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When and how will it end? Western officials and analysts say the conflict is turning into a grinding war of attrition, with Russian president Vladimir Putin's forces using air power and artillery to pulverize cities from a distance. Russia's invasion has driven over 3.5 million people from Ukraine. Those who have made it out of Mariupol told of a divested city. There are no buildings there anymore. The pre-war population of Mariupol was around 430,000. Around a quarter were believed to have left in the opening days. Many others were killed. Putin continues to find support among some in the United States. The 'man with a thousand faces,' Tucker Carlson, as late as Monday night on his FOX show, was claiming that Ukraine is not a democracy. He also claimed that Putin had never done anything to hurt him personally. Late last week, two FOX journalist were killed by the Russians, despite wearing signs that they were the Press. A standstill in this war will eventually destroy the countries infrastructure. I don't believe the Ukrainians will ever give up, even if the Russians kill President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Putin will have to be held as a War Criminal. My bet is he rolled the dice and lost, despite the destruction of Ukraine


James B "Buster" Scales, age 93, passed away on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2022. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, March 23, 2:00 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. I had known Buster and his brother Harold since 1953 and also their dad Burlie, who I believe was the post master at the time. Buster and his wife Sybil raised a houseful of youngsters and I'm proud to have known most of them. I especially valued the friendship of Jimmy and Donna. Jimmy died in 2017 from an accident with a lawn mower. Buster was the kind of guy you would like when you first met him. He was a jack-of-all-trades and was an okay guy to ride the range with. Condolences to his large family and many friends. His obituary tells his story so please read it. May he rest in peace.


15 Years Ago-2007

Four years ago this week, 2003, the United States invaded Iraq. It should have been a cakewalk, however, our leaders were so incompetent that they let our troops stand around and watched the people loot the entire country. The boys laughed at how much stuff those Iraqi people could stack on their backs, heads, and in hand drawn carts. They emptied every palace, government building, stores and gun shops. Our troops cheered as Saddam's statue was toppled. The U.S. just gave them the run of the country. A short time later President Bush landed on the aircraft carrier and declared victory. In a 'how tough we are' statement, the President declared, "Bring them on." They were stupid enough to believe we had really won. Four years later, 3,220 soldiers have been killed, 298 from Texas, 69 from Southeast Texas. Texas has sent 160,000 active duty and 23,161 National Guard and Reservists since mission accomplished. *****We were sorry to hear of the death of Myrtle Susan Granger, 94, who passed away March 13. Her services were held March 16. She was a beautiful, petite lady, full of energy and always had a big smile. Among her off springs were grandsons, Cal Stakes, Jr. and Marc Carter. That should tell you what an interesting life this fun lady had.***** Well, I'm still in the hunt for the final four. I led with my heart in putting Texas in the mix for the finals but I was certain they would make the final 16. USC, from the git-go, smoked them out. Kevin Durant, 6 feet, 9 inch freshman, scored 30 points, with 9 rebounds in the 87-68 game. The rest of the Texas team fell short however. Durant hasn't decided if he will get in the draft but the Boston Celtics have been fined $30,000 by the NBA for contacting Durant's family. The good news is that Texas A&M, for the first time, has made the final 16. They meet Memphis in San Antonio Thursday. If they win, they will likely meet one of my picks, Ohio State, Kansas and Oregon, my other picks, are still in.*****Wilford 'Crazy Ray' Jones, 76, Cowboy super fan cheerleader, died Saturday, March 17. The fans loved him in his western outfit. *****Happy birthday this week to our special, beautiful friend Carol Emerson, who celebrated March 19. *****Glenn Close turns 60, and Bruce Willis, 52, on the same day.*****Rosie O'Donnell turns 45 on March 21. *****Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Prince Fredric Von Anhalt, has sued Bill O'Reilly for defamation of character. Bill called him a 'fraud' for claiming he could be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. The Prince is seeking at least $10 million in damages. O'Reilly hurt his pride by insinuating that the Prince didn't have it in him to make a baby. I look for that baby situation to be settled this week with DNA. I don't believe the Prince will be the dad. *****Tom DeLay has a new book out, "No Retreat, No Surrender." In it, he burns some of his friends for not having the guts to follow through with taking over the country. DeLay's plan, through redistricting, would have made the US a dictatorship. It's a good thing he was stopped because the United States would have been in total control of the neocons. *****Doug Harrington and Owen Hebert have both become interested in wild hogs. Their argument is that we have cow, buffalo, goat and sheep cheese, why not pig cheese. Pigs are not ruminants (with four stomach digestion tracts) they don't produce the acids that give the other animal cheese its distinctive flavor. Sows milk wouldn't taste very good either but what I'm wondering is who is going to hold that wild, 700 pound sow for someone to milk her. *****Matt Bryant came by the Creaux's Nest where he, Roy and Mark had a nice visit. This week, Matt will try to get in a little baseball hitting with the Cardinal team. Sunday he will fly back to Clearwater, Florida for the Legends baseball game between the major league old timers and the celebrities. Matt will be paired with former major leaguer Boggs for the Home-run Derby before the game. Ironically, last year Matt was given a bat with the number 62 printed on it. Later, in the football season he kicked his record 62-yard field goal. Matt is also coaching his stepson's little league team in Tampa Bay. He is in the second year of a five-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Matt is a member of the 1992 Bridge City baseball team that played in the state championship game. The team will be honored Saturday before the 2:00 p.m. Bridge City game. Coach Chuck Young and most of the players are expected to attend. Billy Bryant, Matt's brother, is the Cardinal head baseball coach. His dad, Casey, was Bridge City's first coach in 1956 and his mom, Mary, is on the school board. Matt and his two brothers Kim and Billy starred in high school in both baseball and football. Kim was selected to the All State baseball team. Matt went into football. His two brothers were baseball standouts at McNeese.


