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Learning About Government

Almost none of us, if any, would begin any game hoping to win without knowing the rules. Unfortunately, for all of us, too many of us begin our game of citizenship in life without really understanding or having full knowledge of the rules (government) that we must live by.

In the next few weeks in a series of articles I will attempt to present some facts that should have been learned in high school government, but unfortunately is lacking in too many Texas’ citizens.

The government in Texas is controlled by our governor, lieutenant governor, the Legislature and various departments having broad jurisdiction over many aspects of our lives.

Before we begin this little series, ask yourself some of the following questions:

• How long does a governor serve in office and is he limited to a certain number of terms?

• When does the Texas Legislature meet and how is it made up – how many House members and how many senators?

• What do members of our legislature get paid for their service?

• What document sets out our basic rules of government and when and how was it created?

In the coming weeks you can check your answers with the discussion laid out in this series of articles.

(It’s cheating if you Google!)


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