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Texas has the earliest primary election day in the nation, for a midterm election cycle, March 1. Early voting is set from Feb. 14 to Feb. 25. No other state in the United States holds primary elections before May. The new election date in Texas was by design by state-wide incumbents. The Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General are all on the ballot. Political experts say the early primaries sneak up on the voters that will likely result in the worst voter turnout in the nation. A low turnout always favors incumbents. Locally, only two precincts have contested races. Precinct 2 has a county commissioner's race and Precinct 3 has a justice of the peace race. Those two precincts will get more turnout than the other two. My guess is about 23 percent and about 17 percent where there are no local races. I hope I'm wrong and the turnout is better. Until Orange County gets back to purple we won't have real contested races. Some Democrats are voting in the Republican Primary just to vote in a local race. We will all be better off when we get back to a two party choice. This way you have to take what you can get. I look for those voters not to vote in state wide races or vote against the incumbents. By all means you should vote and encourage others to do so. We will probably have low state turnout both democratic and republican, with the total turnout to be about 25 percent.*****I have to move on. Please hop on board and come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


In a news report last week, our reporter Dave Rogers, submitted a story on the political reports submitted by all the candidates. That is required by law. All of the amounts reported are public record and factual, open to every citizen and news media. In this week's issue J.W. Dalton responded to why he has donated to help Pct. 2 candidate for county commissioner Chris Sowell. I've known Mr. Dalton and his community involvement over the years. His first interest is always for the betterment of Orange County. This is not the first time J.W. has played a vital part in the election of the candidate he found to be most qualified and I'm sure it won't be his last. Others supporters do the same thing but are secretive with their funding. J.W. Dalton has always been above board. Others who are not reporting their contributions over $50 are violating the law. Finally, Dalton has invested a lot of money in the county because this is the place he calls home. Example: His two million dollar, state of the art, Top Deck Flooring is fit to be in Beaumont's West End but yet he chose to put this top of the line structure on IH-10 between Orange and Beaumont, in Orange County. Giving to a candidate of your choice is a good thing if you can afford to do so. We should all help qualified candidates running for public office and also encourage the citizens to vote for them.


15 Years Ago-2007

Wade Phillips, a native son born at downtown Orange's hospital, was named head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Wade's dad, Bum, former NFL coach of Houston's 'Luv Ya Blue' fame, was also born in Orange. Wade's great-grandfather Parrish was an Orange County pioneer. Wade's roots run deep in Orange County where he still has relatives. Everyone should be proud of the position Wade has achieved, starting with his very first coaching job at Orange Stark High School. Wade has other local ties to the area; he is married to the late 'Stinky' Nunez's lovely daughter, Laurie, from Port Neches.*****Anna Nicole Smith, age 39, dead. A sad end to a troubled life. She was never far from the spotlight. Her last few months were tragic, with the death of her 20-year-old son Daniel. She would never believe the coverage her death has received. For several days, wall-to-wall, on all 24-hour news channels. I bet her life story will be made into a movie. This week, we should find out who baby Dannielynn's papa is. It won't be  Zsa Zsa's husband, Prince Frederick, unless Anna Nicole was artificially inseminated. It's probably Stern or more likely Larry Birkhead, but then, it could be the yardman or stable boy. *****We were sorry to learn about the death of Capt. Jack Piediscalzi, 76, on Feb. 7. The Bridge City entrepreneur, born in New Orleans, lived a most interesting life in his world travels. He and wife  Anneita, owner of Remax Real Estate in Bridge City, moved here four years ago.  

