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Well, it has come down to election time. I fear it will be a very low turnout. Seventy-five percent of the registered voters won't take the time to vote. In Orange County we just have two contested races but they are two important races. Pct. 2 will elect a county commissioner to replace Commissioner Theresa Beauchamp, it's important to elect a qualified candidate who can work with the present court. Justice of the Peace Joy Dubose-Simonton is the only incumbent running for re-election in a contested race. People don't realize the importance of the J.P. Court. Judge Claude Wimberly called it "The people's court," because they dealt with so many people's issues, not just traffic tickets. In J.P. Court you can be sued for $20,000 or sue someone for that amount. Judge Flo Edgerly always said, "You certainly want a judge that knows what they are doing, not just vote for someone because they are a friend." Did you know that since 1968 there have been only four different Justices of the Peace in Pct. 3. Judge Flo served 20 of those years. Some Democrats have told me they are not going to vote because there are no local races to vote in. That's no excuse not to vote. There are plenty contested statewide races. Go Vote.****I have to move on. Come along, I promise you it won't do you no harm.


I was very sorry to hear of the death of Glenn Oliver, age 80, who passed away February 19. He will be missed by everyone who knew him. We talked almost daily. He was very smart and I learned something from him every time we visited. Over the last year, since I quit going into the Orange office, I've missed those visits with Glenn. He was such an interesting person. Those visits will never be again and that makes me sad. His office was at Harmon's Used Cars where he and Donnie Harmon spent a lot of time. Our condolences to Martha and her family and to his longtime business partner Carlos Vacek. May he rest in peace.


15 Years Ago-2007

John Patterson is our guy in the Majors. West Orange-Stark grad and Bridge City resident, John Patterson, 29, is the number one pitcher for the Washington Nationals and will open the season. Before leaving for spring training, in Viera, Florida, he worked out at Sam Moore's Zone. In an interview given to Dickie Colburn and published by The Record, John said he was healthy and looking forward to exceeding his 2005 season. In that season he made 31 starts, pitched 198 innings, with a 9-7 record, on a poor hitting team, he had a 1.02 ERA and 54 strikeouts. On August 4, he struck out 13 and walked none, in a four hit shutout of the LA Dodgers. We're Orange County proud of Mr. and Mrs. Doug Patterson's boy, our star in the Majors.***** Starting this coming weekend and running through Monday, some 300 plus Orange Countains will join other Southeast Texans for the First Golden Triangle Day in Austin. Previously each community had a day, now they are combined. County, city and school officials will get to stroke their lawmakers.*****Rev. Leo and wife Ivalyn celebrated 47 years of marriage on Sunday, Feb. 18. Well, I'm not sure how much celebrating they did but we congratulate them and wish them good health and a long life together. (Editor's Note: Ivalyn and Rev. Leo passed away a few years ago.)***** Michelle. Judice, the nicest Yankee lady to leave the state of Maine, is on Sam Monroe's faculty staff at Lamar Port Arthur.***** Buddy Hancken, 92, a Bridge City resident who spent his life in baseball, died Feb. 15. Over the years, we did feature stories on this good man. The former Astro coach is sure to meet up with some of the greatest players. He knew them all. *****The Anna Nicole Smith saga goes on. Brittany Spears shaved her head bald and is loaded down with more tattoos. She is supposed to be in rehab but left after one day. She's a Anna Nicole waiting to happen.*****One of the great guys, David Claybar, celebrates a birthday next Tuesday, Feb. 27, and he's not the chef, he's the eater and married to pretty Ms. Peggy. *****Congrats to Matt Bryant, our local star in the NFL is named Most Valuable Player by the Tampa Sports Club Friday night, Feb. 16. Matt, who plays for the Buccaneers, is the son of Mary and Casey Bryant and brother of Coach Billy Bryant.*****A poll out Monday rating the top best presidents in history lists Lincoln, Reagan, Kennedy Clinton, and FDR as top five.

