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Over the last few weeks we have had increased demand for more papers. We increased our circulation last week by 800 more County and Penny Records at some of our drop locations. The popularity of the publications could be from a full staff of writers for the first time in a long time. Margaret Toal, longtime newspaper reporter, former editor of the Leader, and a noted feature writer, is now retired but will devote some of her time to feature writing on a weekly basis. Dan Perrine, longtime professional journalist is a big plus in covering high school sports and being active with timely news on our website. They are joined by Joe Kazmar, who has been The Record's featured sports columnist for over 40 years. His last week's life's highway type column was one of his best. He tracked his baseball career all the way back from playing pitch and catch with his dad to winning the Little League World Championship and four successful award winning years at McNeese. Kaz's Korner, if you like sports, is always a good read. Capt. Chuck Uzzle, for 20 odd years, brings us the best in fishing and hunting. Losing Dickie Colburn last year was a tremendous loss. He was well known for his fishing column. We miss him and so does the fishing world. Dave Rogers is a real pro, a newsman who keeps us all informed about what's going on in the county. There is no better reporter in the entire area. To round out the entertainment part of The Record, there's Sherlock Breaux and Creaux, Tommy Mann who keeps us informed about the entertainment in the area, who is performing from Lake Charles to Beaumont and in between. From time to time Roy will run a Down Life's Hwy. column that has won several Press awards through the years. Home-girl Penny LeLeux, who has success with directing short movies, often brings us special feature stories. All in all, it's due to this staff of talented writers, well versed in the history of Orange County, that make these publications so popular. We write about the homefolks and we thank you for your loyal readership.*****Time to go on. Please come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


10 Years Ago-2012

The Republican Primary candidate Mitt Romney just can't close the deal. He's tried saying, y'all and eating steaming grits and still the best he could do in Alabama, Mississippi is a split showing. Maybe he should have tried eating liver and onions on the grits. I bet he doesn't know what liver is. He's running against a former senator who was defeated in his own state by 18 points and driven out of office. Another opponent is a long ago has-been that was driven out of office by his own party. Also running for the nomination is a 76-year old congressman who has a far out agenda. Yet Mitt W. Romney can't get over 50 percent of the votes in any contest. He'll end up with the nomination; he has too much money and the Republican establishment to lose. If the race drags on at its present rate, splitting the delegates, it will possibly go all the way to Texas May 29. At this time Santorum has a 30-point in the Texas polls. The speculation is that by November unemployment will be eight percent or below, making up most of the eight million jobs lost under the Bush Administration. Gas prices will fall below $3. It would be easy to ease gas prices if the congress went along. Just eliminate Federal taxes on every gallon of gas. Get the oil companies to cut profits 40 cents to 50 cents per gallon, instead of making $11 billion a quarter; they'll only make $9 billion.*****Leroy "Lee" Brown, 78, passed away Friday, March 8. Service was held Tuesday at Community Church. I first met Lee 50 years ago when he and wife Dorothy moved to Orange to establish a hearing aid business. Pioneering a business from the ground up is not always easy. Times were often difficult for Lee and Dorothy but they worked at it. I recall when Bill Cunningham ran the office while Lee handled outside sales. Lee found the Lord and spent the rest of his life honoring his Maker. His business grew and today, Brown Hearing Centers are successful and respected for their quality merchandise and outstanding service. For some time now the company has been operated by family members. Lee was a good man.*****The Justice Department rightfully declined on Monday to give clearance to Senate Bill 1400. The grounds requirements would place an undue burden on voters, many who don't possess state issued identification. The bill would have suppressed voter participation. In the past, only five fraud cases per year have been filed. It would have disenfranchised many of the poor and elderly and minorities. Texas is among 15 states controlled by Republicans asking that photo ID be required. (Editor's note: The new Texas voter laws of today surpass those laws. Should be a crime.***** A big surprise last week was Pat Robertson, evangelical leader, former presidential candidate and voice of the Right Wing, endorsing legalizing marijuana. Robertson said, "I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol." He continued, "This war on drugs just hasn't succeeded. I believe in working with hearts of people and not locking them up."

