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We were having a Jayhawks watch party, pulling for Kansas to defeat North Carolina for the National College Basketball Championship. By half-time, we had eaten our fill of gumbo and the trimmings. Total silence had overtaken the group as Kansas fell 16 points behind at the halfway mark. I gave up, saying no team had ever come back from such a deficit at half-time in a championship game and North Carolina was not the kind of team that allowed other teams to make a run on them. Charles Barkley, who for weeks said Kansas was the best team in the country, still had a semi-optimistic view that the Jayhawks could pull it off. After the half-time break, both teams came back as completely different teams. North Carolina was as bad as they were good in the first half. Kansas also did a complete turn around and could do nothing wrong. Eight minutes into the second half N.C. had scored only five points. Kansas was like they had found magic, winning the championship 72-69 for the greatest comeback of all time.*****I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's historic elevation to the Supreme Court, giving President Joe Biden's nominee a burst of bipartisan support and all but assuring she'll become the first Black female justice. With three Republicans supporting her in the 50-50 split Senate, Jackson is on a glidepath to confirmation and on the brink of making history as the third Black justice and only the sixth woman in the court's more than 200-year history. Beyond the historic element, Democrats have cited her deep experience in nine years on the federal bench and the chance for her to become the first former public defender on the court. Both Collins and Murkowski said they believed that the Senate nomination process has become broken as it has become more partisan in the past several decades. Biden nominated Jackson to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer. Biden has sought bipartisan backing for his pick, making repeated calls to senators and inviting Republicans to the White House. "Judge Jackson will bring extraordinary qualifications, deep experience and intellect, and a rigorous judicial record to the Supreme Court," Biden tweeted earlier Monday. "She deserves to be confirmed as the next justice later this week.


15 Years Ago-2007

Last week Cal Broussard was picking up all the old boys and giving them a ride to Van Choate's for the Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathering. Cal is the only one who drives one of those Cadillac SUV's so he's running a cab service. *****Heard from James and Janet Fontenot, who are living at Heritage Oaks, in Georgetown. They are planning to have the Orange crew over in December for a big gumbo at the new Heritage Oaks clubhouse commercial kitchen. We had wondered about their daughter April. She is now a pharmacist in Liberty. *****I'm constantly amazed at Mark's sports pictures. His action shots are unbeatable. He's in a league of his own. The shot of Dishon last week, hitting that homer, is an award winner. *****Charlie Wickersham celebrates a birthday April 3. He's having a party at the David Self Ford open house.  By the way, daughter Liz and Paul Derovnian are marking their anniversary the next day, April 4. We don't see Charlie much lately. Sprad says he invites him over for dinner but it's past his bedtime when Charlie wants to start the feed.*****Happy 97th birthday to Odette Simar, a very special lady, who celebrated Saturday.***** Remember former congressman Bob Barr, the far-right, Christian crusader, who preached that everyone who deals in drugs should get long terms in prison? Well, he has left the GOP since getting defeated in Georgia's congressional race. In 1999, he sponsored a bill to block the use of medical marijuana. He called it, "Bogus Witchcraft." Today Barr is lobbying for legalizing pot and defends its usage. I knew that old boy was a hypocrite when he declared himself a man of God and branded President Clinton as a sinner.*****The Texas House voted to give teachers an overall $800 raise, ending incentive pay. However, Sen. Florence Shapiro and Gov. Rick Perry will fight to defeat it. Opponents say merit pay pits teachers against each other. The 2006 school finance plan gave the teachers a $2,000 across-the-board raise.***** I had been seeing this lovely, distinguished lady and thought she looked somewhat familiar but couldn't place her. I found out, in our paper last week, the classy lady I had been seeing was recording artist Billie Jo Spears, who lives right here among us. I bet she has great stories about the artists she has known during her career and world travels. There sure are a lot of questions I'd like to ask her, personal antidotes, etc.***** Denise Jackson, wife of Alan Jackson, has written a memoir about her marriage and life with the country singer. They met in their teens, went through the pressures of success, separation and reconciliation. The book titled "It's all about him: Finding the love of my life," will be out July 31, also a bonus CD with two songs Jackson recorded specifically to accompany the book. *****Also  out this week, April 3 is a CD of 15 songs featuring Jackson, George Strait and Jimmy Buffett. Speaking of musicians, folks who are now in or approaching their 50's: Remember this guy, singer/piano player Leon Russell turned 65 on Monday, April 2. *****Emmylou Harris turned 60 on Saturday, March 31.***** Orange County's John Patterson, the number one ace pitcher for the Washington Nationals, pitched the opening day game Monday against Florida.  John didn't have a good outing. The Marlins won 9-2. He pitched 3.2 innings. One of Roy Dunn's favorite collection memorabilia is John's cap from the game.