45 Years Ago-1977

Jarvis A. Buckley, Jr., Melvin Hogan and Gary Johnson will run as a slate for the West Orange-Cove school board. They are running as an anti-merger slate. *****The 1977 Chevy El Camino is tough, beautiful to look at, and is on sale at Harmon Chevrolet at 3rd and Green in Orange, for only $5,217.*****Country western songwriter and vocalist Mac Davis will be the headliner for Orange County Night at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Feb. 26. *****Hanks Real Estate now has a full crew including pretty Kim Thrailkille, Edward Patton, and Florence Miller, who is Sheila Beeson's mother. Robert Hanks is owner. *****State Rep. Wayne Peveto has enough backing in Orange County to warrant the introduction of a bill, which would create Orange County's third district court. *****'The Followers' have just released their first gospel album. Daryl Segura and Charles Hartman, two young Bridge City guys, are part of the musical group. *****Orange Savings and Loan opens their new location on 16th. St. in Orange.*****Ribbon cutting held at 'The Shoe Tree' in Bridge City. City Manager C.R. Nash did the honors.*****Bill Boren is fighting the rainy weather as he tries to complete his apartment complex on Patillo Road near Bridge City.*****Terry Bridges, former Bridge City baseball star, pitched his first game for Lamar in a tourney held in Mexico City. Terry won his first game. *****According to W.T. Oliver and Roy Dunn, gumbo captains of the Bridge City gumbo team, Bridge City, Louisiana, declared the 'Gumbo Capital of the World' by Governor Edwin Edwards, has challenged the B.C. Texas team to a gumbo cook off. The Texas team has accepted and the cooking duel will take place in Orange, April 30. ***** Filing as Bridge City school board incumbents are Bill Townes, Gus Garza and former teacher Barbara Landry. *****Rusty Wilson, Bridge City Distributive Education director, has talked several Rotarians into judging D.E. competition to be held in Port Arthur. Judges are H.D. Pate, Tim Lieby, J.R. Wilson, Barry Wiseman and Ken Wyatt.*****The number one country song is 'Near You' by George Jones and Tammy Waynette.*****We discovered our old friend and poet, Pat Lavernge, who wrote  the  poem  'The Sun Rises on Orange County,' at the Longhorn Casino, where she is manager. Her last name has changed since she sent Jimmy on his way with his cardboard sandwiches. (A very funny story.) *****Everyone has a story. Rev. Leo Anderson has a good one about Elvis. While Brother Anderson was working for a Monroe, Louisiana, funeral home, he was also moonlighting as an emergency ambulance attendant. About six months or so before Elvis died, he performed in Monroe. After throwing away a few scarves, Elvis started kissing some of the girls lined up at the stage. One of the females bit his tongue and it was bleeding a gusher. Leo put two fingers in a glass, got some ice and put the cubes on Elvis' tongue. His doctor, who arrived shortly, complimented Rev. Leo for doing the right thing to slow the bleeding.*****This is the first year in many that no Bridge City football players were signed on National College Signing Day. Some may still get an offer somewhere but I haven't heard of any. We do know that Johnny Dishon has signed for a full ride in baseball at LSU. They might have told him he could go out for football but I wouldn't bet on it. He will be too big a baseball recruit to let on a football field.*****Speaking of sports, Joe Louis' boxing gloves, worn in his first historical fight with German Max Schmeling in 1936, were donated last week to the Smithsonian. *****Frankie Laine, 93, died last week. His name may not register with some of you but in the late 1940's and through the 1950's, us kids of that day were entertained by the big voice singer. He had a string of big hits such as 'That's My Desire,' 'Mule Train,' 'Jezebel,' 'Ghost Riders in the Sky,' 'I Believe,' 'That Lucky Old Sun' and many more. My personal favorite and the theme song for the television show 'Rawhide' and Mel Brooks' comedy western, 'Blazing Saddles.' Laine was one of the last Italian crooner types. He sold more than 100 million records and earned 20 Gold Records. You could understand every word he sang.