45 Years Ago-1977

Jerry Neie performs nightly at the Yacht Club, inside the Orange House Hotel. Jerry, a troubadour songwriter, has gone across the country and back, playing his music. He's an Orange native.*****All Orange County head football coaches participate in a Walk-A-Thon. They are Andy Griffin, Bridge City, Ed Peveto, Orangefield, Lidney Thompson, LC-M, Steve McCarty, WO-C and Cliff Patton, Vidor.*****Kenny Dolly, son of Vera and Gerald, joins the Army.*****Vickie Curtis pens a batch of Office Hound drawings that will appear in the Opportunity Valley News column, 'Ear to the Ground.'*****Jackie and Bill Bishop are the new owners of Ranch House Restaurant on Highway 62.***** Racing forms are available at Border Street News Service, located next to John's Café. (Editor's note: John's Café made a lot of memories for this writer.)*****Kim Daniels and David Gauthier were crowned queen and king at Bridge City high school coronation. June Nezat and Jerry Bogan were duchess and duke.*****Mike Hatton, a Bridge City native was elected president of the Sabine Neches Retail Grocers Association. He is general manager of Alford's Super Market in Port Acres. Howard Morse will serve as vice-president.  He is owner of Howard's Superettes and Big Red Pantry in Bridge City. Fire destroyed the Pantry store however; a new one is being built, with opening planned in April.*****Ed Robinson, pastor of Second Baptist, announced that construction has begun of new educational facilities and assembly room at the church.*****Phyllis Reed will turn 18-years-old on Feb. 23. She and her brother Graig Allen were honored last week. He was named to the Dean's List at Lamar and Phyllis was named among 'Who's Who' in American students.'*****Running for City Council in Bridge City is Robert Reynolds, Place 3, against Vic Vicknair. Clifford Sneed, John Banken and Jack Moore are running for Place 5. Robert McFerrin and Don Calliouet, for Place 1. Shirley Marks and Bruce Wright don't face challenge. Running for Mayor, P.M. 'Red' Wood, Gordon Harvey and Bob Bisson.***** Bill Townes, Barbara Landry and Gus Garza run unopposed for Bridge City School Board.*****Bridge City Police Chief Wilson Roberts has a warrant for Wayne Morse and Roy Dunn, who are suspected of placing a sign that reads, "Sanford and Son" on the Chief's truck. The truck does remind one of Fred and Lamont.

50 Years Ago-1972

The Bridge City Chamber holds its 13th annual banquet. State Senator Charles Wilson, of Lufkin, is the guest speaker. Ralph Ramos, former news director of KJAC TV is master of ceremonies. New officers installed are Margie Fields, president; Jerry Meeks, first VP; Doug Harrington, second VP; John Brooks, secretary/treasurer; Glenn Pearson was in charge of arrangements. Entertainment was provided by Mrs. Don North's Cardinal Singers. Don Cole is outgoing president.*****Newly appointed county court-at-law judge David Dunn fires two employees, Betty Ess and Barbara Gillis, upon taking office. This created a big stir. Gillis had recommended to the court that Dunn be appointed to the post. Commissioner Asa Mansfield made the motion upon Gillis' urging. Mansfield was shocked; both of the ladies were from his Pct. 3. Barbara Gillis became the first ever court reporter in Orange County to have been fired.*****Dr. Jimmy Howell, A Stark High graduate, is a heart specialist at Baylor College of Medicine. Howell grew up in the Brownwood Addition of Orange and is the latest subscriber to the O.V.N., the area's fastest growing newspaper.*****Stark High Baseball coaches are Art Pettit and Wade Phillips are preparing for their season opener against Beaumont High, March 1. Tiger pitchers are Garret Gipson, Mike Schriber and Keith Kleinknecht. Other players are Jody Mazzola, Kevin Daniels, Steve Jones, James Durrell, Mike Thomas, James Decker, Kenny Myers, Ivan Parrish, Davin Green and Mark Lambert. (Editor's note: A good trivia question: Where was Wade's only high school baseball coaching job?)*****Coach J.B. Bearden's ninth grade basketball team won the Orange County championship with a 10-0 district record. Their overall season record was 20-3. Coach Bearden says, "There are several boys on this team that should see playing time for the Stark Tigers next season. They are Don Mosby, Mike Roland, Darius Thomas, Frank Tims and Doug Cash.*****Bridge City eighth grade basketball team, coached by James Dwight Thacker, won the eighth grade county championship. (Editor's note: Did you ever see Thacker shoot free throws?)***** Following the Dallas Super Bowl win over Miami, Duane Thomas, star Cowboy running back, pled guilty to marijuana charges in Greenville. Also charged was his younger brother. Pot was found in a borrowed car stopped by a highway patrolman.

