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By Capt. Chuck Uzzle
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"Ultra Hot" options


Last updated 5/24/2022 at 7:29pm

"Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it" is what I was often told as a kid. Things that seem like great ideas at the time will often turn out to be unwanted nuisances that are worse than the original option. For months Texas anglers, myself included, cursed the constant high winds and prayed that they would stop in order to make the bay systems mote user friendly. Well, the winds are showing signs of finally slowing down and with that now the temperatures will soon go through the roof. As the temps climb it will become almost impossible to spend an entire day on the water without a cooler the size of a stand up refrigerator stocked with refreshing liquids. As the mercury continues to climb fishermen will need to make some adjustments in order to combat the heat and come out a winner.

  Easily the most reasonable option to deal with the heat is to go early or late and avoid the mid-day melt down. For quite some time anglers here on Sabine have been making the pre-dawn trek to the jetties and just having their way with some quality fish. This pattern is both solid and exciting as the action on good tide changes is almost non-stop on some days. The topwater bite along the rocks is as vicious as you can imagine and only magnified when it happens in the dark or during low light. Once the sun breaks the horizon you can switch over to shallow running crank baits or stick baits and continue the assault until about an hour after sunrise when this program plays out. After the sun gets up the bite usually slows considerably and makes sticking it out under the beaming sun much less desirable. Anglers who use the inverse pattern, going at sunset and staying after dark, will also get their string stretched as the bite gets cranked up as the sun goes down. Fishing in the dark requires some preparation and more attention to detail than during daylight hours. Everything from fish to boat problems are magnified in the dark so plan accordingly and take all necessary precautions to stay safe.

Now if a stealth mission in the dark is not your idea of a good time you have other options too. For years we have made great use of the deep water patterns in the Sabine and Neches Rivers. During the summer months the run off from Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn, and all the other miles of watershed area becomes minimal as saltwater begins to creep farther up the rivers. When these conditions exist those who know how to take advantage of them are often rewarded with some of the easiest and most productive fishing possible. The live bait pattern really shines under these circumstances. Most local anglers will cast net live shad and fish them on a Carolina rig along the breaks and depth changes. Underwater structure that causes eddy's or current changes will concentrate big numbers of both speckled trout and redfish into relatively small areas. Being precise as to where you anchor in proximity to the depth change or structure is vital so paying attention to your depth finder is a must. Once you set up correctly you can absolutely wear out the fish and enjoy some truly relaxing fishing. If you set up wrong you may as well be fishing in the desert. This deep water pattern is a favorite of mine because of how simple it is and how productive it can be. I have spent many days posted up on anchor dunking shad while catching just as many fish as the folks running by me headed for the open lake. This program works and is so easy that it's almost funny. Easily a great way to beat the heat.

Now that you are armed with plenty of options for beating the heat you can take your pick and enjoy any of them. Regardless of which pattern you choose please take proper precautions. Staying hydrated and protected from the sun are keys along with being aware of how you feel. Many times it's after the trip before you really feel the effects of a day in extreme heat. Enjoy the consistent weather pattern and the great fishing that summer presents because it's truly a great time of the year


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