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The celebration of Holy Week in the Christian Faith, has only brought death and destruction to the people of Ukraine by Russia. Putin is outright murdering civilians for no reason, a debt that someday he should have to pay for. It's cruel and inhumane, executions of men and raping of women and little girls, in full view of their families. Our prayers during this Easter season is for victory for the Ukrainian people. The mayor of the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol said Monday that more than 10,000 civilians have died in the Russian siege of his city and that the death toll could surpass 20,000, with corpses that were "carpeted through the streets." With their offensive in many parts of the country thwarted, Russian forces have relied increasingly on bombarding cities, a strategy that has left many urban areas flattened and killed thousands of people. Russian forces brought mobile cremation equipment to Mariupol to dispose of the bodies. Russian forces have taken many bodies to a huge shopping center where there are storage facilities and refrigerators. "Mobile crematoriums have arrived in the form of trucks; You open it, and there is a pipe inside and these bodies are burned," the mayor said. Meanwhile, the U.N. children's agency said that nearly two-thirds of all Ukrainian children have fled their homes in the six weeks since Russia's invasion began. The United Nations has verified that 142 children have been killed and 229 injured, though the actual numbers are most likely higher.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Attorney Larry Hunter, age 69, who passed away Sunday, April 10. Memorial service will be held at First Baptist Church in Vidor, Friday, April 15. We had known Larry, a Vidor resident, since he married Luther Smith's daughter Becky. Larry first went into practice with B.E. Wharton, then he and Buddie Hahn formed the Hahn and Hunter Law Firm. After Buddie became District Judge, Larry and a young lawyer, Courtney Burch, teamed up. Courtney, an Orangefield native, was appointed 128 District Judge, Larry joined Provost Umphrey and then became a partner in the Ferguson Law Firm until his death. I understand Larry had double bi-pass heart surgery and that compilations set in afterward with gall bladder and other problems. Larry was one of the good guys. I never knew anyone who didn't like him. That's not always the case with lawyers. I once mistook him for District Attorney John Kimbrough and when I apologized he said, "That's okay, you could have done a lot worse." Our condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary.


15 Years Ago-2007

Last week we visited about cool fronts at Easter time. Well, this Easter Sunday morning has exceeded all expectations. Not just locally but throughout the country, new low records were set. The old time and temperature on Texas Avenue at Roundbunch shows 3:11 a.m. It's late an hour, it's really passed the 4:00 a.m. hour. The temperature shows 38 degrees as a slow rain falls. Two weeks into spring and Easter, it's more like Christmas. The wind has died down. Some sleet fell, mostly in the Mauriceville area, with snow flakes north of there. Folks were building snowmen in Lubbock and President Bush is having a white Easter at the ranch in Crawford. I tune into Buddy Johnson's 'Sunday in the Country' radio show. He plays great Southern Gospel music. I tune in to Rev. Leo's 'Christ Has Risen' sermon in his 30-minute radio spot.*****Fourth Iraqi Anniversary. For most Americans, the Iraq war seems never ending. They see it as just another series of never-ending deployments. The latest is the deployment of 12,000 members of the National Guard. These people know this is a possibility when they signed up. However, they are not the mainstream professional army. They have families, longtime jobs, obligations, kids in school and college, house notes, car notes and debts they are not prepared to leave behind without destroying family structure. Some will die in Iraq, many will be maimed, divorce will run rampant because of the pressures of being away for a year's deployment. President George Bush's approval rating has dropped to 29 percent, the lowest ever of any president.*****CNN's Paula Zahn has been fooling around with ContiGroup CEO Paul Fribourg. She and husband, real estate mogul Richard Cohen, are headed to divorce court. *****Christie Brinkley has filed for divorce from Pete Cook and has put her oceanfront Long Island home up for sale. Eight million is the move in price. *****Whitney Houston was granted a divorce and custody of 14-year-old daughter from Rantipole Bobby Brown.***** It's going to be a boy for Mary Cheney. The no-papa baby will probably carry the Cheney name. *****CNN, on April 19, will move John Roberts to co-host on American Morning with new FOX recruit Kiren Chetry.***** Our buddy Calvin 'Cal' Broussard will celebrate his 69th birthday April 12. He shares that date with David Letterman, who will be 60. Cal has lived an interesting life, from boxer to lover, from policeman to the pioneering of cable television and ship captain. Cal, a compassionate guy, does many humanitarian things that benefit others. He's solid, and will do to ride the range with. The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will help him celebrate his birthday at Van Choate's Tuffy's, 12 noon on Wednesday. (Editor's note: Cal died several years ago*****The fabulous Boogie Kings, owned by Roy's classmate and Abbeville native Ned Theall, has a brand new album out. The Boogie Kings had decided to retire when a Beaumont backer talked them into recording another album. They revamped the group, 'The New Breed,' is a brand new band. Under the leadership of Theall, Allen Wayne, Gregg Martinez and Mark Klein, the Boogie Kings are stronger than ever before and their new recording will be a big seller. (Editor's note: Theall died a few years ago. I haven't heard anything about the Boogie Kings. Are they still around? ***** Hubert Spradling brought his Llama to Charlie Wickersham's birthday party at David Self Ford last week. Sprad's pet scooted around the show room like he was on skates and just learning. *****Don Imus apologized Friday for calling the Rutgers women's basketball team, "Nappy headed hos." He also described them as tattooed rough girls. He admitted his statement was thoughtless and stupid. (Editor's note: Don Imus retired and has since died.)