75 Years Ago-1947

Bonnie Bland, 18 years old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bland, was crowned Aqua Carnival Queen, at the University of Texas. (Editor's note: If my memory serves me right, she was later chosen as Miss Texas.*****Head football coach at Stark High, Brooks Conover, opens spring football practice.*****Movie goers were watching June Allyson in the 'Secret Heart' at the Strand; Olivia deHavilland in 'To Each His Own' at the Royal; 'Tokyo Rose' at the Gem; Desi Arnaz in 'Cuban Pete' at the Bengal.

100 Years Ago-1922

This week in February, 1922, Oscar Chesson refused to sell his Orangefield oil royalties to Humble Oil for a half-million dollars. He said he had two sick pigs at home and didn't want to leave them.*****The Orange Rotary Club celebrates its 17th birthday.*****Kent Watson, of Orange, was promoted to Picture Editor of International News Service in New York.


Some members of Commissioners Court are attending class at Texas A&M this week.*****A good thing. After 10 months the United Steelworkers Union voted Monday to ratify the contract offered by ExxonMobile. There is no timeline of when the workers will return to work. It's up to Exxon, they could end the lockout at anytime.*****Peggy's Place makes the best gumbo but hasn't added it to the menu yet. I hear they may be serving it this week. That's what I have a craving for.*****In the latest issue of Texas Monthly, they say a year after the deadly blackout, Texas officials refuse to adopt rules that keep the lights on in other states.*****I found this interesting. In a Republican poll, 56 percent agree with Vice-president Pence over Trump's 36 percent. They feel Pence did the right thing in ratifying the 2020 election.*****I'm hearing some good things about Top Deck Flooring. It's worth the trip just to see the place J.W. Dalton has built on the Interstate. He's running some good in-store specials. Go see for yourself.*****In statewide races there are more women running for office than I can ever remember. I'm taking a serious look at Kandy Kaye Horn for governor and Eva Gusman for attorney general. Attorney general Ken Paxton really needs to go.***** Tuesday we heard from Penny LeLeux who told us her short film Shhh! was nominated in ten categories for the Sunny Side Up Film Fest which comes up next month!  In the short film categories nominees for: Best Short, Best Actor- Woody Almazan; Best Actress- Reese Ravencraft; Best Supporting Actor- Jason LeLeux; Best Supporting Actress- Penny LeLeux; Other catagories: Best Director, Best Dark Comedy, Best Romance, Best Female Filmmaker and Best Texas Film .It's always good to hear from Penny.*****If Russia invades Ukraine, according to estimates, Putin will be responsible for at least 50,000 deaths. Disgusting are folks like Tucker Carlson, on FOX News, siding with Russia, a communist dictatorship, over Ukraine, a democracy like the United States. Ever since he wore a bow tie at CNN, before getting run off, he has been a communist sympathizer.*****NOTICE: Be sure to check our website for all election returns starting at 7 p.m. election night. I'm not sure if Margaret Toal or Dan Perine will be covering the election, maybe both. Catch the ongoing results at therecordlive.com



