature the old guys, Willie Nelson, Johnny Bush, Johnny Paycheck, Buddy Emmons, Darrell McCall and Roger Miller. What a gig. *****Special Valentine kisses to Betty Harmon, Anne Segura, Vicki Curtis, Debbie Fusilier, Lynn Hall, Carol Smith and Dayle Gunn from the OVN gang.

50 Years Ago-1972

Sen. John Tower visits Orange Navy Base. Commanding officer presents Tower with a plaque. Barney Morris was one of the group responsible for Sen. Towers tour of the base.*****Court reporter Jo Wolaver is recognized as a modern woman in law. She is court reporter for judge Fred Trimble, of the 163rd District Court. She attended Kilgore Junior college and previously worked for the law firm of Stephenson, Stephenson and Thompson.*****Quarterbacks drafted last year as rookies, Jim Plunket, by New England; Archie Manning, 21-years-old, has had two sons since then playing in the NFL and now retired. Both won Super Bowls.*****Boxers Morris Leger, 156 pounds and Roy Hogden, 112 pounds, qualify for state Golden Gloves competition in Fort Worth, March 2 to March 6.*****Gov. Preston Smith, running for re-election against Ben Barnes and Dolph Briscoe.*****Joe Dupuy runs the Jack Tar Travel Agency.*****Paul Owens, local attorney, a native of Port Arthur, passed away last week. He was in the law firm with Bill Sexton before Sexton's death. Paul's twin brother, Dr. Carl Owens died last year in a Houston auto accident. (Editor's note: Hard to believe that's been 50 years ago. I used to have coffee with them and a group at the Round Table at the Jack Tar every Sunday morning. I once helped Paul on a big case.*****Bridge City and University of Texas star Steve Worster will again have a chance to be a Cardinal. He was drafted by 'Big Red' St. Louis Cardinals.*****Rosetta Richardson, a senior at West Orange, has been awarded a four-year scholarship as a majorette and twirler. She is the sister of Chucky Richardson who is now at McNeese on a baseball scholarship. (Editor's note: I wonder what became of those two. They should be just around 70 years old.*****Happy Birthday to Edgar Brown, Jr. on February 10. Brown was saluted with a full front page picture and a story in the O.V.N. (Editor's note: You reckon Dunn was making a point?)


The Beatles arrived in the United States in February, 1964, 58 years ago, to begin their first American tour.*****79 Years ago-1943: The government announced that wartime rationing of leather shoes was in effect. Three pair per year. That wasn't all that was rationed, almost everything was. I wore shoes with cardboard soles that deteriorated the first time you stepped in water. The rationing was lifted in October, 1945.*****Many old soldiers will remember this. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower resigned as U.S. Chief of Staff. He was succeeded by Gen. Omar Bradley. The year was 1948. Four years later Ike was elected president.