45 Years Ago-1977

Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe has designated the week of April 24 through 30 as Gumbo Cook-Off Week in Texas. He encourages Texans to participate in the second annual International Gumbo Cook-Off in Orange. Thousands of people, from Texas and Louisiana are expected. A caravan made up of Bridge City Chamber members and headed by 'Boss Cajun' W.T. Oliver, toured South Louisiana towns. Sharon Self, secretary of the Chamber, kept notes of the caravan through South Louisiana to New Orleans. Here are a few: Robert Nelson's Japanese Cadillac ran hot over 55 miles per hour. He stayed lost. Ken Wyatt performed at the 500 Club on Bourbon St. Roy Dunn was mostly interested in the hog cracklins at the Esterwood stop. All he asked was to fill his pockets. Stanley, drove the Lone Star Beer 'Love Machine.' Harold Self and Earl Bishop spent most of the trip working on the 'Boss Cajun's' CB radio. Father Luminais, of Bridge City, Louisiana, gave the crew a tour of the French Quarter, where everyone seemed to know him. Billy Weisman's mother commissioned him to watch his dad, Bill. All night long Billy kept saying, "Where's dad, damn he was here just a while ago." Dr. Mark Messer, B.C. Chamber president, led the crash on New Orleans' television station, Channel 6. The Texans appeared on air to promote the Gumbo Cook-Off. All the folks on the caravan paid their own expenses and the wives kept the guys straight. *****Lewis and Nancy Gay have recently purchased the exclusive Ritz Hotel in Palm Springs, California.*****Howard's Big Red Pantry holds grand opening. The store, owned by the Howard Morse family, will be managed by Bill Townes. The 12,000 sq. ft. store was designed by Warren Sheer engineering. The store also has gas pumps and will be open 24-hours a day. *****Average pay for all Major League baseball players is $95,000 per man. Joe Morgan, Mike Schmidt and Gary Matthews make in-the-vicinity-of $400,000, Pete Rose, $350,000, Steve Garvey, $333,000. Some players make the minimum of $19,000. *****Mark Dunn publishes a story on 19-year-old Bobby Hoosier, who was burned March 8, on an oil rig in the Gulf, 180 miles from the mainland. The two-part manuscript is very touching as Bobby hangs to life in a Galveston burn unit. *****Larry David is elected president of Orange Evening Lions Club; John Cochran elected first vice-president, O.C. Gunstream, Jr. second vice-president.