40 Years Ago-1977

Jim Austin announces the association of Houston Baker with the Jim Austin Olds-Cadillac-Toyota on IH-10. *****McDaniel's Liquor holds a grand opening. Specials: Old Charter, fifth $5.39; Old Taylor, fifth $4.59; Jim Bean, fifth $4.29; Budweiser, 6-12 oz. Cans $1.39; Pabst, 12-12 oz. Cans $2.49; Buckhorn, 6-12oz. Cans $1.15. *****Uncle Jim 'The Fisherman' McKay at his 92nd birthday party held at the Opportunity Valley News, was visited by Raymond Prater, 91. The two old gentlemen shared stories about life before the turn of the century and the early 1900's. *****Baxter fired again. This time by John Hicks at KLVI. Bax made $50,000 a year and was one of the highest paid disc jockeys in the country but claims to have brought in over $1 million in advertisement the last nine years. *****The good old boys at Courtesy Pontiac are Ken Hughes, Don Jones and Terry Morton. *****Rhonda Beeson turns ten this week. Kay Morlis also has a birthday and Janet Hall will turn three on March 28. *****Jesse Dupuis, who was burned in a Texaco explosion, has been taken off the critical list. James Rowe also burned is still listed as critical. *****Bobby Hoosier, a burn victim in John Sealy Hospital, is in need of blood donors. (Editor's note; all three of these guys recovered after much time and have lived productive lives. *****Attorney Cimron Campbell is president of the Orange County Bar Association. *****Terri Pasternak, known for her jewelry creations, will have a trunk showing at Scofield's of Orange on 10th Street. *****A group of entertainers got together for a gig at the home of Roy and Phyllis Dunn. Bax, using his smoking pipe as a microphone, put on a six-hour show. Jimmy Carlisle performed two sets, Don Jacobs sang most of the songs that he has written including, 'Stump Broke Henry,' 'Leave Wella Nuff Alone,' and a song about Sheriff Moore, who had a daughter named Less. Another song was about Harold Beeson's ex wife, and his latest, The 'Legend of Roy Dunn.' Vickie Cash and Dennis Hall entertained with their guitars. Everyone else pitched in with songs. *****Pat Doguet has started childcare center, training for per-schoolers. *****Bridge City baseballers win John J. Certa Tournament. Jim Shaw and David Jones named to the All Tourney Team. Kim Bryant named MVP. In Track Rusty Purifoy and Toney Mulholland placed first and second in the 880-yard dash. Charlotte Marks wins girl's 880 for the Cardinals. *****Renee Romero turns 17 on March 23. ***** Wade Gillis also celebrates a birthday.