45 Years Ago-1977

Retired nurse Doris Faircloth enters the business world, opening her 'Red House' & 'Green House.' Gifts in the 'Red House,' plants in the 'Green House.' The business is located at 520 Lee St. in Bridge City. (Editor's note: Doris was the wife of Lee Faircloth, one of her three sons, Steve, is Bridge City Chief of Police.) Valedictorians have been announced in Bridge City. They are Cindy Adams, Craig Fisette and Kevin Haynes. Salutatorian will be Donna Becker. *****McDaniel's Liquor on 16th St., co-owned by John Smith, Dan Barberre and John Smith, continue the store's grand opening sale. *****KOGT radio station changes hands. Sabine Area Broadcasting Co. becomes KOGT INC. Edwin T. Lovelace, Jr. sold the station for $488,000, plus $80,000 for a non-competition contract. Buyers are Tolbert Foster, who holds 27.89 percent of the station, former Gov. Allen Shivers has 27.89 percent, and the rest is split among three buyers. The group also owns KVUE-TV, Austin; KNGT, Palestine; KUTE-FM, Austin; KTEP-FM, El Paso, and KDET-AM, Center. (Editor's note: I remember that change after many years of local ownership. I bet no one remembers better than Richard Corder, who had to deal with some out-of-town big shots and a station manager who wanted his hide. I recall when Teddy Bear Cox and Roy Dunn confronted the manager, Bill Fort, and it wasn't pretty. He got the message and Richard stayed with the station for another 30 years, until a stroke, last year caused his retirement. Richard passed away several years ago.)*****Gary Johnson, Melvin Hogan and Brown Claybar elected to West Orange-Cove school district board. Merger of West Orange and Cove school districts passes. Cove High students have previously attended Bridge City High. *****Lon Hubbard will escort Michelle Harris to Dogwood Festival coronation as festival queen. Michelle, a Bridge City student, was selected by B&PW in the Miss Bridge City Pageant. *****Rose Davis celebrates a birthday in a few days. *****Barbara Gail Brown turns sweet sixteen.*****The lovely young lady in Gunn's Studio ad this week is Kim Daniels, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Hogan. *****Ace Amodeo comes up with a black eye, blaming it on a bee sting. Friends suggest it was a left hook from Jo. *****Jack and Nancy Ramsey are building a new home. She and Jack are having problems over Nancy wanting to install burnt orange, tea-sipper carpet and Jack ain't going for it.