A few folks we know who will be celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Feb. 23: Happy Birthday to Rachel Bryan, Crystal Jones, Misti Bishop, Kellie Betz, John Hughes and Jody Andes.*****Feb. 24: Celebrating today is longtime friend, the bagpiper, Mayor David Rutledge. Also Port Commissioner Carroll Holt, pretty Regina Harrington, Taylor Brownie, and Mathew Squires. *****Feb. 25: Today career peace officer, our friend, Constable Brad Frye celebrates being a year older. What a story that boy's life has been. Also celebrating is Angela Brinson.*****Feb. 26: Happy Birthday to Laverne McDonald, a very special lady. Also celebrating is Betty Sherman, Braelyn Baugh and Marilyn Powell.*****Feb. 27: The girl from Abbeville, who celebrates her 69th class reunion this year, has a birthday today. We wish Anne Belle Hebert Rost many more healthy years. Our thoughts today are with longtime friend David Claybar on his birthday. God speed. We also remember our friend Gretta Brinson, who celebrates Today and best wishes to Sara Havens and Jeffery Frugia.*****Feb. 28: Happy Birthday Kathy McKenzie and Royce Pendergest.*****No Feb. 29 this year: Not celebrating is a kid we have known since diapers, 'Johnny Boy's' Logan Dubose. Also not having birthdays this year are Will Brinson and Kevin Jones. *****March 1: Happy Birthday to Deedra Black, Jill Culp, Robert Foster, Jennifer Thomas and Monica Wilson.


Clovis Fontonot him spent all of his life working as a seaman and he's now retired. Clovis him, had been gone from home so much over da years dat da old home place needed some fixing up, repairs on da chicken yard and a lot of cleaning up. While cleaning da attic him, Clovis found his wife Agnes' hope chest. He opened da chest and found $10,000 in cash and two eggs. He axe Agnes, "Say Hon, wats dem two eggs dere for?"

She answer, "Well Clovis, dats cause in our forty years of marriage, every time I was unfaithful me, I put an egg in da box."

Clovis told her, "Well Babe, wit me gone so much and you unfaithful jus two times in 40 years, I forgive you me, dats ok."

Clovis den axe, "Agnes, den where did you get da $10,000 hanh?"

Agnes replied, "Well, it's like dis, every time I got a dozen eggs me, I sold dem.



I've been following and have had an interest in politics since I was 8-years-old. I traveled the state in a sound truck with my uncle. He was an advance man for Sen. Dudley J. LeBlanc, who was running for governor. In 1950, I took part in the Joe Runnels-Sid Callivet campaign for mayor. I was hooked. I voted for Ike in 1952, my first time to vote. When I was a boy grass roots politicking took several directions. One was buying votes, 50 cents to one dollar per vote. Then there was what was called 'bull pens.' A night club would be rented, plenty of food and drinks were served, and music. Then everyone was locked in until morning when they were taken to the polls to vote. The voter just made his mark, an X, on the ballot. Everyone voted for the same candidate. That was back in the early 1940's, most of the population just spoke French and couldn't read or write. Let me tell you about modern day grass roots politicking. Just a few years ago everyone had inline telephones, today, it's difficult to have phone list because most everyone has a cell phone with no listing available. Campaign workers have always used the phone to get the vote our. Election Day is when everything got in high gear, making sure every last supporter got to the polls before closing time. I'll tell you about three interesting people who made last day voting into an art. Shirley Roccaforte and Jessie Brown both could get out one hundred votes or so out in one day. Only Shirley could get away with the way she did it and the language she used to make her point. If you promised her you would go vote, you'd better. She checked the list to see who voted. Jessie and Nolton Brown knew the voters so well they could vote your ballot. Jessie knew who to call and who not to call. She was good on the phone and she and Nolton did a lot of favors for a lot of folks. He was Ann Richards Orange County campaign manager so when she became governor he was able to get appointments for local people. I was one of them. The very best grass roots campaigner I ever knew was Bob Montagne, who had a team that was very organized. They worked throughout a campaign for their candidates. They met at Bob's home where they handwrote campaign cards to be mailed to the voters. He usually served a meal, gumbo, etc. He had a great team of good people, great politicians. On Election Day he had someone nearby watching with binoculars marking off names as people voted. In the last hours, if someone on their list had not voted, they were called or someone drove to their house often taking them to the polls. The Orangefield box always had the highest percentage of voters. Montagne always carried his box. No one has ever been able to duplicate his success even though I know of a couple of his bad loses. Times have changed. Local grass roots politicking ain't what it used to be and will never be again.***** Thanks for tagging along. Let us hear from you. Check us out daily at therecordlive.com. and please read us cover to cover. Take care and God bless our troops.


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