50 Years Ago-1972

The first Opportunity Valley Newspaper was published on March 17, St. Patrick's Day, 1971. Last week, in 1972, the O.V.N. celebrated its first anniversary. The front page of that paper featured a picture of Steve Worster and his 14-year-old brother Gary arm wrestling. Also inside is a full page interview with Steve from high school, University of Texas and Canadian football, about his speed and running style. Steve said, "I run 4.7 in the 40 when I'm in shape, out of shape 4.9. According to the pros, they could care less, they say I have quickness off the start. There are probably not three fullbacks in the league who can run better than 4.8."*****Judge Eugene R. Hoyt has withdrawn from the race for 163rd District Court because of ill health. Hoyt is in a Houston hospital. His action leaves Judge Fred Trimble unopposed. Hoyt was appointed to the 163rd District Court bench by Gov. John Connally in Sept. of 1963. He was elected to the post in 1964. Hoyt was defeated by Trimble in 1968. He was also an unsuccessful write-in-candidate for John Dowdy's second congressional district seat. Hoyt has practiced law in Orange County since 1952.*****John Ford was appointed constable of Pct. 2 by Commissioners Court to fulfill the unexpired term of his brother, Louis O. Ford, Jr., who was killed in the line of duty on January 31, 1971. John Ford, 35, is running to keep the constable position. He and Geraldine have three children, Vickie, 13, John, 10 and Mark, 8. Ford is a native of Port Arthur and 1955 Thomas Jefferson graduate. He is an employee of Dupont Sabine River Works.*****J.O. Joe Davis is a candidate for mayor of Bridge City. Davis is 45-years-old. He and wife Geneva have four sons, Jay, Joe, James and John. Davis is employed at E.I. Fupont.


Spotted indulging in spicy, boiled crawfish at High Tides Friday afternoon was pretty Morgan Shaw, Collin Gros and his brother Sean. Morgan was on spring break from Dallas; Sean was in from College Station. They gave the crawfish high marks.*****I had been out of honey for some time but thankfully our friend Phillip Welch has re-supplied me. I spoke to him several times since he delivered it to our office in Orange but Mark had neglected to bring it to me. Thanks Phillip, I'll enjoy it even more after the wait.*****Speaking of stuff to put on pancakes, here's a new one on me. Mark's daughter Jenna and her family, who live on a 72 acre farm in north Massachusetts, raise animals, produce and most interesting to me, they bleed Maple trees for sap. This can only be done in very cold weather. This winter they made 100 gallons of Maple juice that will be used to make syrup and other items. Once the weather gets warm they turn the spickets off. *****Speaking of Mark, he was concerned about the wildfires in Eastland County. He has taken a lot of photographs around Rising Star where the Dunn clan was raised. His grandfather Clay, great-grandparents, great aunts and uncles are all buried there in Sipe Springs cemetery.*****I asked Keith Wallace if they were taking spring break this year. Keith said, "No, that Logan wouldn't allow it because my production was below par."*****Here's a suggestion I'll pass on. I heard a doctor say if you are 60 or older and have had COVID you should visit a cardiologist. I recommend Gulf Coast Cardiology. Chances are you will see someone you know. I've never been to Dr. Morbia that I didn't run into one of the home folks.****I've always enjoyed baseball since I played it as a youngster. I've been watching Bridge City High School baseball about 60 years. I don't recall a bad B.C. team. I remember in 1965, Steve Worster was the catcher for the Cardinals, Joe Langston the pitcher. In a game being played at Stark High West End Baseball Field, I visited with a scout for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was looking for a big catcher and first baseman. The catcher however was headed to Longhorn football the following year.*****Speaking of Bridge City baseball, Jacob Lemoine, Bridge City 2012 grad, is currently pitching for the Oakland Athletics in MLB Spring training as a non-roster invitee. He's expected to begin the year in Triple-A with the Las Vegas Aviators. Also, 2015 grad, Chase Shugart, coming off a successful winter in the Puerto Rican Winter League is expected to begin the year pitching for the Portland Sea Dogs, Double-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Good luck to both of these fine lads.