50 Years Ago-1972

Barbara Mulhollan was in charge of the skit (politics) at the legal secretaries' banquet and party and did a beautiful job. Here is a very condensed review of the party that brings back many memories. Many of these great folks are gone now. Hazel Force was named 'Secretary of the Year,' Judge Grover Halliburton 'Boss of the Year.' He was nominated by Barbara Gillis who is batting 1,000. Judge David Dunn threw her under the bus after she pushed Commissioners Court to name Dunn county court judge. Cowboy Hillard says Wayne Peveto, running for state representative, shook his hand four times at the party. Jerry Wimberly was overheard saying, "With all these politicians, a fellow could get his hand shook plum off." Jeanette Owens, Mary Hoyt, Sandy Parkhurst and Louvenia Hryhorchuk were attending solo. That's a lot of solo in one place. Sharon Bearden, a candidate for district attorney, who has lost a few pounds, says if he got down to 136 pounds they would still call him that little fat assistant D.A. A few others in attendance were Clark Gimple, Jim Morris, Marlin Thompson, Charlie Wickersham, Judge Frank Husthmyre, Max Boatman and wife Gladys, State Representative Clyde Haynes, Fred Cervelli, attorney Jack Smith, Senator Charlie Wilson, Verdis Wagner, attorney John Beeson, attorney Graham Bruce, Linda and Charlie Reed, Don Burgess. (Editor's note: Most are gone now. Can you pick out those still with us.)*****Dr. Terry Fontenot will be leaving Bridge City to open an office in Morgan City.*****Congratulations to Sherry Hatton, who received a $100 scholarship from Lamar Art Department.*****Carroll G. Holt is a candidate for the West Orange-Cove school board.*****Bill Tillman is a candidate for LCM school board.***** Twenty year old Lamar student, Larry Fisher, is a candidate for WO-Cove school board trustee.*****In the Orange Evening Optimist oratorical contest Sheri Hayes, Stark won first place; Barbarba Brant, West Orange, took second place. In the boy's division, Steve Neuman won first place, Gary Garrison, Stark, second place.*****Three of our J.P.'s are attending a conference in College Station this week. They are James Stringer, Marlin Shelton and Martin Ardoin.*****Beall's, at 506 Green Ave., is having a grand opening sale.



Congratulations to our hometown boy Jacob Lemoine who will make the Oakland A's Opening Day bullpen. Lemoine was informed Sunday that he had made the team and will be on the roster. Jacob is a 2012 graduate of Bridge City High School. One person who has followed Jacob since Little League is his grandfather Jerry McInnis. His proud parents are Lisa and Jude Lemoine.*****J.W. Dalton told me about a big party that will be held April 23 with lots of food, entertainment and fun. More on the big Motorcycle Awareness Day in next week's issue. Watch for it.*****It was good to hear from Tonya Birdwell. I hadn't heard from her since her mother, Nova Dee, left us. She and sister "Hootsie" sure miss her. I do too. "Hootsie" is living at her mom's place and working at The Stark Museum and really enjoying it. Tonya said right now her husband Tommy is hitting on seven of his eight cylinders and that's good.*****Did you know Texas has an Eiffel Tower. It stands 65 feet high and topped with a big western hat and is located in Paris, in Northeast Texas.*****Last week I noticed that Coree, Christy Koury's only child, turned 18-years-old. Those two have been really close through the years. Coree graduates from Orangefield in May and plans to attend college at the University of Houston. She was worried about leaving her mom but knows Kirk will take good care of her.*****Here is one Texas story you may not have heard. Selena, the most inflectional Latin artist of all times was born April 16, 1971 at Freeport Community Hospital. She was delivered by former congressman Ron Paul, who worked as an obstetrician gynecologist from 1961 to 1980 in Lake Jackson where Selena was born. She was murdered by an employee on March 31, 1995. That was 27 years ago, she was only 26 years old.*****This week in 1882, the outlaw Jesse James was shot to death in St. Joseph, Missouri, by Robert Ford, a member of the James gang.*****Sarah Palin to run for U.S. House seat from Alaska to replace Rep. Don Young, who died last month after serving 49 years in the House. Palin already has some opposition, one from a North Pole city council-member named Santa Clause. Sara has made a deal with Donald and he has endorsed her. Just what this country needs, one more Bimbo in congress. At least we will find out just how good a Trump endorsement is. By the way, when is the last time you heard Abbott mention his name. Donald who?*****Fifty-four years ago, on April 3, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered what was his final speech to striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee. "I've been to the mountain top and seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you but I want you to know tonight that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land." MLK was killed the next day by James Earl Ray.*****The number one non-fiction book is, "One Damn Thing After Another," by former Trump attorney general William P. Barr, who recounts how evil the former president is.*****The number one non-fiction is, "Run Rose Run," by Dolly Parton and James Patterson. The book portrays a singer/songwriter's dark past.


