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Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City attend National Tourney

Students from Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City descended on Galveston, Texas on March 11th and 12th, 2022 for the Tiger Rock Texas National Tournament.

Our members competed against the best Martial Athletes from thirteen Tiger Rock Academies from all around Texas. Contestants competed in the following events: Traditional Forms, Sport Sparring, Player 2 Sparring, and Board Breaking.

Competitors winning Gold medals in Traditional Forms and Sport Sparring attained Titleist standing and are eligible to compete in the Elite Masters Invitational Competition at the Tiger Rock World Championships being held in Huntsville, Alabama in July of this year. Competitors earning a Gold in other events also have Titleist standing. Participants winning a Silver or Bronze medal earn standing as a Medalist.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City had 27 competitors in attendance at the event and brought home 46 medals. We at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City are very proud of all our students who ventured out of their comfort zone and competed at the National Event!


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