March 23: Celebrating are Kenneth Kemp, Lance Eads,

Kurt Haggard, Chad Gearhart, Natalie Sarvar, Tiffany Smith, Helen Clark and Euel Norwood.*****March 24: Hannah Drane, Coach Joseph Blanda, Matt Hanson and Dr. Grant Kimbrough.*****March 25: Katie Birdwell, Matt Thompson, Warren Claybar.*****March 26: Karen Bozman, Sherry Stevens and Christy Day.*****March 27: Jordan Harper, Dale Forse and Jane Scherer.*****March 28: Garrett Gros, Dorothy Keith, Lindsey Peoples, Steve Holland.*****March 29: Julie Walker Kaydee Wingate, Al Granger and Julie Norwood Happy Birthday to All.


March 23: Blogger Parez Hilton, turns 44; Country Singer Brett Eldridge, 36; Actress Keri Russell, 46; R&B Singer Chaka Khan, 48.*****March 24: Football Player Payton Manning, 48; Actors Jim Parsons, 49; Alyson Hannifin, 48.*****March 25: Rock Singer Elton John, 75; Race Car Driver Danica Patrick, 40; Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, 57.*****March 26: Soul Singer Diana Ross, 78; Rock Singer Steven Tyler, 74; Country Singer Kenny Chesney, 54.*****March 27: Pop Singer Mariah Carey, 52; Director Quentin Tarantino, 59; Singer Fergie, 47.*****March 28: Pop Singer Lady Gaga, 36; Country Singer Reba McEntire, 67; Movie Actor Vince Vaughn, 62.*****March 29: Model Elle Macpherson, 58; Actors Lucy Lawless, 54; Scott Wilson, 80.


Miss Agnes Comeaux, da organist at St. Mary's, in her 80's now had never been married, her. Everybody loved Ms. Agnes and admired her for her sweetness and kindness to all. Father Guillory him, was a new pastor dat had just arrived as the pastor of St. Mary's. He went around the community, getting acquainted and visiting his church members. One afternoon father Guillory came calling on Miss Agnes. She showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited da pastor to have a seat while she made dem a cup of Community Coffee.

As he sat facing Miss Agnes' old Hammond organ, da young priest noticed a cutglass bowl sitting on top of it. Da bowl was filled wit water and in da water floated, of all tings, a condom.

Miss Agnes returned wit da coffee and some of her famous sugar cookies, den dey began to chat. Father Guillory tried to ignore his curiosity about da bowl of water and it's strange floater.

Soon however, it got da better of him and he jus couldn't resist no longer him. "Miss Agnes," he said, pointing to da bowl, "I wonder if you would tell me about dis?"

"Oh Father," she replied, "Ain't it wonderful."  "I was walking through da park me, last spring and I found dis little package on da ground. Da directions said to place it on da organ, keep it wet and dat it would prevent da spread of disease. You know father, I haven't had da flu, not even a cold all winter, me."



Historical Nominee for Supreme Court

The confirmation hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson got underway Monday. The first Black woman nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Jackson is expected to face opposition and criticism from Texas U.S. senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. Judge Jackson has been through three confirmation hearings for Federal Judicial positions. The GOP Texas senators did not support her nomination then and neither will do so now. Sen. Cory Booker, a Black senator from New Jersy, said, "It's never happened before. The senate is poised right now to break another barrier. We are on the precipice of shattering another ceiling." The hearing continued with questions for the Judge on Tuesday and Wednesday. No judge has ever been nominated for the Supreme Court that has had more experience than Judge Jackson. She has written more than 570 decisions. If confirmed this will be a landmark achievement in our nation's history. President Joe Biden had promised to nominate a Black woman to the court. "It's the right thing to do, said the President.***** Let us hear from you, also check us out on the web. Take care and God bless.


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