50 Years Ago-1972

Gordon Dunn, who was appointed county commissioner, Pct. 2, when Allen Peveto was forced to resign due to health reasons, has endorsed Dunn for his election to a full term.*****We were sorry to learn that Charles Frederick lost his 15 year old son in a drowning accident over the weekend.*****Asa Mansfield is running for re-election as county commissioner Pct. 3.*****Floyd DeRoche is running for Orange County tax collector.*****Charlie Dyer and Fain Holbrook are store managers for Morrow's Appliances with two locations, 206 Border and 2507 MacArthur.*****Larry Bergeron is store manager of McLaury's, 1800 Strickland, Orange.*****Stephen Burg is a candidate for county attorney as is assistant district attorney Jim Sharon Bearden.*****C.F. Tinsley, 59, is a candidate for constable of Pct. 3.*****Forest Hudson, age 37, Precinct 1 constable is seeking re-election.*****Dolph Briscoe, candidate for governor of Texas, is having a big barbecue party at the DERA grounds, April 19. The public is invited.*****Lynn Wallace is a candidate for county commissioner, Pct. 1. His motto is "The only candidate who is not a politician."*****G.L. 'Red' Garrett says keeping a secret from your wife is like trying to smuggle daylight past a rooster."*****Billy Garrett is store manager of Wiltshire's, 505 Green Ave.*****Wayne Peveto, candidate for state representative, runs a political ad with he and brothers Marion and Glen and an old mule 'Wayne' which appears to be around two years old and looks like he needs to wee-wee. A very unique picture.


City government, county schools, banks and most businesses will be shut down for Good Friday, making for a three day Easter holiday. City halls will be closed for Good Friday and West Orange offices will also be closed on Monday. Garbage Pickup: Orange, Bridge City, and West Orange will have regular garbage pickup on Friday. Pinehurst has pickup only on Tuesdays and will not be affected.*****Over the last few years, until COVID came along, I always got a big chocolate rabbit from Marlene Merritt. I didn't get one last year and probably won't this Easter. When the kids were all young, they always got nice, big baskets full of stuff. Mom always had a basket for me. Then we went through the grandchildren, all grown and gone with children of their own. I miss not being around them holiday mornings like Easter, Christmas, etc. Only one of the great-grandchildren lives locally, the rest, nine youngsters, are scattered from Houston to Massachusetts.*****About the time I had about given up on getting deer sausage this year, my buddy Bryan Thibeaux came through with sausage and a back strap. He killed the deer on his place at Zavalla. Judge Chad Jenkins, who makes his own sausage didn't deer hunt this winter, however, he says he will put up pork sausage as soon as he can get Ms. Windi to help him. I'll check on that this week.*****The chances of getting a few tomatoes are looking better. Judge Derry Dunn has a raised garden that shows a lot of promise. Derry is Municipal Judge at Pinehurst and holds court on Tuesday and Thursday. If he makes a crop city hall is not far from our office. Jane is still teaching, Derry is on the LCM school board plus he attends high school sports so they are both staying active.*****I spoke with former commissioner Owen Burton who says he mostly stays at home these days but Nelda is still enjoying teaching. Owen has planted ten tomato plants, cut back from 30 to 40. He says his plants are loaded with flowers but even his brother Tom has retired from gardening. I haven't heard if Berry will have a garden this year. If any of you make a good garden this season tell us so we can let the readers know that there are still successful gardeners around. *****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. April 13: This is a special day for Connie Angelle, Jo Ann Collins, Kaylin Abshire, Virginia Fox, Gene Ballard, Dawn Mason and Bruce Peveto.*****April 14: Celebrating birthdays today are Sambo Carpenter, Stephen Gault, Coach Phillip Elmore, Reatha Bradberry, Kasie Moerbe and Christy Swanson. Also on this day the greatest baseball player of all time not to be in the Hall of Fame, Pete Rose, turns 81 today.*****April 15: On this day in 1939, in the wee hours of the morning, former school teacher, lawyer, former state representative and rancher Wayne Peveto was born. A great guy who did to ride the range with. I recall some great, fun days during his campaigns 50 or so years ago. Also Happy Birthday to pretty Linda Claybar, Shani Lawson, Coach Debbie Aarons and Jaclyn Eickenhorst.*****April 16: Happy Birthday to David Hock, born on this day, was a member of the first Bridge City City Council. Also Happy Birthday to Kirby Ridley Cruse, who we have known all of her life. An interesting lady who came from a most interesting family.*****April 17: Today is Easter, "Resurrection of the Lord." Celebrating birthdays are Cheryl Puntes, Ronnie Hayman, Janice Todora, Shelby Bickhom and Kaylie Byrd.*****April 18: Happy Birthday to Megan Waguespack and Grant Mott.*****April 19: Mr. Bridge City Bill Nickum celebrates a birthday today. Also celebrating are Orange City Councilman David Bailey, Barbara Sarver, Dustin Gibbs, Cheryl Patterson, Shirley Bonnin and Mandi Nugent.*****A nice guy stopped by the office in Orange but I didn't get to visit with him in person, only by phone. His name is David Odegar, a native of Lake Charles, who raised his family in the Orange area. He says he enjoys Down Life's Highway column plus the stuff from Out of the Past that we do in this column. In fact, he had high praise for all our writers as do I. They are really doing a good job. Did you know more Orange Countains read The Record than all other publications combined.