15 Years Ago-2007

Cal Broussard's mom, Ms. Gladys, is in Baptist Orange after falling in her home and hitting her head. She suffered memory problems but didn't forget that she used to smoke. She's on the upswing and will be admitted to the Meadows as soon as she's released. *****Meanwhile, Pete Runnels mom, Inez, is in the same hospital with a broken hip. That's her second time to pull that trick. She's doing as well as expected. *****In ICU at Baptist Orange is Constable Parker Thompson. P.T. was doing really well, had been working and had put on some weight. P.T. sure has had a hard time shaking this illness. *****H.D. Pate is having to get his knee redone. His last knee jerker didn't work, the pain only got worse. ***** Orange County's Clay Walker recorded a duet, 'Until the Next Teardrop Falls,' with Freddy Fender before he died in October. Clay even sings in Spanish on the record. *****Britt Godwin of Bridge City, who was on the road 11 years with Tracy Byrd, another Orange County native, will be performing at the Charlie Pruitt Show Saturday at the Holiday Inn Atrium Plaza in Beaumont. I don't know of any big star that is a better singer than Britt. None are as versatile as he is either. Just a great voice, singing anything from Frank Sinatra to Roger Miller. He's a great and talented guy. Charlie had heart surgery with four bi-passes. *****Mary and Don Stanton attended the  Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo where Alan Jackson was headliner. Mary says the show was good but they were more impressed with the quality of the rodeo performers. The rodeo had good stock and great cowboys. Mary is like a kid when it comes to fireworks and they put on two big displays the night they attended. *****Speaking of good 'Salt-of-the-Earth' folks, Bobby Shugart, who is working a 7-12 shutdown, says companies are complaining about not having enough skilled labor. What they forget, Bobby, is that their great, wise man, President Ronald Reagan, did everything he could to bust every union in the country so companies could pick up pipe-fitter, boiler-makers and other craft workers off the street corner and pay them half wages.*****Fats Domino is homesick for his New Orleans, Ninth Ward, home, the place of his birth in 1928. The home is being totally restored thanks to funds raised by Willie Nelson and other artists. *****The 49th annual 'World's Largest Rattlesnake Roundup,' in Sweetwater, drew over 25,000 participants and beat last year's record of 13,500 pounds of reptile meat. A parade, snake charmer and snake demonstrations were held as well as plenty of rattlesnake to eat, cooked in a variety of ways. ***** St. Mary Church in Orange will hold it's St. Joseph Altar Sunday at noon, March 18. Those Catholic women do such a great job. *****Speaking of Catholics, Dr. Chris Penning serves as Deacon at St. Henry's in Bridge City. Five years of schooling goes into becoming a Deacon. Everyone likes Dr. Penning and he's a darn good physician also. *****The coal miner's daughter is now Dr. Loretta Lynn after receiving a doctorate of music from Boston's Berklee College.