April 6: Happy Birthday to Judge Chad Jenkins, Cyndie Chauvin, Helen Locklin, John Green. This is the day the United States entered WWI in 1917.*****April 7: Shelly Watts, Linda Juneau, Wayne McPherson and April Butler.*****April 8: Special Happy Birthday to Janelle and George's lovely daughter, Angel Sehon, also to Cathy Riley, Lindsey Etheridge, Mike Knox, Lorene Zoch and Melissa Pitman. On this date in 1974, Hank Aaron hit his record homerun #715 on a pitch from Al Downey.*****April 9: Trey Dubose, Kristi Trahan, Terri Brent, Tonya Burch.*****April 10: Happy Birthday to Janet Montagne, Barbara Goins, Elliot Purcell, Jamye Martin, K'Lynn Ess, Dr. Katie Olson Nancy Hood and Austin Brent.*****April 11: Becky Myers, David Thacker, Dustin Kemp, Jackie Schell, Patsy Evans, Amanad Ginn and Travis Reed.*****April 12: Jill Lemoine, Don Breaux, Kathy Vessel, Roy Mazzagate III, Shellie Holmes. The Civil War started in 1861 on this date. It ended June 22, 1865.*****April 13: Betty Stark, Dawn Mason, Gene Bellard, Kaylin Abshire, and Jo Ann Collins. Happy Birthday to All.


April 6: Actors Candance Careron-Bure, 46; Paul Rudd, 53; Billy Dee Williams, 85.*****April 7: Former football player Tiki Barber, 47; Actors Jackie Chan, 68; Russell Crowe, 58.*****April 8: Actors John Schneider, 60; Patricia Arquette, 54; Taylor Kitsch, 41.*****April 9: Actors Kristen Stewart, 32; Dennis Quaid, 68; Keshia Pullman, 43, Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs, 59.*****April 10: Singer/Actress Mandy Moore, 38; Country Singer Marin Morris, 32; Actor Steven Seagal, 70.*****April 11: Soul Singer Joss Stone, 35; Wrestler Goldust, 54; Actor Marcus Johns, 29.*****April 12: Actors Andy Garcia, 66; Claire Danes, 43; Shannen Doherty, 51; Retired Show Host David Lettermen 75.


A letter from Cuzzin Sostan

Dear Simple

Jus dropping a line to catch you up on wats going on here. Tings are a little better here. 

Sugar Bee's brother Clyde, went down to Baton Rouge and applied for a job wit da police department. He passed all da test but he flunked da physical. Da exam results showed dat he was allergic to donuts him.

Cuzzin, Joe Fontonot went to jail. He was making big money him, it was about a quarter of an inch too big, da FBI said.

Ed Boudreaux and his wife Agnes, moved to Baton Rouge dem. Ed got a job driving a taxi cab him. He said he picked up a Texan, wat was going to da airport. Ed said da Texan axe him wat da LUS football stadium was, den he axe how long it took to build it. Boudreaux said, "Bout five years." Da Texan said, "We got one bigger dan dat and it took only one year to build." Wen da pass da capital, he axe Broudreaux how long it took to build it? "Bout tree years," Boudreaux answer. Da Texan said, "We got one in Austin dat only took six months to build." Wen dey drove past da Mississippi bridge, da Texan axe, "How long did it take to build dat bridge?" Ed was tired of dat him, he answer, "I don't know me, it wasn't dere dis morning.?

Well dats about it from here.

You cuz,



Global Outrage Mounts with Bodies Found in Streets

Moscow faced accusations of war crimes Monday after the Russian pullout from the outskirts of Kyiv revealed streets strewn with corpse of what appeared to be civilians, some whom had seemingly been killed at close range. The grisly images of battered bodies left out in the open or hastily buried led to calls for tougher sanctions against the Kremlin, namely a cutoff of fuel imports from Russia, Germany and France created by expelling dozens of Russian diplomats, suggesting they wee spies, and President Joe Biden said Russian leader Vladimir Putin should be tried for war crimes. "This guy is brutal, and what's happening in Bucha is outrageous," Biden said, referring to the town northwest of the capital that was the scene of some of the horrors. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called the "genocide" and "war crimes" in Bucha.. He said dead people had been "found in barrels, basements, strangled, tortured." "We have every reason to believe that there are many more people killed, " he said. "Much more than we know." At the same time many warned that the full extent of the horrors has yet to emerge.*****Thanks for your time. Please shop our advertisers. Take care and God bless.



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