April 13: Actors Ron Periman, 72; Allison Williams, 34; R&B Singer Al Green, 76.*****April 14: Country Singer Loretta Lynn, 89; Baseball Player Pete Rose, 81; Actors Sarah Michelle Gellar, 44 and Adrien Brody, 48.*****April 15: Country Music Singer Chris Stapleton, 43; Actors Emma Watson, 31; Seth Rogen, 39 and Emma Thompson, 62.*****April 16: Football Coach Bill Belichick, 69; Actors Martin Lawrence, 56 and Jon Cryer, 56.*****April 17: Actors Jennifer Garner, 49; Olivia Hussey, 70; Sean Bean, 62 and Luke Mitchell, 36.*****April 18: Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, 59; TV Host Conan O'Brien, 58; Actor James Woods, 74.*****April 19: Actors James Franco, 43; Kate Hudson, 42; Ashley Judd, 53 and Jesse James, 52.


Una Mae, a beautiful, shapely woman from Lafayette, was in Opelousas to visit her elderly aunt wen she stopped by Tee-Boy's Bar & Grill. Dartez, da bartender him, couldn't keep his eyes off dat gorgeous woman. After awhile, Una Mae gestured alluring to Dartez. He quick-stepped it to her at da end of da bar. She seductively signaled dat he should bring his face closer to hers. As he did, Una Mae gently caressed his full beard. "Are you da manager?" she axed, softly stroking his face with boat hands. "No," he answered, "Me, I'm Dartez, da bartender, da best in Luzianna." "Tee-Boy, him, is da owner," he told her. Una Mae axe, "Can you get him for me?" "I need to talk to him," she said, running her hands beyond his beard and into his hair. "I'm afraid I can't," Dartez, breathing heavily answered. "Is dere something I can do for you?" "Yes, I need for you to give him a message," she said, while she continued running her forefinger across Dartez's lips and popping a couple of her fingers into his mouth." "Wat should I tell him me?" Dartez managed to say. "Tell him," she whispered in her sexist voice, "Dat deres no toilet paper, hand soap or paper towels in da ladies bash room.


Family Gardens Went by Way of the Old Folks

I recall just a few years ago most all of the old timers had spring and fall gardens. Tomatoes were always plentiful. People who read our paper always brought vegetables by the office, usually enough to share among the staff. I got to thinking about that. Why is it different today? I have found that today very few men under 70 years old plant gardens like the old guys did. The entire family used to help with the gardens. The reason most people moved to Bridge City before 1970 was to be able to have a cow, a few chickens and a big garden without city restrictions. Most home sites had large lots and often people bought two or three lots to build their homes on. Even today old home sites have big lots. I recall men like Mayo LeBlanc, Lou Gerriga, Tom Brooks and others, who planted half-acre gardens and raised big crops that they shared. In the summertime places like Orangefield, West Orange, Cove, always had plenty of home gardens. People who are in their 80's or 90's or those that are gone now, were raised in a different era, they grew gardens to help ends meet and feed the family. Now days, most people who have a garden do it as a hobby or pastime. Local fresh garden vegetables can only be found at the Farmer's Market and there are few of them, mostly country folks who have truck farms. I'm afraid we will never again see home gardens as common place. Young couples mostly are not into growing anything, not even flowering plants. My late friend Neighbor Cox always had a nice garden that kept us supplied with fresh food. A couple of years ago, while blowing leaves on his driveway, Cox stumbled, fell and broke his neck. I've missed him every day and the fun we shared with him and Ms. Ginny and that garden. The times are changing and those that have will never return. Gardens at least are a great, healthy experience that all the family can share. More young couples should try it. If nothing else, just to see if you have a green thumb.*****Thanks for staying the course. Be sure to check out Roy's Down Life's Hwy. column on our website, therecordlive.com. Take care, God bless and Happy Easter.


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