20 Years Ago-2002

Burgess is toasted and roasted at Bridge City. Friends and colleagues poked good-natured fun at Ninth Court of Appeals Judge Don Burgess at the Chamber's ninth celebrity annual roast. Sue Ball and Sen. Carl Parker told of helping Burgess get his first judgeship. Sue said she went to Austin to lobby Gov. Dolph Briscoe to appoint Burgess to the 268th District Court. He was a law partner of H.D. Pate at the time and the Governor was reluctant to appoint him because he owned an eighth interest in a racehorse. Judge Buddie Hahn, who succeeded Burgess as 260th Court judge, told about Don's Albert's Inn days. As an assistant district attorney he had long side burns, a beard, long hair, wore a Willie Nelson hat and went by the nickname of "Yosemite Sam." It was hard for Don to prosecute drunks because he didn't think it was a crime. Chief Justice Ron Walker zeroed in on Don's golf game. "He brings two dozen balls and has to borrow some by the 18th hole," Walker said. *****Michael Gentry stepped up to replace Robert Montagne as superintendent of Orangefield School District. He has spent 33 years in education, 27 at Orangefield. He climbed the latter from teacher, principle and assistant superintendent. His appointment will be official March 25. ***** Shannon and Thelma Messer celebrate their 60th anniversary March 14. They have six children, Karen Meaux, Judge Benfield, Becky Picard, Sharon Henry, Thelma Swearinger and Dr. Mark Messer.*****Peter Cloeren, Sr., 85, died Friday, March 8. He was founder of Cloeren INC.*****Eddie Ruppart, 84, died March 9. *****More than 55 coaches have applied for the Athletic Director and Head Football Coaches job at Bridge City. *****It was a lively Lunch Bunch gathering at the Golden Corral last week. Johnny Montagne and "Cochise" attended, Commissioner John Dubose, chaired the gathering. It was also revealed that Sharon Bearden's very first date was with Janice Gauthier Menard. Any Orange High boy took his life in his hands dating a Cove girl, picking her up and dropping her off was risky.

40 Years Ago-1982

Hal Wray named Citizen of the Year by the Opportunity Valley News.*****Roy Wingate claimed Ed Lovelace is the best salesman in the country. He sold an Orangefield man two milking machines and the guy just owned one cow. Ed took a mortgage on the cow as collateral on the machines.*****Bobby Hoosier is in John Sealy Burn Unit with burns on 85 percent of his body. He was caught in an oil rig fire in the Gulf and jumped 100 feet into the water. He was a human torch. He is listed in critical condition. (Editor's note: After a long haul, Bobby recovered, moved to California, raised a family, and has done quite well. His parents Tonker and Frances have since passed away.)*****Max Windham is named new manager of Perry Brothers. He replaces Jesse Brooks, who recently passed away. *****Corky Harmon will celebrate another birthday on March 18. *****Lani Hall will turn 8-years-old on March 16. *****Terri Swift has another one on St. Pat's Day, March 17. ******Jackie Harmon celebrates his day March 13. *****Donathon Matthew Johnson, is a 13-year-old preacher. It is claimed that he could read the Bible at age two but couldn't read anything else. Donny is guest preacher at many area churches in the Triangle and as far as Marshall, Leesville, and Oklahoma State Prison. He recently returned from preaching in Columbus, Ohio. He has a radio show on KOGT. (Editor's note: I wonder what became of him and if he stayed in preaching. He would be 58 today.*****Bridge City High School picks royalty. Kim Daniels voted Most Beautiful; Andy Morgan, Most Handsome; Liz Venable and Jim Shaw, Most Likely to Succeed; Cindy Adams and Craig Fisette, Friendliest. *****Former Orange County resident, Lewis Lemoine, who is now residing in New Orleans, will soon return to area. He has purchased a home in Bridge City. Lewis is married to the former Mildred Gauthier, sister of Charles Gauthier and Janice Menard. The Lemoines have five children who they refer to as the 'Five J's.' Their names are Jody, Jada, Jana, Jude, and June. (Editor's note: Lewis, Mildred and Janice have since passed away.)*****Mrs. A.J. Lapeyrolerie celebrates a birthday March 18. What a great lady.

45 Years Ago-1977

Uncle Jim McKay celebrates his 92nd birthday March 10. (Editor's note: Uncle Jim would be 127 today. He lived to be 101.)*****Phyllis Dunn's mom and dad, Amy and Whitney Oubre, celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary March 10. *****Bridge City's first mayor, P.M. "Red" Wood, seeks a fourth term. *****Bobby Hoosier, son of Frances and Tonka Hoosier, is in John Sealy Burn Unit after surviving an oil well fire in the Gulf of Mexico. He is considered in critical condition. (Editor's note: Bobby made it and then moved to California about 40 years ago.*****Dan Bray was rescued after two days stranded in the marsh with no food. A fishing trip he will never forget.