Valentine's Day Sweethearts: I picked a few beautiful senior ladies to recognize this Valentine's Day. I've known them for years. They are all special in their own way. To Marcelle Adams, Cherry Stout, Karen Jo Vance, Nelda Burton, Rosalie Clark, Flo Edgerly and Joyce Dubose, I wish a very happy Valentine's Day.*****Congratulations to Windee and Judge Chad Jenkins the proud grandparents of twin girls, Lennyn Grayce and Murphie Grey. The twins were born Dec. 17.*****Van Choate has been staying under the radar lately, however he did prepare the Bridge City Chamber banquet meal. Those I spoke with have bragged on the food. Van is out of Tuffy's, which is now a spaghetti restaurant, serving real Italian food.*****Quotes from famous folks: "Women complain about premenstrual syndrome but I think of it as the only time of the month that I can be myself." Who said that? Roseanne did. *****Matt Barry said, "Leaving sex to the Feminists is like letting your dog vacation at a taxidermist." *****Robert's Market and Deli is now open. Robert's is known for selling top of the line beef.*****We understand that attorney Jim Sharon Bearden has been very sick. He was quoted as saying, "I've never felt this bad before." I don't know what his illness was but I hope he's doing better.*****Billy Crystal says, "Women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place."*****A Tom Chancy quote, "I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy."***** The largest ranch in Texas is King Ranch, 825,000 acres, larger than the state of Rhode Island. Second largest is Briscoe Ranches, 640,000 acres and third is Waggoner Ranch with 524,000 acres. Texas encompasses 267,277 square miles. You could fit six North Eastern U.S. states in that area. Orange is the most Eastern city, El Paso most western 857 miles apart. The sun rises in Orange County and gets to El Paso in a little over an hour. It took me two days.*****A few folks we know who are celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Feb. 9: Jivin' Gene Bourgeois and his friend Karen Fuselier both celebrate today. I've known Gene since 1950. I remember when he got his first guitar. It came by way of Rock Island, Texas from Harry Waddel's brother, who gave the instrument to Gene's brother Kenneth, who passed it on to Gene who learned to play it. His mom later took him to downtown Port Arthur, TX to buy a new one. The rest is history. He became a Swamp Pop artist, recording 'Breaking Up is Hard to Do', 'Going Out With The Tide' and many more. Gene, now in his 80's, is still entertaining.***Karen, a widow since Tony's death, is one of the world's best Cajun cooks. No one can prepare quail like Karen. Happy Birthday to both. Also Happy Birthday to Doyce Sherman, a country boy out of Abbeville and Alex Hurst.*****Feb. 10: A very happy birthday to our friend Peggy Albair, who turns 70 Thursday. She is celebrating by giving a 10% off discount and also Valentine and Super Bowl Specials. Happy Birthday also to twins Trevor and Tyler Gunn. I've been wishing these boys happy birthday for over 20 years.*****Feb. 11: Celebrating today are Brittany Carpenter, Deric Provost and Eric Prevost and Judy Connor.*****Feb. 12: Happy Birthday to Christy Reves, Jordan Guererro, Michele Moore and Sara Childs.*****Feb. 13: Celebrating today are Jeremy Delano, Lee Ann Jaarah and Liz Fontenot.*****Feb. 14: Mayor T.W. Permenter celebrates today as does Judy Harrison.*****Feb. 15: One of the great guys that will do to ride the range with Robert Montagne celebrates today. We wish him the best.*****Question of the Week: Will Russia invade Ukraine or is Putin just bluffing? Register your vote at*****Keith and Marlene Merritt spent a cold weekend at the deer lease in West Texas. With the cold and strong winds, Marlene says two pair of long handles weren't enough. Keith missed the buck, (too far away) but killed a doe. They are spending time cleaning up after winter and are due home this week.*****Our buddy, former judge James Stringer has been under the weather for several weeks but is making progress.*****Essie would have been proud of the outpouring of love shown at her funeral and also all the media coverage. Essie Bellfield was one of a kind. She made history and left her mark.*****David Bailey is now serving on Essie's old seat on the Orange City Council. He is working towards future bonding of the county and other municipalities. He says, "We're all one big family. We can accomplish more by all working together."***** I checked in on my 100-year-old friend Cedric Stout. He and Cherry are doing amazingly well. Keith Wallace and others often inquire on the Pearl Harbor survivor. That's why I checked. He's doing better than I am. *****Lovie Smith, the boy from Big Sandy, becomes the fifth head coach of the Huston Texans to replace David Culley. Previous coaches are Dom Capers, Gary Kubiak, Bill O'Brien and Wade Phillips, who coached three games in 2018. Smith was head coach nine years in Chicago, two years in Tampa Bay and five years at the University of Illinois. He's 63 years old.*****The Rams are a four point favorite over the Bengals to win the Super Bowl next Sunday, to be broadcasted at 5:30 p.m. It will be the battle of the quarterbacks, Barrow vs. Stafford.


Dr. Brasseaux gave Tee-Neg Comeaux a lengthily examination. He signed and said, "Mr. Comeaux, I'm sorry me, to tell you dat you got cancer and it's bad. You best put your affairs in order."

Tee-Neg him was shocked and sad but being a tuff Cajun he composed himself and walk in da lobby where his boy Bosceaux had been waiting. "Bosceaux," Tee-Neg say, "Well, son, us Cajuns celebrate wen tings is good and we celebrate wen dey not so good. Bosceaux, in dis case, dey ain't so good, I got bad cancer me. Let's go to Tee-boys Bar and have us a few drinks."

After 4 or 3 shots, dey were feeling less somber. Dey laugh some and drink more whiskey. Some of Tee-Neg's friends come in and axe what dey were celebrating dem.

Tee-Neg told dem dat Cajuns dem celebrates da good and da bad. He told Sostan and his utta friends dat Dr. Brasseaux told him he was dying of AIDS.

His buddies give Tee-Neg dere condolences and had a couple more shots before dey left.

Bosceaux axe his papa, "I t'ought you said dat you was dying from cancer, you told you friends dat you would die from AIDS."

Tee-Neg answer, "Mais Bosceaux, I don't want none of dat bunch sleeping wit you mama after I'm gone me."


Billboards Against 'Sham Vote Audit'

A group of GOP strategists opposed to former President Donald Trump is launching a billboard campaign across Texas that attacks Gov. Greg Abbott's push to audit the results of the 2020 election. The group, called the Republican Accountability Project, said it had 12 ads up in major Texas cities, with the message: "Gov. Abbott, a Republican seeking re-election launched the review last fall under pressure from Trump, even though Trump won the state by nearly 6 percentage points. Like similar reviews in other GOP led states, it has turned up minimal discrepancies between electronic and hand counts of ballots in sample precincts. "These audits are not about investigating alleged voter fraud," the group, led by GOP strategist Bill Kristol, said in a statement. "They're about keeping the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump alive. They erode public trust in our democracy. Abbott requested and received $4 million in emergency funding from the Republican controlled Texas Legislature for the audit. I have never understood the waste of Texas tax money just to promote a Big Lie.*****I've over run, thanks for your time and loyalty. Please patronize our advertisers, check us out daily on the web at or Email us at [email protected]. Till next time, stay safe, take care and God bless.


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