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I wonder

As a confessed political junkie, I sit around wondering many times about why some things are as they are.

As an example, when I see a candidate flooding the news media with ad after ad which costs millions of dollars, I just wonder where in the world, he or she, got all the money and why.

When I live in a world in which all politicians claim to be the freest democracy on earth, why do so many of our members of legislative bodies vote for measures which increasingly make it harder to cast a vote: creating long lines, complicated signature requirements, time limits and restricted ways to vote.

I also wonder why it is that so many in Texas claim to be pro-life and constantly state their concerns about saving the unborn but seem to totally ignore the fact our state is among the leaders in deaths connected to childbirth and runs first or second in the number of children without adequate health care. I also wonder why, if we care so much about children, why the state has repeatedly ignored court orders to take better care of dependent children.

If anyone knows the answers to these questions, please contact me because I would really like to know. My email address is [email protected].


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