Our friend, former mayor, county commissioner, John Dubose, suffered a heart attack two weeks ago on Thursday. While inserting a stint through his groin all hell broke loose and he nearly bled out. He's home and due to have another stint to correct an 80% blockage. Not sure he wants to do the groin thing again.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. March 16: Amy Peveto, Chelsea Coleman, Blaine Slaughter, Buffy Doiron, Jordan Doiron , Karli Anderson and Cody Edwards all celebrate on this day.*****March 17: St. Patrick's Day is celebrated today. Also celebrating are Luke McFarlane, Sally Wingard, Stephanie Hughes, Ty Moreland and Josh Sims. This is also the day The Opportunity Valley News was started in 1971.*****March 18: Chlor Maelynn Jackson will turn 19 today. She's our friend Patti Hanks' granddaughter, Geraldine Cherry, Beth Shepherd, and Tammy Stark have birthdays on this day.*****March 19: Celebrating today are Courtinie Campbell, Roman Carpenter and Brandy Mayo.*****March 20: Dana Young, Jan Savage, Keely Benefield, Kamela Latiolais and Brittany Backer are a year older today.*****March 21: Donny Harmon, Johnny Dillion, Pam Nugent, Kyle Anderson, Tanya Simon and Lisa Roberts have birthdays on this day.*****March 22: Kyle Leyendecker Wanda Taylor, Carroll Kile and Carsen Carpenter celebrate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL.


March 16: Actors Erik Estrada, 73; Victor Garber, 73; Lauren Graham, 55.*****March 17: Actors Rob Lowe, 58; Kurt Russell, 71: Gary Sinise, 67.*****March 18: Pop Singer Adam Levine, 43; Show Host Mike Rowe, 60; Actors Queen Latifah, 52 and Vanessa Williams, 59.*****March 19: Country Singer Carrie Underwood, 39; Actors Sharon Stone, 64; Jon Hamm, 51.*****March 20: Director Spike Lee, 65; Actor David Thewlis, 59.*****March 21: Actors Scott Eastwood, 36; Matthew Broderick, 60; Gary Oldman, 64.*****March 22: Football Player J.J. Watt, 33; Actors Reese Witherspoon, 46 and William Shatner, 91.


A Texas National Guard member, one of 10,000 on the border, was sitting in the shade of a mesquite tree south of McAllen when asked about his duties. His response, "It's all political theater. We sit here, away from home, family and jobs, just watching the grass grow." National Guard members are not allowed to arrest anyone. They just watch for an illegal crossing the river and shout to a border patrol office, "There's one, right over yonder near the barn."


Russia's invasion and killing in Ukraine has galvanized the world against Vladimir Putin but not Americans Marjorie Taylor Green, Paul Gosar, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump. They call Putin savvy, very smart and Donald even calls Putin a genius.


File (fee-lay), ground Sassafras leaves used to season gumbo and other dishes. In Louisiana leaves are gathered in October by spreading white sheets on the ground. It is said that the leaves come from female trees that have white roots. The male has red roots, which root beer and sarsaparilla, etc. is made from.


Joe Robicheaux was having some bad luck and a hard time him. His wife, Eula Mae, suggest that maybe he should turn to God and go to church.

He said, "I'll try dat me."

He went to Brother Gaspard's church. The Rev. Gaspard him, preach a fire and brim stone sermon. Den he axe, "Anybody dat got a problem to come to da front."

Joe him, he do dat.

Brother Gaspard axe, "What's you problem?"

Joe say, "It's my hearing."

The Reverend put one hand on Joe's head and his finger in Joe's ear. He preach and axe the Lord to drive da devil out. Da congregation joined in da worship. After a few minutes Rev. Gaspard remove his hand from Joe's head and took his finger out of his ear. Den he axe Joe, "How's your hearing?"

Joe anser, "I don't know me, it's not until next week at da courthouse."



If you didn't read this column closely, you missed something. I've had it and am out of here. Thanks for your time and for making us Orange County's best-read newspaper. Till next time, Take care and God bless.


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