50 Years Ago-1972

Specials at Blanda's Grocery & Market, 202 Cypress, Orange. Freezer meat deals: 5 lbs. pork chops; 5 lbs. hamburger; 5 lbs. fryers; 5 lbs. stew meat, $10.45.***Soul Food Deal: 5 lbs. port bones; 3 lbs. pig feet; 3 lbs. pig tails; 3 lbs. hog jowls, $3.60.***Large eggs, 45 cents dozen.***Seaport coffee, 59 cents.*****Wedding bells: Charlotte Ann Schexnider and Thomas W. Chiasson will be married March 3.*****David Dunn is the new County Court at Law judge.*****At a convention in Houston Roy Dunn, who was on crutches because of a broken left foot visited with his longtime friend Heloise Cruise, national column writer of "Hints from Heloise." Heloise was also on crutches due to surgery on her right leg. The two tried to dance but it didn't work out.*****Betty Harmon and Levenia Hryhorchuck, two Orange ladies listed in "Personalities of the South." Editor's note: Levenia, former tax assessor died a few years ago but Betty is still going strong although I haven't seen her in some time.)*****Two local artist, Virginia Gilbeaux and John Ferguson both celebrated birthdays. (Editor's note: Orange County has many artist but non any better than those two.)


Congratulations to Dr. Mark Messer, who was presented the Building Community Award last Thursday night by the Bridge City Masonic Lodge #1345. This is the highest award a non-Mason can receive. Dr. Messer is one of the pillars of the Bridge City area community.*****Nelda and Owen Burton are both fighting COVID. Commissioner Burton said he was just sitting at home minding his business when Nelda brought home the Pandemic, apparently from school where she teaches. Owen got a lot sicker than she did. That figures. *****My two grandsons were betting on the Super Bowl Sunday. I said, "Take the points." The Rams were four-point favorites over the Bengals. LA beat Cincinnati 23-20 in the last minute. In a way Orange County has connection to the Rams. When 36-year-old Sean McVey took over as coach of the Rams in 2017 he hired Orange native Wade Phillips to set up a defense. Wade was replaced in 2019, however, he and Laurie's son, Wes Phillips, is tight end coach and is the second member of the Phillips family to get a Super Bowl ring. His granddad Bum was a native of Orange and I still believe something should be done to recognize Bum and Wade in Orange County.***** Speaking of Super Bowl, we tailgated with the seafood special from Peggy's Place on Cow Bayou. It was great and more than four of us could eat. Peggy's Place wants to apologize to those who had to wait for service. The response to their ad in The Record was overwhelming. Spotted waiting for their order was pretty Jackie Thurman and husband Butch, Jerry McInnis, one of the Fredrick boys from Mauriceville and several others, including Phyllis Dunn.*****John Dubose, the CPA, came down with the crud that is going around. He tested negative for COVID but it's a bad time in the middle of tax season for him to be sick. Also he is helping with his daughter JP Joy Dubose Simonton's election campaign.*****President Abe Lincoln was born on February 21. Our first president, George Washington, was born on February 22. In the past we celebrated their birthdays independently but several years ago the birthdays were combined and today we celebrate all presidents on February 21.*****All's good that ends good. My buddy, attorney Sharon Bearden had a scare last week; he thought he was fixing to buy the farm. When 911 got him to the hospital all systems were indicating a heart attack ready to happen. After medication and a short hospital stay Sharon was declared fit to go. This used to happen to my late friend Doug and I would kid him about gas pains. It was a busy week for the Bearden's. Liz had to return to Houston Friday for the last check up on her thumb and on Sunday, Liz and Sharon marked their 20th wedding anniversary.*****I was disappointed to learn that Judge Chad Jenkins didn't deer hunt this year. He and Wendi make the best sausage I've ever eaten. Before I started to cry however, I learned that the Judge has bought up the best pork butts he could find, along with some beef clods. He is going to put the seasoned ingratiates into sausage and smoke it, as soon as he can get Wendi to help of course.*****Just wondering why did Gov. Greg Abbott make a quick, unannounced photo-op in Orange County over the weekend. I also wonder what his polling is showing. Can he win without a runoff.*****I had a question and consulted the tax office. It took Assessor Karen Fisher just three minutes to respond. That's what makes her such a valuable public servant.*****I was glad to hear from our friend Phillip Welch. He is always good to visit with. He gets around and is always on the know.*****I recently visited with longtime friend Judge Flo Edgerly, who served 21 years as the Justice of the Peace in Pct. 3. She and I fought many political battles, some together, others against each other. Flo talked about how we never ran campaigns that were personal, they were run on the issues, experience, qualifications or lack of. We never involved a candidate's family. Flo doesn't attend union meetings much anymore, she and Gene are just hanging out. Did you know for many years Flo's mom was secretary for the J.P. in Pct. 3. The small J.P.'s office is still standing in Bridge City on Texas Avenue. No one realizes what it once was.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few weeks. Feb. 16: Port Commissioner, the Reliable Cleaners guy, our buddy Keith Wallace, turns another notch. He's a year older today. Happy Birthday also to Judy Brownlie and Gary Stephens, who turns 59.*****Feb. 17: Happy Birthday to Kim Harmon, Mellisa Tuttle, Toni Edwards and Ashley Floyd.*****Feb. 18: Longtime friend Norman Berry is 82-years-old today. It seems like just a couple of years ago I wished him his 69th. Also Happy Birthday to Justin Broussard, Jeremy Crocker, Leah Gunstream and Charlotte North.*****Feb. 19: Today Christy Faulk, Darain Havens, Jason Clark and Martha Pittman all celebrate birthdays.***Clay Dunn died on this day in 1959.*****Feb. 20: Celebrating today are Ty Broussard, Ron Teaff and Allison Gloyd.*****Feb. 21: A beautiful lady, Roy and Laverne McDonald's daughter and Dr. Servet Satir's wife Beverley celebrates today. Also celebrating are Pauline Stevens and Jim Izer. Today is President's Day.******Feb. 22: Judge Brint Carlton, Chad Boatman and John Cuphy celebrate today.*****If you, a friend or loved one is having a birthday or anniversary please let us know at 409-735-5305 or the news at


