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Go Vote

I had an old gentleman once tell me the biggest problem in the country is ignorance and apathy, but he said, "I don't know what to do about it and furthermore, I don't really care."

As a practioner of politics all my life, I am constantly amazed at how some citizens who claim to care about what's happening with the country waste so much effort when there are better ways to support good citizenship. As an example, the women's march and mass gathering along with demonstrations supporting Black Lives Matter expended a great deal of effort, energy and organization. Using the same amount of organizational effort and energy which would be more productive would be to spend time registering neighbors and encourage those who held the same opinions to vote at election time.

The excuses I hear most often are that one politician is the same as others or my vote really won't make a difference. Every vote can make a difference. I recall when my dad ran for city council in Port Arthur back in the 50s. My dad lost by two votes. So one vote can make a difference. If you can't determine which candidate is best qualified to represent you and your interest, you have failed your job as a good citizen. It only takes a little study and reading to determine whether you agree with the policies advocated by a candidate and whether or not he possesses the knowledge and character to represent you in whatever body he seeks to be elected to.

If America is to retain the freedoms we all enjoy and often take for granted, we must as citizens ramp up what we do at election time.


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