Da young widow Miss Maude and her little boy child, Tee-Mac, live way out in da country on da bayou near Forked Island. Las week, Miss Maude sent Tee-Mac to da bayou to get a bucket of water. Tee-Mac say, "Okay, Mama, I go me."

Before long he came running back to da house as fas as he can him. Out of breath, he say, "Mama, Mama, I didn't got no water me. A big gator done snatched da bucket rat ottua my hand him."

His Mama say, "Son, you know we got to have some water us, to cook wit, to wash wit and to drink. Now Tee-Mac, you take dat utta bucket and bring youself back down dere and get us some water. Dat alligator was probably as scared of you as you was of it."

"Mama," Tee-Mac say, "If dat dere gator was as scared of me as I was of him, dat water, it ain't fit to use no."


Welcome to the Good Old Days

Do you realize that only five percent of the population alive today, several generations that have come and gone, and 95 percent of today's population never heard of Gene Autry, never tasted homemade root beer or smoked a corn silk cigarette. They can't imagine what gas and sugar rationing would be like. They never made a rabbit trap, never chased an ice truck for the chips, never had Grandma put a mustard poultice on their chest or an asafetida bag around their neck, never sent a penny post card, hitched a horse, carried a bucket of water or chewed roof tar. They never had a milk cow, never had to drag a cotton sack all day hoping to pick 100 pounds to earn 35 cents. Never wore cardboard shoes, shirts and dresses made from feed sacks and underwear made with flour sacks. Most of you reading this missed the Good Old Days when you could watch a movie at the theater for 5 to 8 cents and watch it more than once, get a hamburger and fountain drink for 10 cents and 5 cents could get a bus ride downtown on Saturday to spend the 35 cents you had earned. You knew you weren't the only one to go barefooted and only wear shoes on Sunday. Never again will the Good Old Day return. That may be a good thing. Possibly today's youngsters, 60 years from now, might say, "The 2020's were Good Old Days, we had a democracy and constitution and we beat a worldwide pandemic." *****I've hung around here way too long and I've gotta get gone. Thanks for your time. I hope you will read us cover to cover. We have stuff you won't read elsewhere. Take care and God bless.


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